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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for July 26, 2021

The Chinese Cat

The Landini Murder Case: New Developments

Phox & Phriend
Rich Maine

Rush has joined this room


mda19083 has joined this room

mda19083: hello rush

Rush: Hello, MDA!

Rush: Welcome!

mda19083: great place to be on a monday evening

Rush: I have to agree!

Rush: How are you tonight?

mda19083: great – thanks – and you

Rush: Doing well, thank you!

mda19083: getting settled in?

Rush: pretty hot today, but not terrible.

Rush: Yes. I hung some pictures, unwrapped some things, hung some curtains…

mda19083: muggy but sunny here in philadelphia

Rush: Same here, really.

mda19083: watch out for those hammer injuries

Rush: The basement is the place to be!

Rush: YES!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: I can’t recall whether Matt said he might be away tonight?

Rush: He’s usually here before I am!

mda19083: just curious – IMDB says there are 47 chan films – i can come up with 44

Rush: They are counting the three, early silent films…all lost.

mda19083: i have not yet purchased my reference book

Rush: There are some good ones out there.

mda19083: are they listed on the website?

mda19083: silent films – i mean

Rush: Take a look at our “Library” section.

Rush: All are listed in chronological order.

mda19083: TYSM

Rush: The reference books appear down the list.

Rush: You’re welcome!

Zoe has joined this room

Rush: Someone recently put out a LOT of books, including books about the Chan film series and TV series. I am a bit doubtful as to the quality.

mda19083: hello zoe

Zoe: hello

Rush: But, if you manr a search for books on Charlie chan, you will find a number!

Zoe: had the “rare” thunderstorm- heavy rain in Palm Springs last night

Rush: ZOE!


Zoe: pretty much dried out now

Rush: AH!

Zoe: they say it came in from Arizona – that seems odd

Rush: The rain?

Zoe: when does weather move east to west?

Zoe: the direction

Zoe: weather always moves west to east?

Zoe: yep the “monsoon” came from Arizona

Rush: It could be that it came up from the Gulf of California.

Zoe: hmmm

mda19083: it never rains in california – so the song says

Rush: Well…sometimes it does!

Rush: And it is nearly always needed!

Zoe: I read this morning that Los Angeles set a month of July rain record since something like 1888 – still less than an inch

Zoe: laughable

Rush: I heard that there are flash flood warnings for los angeles County.

Rush: Yes, Zoe!

Zoe: we are still on flash flood alert now til 8PM – but no real rain since about 8AM – then sprinkles – then nothing

Rush: Well…let’s run the radio drama shall we?

Zoe: ready

mda19083: shoot

Rush: Okay…

Rush: 15….

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: Announcer…

Rush: Fast countdaown..sorry!

Rush: Are you both on track?

mda19083: yes

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Commercial space here…

Rush: Re-cap.

Rush: Ah Sing is the focus of suspicion…

Rush: This story was adapted from Earl Derr Biggers’ final Chan story, “Keeper of the Keys.”

Rush: Ah Sing LIED.

mda19083: its a good thing i have been taking notes these past 31 weeks

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: very confusing case

Rush: You can fill ME in, MDA!

Rush: Yes…pretty complicated.

mda19083: i think the butler – ah sing – did it

Rush: AH!

Rush: 😉

Rush: One of the REAL Chinese.

Rush: (Not Americanized)

Rush: Perhaps a slight “dig” at Charlie Chan?

mda19083: they never miss a meal at pine view

Rush: No, they don’t!

Rush: “Patience, and even the crwbar dragged in the sand will become knitting needle.”

Rush: A wedding announcement in the offing?

sarabell2 has joined this room

Rush: Commercial break…

Rush: SB!

mda19083: hello sb2

Rush: Good evening to YOU!

sarabell2: Good evening, Rush Mda Zoe

Rush: Welcome!

sarabell2: How are you all?

Rush: Well, thank you, SB!

Rush: How about you?

Zoe: all’s well here

Rush: Very good!

Rush: As the music fades….

sarabell2: Fine, just cleaning the old double wide, as a late friend of mine used to say.

Rush: THE END…

Rush: (Applause…)

Rush: Ah, yes!

Rush: in 14 minutes…”The Chinese Cat.”

sarabell2: Sorry I missed the radio. Those are always good.

Rich Maine has joined this room

Rush: Fun, aren’t they?

Rich Maine: Good evening all !

Rush: Rich!

sarabell2: Hi Rich in Maine


mda19083: hello rich

Louise has joined this room

Rush: Our northernmost member…

Rich Maine: Thanks folks ! I watched Murder at Midnight last night, Frances Chan is terrific!

Louise: Hi Chan Clan!!!

Rush: Louise!

sarabell2: Hi Louise


Rush: How are you tonight, Louise and Rich?

Louise: Thanks Rush. Had to get dinner and a glass of wine ready before we started. Anyone else eating something interesting tonight?

Rich Maine: Doing well, very hot tonight here. Spaghetti bologonese

sarabell2: Italian wedding soup and beer. Goes with my DNA

Rush: I already had dinner…leftover mac and cheese and corn on the cob.

Louise: Mac and Cheese always good!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Thank you!

Rich Maine: Lobster mac & cheese !

Rush: Yes, that’s so,!

Louise: Of course Rich, you are in Maine!

sarabell2: What wine are you drinking, Louise? I always ask to get ideas

Louise: and sarabell, perfect!

Rush: That would be more exciting, Rich…yes.

Louise: lobe bologonese sause too

Louise: love

Rush: 10 minutes…

Nothere has joined this room

Rich Maine: Yes Louise,lobster still pricey this year so far, last year was only $3.50lb, now its $7

Nothere: Bonjir

Rush: Nothere!

Louise: I am drooling all over my keyboard


Rush: Happy Monday!

sarabell2: Never tried that sauce, but now I will

Nothere: Sarah is gonna get saucy. Oh My!

Rush: 🙂

sarabell2: Those are amazing prices, Rich. I pay more for Gortons fish sticks

mda19083: everyone is in a good mood

Louise: I have chicken and eggplant curry with a Coppola red wine

Rush: I think so, MDA…

Rush: This is all gourmet tonight!

Rich Maine: Yup, I go directly to lobster pound, we are on the ocean so boats come right in.

Rush: Well…mostly.

Rich Maine: Everything is good as long as you enjoy it

Nothere: Sauce fishsticks? I sem tohave arrived during a ma discussion. O.k. Beef Wellingto, Duck lorange, Blood pudding.

mda19083: chicken picata here in PA

Rich Maine: Nice mda!

mda19083: hello nt/nh

Louise: We do know how to eat!

sarabell2: And drink

Rush: Rachel just dropped in to see if I could let her drive at a local parking lot this evening after the Chat.

Rush: It’s funny to me as 14 1/2 year olds can drive here!

mda19083: sounds like fun rush

Louise: yikes Rush

Rush: 6 minutes to go…

Rush: YIKES, indeed! 🙂

Nothere: They can rive Rush but no on will give them ferrais.

Louise: Rachel is such a nice kid

mda19083: do you have an extra brake pedal on the passenger side rush?

Rush: No…

Rush: That would add reassurance!

Louise: Flintstone feet through the floor

Rush: 🙂

Louise: CUED here

Rush: Me too.

Nothere: Hand on the keys at all times?

Rush: 4 minutes to go…

Rush: She did prteety well last evening.

Rush: (pretty)

Rush: 3 minutes…


Rush: She did almost send us into a bordering cornfield though!

Rush: And ladies…

Rush: TWO minutes…

Rush: 90 seconds…

Rush: 75 seconds…

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: Totle and music…

Rush: (title)

Nothere: Meow!

Rush: Imagine a gong…

Rush: credits…

Rich Maine: And the cast appears

Rush: Yes.

Louise: Maltese Cat?

Rush: I like the vaporizing credits.

Rush: Yes, Louise!

Rich Maine: Playing chess alone!

Rush: Most certainly a play on that one!

Louise: That was fast

Nothere: Dude your losing to a cat statue.

Rush: No fooling around!

Rich Maine: Evry house has a secret door

Rush: Awaiting verification…

Nothere: (tincan

Rush: There!


mda19083: body count 1 – that was quick

Rush: TYSM…NT…

Louise: Ah, the second one

Nothere: Your welcome Rush. There never dead before their canneed.

Rush: The headlines told of the futility of finding the killer.

Rush: BB!

Rush: Yes, NT!


Rush: “Murder is my business.”

Louise: You wholesales it

Rush: 🙂

Nothere: Well wherever Chan goes there I a murder. Happens when your a homicide detective BB.

Rush: YES!

sarabell2: That was good, Rush

Nothere: Must urk suspiciously.

Nothere: lurk even

Rush: “One Chan at a time is enough!”

Rush: We will see the desk manager in an upcoming film.

Rush: As well as the “hood” we just saw!

Rush: Tommy promised for Pop!

Nothere: Wax Museum, Cat thts two movies where Chan is forcd to take the case because his kis drag him into it. Any more?

mda19083: Circus

Rush: It sort of happens in “Honolulu” when Jimmy poses as his Pop and starts the case off.

Rush: YES!

Rush: “Circus”!

mda19083: even mrs chan

Nothere: I don’t know why your surprised Charli.Your kids never stay in college. Yu wasting yourmoney.

Rush: True!

Nothere: ah Circus good call,

Rush: NT…yes.

Rush: We will experience that very soon!

sarabell2: Does Charlie ever get paid by these society dames?

Rush: In “Charlie Chan’s Greatest Case” he’s given a new car by a thankful lady at the end of a case!

Nothere: Remember to have popcorn and cotton candy on standby.



mda19083: charlie is tough

Phox and Phriend has joined this room

Rush: P&P!

Nothere: Don’t move your surrounded.


Nothere: Hey P’s

mda19083: hello pandp

sarabell2: Hello P’s

Rush: How are you tonight, Phx?

Rush: And Phriend..!

Rush: One of the Karzos brothers…

Rush: Karl and Kurt.

Rush: And both are Koo-Koo

Nothere: Well I’ve heard of the evil twin brother. But the evil one and the eviler twin brother?

Rush: nearly $50 today.

Rush: Sorry…

Rush: $75

Phox and Phriend: Harro!! Much happiness here at Detective Apprentice Precinct! Yoga new PC! Humble apprentices hope to be using tiny keyboard for last time tonight!

Rush: The informers always make that fatal error!

Louise: Birmingham’s face is priceless

Rush: ALWAYS give your your RIGHT AWAY!!!

Louise: FOG

Louise: and fog music

Rush: I(INFO)

Rush: Yes.

Phox and Phriend: Mantan was the Man!!

Nothere: Sorry Rush but for your failure you must be beaten 50 times with …. a wet noodle.

Rush: I deserve it!

Phox and Phriend: Mantan was the Man!!

Nothere: Ah yes it’s a Monogram. Heres the fog scene

Rush: Hesr is a very WILLING victim!

Rush: No struggle!

Rush: “Here’s my neck…squeeze…”

mda19083: tin can

Phox and Phriend: *clink*


Rush: That’s two…

sarabell2: How do you let the fog out of a building?

Louise: cans are piling up

Rush: Turn on a fan?

Nothere: With dedicatd fan girl.

Louise: Have a chair?

Rush: Tommy is pleased.

PaulM has joined this room

Rush: Chan will be VERY proud of Number Three Son later!

Rush: Paul!

Phox and Phriend: We HOPE these tin (actually rolled steel) cans are being saved, & turned in for the war effort at Crosby Can Collection depots.

Rush: Good evening to you!

PaulM: good evening

Nothere: Hey Paul

Louise: radio mystery

Rush: A take-off on the radio drama “Lights out.”

Rush: How are you this evening, paul?

sarabell2: Hi Paul

Louise: my bread machine sometimes does that to my bread

mda19083: free prize with every loaf

Rush: Yes!!!

Rush: 🙂

Nothere: You bite into that bread, you’ll chip tooth. I smell lawsuits.

Rush: More corpses for BB!

PaulM: not bad. went down to Strongsville, Ohio on saturday for a little one-day Cinema Wasteland dealer con

mda19083: who let the fog in

Rush: Now comes a “ghost.”

Louise: dae, not dead, walking dead

Rush: Indeed!

Nothere: Pardon me is your cab avliaabe to take me to hell? Any luggage?

Rush: “Murder By Madame” by Paul Reknik.

Louise: Hah! Love again

Rush: “Bull in china shop is gentle creature compared to detective who make pass at man wearing glasses.”

Rush: “Expert is merely man who make quick decision – and is sometimes right.”

Rush: BIG money!

mda19083: yoo’re on

Louise: Big bets

mda19083: you’re

mda19083: game on

Rush: Chan would owe today…$30,000

Rush: Reknik would owe…$300,000!!!!

Phox and Phriend: Phox says a phial of Tetragene would not be unhelpful anywhere in this part.

Nothere: So much for the wild 50 cent from racetrack.

Rush: I hope his book royalties will cover that!

Rush: Yes, NT!

Rush: If the cause is right, Chan will place the bet!

Rush: The big bet!

Phox and Phriend: I make all my passes when wearing glasses. Sans specs, i’ve cast blandishments my ardor was hard-pressed to back.

Rush: 🙂

Phox and Phriend: You betcha!!

Nothere: Bet on secret passage in library of old dark house?Good luck finding takers.

Rush: Your comment got Mr. deacon going with that chair, Phox!

Nothere: Don’t be fooled. That chair isn’t so innocent.

Louise: Poor Tommy

Rush: Tommy watches and learns here…

Rush: And, YES, NT!

mda19083: the maid forgot to dust

Rush: Seems so!

Phox and Phriend: Don’t think i mentioned, friends in the town next to mine are selling a house the better half owns, originally a hotel built in 1840 & a NHR building—–anyway, a few years ago they discovered behind a false wall in the cellar, an entry to what seems to be a TUNNEL—

Rush: Maybe Mrs. manning was superstitious and didn’t want the room changed!

Rush: Watch closely!!!

Rush: If you stop that frame, you will see an interesting “effect” used for the explosion!

Phox and Phriend: & seems to have Civil War / Underground Railroad provenance. A similar entrance is under a house about 1000 yards away. Historic fund has timber-shored the space to preserve before proceeding!

Rush: See…we can learn a bit of history from our Chan movies!

Louise: If art is useful it is worth more?

Rush: Yes…especially if it contains a diamond!

Rush: Perfect fit!

mda19083: cat has 9 lives

Rush: BIG writing here!

Rush: It would be interesting to find a person to read those characters!

Rush: “Boy, you is CRAZY! So am I…”

mda19083: more fog

Rush: Yes.

Phox and Phriend has left this room

Rush: “Motion seconded!”

Rush: we lost Phox…

Nothere: Fog, Ghosts, Murder. We sure this is a mystery movie? 🙂

Rush: 🙂

Nothere: And priend.

Rush: Yes!

Zoe: ha ha one of my favorite aphorisms

Rush: Chan continues to play matchmaker!

sarabell2 has left this room

Rush: SB…lost, too!

Rush: “Once you have large family, all other troubles mean nothing.”

Nothere: O.k. who put out the light

Nothere: ?

Phox and Phriend has joined this room

Rush: As he “takes a powder”!

Nothere: I’m gonna turn it out again and when it comes on I want the P’s and Sarah back.

Rush: WB, P&P!

Rush: We missed you!

Rush: The chase!

Nothere: Wait that worked? How awesome is my power when I’m not even here.

mda19083: lets take a powder to boston for chowder

Rush: 🙂

Phox and Phriend: We musta fell into another tunnel. We only just discovered the one! Some Tetragene could easily connect the two, & then high-speed light rail could be funded!!

Nothere: No clam oup. Friend had some real trouble with that.

Rush: IF they catch him…

Rush: Tunnels can prove useful, Phox!

Nothere: (TINCAN)

Phox and Phriend: Bahston chowdah is wickit good.

mda19083: tin can 3


Rush: (TYSM, NT!)

Phox and Phriend: Bahston chowdah is wickit good.

Rush: Is this the time to perplex one’s Pop?

PaulM: i never liked clams. i do like CORN chowder, though

Rush: I can agree, Paul…!

Nothere: Apologies Rush. Without Matt keeper of the can I eem to be stepping n your toes tonight. I shall now beat myself 100 times. With a …wet noodle.

PaulM: i grew up on the east coast of Mass. about half way between boston and plymouth

Phox and Phriend: Propitious perplexing can bring even strong general corporal punishment.

Rush: Not at all, NT! I am witing for your cue!

Rush: You announce the demises tonight!

Phox and Phriend: Many clams make light work. If your lights don’t work, get clams.

Nothere: Plentiful punctiuation perilous Phox.

Rush: Oxyzone!

Phox and Phriend: Phox phlattered!

Rush: maybe a combination of oxygen and ozone?

Louise: Never trust elevators: he saw a Chan movie

Phox and Phriend: Nah, that’s Ozogen.


mda19083: another deadly poison

Rush: TYSM, Phox! I stand…sit…corrected!

Nothere: Movies have mae me very strange in levators. I keep looking for a hatch in the roof.

Rush: I think even I could solve that puzzle!

Rush: Understood, NT!

Phox and Phriend: Undeadly poisons are the housewife’s bane. One must keep them in mass quantities to get anything at all done, & storage is even more pressed when poisons finally accomplish. Fox uses Tetragene around the den.

Rush: Tommy helped solve the Manning case…

mda19083: not tetragene

Louise: Busy night

Nothere: Ah yes the old I didn’t solve the case because I kept thinking random other crimes were pat f a big plot trick.

Phox and Phriend: mda, you’re SO picky. We didn’t say it does EVERYTHING!

Rush: Make sure that masks and oxygen are around the oplace, Phox!

Rush: Carolina…BB’s new love interest!

Louise: He gets 2inches from her face

Phox and Phriend: We keep mostly hydrogen, in, but case any airships lay by, but a quantity of oxygen is under “O” in the secret part of the public tunnel.

Rush: He has a lot in common with Chan’s sons there!

mda19083: more fun at the fun house

Rush: yes!

Rush: Get ready for action!

Phox and Phriend: Louise: does 2″ qualify as Social Closening?

Phox and Phriend: Rocked & roaded!

Louise: too close for comfort

Rush: Chan’s putdowns of Tommy will end fairly soon!

Phox and Phriend: Hate to imagine a Chan Family photo with any humble progeny estranged. *SHUDDER!*

Rush: Chan roughed up!

mda19083: chan takes it on the chin

Phox and Phriend: *thunk*

Rush: Yes!

Nothere: Well folks this is where I leave you. Remember the next tim you nter a foggy room if it’s not black and white your not in a Monogram. That’s smoke.

Phox and Phriend: Here we come to save the whatever!

Rush: Yes, NT!

Rush: Tommy takes it!

mda19083: later nt

Phox and Phriend: Notty! Felix nochay! May you ALWAYS be in a Monogram!

Nothere has left this room

Rush: “Tastes like RAT!”

Phox and Phriend: If this was a musical, a Tommy tune would be coming up now.

Rush: Yes it would…

Phox and Phriend: If this was a musical, a Tommy tune would be coming up now.

Rush: And BB would have a solo.

Rush: That got them out of the room!

Phox and Phriend: Would that it were, would that it were!

Rush: 🙂

Phox and Phriend: If only Mae West coulda been pulled into the Chan orbit. DAY-um, that would be something!

Rush: It would have definitely been.

Rush: Tonight’s fur…a hand warmer.

Phox and Phriend: How about Bergen & McCarthy—as VILLAINS?!!

Rush: They were to WC Fields at times!

Rush: trap door!

Phox and Phriend: Phox holds a lotta hands. At least 8, when we wearing the Fox Fur.

Louise: Web used to say “Watch that first step, it is a doozy!”

Rush: Yes?

Phox and Phriend: Rush, you are pointing to most fertile Fields! Yes!

Rush: 😉

Rush: KLUNK!

Phox and Phriend: Watch out!

Rush: THUNK!

Phox and Phriend: Inspector Duff is looking down on all this.

Rush: Tommy to the rescue!

Hounder has joined this room

Rush: Hello, HOUNDER!

Phox and Phriend: H!!

Rush: Good evening to you!

Rush: How are you tonight?

mda19083: hello hounder

Hounder: Hi all. Sorry I’m late. We went to town and everything took longer to do than I thought it would. We just got back.

sarabell2 has joined this room

Rush: Perfect hiding place for the diamond.

Rush: WB, SB!

Phox and Phriend: Get back to where your thumbs belong!

Hounder: Hi sb. Town trips are exhaustinf.

Zoe: looks like Charlie wins the bet (surprise!)

sarabell2: Sorry, got interrupted. Hi Houder hope your mother is ok

Rush: Yes, Zoe…and good one, Phox!

Phox and Phriend: Hello again, Sb!

Rush: “This is how you did it.”

Hounder: exhausting.. 2nd covid shot

Zoe: monogrammed gun?

Phox and Phriend: CC gives away secrets.

Rush: Yes, Houder?

Rush: Phox…he’s sharing secrets!

Louise: Stretching logic with that chess stuff

Hounder: And she wasn’t in the mood to go. We went anyway. Lol sometimes yagottabedoing the tough love thing.

Rush: You’ll feel better pretty soon, Hounder.

Phox and Phriend: THAT’S right: SHARING!

Rush: (Which is CARING.)

Hounder: A good night’s sleep will do wonders

sarabell2: You did good, Hounder

Phox and Phriend: Tough love is in the dictionary between Tetragene and Turtlepox.

Rush: BB and “friend.”

Hounder: Thanks sb. I try

Rich Maine: and another happy ending !

Rush: “Thank YOU!”

Hounder: Lol@phox n phriend


Rich Maine: see you in two weeks ! Thanks !!!!!!!

Rush: (Applause…)

Phox and Phriend: YAY!

Louise: funny ending as usual

Rush: As the curtain descends…

Rush: next week…

Phox and Phriend: Hahahahaha!

Rush: “Meeting at Midnight”

Hounder: Hope tobe on time next week.

Rush: Also known as…

Rush: “Black Magic”

Rush: Seances and everything!

Hounder: See y’all

Phox and Phriend: Set your clocks! Remember, this is War Time! Donate your tin cans to Bring Crosby!!

Rush: Take care, hounder!

Rush: Best to you and your mom.

Rich Maine has left this room

Louise: Bing, Bing, Bing

Rush: Thank you for stopping in.

Zoe: night all – time to sort out dinner

Rush: Take care.

Rush: be well.

mda19083: so do we meet at 7:30 or midnight next monday?

Rush: And, thank you everyone!

Hounder has left this room

Louise: Hah mda

mda19083: be well all – thanks for a good show

sarabell2: Good night all, thank you all for being here. Very Cheering.

Phox and Phriend: BING Crosby! Geez, SpellCheck seems kinda Acisy. Gnite!!

Rush: Another GREAT night together with Charlie Chan!

Zoe has left this room

Rush: Good night everyone…

mda19083 has left this room

Louise: bye all

Rush: take care.

Rush: Have a great evening and week!

sarabell2 has left this room

Phox and Phriend has left this room

Rush: Good night louise and paul!

Louise has left this room

Rush: See you next week!

Rush: Good night, paul…!

Rush: take care

Rush has left this room

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