Chat Archive 7/31/2023

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for July 31, 2023

Feature: Black Magic (Meeting at Midnight)

Chat Number: 1,214

Secret Agent X-9 – Chapter 03 – Death Curve – 1945

Angel Santiago Saltamontes
Len and Lindsay Freeman
Rich Maine

07-31 18:20Rush: 

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07-31 Hello Rush

07-31 18:25Rush: Hello, Duane!How are you tonight?

07-31 I am fine how are you

07-31 18:26Rush: Doing well, thank you!Great to see you here again!

07-31 Yes for different reasons I could not make for some timeThank you

07-31 18:28Rush: Yes…but it’s great that you could make it back!

07-31 18:29Rush: We started sharing “Secret Agent X-9” with Keye Luke and Benson Fong as out “extra.”

07-31 I had a old VHS copy of this film with Jimmy on the cover

07-31 18:29Rush: We will have Chapter 3 tonight!

07-31 18:29Rush: Very nice, Duane!  A collector’s item!

07-31 18:30Matt: Hello Rush & Duane!

07-31 18:30Rush: Matt!  Good evening!How are you this evening, Matt?

07-31 18:31Matt: I hope you both are well this evening

07-31 18:31Rush: Doing well, sir, thank you!

07-31 18:31Matt: Going well, thnx!

07-31 18:31Rush: Very good!We have had some pretty hot weather here of late, but yeasterday was “perfect.”

07-31 Hello Matt

07-31 18:32Rush: Today a bit warm, but it’s summer after all!

07-31 18:32Matt: My friends just finished the bike ride out there on Sat….Said it was hot and they had to take shelter one night due to storms

07-31 18:33Rush: Wow!OH!Yes!

07-31 18:33Matt: They were one of many in tents

07-31 18:33Rush: Yes!The ride ended in Davenport yesterday.

07-31 18:34Rush: At first I thought you were noting a ride in your area!

07-31 18:34Matt: No, the one in Iowa

07-31 18:34Rush: I was working the ballgame last night and there were riders coming and going.Yes.

07-31 18:34Matt: They never saw SO many riders at once and the hospitality was spectacular

07-31 18:35Rush: I always have trouble remember the name of the event!RAGBRAI!

07-31 18:35Rush: it’s a big deal.

07-31 18:36Matt: Ragbrai….50th anniversary this year actually

07-31 18:36Rush: YES!And the BIXfest happens at the same time.

07-31 18:36Rush: 50th for that comes next year.

07-31 18:36Matt: What’s that?

07-31 18:37Matt: Hello Hounder!

07-31 18:37Rush: Bix Beiderbecke Jazz Society puts it on.

07-31 Hello Hounder

07-31 18:38Matt: ah!

07-31 18:38Rush: Named for a famous jazz musician from here.Hello, HOUNDER!!!Welcome!

07-31 18:38Rush: I hope that you and your mother are doing well tonight.

07-31 18:39Matt: We have a storm rolling in, just in case I disappear

07-31 18:39Rush: AH!  Okay!

07-31 18:39Rush: We had a pretty potent storm pass through here last week.

07-31 18:40Matt: We really need the rain here in St Pete….12″ below average nowAnd this is the rainy season for us

07-31 18:41Rush: Tonight’s “extra”….Secret Agent X-9 – Chapter 3 – Death Curve – 1945

07-31 18:41Rush: That’s a lot below your regular rainfall, but i would guess that a few good ones can bring it up closer to normal?

07-31 18:42Matt: True

07-31 18:42Rush: We should start out serial….Runs 20 minutes…

07-31 18:42Matt: Ready to go here

07-31 18:42Rush:

07-31 Ready here

07-31 18:43Rush: Everyone good?okay!

07-31 18:43Matt: Yep

07-31 18:43Rush: 15 seconds…10….5….GO!!!Dramatic intro music….

07-31 18:43Rush: Credits…

07-31 18:44Rush: Shadow Island…

07-31 18:45hounder: hi everyone.

07-31 18:45Matt: Hi Hounder

07-31 18:45Rush: Hello, Hounder!Wwe just started the serial!WELCOME!

07-31 Hello Hounder

07-31 18:45Matt: How do you like your X-9…..Extre crispy?

07-31 18:46Rush: The link is above.

07-31 18:46hounder: thanks rush. i’m going to wait for the movie

07-31 18:46Rush: Matt: 

07-31 18:46hounder: hi duane

07-31 18:46Rush: Okay, Hounder!Bendon Fong…

07-31 18:47Rush: “722”

07-31 18:49Rush: “Miss Australia”

07-31 18:53Louise: Hello Chan Clan!

07-31 18:53Matt: Hello Louise!

07-31 18:53Rush: The production quality of this serial is quite good!

07-31 18:53hounder: hi louise

07-31 Hello Louise

07-31 18:53Rush: Good evening, Louise!  WELCOME!!!

07-31 18:53Louise: I am here for one of my favorite movies and one I have an original poster for!

07-31 18:53Matt: Yes, but volume is a bit low on my end

07-31 18:53Rush: very good, Louise!I enjoy this one a lot, too!

07-31 18:54Rush: How are you doing, Louise?(We ar watching this week’s serial chapter.)

07-31 18:55Louise: Beautiful weather here, my son is coming to visit tomorrow, and I just flew a kite on the beach so I think all is well!

07-31 18:55Rush: Kite flying…nice!I know it’s a relaxing thing to do!

07-31 18:56Louise: Gee Rush, I miss all our emails back and forth about the website. Now that it is done it seems quiet…

07-31 18:56Rush: 

Never totally done, though!

07-31 18:56hounder: nice louise

07-31 18:57Rush: I guess I do have the question about getting the site more prominently on search engines?

07-31 18:58Louise: Yes Rush, I forgot to look into that. I’ll check. There is a tutorial that helps with that.

07-31 18:58Rush: AH!

07-31 19:00Louise: Anybody else listen to the UFO hearing in Congress last week? I thought it would make a great Chan movie to have him investigate rumors of UFOs.

07-31 19:00Rush: I didn’t.  It would be interesting to think of Chan investigating a UFO sighting!”Charlie Chan at Roswell”

07-31 19:03Matt: Never ends well

07-31 19:03Rush: Night really looks like night in this one!I sense a crash coming!!!

07-31 19:03Rush: (Applause…)

07-31 19:03Matt: Very good, thnx Rush

07-31 Thank you Rush

07-31 19:04Rush: Happy you are enjoying them!11 minutes until “Black Magic”

07-31 19:05Rush: (AKA: “Meeting at Midnight”)

07-31 19:06Rush: So as not to confuse us with the Orson Welles movie or the potting mix!RICH!

07-31 19:06Matt: Hello Rich!

07-31 19:06Rush: Good eveing!

07-31 19:06Rich Maine: Good evening all! Everyone cool tonite?

07-31 Hello Rich

07-31 19:07Rush: Inside it is cool, Rich!How are you this evening?

07-31 19:07Rich Maine: Hey Duane, outside cool here in Maine.

07-31 19:08Rush: Sounds nice, Rich!

07-31 19:08Matt: Hello MDA!

07-31 19:08mda19083: hello folks

07-31 19:08Rush: MDA!  WELCOME!!!

07-31 19:08Rich Maine: hey mda

07-31 Hello MDA

07-31 19:08hounder: hi mda

07-31 19:08Rush: I hope that you are doing well, MDA!

07-31 19:08Rich Maine: evening hounder

07-31 19:09Matt: Cued here!

07-31 19:09Rush: 6 minutes…

07-31 19:09Rich Maine: I took a leap and am set up for the color version…shocking I know

07-31 19:10mda19083: relatively cool hear in Phila – looking forward to tonight’s movie

07-31 19:10Rush: Not shocking…interesting!

07-31 19:10Matt: Color?

07-31 19:10Rich Maine: yes its on youtube

07-31 19:10Matt: Hmmmm

07-31 19:10Rush:

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07-31 19:11Rich Maine: in living color Matt

07-31 19:11tenman: Hola!

07-31 19:11Matt: Hello Tenman!

07-31 19:11Rich Maine: hi tenman

07-31 19:11Rush: Here’s a link to a non-color version!

07-31 19:11hounder: hi tenman

07-31 19:11Dona: Hello everyone!

07-31 19:11Matt: Hello Dona!

07-31 19:11Rich Maine: Hey Dona!

07-31 Hello TenmanHello Dona

07-31 19:12Matt: Hello GS!

07-31 19:12mda19083: greetings dona

07-31 19:12Rush: THREE MINUTES…

07-31 19:12Godwinshelley: Groovey greetings to all

07-31 19:12Rich Maine: hey GS!

07-31 19:12Dona: HI GS

07-31 Hello GS

07-31 19:12Rush: Hello, DONA!!! and GS!!!

07-31 19:12mda19083: I may opt for the BW version

07-31 19:12Dona: LOL

07-31 19:12Godwinshelley: We did psychedelics high school reunion last weekend

07-31 19:13Rich Maine: I think this is the only color one, right Rush?

07-31 19:13Rush: 2 minuyes…

07-31 19:13Godwinshelley: 60th50

07-31 19:13Louise: CUED here

07-31 19:13Godwinshelley: sorry not 60 – it was 50

07-31 19:13Dona: you made me look at mine to see if it was in color  MDA

07-31 19:13Rush: Here as well…

07-31 19:13Godwinshelley: and Im cued

07-31 Ready here

07-31 19:13Len &LIndsay Freeman: cued

07-31 19:13Rush: 90 seconds..

07-31 19:13Matt: Hello Len ……….& Lindsay!

07-31 19:13mda19083: cued here

07-31 19:13Rush: LEN…and Lindsay!WELCOME!!!!

07-31 19:14Len &LIndsay Freeman: a twofer!

07-31 19:14Rush: 60 seconds…

07-31 19:14Rich Maine: hello L&L

07-31 19:14Rush: GREAT to see you!!!

07-31 Hello Len and Lindsay

07-31 19:14Rush: 40 seconds…

07-31 19:14Len &LIndsay Freeman: his all .. great to be here

07-31 19:14Rush: 30 seconds…25…20…15…10…5…

07-31 19:15Rush: GO!!!

07-31 19:15Matt: 

Image thumbnail

07-31 19:15Rush: TITLE….Music…

07-31 19:15Louise: Like magic!

07-31 19:15Rush: Credits….

07-31 19:15Len &LIndsay Freeman: thank you for the Gong Matt

07-31 19:15Rush: Frances Chan as ….Frances Chan!

07-31 19:15Rich Maine: CC & BB

07-31 19:15Rush: Yes, Rish!

07-31 19:15Dona: Nice Gong Matt

07-31 19:15Rush: (RICH!)Sorry!

07-31 19:16Rush: Kind of a combination of our names!

07-31 19:16Louise: Sounds like indigestion, not a seance

07-31 19:16Rush: The seance is on!

07-31 19:16Dona: lol Louise

07-31 19:16Matt: BB!

07-31 19:16Len &LIndsay Freeman: Ou man Mantan

07-31 19:17Rush: Yes, Len and Lindasy!Hello and a special WELCOME to Lindasy!

07-31 19:17Louise: This reminds me of the scene in Night at the Museum

07-31 19:17Dona: Hi Len and Lindsay

07-31 19:18Len &LIndsay Freeman: HI Dona,

07-31 19:18Louise: Gertrude!

07-31 19:18Rush: The “apparition”…Yes, Louise!

07-31 19:18Len &LIndsay Freeman: Lindsay says happy to be with you all—

07-31 19:18Rush: Poor BB!

07-31 19:19Matt: BB has the greatest eyes

07-31 19:19Louise: Yes Matt

07-31 19:19Dona: Yes he does

07-31 19:19Len &LIndsay Freeman: this is actually one or her favorities

07-31 19:19Rush: I guess after having is cab blown up he had to settle on this job!Lindsay…you have very good taste!

07-31 19:20Rich Maine: love how spotlight moves to each of them

07-31 19:20Rush: Yes, Rich!

07-31 19:20Rich Maine: 10/6/1935    day of infamy

07-31 19:20Rush: “What happened in London the night of October 5, 1935?

07-31 19:20Len &LIndsay Freeman: one down

07-31 19:20Matt: 

Image thumbnail

07-31 19:21Rich Maine: bye bye Bonner

07-31 19:21Rush: TYSM….Matt…

07-31 19:21Louise: I love this Cahn daughterChan

07-31 19:21Matt: Bonner, party of one

07-31 19:21Len &LIndsay Freeman: I wish Frances Chan made more of these…

07-31 19:21Matt: Agreed

07-31 19:21Rush: I agree, Len and Louise.

07-31 19:22Dona: Me too!

07-31 19:22Matt: BB’s outta there!

07-31 19:22Rush: BB’s had enough!

07-31 19:23Rush: “Gnang!”

07-31 19:24Louise: PIOP!POP!

07-31 19:24Rush: And POP!

07-31 19:24Louise: Happy music

07-31 19:24Rush: Gifts for the Chan kids!

07-31 19:25hounder: charlie thinks of his family when he’s not home

07-31 19:25Rush: Yes!

07-31 19:26Rich Maine: 2 phone lines

07-31 19:26Rush: 

07-31 19:26Len &LIndsay Freeman: no gun no bullett no nothin

07-31 19:27Louise: ice bullet?

07-31 19:27Matt: Chilling thought Louise

07-31 19:27Len &LIndsay Freeman: ah Louise… psychic!

07-31 19:28Louise: a private murder!

07-31 19:29Rush: I recall hearing Alfred Hitchcock as a guest on the “Tonight” show years ago saying that the perfect murder weapon would ne an icycle.

07-31 19:29Rich Maine: wow Rush

07-31 19:29Louise: He would know, Rush

07-31 19:29Rush: 

07-31 19:30Matt: Hello A & F!

07-31 19:30Angel Santiago Saltamontes: We can explain!!!

07-31 19:30Louise: OMG, we used Mexican Jumping Beans as kids

07-31 19:30Len &LIndsay Freeman: Or a frozen leg of lamb

07-31 19:30Rush: ANGEL…and Foxx!WELCOME!

07-31 Hello A and F

07-31 19:30Len &LIndsay Freeman: hi Angel

07-31 19:30Dona: Hi Angel and Foxx

07-31 19:30hounder: hi angel and fox

07-31 19:30Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Foxx and i were doing our pedestrian constitutional, AND LISTENING TO RADIO CHAN.  Got distracted!!

07-31 19:31Rush: I see, Angel!Perfect for a walk!

07-31 19:31Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Thanks for welcome.

07-31 19:31Rush: “Beauty of Chan family”

07-31 19:31Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Are we at (17:00)??

07-31 19:32Rush: 17:30

07-31 19:32Angel Santiago Saltamontes: YES!  “Beauty of . . . “

07-31 19:32Rush: 17:4017:5018:00

07-31 19:32Len &LIndsay Freeman: Lindsay loves Frances dress

07-31 19:32Angel Santiago Saltamontes: We’re trying the color version tonight.

07-31 19:33Rich Maine: YES Angel…same here

07-31 19:33Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Nancy WOULD!

07-31 19:33Rush: Agreed, Lindsay!

07-31 19:33Angel Santiago Saltamontes: These guys know every suicide.

07-31 19:33Rush: Seems so, Angel!

07-31 19:34Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Hello, by the way, Lindsay. We agree about the hat

07-31 19:34Angel Santiago Saltamontes: I’ll forget the FUTURE, if it’s all the same to YOU.

07-31 19:35Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Those belts look like they could stop ballets, ballots, or bullets.

07-31 19:35Rush: Angel, that color version is becoming popular tonight!

07-31 19:36hounder: bb looks like he’s wearing a table cloth. lol

07-31 19:36Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Tom heard ’em say “Always Buy Chesterfields” & he takes it too far: lights ’em.

07-31 19:37Rush: 

07-31 19:37Louise: Yes hounder, not very chic

07-31 19:37Rush: Hounder: 

07-31 19:37Len &LIndsay Freeman: practically pale!!!

07-31 19:37Angel Santiago Saltamontes: BB’s plaid shirt is a great match to his buttons-stretched waistcoat—B&W plaid ZENZATIONAL!

07-31 19:37tenman: I’m practically pale…

07-31 19:38Rush: BB’s tie gets visually lost against his shirt!

07-31 19:38Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Le freak says chic

07-31 19:39Rush: Perhaps CC thinks back to the case we know as “Charlie Chan’s Secret” where another seance was suspect!

07-31 19:40Louise: past experience? have we seen this?

07-31 19:40Rich Maine: yes past experience with seances

07-31 19:41Rush: yes!

07-31 19:41Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Chan has always FOLLOWED THE SEANCE.

07-31 19:41Rush: Yes, Angel!

07-31 19:41Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Louise, it’s just dayjahvoo again, again.

07-31 19:41tenman: Modren Spooks….would make a good magazine title

07-31 19:42Rush: 

07-31 19:42Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Tenman, YOU have got something for CURRENT MARKETS!

07-31 19:42Louise: Three Chan m movies with seances?

07-31 19:43Rush: We have this one…and we mentioned “CC’s Secret”….

07-31 19:43Matt: Trickery!

07-31 19:43Rush: The third might be more correctly called a crystal ball reading…?

07-31 19:44Len &LIndsay Freeman: treasure island

07-31 19:44Rush: And, yes…that would be the real third one….!Yes, Len!!Nailed it!

07-31 19:45Rush: I was wrongly thinking of the Tarneverro scene with the crystal ball.

07-31 19:45Angel Santiago Saltamontes: We usually send Collier’s subscriptions at Christmas, but Modern Spooks sounds like a bet.  Put us down for two dozen 24-months!

07-31 19:46Rush: 

07-31 19:46Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Before NEXT October 5, if possible.

07-31 19:47Rush: CC: “You forget, I am psychic.”

07-31 19:47Angel Santiago Saltamontes: If only Bonner could be here, he’d help.

07-31 19:47tenman: I remember the sllick Famous Monsters of Filmland from my childhood

07-31 19:47Rush: 

Image thumbnail

07-31 19:48Louise: LIGHTS!

07-31 19:48Rich Maine: lights again !

07-31 19:48Matt: Camera!

07-31 19:48Rush: 

Image thumbnail

07-31 19:48Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Think they know “Turkey In The Straw”?

07-31 19:49Rush: Angel: 

07-31 19:50Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Rush, we can’t take credit.  My wicked aunt and Fox’s quick brown uncle made us listen to Mantovani till we finished high school.That’s what SHE say.

07-31 19:51Angel Santiago Saltamontes: •••••
That’s what SHE say.

07-31 19:51Rush: 

Image thumbnail

07-31 19:51Angel Santiago Saltamontes: 😆😆😆😆

07-31 19:51Dona: My mom had that

07-31 19:51Rush: 

07-31 19:52Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Why does porridgebird ray egg in air?

07-31 19:52Rush: The boss is coming!

07-31 19:52Angel Santiago Saltamontes: How many volumes were necessary to exorcise all of Mantovani’s world?

07-31 19:53Rush: I don’t think that BB has ever been face-to-face with his present employer!

07-31 19:53Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Jumping beanz?

07-31 19:53Len and Lindsay Freeman: jumping vitamins

07-31 19:53Rush: Yes!

07-31 19:53hounder: short tie.

07-31 19:53Rush: Yes, Hounder!

Image thumbnail

07-31 19:54Dona: lol

07-31 19:55Angel Santiago Saltamontes: In what study at Scripture we have done, i never noticed the referrence therein to Jehoshaphat to bring him to any leaps, of faith or else.

07-31 19:55Louise: I wonder how men felt when everyone stopped wearing hats.

07-31 19:56Rush: Good question!

07-31 19:56Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Those ties protected those who couldn’t have rented a tentrented a tent.rented a tent.

07-31 19:56Rush: Note the stain on her coat…

07-31 19:56Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Sounds like a 1963 Farfisa organ!

07-31 19:56Rich Maine: yes rush….guess roof doors werent locked

07-31 19:57Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Well, what’d we tell ya?  They’re MODERN SPOOKS.

07-31 19:57Louise: Step this way…

07-31 19:57Rush: “Don’t jump!”

07-31 19:57Matt: 

Image thumbnail

07-31 19:57Rich Maine: SPLAT

07-31 19:57Matt: Yuck

07-31 19:57Rush: All of them watched her hit the ground!  I would have turned away, for sure!

07-31 19:58Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Splat.

07-31 19:58Rush: TYSM…Matt…

07-31 19:58Dona: Me too Rush

07-31 19:58Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Rush, they were made of stronger stuff.
   Except her.

07-31 19:58Rush: 

07-31 19:58Rich Maine: Tetragene variation

07-31 19:58Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Tetragene with Tabasco.

07-31 19:59Len and Lindsay Freeman: science… machupari …

07-31 19:59Dona: lol

07-31 19:59Rush: He called the drug “menasgerol”

07-31 19:59Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Machu Picchu. Gotta catch ’em all!

07-31 19:59Rich Maine: first version of the roofie

07-31 20:00Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Rich:😎😎😎

07-31 20:00Rush: Cute bit here…

07-31 20:00Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Knocked-out eyes can be picked up after sidewalk is cleared.

07-31 20:00hounder: your suicide most excellant case of murder

07-31 20:00Louise: new toot

07-31 20:01Rush: …out of old horn…

07-31 20:01Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Pills are for female trouble.

07-31 20:01Rush: He used a put-down that he usually reserves for Tommy on her.

07-31 20:02Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” would go good here.

07-31 20:02Rush: Hm…

07-31 20:02Dona: don’t go in there Charlie

07-31 20:02Matt: Pop the pills Charlie!

07-31 20:02Rush: Yes, Dona!

07-31 20:04Rush: Allowed to take his pill…”Mesmerol”

07-31 20:04Rich Maine: Lights!

07-31 20:04hounder: good thing there was more than 1 pill in the box

07-31 20:05Rush: The pill plus the hypnotic device.Yes, Hounder!

07-31 20:06Rush: An eerie scene…

07-31 20:06Len and Lindsay Freeman: straight spooky

07-31 20:06Rich Maine: those pills arent FDA approved yet!

07-31 20:06Rush: 

07-31 20:07Rich Maine: if you get hit by car, you can skip the roof jump

07-31 20:07Rush: Yes, Rich!

07-31 20:08Rush: 

Image thumbnail

07-31 20:09Angel Santiago Saltamontes: They got to Scotland Yard afore us.

07-31 20:09Rush: Yep.

07-31 20:10Angel Santiago Saltamontes: WELCOME SPOOKS

07-31 20:10Rush: UNwelcome spooks!

07-31 20:11Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Rush, we stand corrected!

07-31 20:11Rush: 

07-31 20:11Len and Lindsay Freeman: GOTCHA

07-31 20:11Rich Maine: ally ally outs in free

07-31 20:11Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Julie Newmar?

07-31 20:11Matt: BB, lol

07-31 20:11Rich Maine: yes Angel

07-31 20:11Rush: That did it!

07-31 20:12Rush: The cop liked BB’s statement.THAT worked!

07-31 20:13Louise: Love this scene

07-31 20:13Len and Lindsay Freeman: classic BB

07-31 20:13Rush: 

Image thumbnail

07-31 20:13Angel Santiago Saltamontes: I like this guy’s head,: so round, so smooth, so fully packed.

07-31 20:13Dona: skeletons like BB

07-31 20:14Rush: Yes, Dona!

07-31 20:14Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Tetragene.Tetragene.

07-31 20:14Rush: It’s not exactly mutual!

07-31 20:14Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Tetragene.Tetragene.

07-31 20:14Rush: Lights out!

07-31 20:14Rich Maine: lights again!

07-31 20:15Rush: 

Image thumbnail

07-31 20:15Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Not a bullet whole, only a bullet half.  I had to split it with the sound effects guy.

07-31 20:15Rush: “Chardo the Great”

07-31 20:15Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Uh-oh.The shardo knows.

07-31 20:16Rich Maine: another plastic surgery miracle

07-31 20:16Angel Santiago Saltamontes: The ol’ frozen-blood armory!

07-31 20:16Louise: Frozen blood: icky

07-31 20:17Rush: Yes.

07-31 20:17Matt: lol

07-31 20:17Rush: Nice trick by Chan!

07-31 20:17Len and Lindsay Freeman: lol

07-31 20:17Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Spring gun no good after Labor Day.

07-31 20:17Rush: Unique “weapon”!

07-31 20:17Rich Maine: an insulated pocket…….wow

07-31 20:17Rush: Yes.

07-31 20:17Angel Santiago Saltamontes: All MAY depart, but Foxx & me gonna stay & watch it again!

07-31 20:17Dona: Charlie is very tricky

07-31 20:18Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Checking all drapes tonight.

07-31 20:18Rush: Chan Monograms are known for the murder devices used!

07-31 20:18Len and Lindsay Freeman: ah the old third hand

07-31 20:18Rush: Indeed!

07-31 20:19Rich Maine: u need a hand Angel?

07-31 20:19Rush: The “vitamins” are reacting in BB’s tummy!

07-31 20:19Angel Santiago Saltamontes: As Dr.Roth (of the Van Halen Institute) said, JUMP!!!

07-31 20:19Rush: 

07-31 20:19Louise: She is delightful

07-31 20:19Angel Santiago Saltamontes: TYSM! Gnite!!!!

07-31 20:19Rich Maine: Yay!

07-31 20:19Rush: Cute ending!

07-31 20:19Matt: <yee-haw>

07-31 20:19Len and Lindsay Freeman: She would’ve been great in more CHans

07-31 20:19Rich Maine: War bonds….

07-31 20:20Rush: (Applause…)

07-31 20:20Dona: Yes a nice ending.

07-31 20:20Rush: Agreed!

07-31 20:20hounder: nite all.  duty calls.

07-31 20:20Rush: Next week….”The Jade Mask”

07-31 20:20Dona: <WAHOOOO!!!>

07-31 20:20Rush: Another Chan offspring….Eddie….

07-31 20:20Louise: Great fun tonite: thanks all

07-31 20:20Matt: Edward, plz

07-31 20:20Rush: Played by EDWIN LUKE.

07-31 20:20tenman: Until next time!

07-31 20:20Rush: Keye’s brother!AND…

07-31 20:21Len and Lindsay Freeman: Nite all

07-31 20:21Rush: Chapter FOUR of our serial….

07-31 20:21Godwinshelley: Night all –

07-31 20:21Rush: “Secret Agent X-9”

07-31 20:21Matt: Good night everyone and have a great week ahead

07-31 20:21Rush: Thank you, everyone!!!!

07-31 20:21Rich Maine: nite all….enjoy ~

07-31 20:21Godwinshelley: have a safe week everyone

07-31 20:22Rush: I hope that you will ALL have a GREAT week!See you here NEXT Monday!Good night, and I thank you ALL!

07-31 20:22Rush: TYSM….

07-31 20:23Dona: Thank you Rush!  Have a good week everyone!

07-31 20:23Rush: Good night, Angel, Dona, Matt, MDA, Rich…..You too, Dona!Stay cool!Good night…

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