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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for July 5, 2021

Charlie Chan in Rio

The Landini Murder Case: Blind Man’s Bluff

Mike n Rachel in DC
Phil & Mrs. Phil
Rich Maine

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Rush: hello, Matt!

Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: How was your Independence day?

Matt1: Quiet, but good, thnx….u?

Rush: That can be good!

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Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening gentlemen!

Matt1: Hello M & R!

Rush: our new areahad people shooting off fireworks on the 3rd and 4th!

Mike n Rachel in DC: DC is (in)famous for our neighborhood fireworks

Rush: Mike and rachel!


Rush: And a big hello to you AND Rachel!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice to be back…and to see Rush back too

Mike n Rachel in DC: *Rachel waves*

Matt1: Fireworks GALORE this year!

Rush: yes, we are settling in.

Rush: Yes, Matt!

Mike n Rachel in DC: What town/city are you in now Rush? Iowa, right?

Rush: Bettendorf, Iowa.

Rush: A part of the Quad Cities.

Rush: Eastern edge of the state.

Rush: Right on the Mississippi.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Cool. Are you anywhere near Chicago?

Rush: Actually, where we are, the river flows east to west!

Rush: A couple hours drive away, yes.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ah, the westerly Mississippi…that’s like my hometown (Detroit) where you can go south into Canada. πŸ™‚

Rush: I guess I’ll be a Cubs fan soon!

Rush: yes, Mike!

Rush: We were able to watch fireworks from the golf course that’s behind our house.

Rush: Lots of the neighborhood was there.

Matt1: How nice!

Rush: Were?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sweet. Are you a golfer…or just a house near a course?

Rush: It was unique!

Rush: The latter!

Rush: Too expensive a sport for me!

Rush: Plus…I am no good at it!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ah. We like golf, but stick mostly to the tiny (i.e. cheap) courses. πŸ™‚

Rush: That would be me!

Rush: I used to go to those with my father.

Mike n Rachel in DC: I’ve played most of my life and Rachel is getting pretty good. Those matches for a Coke are getting more intense.

Rush: AH!

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mda19083: hello y’all

Mike n Rachel in DC: I had two uncles who got me started…lots of memories!

Matt1: Hello MDA!

Rush: It’sfun to watch the golfers from our house, though!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello MDA!

Rush: MDA!

Rush: Good evening!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hopefully you’re out of range of any errant shots. πŸ˜‰

Rush: Oh, yes!

Rush: Actually, we are close to the 18th tee.

Rush: davenport Country Club.

mda19083: rush – did you see me on the 4th green – i two putted

Mike n Rachel in DC: Perfect. Better to be close to a tee than a green. “Outgoing” vs “incoming.”

Rush: MDA: πŸ™‚

Rush: So…that was YOU!!!

mda19083: unfortunately

Rush: Yes to the “outgoing,” Mike!

Mike n Rachel in DC: MDA…nice putting!

mda19083: i missed the windmill entirely

Rush: That’s my extent, MDA!

Rush: only, I would hit a blade.

Mike n Rachel in DC: I was always partial to the “through the dinosaurs legs” holes.

Rush: πŸ™‚

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Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey SB

Matt1: Hello SB!

mda19083: i hope everyone had an enjoyable day yesterday

Rush: Sarabell!

sarabell2: Hello all hope you are all well

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Rush: Happy to see you here tonight.

Mike n Rachel in DC: We are well, thanks!

sarabell2: You get moved Rush?

mda19083: hell sb matt1 rush and mnr

Rush: Yes!

Rush: We are still settling in…unpacking, etc.!

sarabell2: What a relief, I am sure

Rush: My younger daughter had a friend from san Diego fly in this weekend to see her.

Rush: That was nice.

Matt1: How nice!

Mike n Rachel in DC: How cool…is this our “friend” Rachel?

Rush: Yes.

sarabell2: She missed her already? That is a friend

mda19083: i may not have much to say this evening during the radio portion as dinner is in progress

Rush: It boosted my Rachel’s spirits.

mda19083: but cc is playing in the background

Rush: The friend’s father works for an airline, so that helped!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Best kind of friend/father. πŸ™‚

Rush: She actually flew in from Dallas where she has traveled with her mother

Mike n Rachel in DC: Wow…quite a world traveler for a young person!

mda19083: i just flew in from la – and boy are my arms tired

Rush: My older daughter, Sarah, will be flying out to San Diego to see her grandmother and some friends. We said we’d pay half.

Mike n Rachel in DC: lol

Rush: Well!

Rush: Radio show time!

Rush: I lost track of the time!

sarabell2: MDA that would be the only way I could do it

Matt1: Ready here!

Mike n Rachel in DC: All set in DC!

Rush: let’s say…30 seconds….

Mike n Rachel in DC: tick tick tick

Rush: 20 seconds…

Mike n Rachel in DC: tock tock tock

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: Music…

Rush: Scratchy again this week!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hm…sounds like another scratchy episode. Old Time Radio

Rush: Yes!

Matt1: Yes!

sarabell2: I like em scratchy

Rush: The sound of “vintage”!

Mike n Rachel in DC: I wish I had one of those old, big radio sets to listen to this

Rush: Yes! That’d be GREAT!

Rush: VERY rich sound!

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s very nice that they provide a concert as part of their radio show

Rush: They sure do!

mda19083: buff or bluff

Rush: Really it should be “BUFF.”

Rush: But, I have seen it as “BLUFF” a lot!

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Rush: Chan said the former.

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Rush: Hounder!

Rush: Good evening to you!

mda19083: buff – this episode is nsfw then

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Hounder…hope you’re well!

Hounder: Hi everyone. I hope you all had a happy and safe 4th

Rush: Welcome and best wishes to you and your mother…

mda19083: good evening hounder

Hounder: We’re doing ok thanks forcasking

Mike n Rachel in DC: it’s ok, MDA, as long as there’s a blindfold

Mike n Rachel in DC: (no peeking!)

Rush: TYSM, Hounder, we did…and I hope that you were able to experience some fireworks from a safe distance!

sarabell2: Hi Houder

Rush: Dudley ward.

mda19083: good thing phil is not here to monitor this chat

Hounder: We watched on TV. The local ones would have had us out too late for mom

Rush: Yes?

mda19083: blindfold on

mda19083: who turned off the lights

Rush: Ours started at 9:30 and went on for about 20 minutes.

Mike n Rachel in DC: someone is always snatching something when the lights go off…

Hounder: I’m not even sure we had local fireworks this year. It’s a very small town

Rush: Yes, Mike!

Rush: Did you hear any “private” fireworks, Hounder?

sarabell2: My neighbor spent $1K put on a show for us. But has car trouble and has not had it fixed no money. that is how we do it down here.

mda19083: i brought sparklers for everyone – i will pass them out in time for the movie

Rush: LOTS of those around my area!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie knows quite a bit about trees!

Rush: TYSM, MDA!

Rush: I guess he doesn’t know.

Hounder: Nice neighbor sb.

Rush: Gibberish “Chinese.”

sarabell2: He is. Very nice.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ah Sing has odd accent

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sounds like a good guy, SB. πŸ™‚

Rush: NICE to the above, SB!

Rush: A momentary glint of fear in Ah Sing’s eyes.

Rush: nice find by Chan.

Rush: Commercial break…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Beginning to pull the loose ends together…and now back to the concert

Rush: Yes!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Imagine a conductor in front of the orchestra!

Rush: Some wise words, there, by Charlie chan…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Back to conducting… πŸ˜‰

Rush: THE END…as the music fades…

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

Rush: (Applause…)

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: So…

Rush: Tonight we will be watching “Charlie Chan in Rio.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Quite a deep saying…but not sure how it connected with the episode.

Rush: This is the second-to-last entry in the 20th Century-Fox Chan series.

Mike n Rachel in DC: This is a favorite of Mike’s…not so much Rachel. Seems to have got miserable reviews.

Rush: Yes, Mike.

sarabell2: Why the bad reviews?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Black Camel Lite

Rush: Maybe referring to Dudley Ward, the rich owner of the estate where all the drama and killings are happening!

Rush: Yes, Mike!

Mike n Rachel in DC: The reviewer from Variety described the acting as “terrible”

sarabell2: Oh, OK.

Rush: The “remake” of “The Black camel.”

Rush: There are a few “lacking” performances.

sarabell2: I can’t tell old bad acting

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s in the review under the “films” in the website

Rush: True, SB!

Mike n Rachel in DC: I think it has a lot of charm…and Mary Beth Hughes is cute and funny

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Rush: Perhaps “old” bad acting might be superior to some of today’s “good” acting?

Godwinshelley2: Evening all

Dona: Hi Everyone

Rush: Dona…GS!

Matt1: Hello GS!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello Dona and GA

Matt1: Hello Dona!

sarabell2: Hello Dona and GS

Rush: Good evening…WELCOME!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Erk. *GS

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Godwinshelley2: erk?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey DanV

Hounder: so. Dona and gs

Matt1: Hello Dan!

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DanVenture: Hey, hey hey!

Louise has joined this room

mda19083: it looks like a number of the players in cc in reno made the trip to rio

sarabell2: And hello DV

Mike n Rachel in DC: Typo…you original got a “GA”

mda19083: hello gs

Rush: DV….welcome to YOU, too!

DanVenture: Happy HOliday!

Hounder: Hi was what I typed

mda19083: hello dona

Dona: hi Dan

Rich Maine: Good evening happy 4th

Rush: AH! Rich Maine!

Rush: Welcome back!

mda19083: hello dv rich louise

DanVenture: Nice crowd tonight

sarabell2: My keys stick too, I called Hounder Houder

Louise: Hi all. I was here yesterday at 8pm but no one was here…oh wait, it wasn’t Monday!

Rush: And Louise…great to see you with us tonight!

Godwinshelley2: Rush – what is the name of your city again?

Hounder: Hi rich. Pleased to meet you. I’m hounder

Rich Maine: Thanks, I usually have another mtg on Monday bit we are off this week and next so I can attend

Godwinshelley2: My husband was asking and I don’t remember

Godwinshelley2: I’d make a terrible detective myself

Dona: Hi Rich Maine and Louise

Rush: Bettendorf.

Matt1: Hello Rich and Louise!

Godwinshelley2: Thanks

sarabell2: Hello Louise and Rich. People are joining by two’s tonight.

Rush: A small city of about 30,000.

Louise: I am all alone

Godwinshelley2: Oh Louise – you always have us

Rush: Part of a larger metro area called the Quad Cities.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Like Noah’s ark, SB

Rich Maine: I watched Black Camel last night, funny to see the assistant detective instead of number 1 son !

Louise: Yes, GS. Especially you!

Matt1: Kashimo!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Clue!

sarabell2: We are here with you, Louise. I meant two people are showing up at the same time toniht

Rush: “Alone” with at least 11 others, Louise!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Louise

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh…and Rich!

Rush: Rich, YES!

Rich Maine: Clue ! Clue! And Robert Young & Bela Lugosi…

Louise: GS: I gave an interview about miniatures to a magazine last week and mentioned our trip to the coroner’s office

Godwinshelley2: We are always available when you need an “alibi”!

sarabell2: What quad cities are those, Rush? I am interested in IOWAology

Godwinshelley2: Nice – that was a fun trip

Rush: That was Kashimo, the assistant to Chan who drives him cry!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Louise: I do not like Kashimo either

mda19083: are there 4 cities in iowa

Godwinshelley2: Louise – have you seen anything on “toy theaters”

sarabell2: MDA…Ha ha

Rush: Tonight, though, we have the “remake” of “The Black Camel,” “Charlie Chan in Rio.”

sarabell2: But that was my real question

Hounder: Rush i hope you’re starting to get unpacked and settledin

Mike n Rachel in DC: I think Kashimo was the first try at #1 son character…if at first you don’t succeed…

Godwinshelley2: It’s like paper theaters that you do your own stories on with paperdolls on sticks

Louise: Yes I love toy theatres. The folk museum in Santa Fe has tons

Rush: Nice that you watched the “original” first, Rich!

Rich Maine: Whyis is it considered a remake, plot seems very different ?

mda19083: the only one i know of is ames

Hounder: Kashimo isn’t my favorite character

Godwinshelley2: Wasn’t Kashimo a Japanese character – might not have translated well with the change in political climates in the 1930s

Godwinshelley2: Louise – we need to stage some new Chan stories in a toy theater

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rich…Morana = Bela’s character; scratches on floor reveal murderer, etc…

Rush: SB…the “Quad Cities” are actually five! Davenport, IA, Bettendorf, IA, Molne IL, Rock Island, IL, and East Moline, IL.

Matt1: Cued!

Louise: GS: I am taking a book class and I am doing my book on the difference between Dale Arden (Flash Gordon) and Wilma Deering (Buck Rogers). I was dressed as one of them for Halloween when I was about 6 but can’t really identify my costume.

Rush: Total population is around 400,000.

Rich Maine: Aha thanks Mike

mda19083: 3 are in illinois

Rush: 5 minutes to go….!

Godwinshelley2: Ha! – the “Quad” is to throw off out-of-state folks

Louise: GS: a Chan toy theatre would be fun

Mike n Rachel in DC: LOL GS

Rush: Please ready your copies of “RIO.”

Louise: CUED here

mda19083: thanks gs

Mike n Rachel in DC: Si, senor

Hounder: It would be louise

Rush: πŸ™‚

Matt1: Make sure your DVD is on the correct side!

mda19083: i’m from pennsylvania

Phil & Mrs. Phil has joined this room

Matt1: Hello m/m Phil!

Rush: YES! Side B, on the Fox DVD!

mda19083: hello phill and mrs

Godwinshelley2: Or maybe do a Mrs Chan in Honolulu story

Rich Maine: Yes all queued up on utube

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello PnMrsP

Phil & Mrs. Phil: ALOHA! to all my Chan friends.

Rush: 3 1/2 minutes…

Dona: Hi M&M Phil

Godwinshelley2: Hello P2

Dona: Ready here Rush.

Louise: GS: I am going to send you the picture of me as a space girl in the 1950s: on Messenger…

Rush: Please pause at the OPENING TITLE.

Rush: Phil and Mrs. Phil!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Hounder: Hi Phil & mrs

Mike n Rachel in DC: OlΓ‘ as they say in Rio

sarabell2: Why isn’t it called quatro cities, then?

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Hi Dona & GS, M&R, Matt. And last but least, the Glickster!

Godwinshelley2: That will be fun – maybe a character is a future toy theater

Rush: 2 1/2 minutes….

Phil & Mrs. Phil: And Hounder too!

Rich Maine: Do people chat here during the movie?

Godwinshelley2: Yes Rich – we do

sarabell2: Hi P and P

Godwinshelley2: Are you running on Youtube or a DVD

Rush: Yes, Rich!

Rush: TWO minuyrs…

Rich Maine: OK, will keep a window open …utube

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Hi SB2.


Louise: Rich: we really gab!

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Godwinshelley2: If you are watching on youtube – you might want to have TWO windows open – one for the youtube and the other for the chat

HonoluLou has joined this room

Dona: Hi Paul

Matt1: Hello Paul!

Rush: We carry on a conversation that can wander if so desired!!!

mda19083: rich – all the comments are on point

Hounder: Hi hl

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Hi Lou!

Matt1: Hello Louuuuuuuuu!

Rich Maine: Yes will separate the tabs

Dona: Hello Lou

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey HololuLou!

Godwinshelley2: In windows I use InPrivate Windows so I can have two open together on one screen

HonoluLou: Hi Everyone!

mda19083: hello lou

Louise: Wander, Rush? It always gets lost on various paths

sarabell2: Evening Lou

Rush: 50 seconds…

Godwinshelley2: Good – you sound like this isn’t your first rodeo


Louise: Everyone wants to go to Rio

Rush: 40…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Yes, Rich sometimes it can be interesting trying to figure out who is talking to whom.

Rush: 20…

HonoluLou: I’ve got my pina colada ready!

Rush: 15…

PaulM: good evening

Mike n Rachel in DC: Cheers, Lou

Rush: 10…

Godwinshelley2: hi paul

Rush: 5…

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Don’t get distracted Rush

Rush: Go!!!


Godwinshelley2: Nice dance music intro

Phil & Mrs. Phil: GONE BABY!

Rush: Title and music!

HonoluLou: M&R Cheers.

Rush: Credits….

Godwinshelley2: Victor Jory is in this one

Hounder: That sounds good hl. Maybe I’ll have 1 too

Rush: “Live” shot of the beach at RIO.

Louise: Mr and Mrs P can be distracting…so are several others who will not be named here…

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Whoa, TWO biggies, Harold Huber and Kay Linaker.

mda19083: way down among brazillians coffee beans grow by the billions

Mike n Rachel in DC: *rhumbas*

Louise: Music makes me want to dance

HonoluLou: Wow! There’s actually a song title “They met in Rio”! I never knew.

mda19083: phil – o kay

Godwinshelley2: The subtitles called it a Samba

Rush: Yes?

Rush: Correct, no?

Mike n Rachel in DC: *sambas* (definitely a foreign tourist…)

mda19083: is that carmen miranda

HonoluLou: Me? I saw a song title, did anyone else?

Rush: No…just a “copy”!

Godwinshelley2: Why those hats – never understood that fashion

Matt1: HH!

Rush: Yes, Lou!

Godwinshelley2: White fur right off the bat!!

HonoluLou: OK. Hey there’s Charlie Chan!

Rush: “They Met In Rio”

Phil & Mrs. Phil: And there’s Richard Derr

Louise: Yay fur!

Louise: MEOW!!!

DanVenture: There’s a bit of culture lost–floor show/night club.

mda19083: white fox fur

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Appears right away.

Rush: Hamilton MacFadden.

mda19083: lots of cats fighting tonight

HonoluLou: One of her paws! Catty.

Louise: Yes Dan. I have photos of my parents at some nightyclubs like this in New York

Hounder: Meow!

Rush: Interestingly, HE directed the “original,” “The Black Camel”

Mike n Rachel in DC: MacFadden directed Black Camel?

Rush: Yes!

Rush: AND, he appeared in the movie as the director Sal Martino at the beginning of the film!

Louise: POP!

mda19083: lots of fruit salad headwear

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: JIMMY!

Rush: Not the best good will ambassador!

HonoluLou: Awe PoP!

Rush: “Quite…OK.”

sarabell2: Jimmy would be adorable doing the samba

Rush: Paul…I missed your arrival!

Rush: Sorry!

Godwinshelley2: So would Charlie!!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

HonoluLou: A showgirl, her name was Lola…hmmmm?

Rush: How are you tonight, Lou and Paul?

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Didn’t lola do the samba?

Rush: I was caught up with the countdown as you both arrived!

HonoluLou: Good thanks Rush. Doing well. You all moved in…haha.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Hi Paul and Lou!

HonoluLou: Hi P&P

Rush: Lola is the one who will be singing the song…

Rush: Lou…a work in progress!

HonoluLou: Didn’t Barry Manalow date her?

Rush: πŸ™‚

HonoluLou: Rush, I can imagine!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Noooooo

mda19083: lola at the copa – now its a disco

Rush: Still making discoveries in boxes!

Rush: MDA: πŸ™‚

HonoluLou: mda…:)

Godwinshelley2: Unpacking?

Rush: Oh, yes!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush:’s the song Lou mentioned.

mda19083: by harry warren

HonoluLou: Cool Palm trees!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: That’s a lovely dress

sarabell2: Top looks like she got it off a christmas tree

HonoluLou: I hate it when pretty girls go mad!

Hounder: I like that dress

Godwinshelley2: The shoulders though – too much

Louise: I’m with you sarabell

Mike n Rachel in DC: she doesn’t look like a murderess…doesn’t sound like a singer either…

Nothere has joined this room

Matt1: Hello NH!

Rush: Songs: “They Met in Rio (A Midnight Serenade)” and “I, Yi, Yi, Yi (Like You Very Much)”
(music and lyrics by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren)

Phil & Mrs. Phil: NT, you not here!

Nothere: Fashoniably late from my siesta i’s not me

Godwinshelley2: Hello NT

Dona: Weren’t those shoulders back in, in the what 70’s?

Rush: Hello, Nothere!

mda19083: harry also did jeepers creepers as well as others


Godwinshelley2: Not quite as bad in the 70s

Dona: Hi NH

Mike n Rachel in DC: Well, you weren’t here NT. Good to see you!

mda19083: hello nt/nh

Phil & Mrs. Phil: I was thinking that Dona

HonoluLou: Greeting NT

Rush: (Applause…)

Nothere: time?

sarabell2: Hello Nothere

Hounder: Hi nt

mda19083: greetings

Rush: make the pinch…later…

Louise: hey nothere. Don’t listen to the rumors that I accused you earlier of making trouble

mda19083: kay linaker is in the house

Rush: Yes!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Indeed she is

HonoluLou: Kay is my favorite.

mda19083: she is one of my faves

Nothere: Rumor? I thought me making trouble was a given. If I were here:)

mda19083: sorry lou

Nothere: Time?

Godwinshelley2: 11:45

HonoluLou: mda: the more the merrier!

Rush: Kay Linaker:

Godwinshelley2: 12

Rush: Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo: Joan Karnoff
Charlie Chan in Reno: Mrs. Russell
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island: SΓ©ance Apparition
Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise: Mrs. Pendleton
Charlie Chan in Rio: Helen Ashby (alias Barbara Cardosa)

mda19083: oh kay!

Nothere: TYSM God

Godwinshelley2: 12:15

Rush: MDA: πŸ™‚

mda19083: kay gets around

HonoluLou: MDA πŸ™‚

Godwinshelley2: of course that is from my dvd player – not sure about the youtube

Rush: Or…HO! KAY!

Mike n Rachel in DC: That purse doesn’t seem to go with her outfit

Godwinshelley2: 12:30

Rush: (OH)

mda19083: rush πŸ™‚

Nothere: But she never gets around with me:(

Louise: Yes M&R

Godwinshelley2: 12:45


Dona: Yes, Mike

Rush: Here this song?

Godwinshelley2: 13

Nothere: Color clash Mike and or Racheal

mda19083: jonas wilkerson from gwtw – victor jory

HonoluLou: Oh Oh, the spiked coffee.

Rush: Any “Prisoner” fans might remember hearing it on the final episode of the series.

Rush: yes, Lou!

Louise: stimulation…abstinence

Godwinshelley2: I remember “them bones” but not this song

Louise: getting raunchy here

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Shades of Bill Cosby.

HonoluLou: Zzzzzzzz.

Mike n Rachel in DC: *thud*

HonoluLou: P&P πŸ™‚

Rush: Another drug-plus-cigarette moment.

Nothere: Dude that is some weak coffee.

HonoluLou: Yes Master

sarabell2: Funny P N p

mda19083: sorry louise – phil is in charge of policing this crowd

Rush: And…speaking of which…Morano makes a “master” copy of a confession here.

Nothere: So includeing the pairs there are 17 of us. Yep were a crowd.

HonoluLou: This has shades of The House without a key here? (the book)

Nothere: And an unruly bunh too.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Louise: I am still alone…

Nothere: House with no key ha windows.

mda19083: you said it nt

Louise: Freaky doctor

Hounder: Sparkly jewels

Godwinshelley2: Ah Louise – do you need to take a trip to Delaware for a few days – for company?

Mike n Rachel in DC: But he doesn’t have a cool turban like Bela

Louise: be frightened and angry

Rush: Louise, you mean you are not seeing the rest of us listed or our posts?

sarabell2: Aw, Louise. I could use some alone sometimmes

Nothere: Right everybody pile on Louis. Hope you have a lot of bedrooms.

HonoluLou: MnR, I know, where’s the mystic ball?

mda19083: road trip

Nothere: In The trunk Lou.

Louise: Just joking Rush…my family is not here…wait: I can do whatever I want for the next week! Alone is good.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh Clark! I was just confessing to a murder…

HonoluLou: NT πŸ™‚

Rush: Instead of the crystal ball, we have “psychognosis.”

Nothere: Louise gone wild….Be afraid. BE VERY AFRAID!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Saves on props, Rush

Rush: YES!

Louise: Yep, NT

HonoluLou: Does everyone know what October 3, 2021 commemorates?

sarabell2: No, tell us

Hounder: Nice car unless you’re the driver and it rains

DanVenture: Please

Mike n Rachel in DC: *scratches head*

HonoluLou: It’s a VERY big date to remember.

Rush: An anniversary….

Rush: Hm….

Godwinshelley2: Perhaps of this group?

Rush: I see a “20”…

sarabell2: 100th CC anniversary?

Nothere: Whenwe first assembled. Well you did. I didn’t how up for years.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh oh…Oland’s birthday?

Rush: That’s getting warm…

Hounder: Bed time be back

HonoluLou: Yes, the exact date the Charlie Chan Family Home will celebrate it’s 20th Anniversary. Rush can you confirm?

Rush: WARMER….

Rush: That’s it, Lou!

Matt1: We need to celebrate!

Dona: YAY!!!!!!!

Rush: The 20th anniversary of the official openingof this site.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh wow. Big day!

Godwinshelley2: So it will officially become “a classic”

Louise: We shall celebrate our anniversary together

Dona: We will have to celebrate

DanVenture: WOW!

Rush: The Chats started a little more than a year before.

sarabell2: Really, 20 years? That is amazing.

Nothere: I have to drink the booze for quality control.

HonoluLou: Dona: Yes!

HonoluLou: Two decades!

Rush: hard to believe, I know!

Nothere: Wonder when I first found the place.

DanVenture: Hardly seems possible.

Matt1: I remember the Yahooooooooo Group

Rush: Yes!

sarabell2: How long have you all been here?

Godwinshelley2: Congratulations to all!

Rush: That was the earliest beginning

Dona: Yes Matt, I remember that group too

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Cue the can

mda19083: congrats to the group

Godwinshelley2: I started around 2006

Matt1: <tin can>

Rush: Yes, GS!

Dona: I didn’t have a computer at home then so I would spend my lunch hour on the yahoo group reading the posts

Rush: 15 years ago…!

HonoluLou: I think 2010 for me, with Hawaii Steve.

Louise: I keep forgetting when I started: 2011???

Phil & Mrs. Phil: TYSM Matt.


sarabell2: Wow, you all are so loyal. That is great.

Nothere: Kay was last in a movie in 1945, but made movies till at least 1988

Rush: (Following Matt’s lead…)

Rush: Yes, NT.

sarabell2: The maid looks better than the actresses today

HonoluLou: Rush πŸ™‚

Rush: Including “The Blob”

Nothere: Of course. in the back. She put the knife on the table, and leaped backwards on it.

Godwinshelley2: So many horror film connections to the Chan series

Rush: LINAKER, Kay (July 19, 1913; Pine Bluff, Arkansas – April 18, 2008; Keene, New Hampshire)

Mike n Rachel in DC: Huber was such a good character actor…wish he had done more films

Dona: Proves his point

Rush: Agreed, Mike.

Nothere: Horror connections? What with Dracula, Frankentein, the Wolfman, and one of the stars being a werewolf? Now your just being silly.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Huber died as a result of complications of surgery.

HonoluLou: He use to fence (Huber) and that’s how he got that scar, I think that’s right.

Godwinshelley2: Karloff, Lugosi, Chaney, Lorre, Linaker

Rush: HUBER, Harold (December 5, 1904; New York, New York – September 29, 1959; New York, New York)

mda19083: good one gs

Louise: He’s ready for COVID!

HonoluLou: Louise πŸ™‚

Rush: Charlie Chan on Broadway: Inspector James Nelson
Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo: Inspector Jules Etienne Joubert
Charlie Chan in City in Darkness: Marcel Spivak
Charlie Chan in Rio: Delegado (Captain) of Police Souto (billed as Chief Souto; also called Senhor Souto)

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: SLAP!

Nothere: I said fight back. Not fight back hard.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Is that an N95 handkerchief?

HonoluLou: Because the hanky had boogers on it!

Rush: MIKE: πŸ™‚

sarabell2: LOL mike

Rush: CC pulls “a fast one.”

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Jimmy is being Jimmy as usual.

Rush: Oh, YES!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie will just have a look around Ms. Linaker

HonoluLou: Hello everyone, the hostess is dead

Rush: They have a LONG wait.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Ah, there was a murder in the next room!

Rush: Notice MacFadden’s bald spot.

Godwinshelley2: J Carol Nash – later Chan – was in House of Frankenstein

Rush: Looks like they covered it with dark makeup!

Rush: yes, GS!

Godwinshelley2: Allegedly John Carradine was in CC at the Olympics but ended up on the cutting room floor

Nothere: O.k. Rush you aren’t allowed to answer. Trivia time. How many times does this film make for Toler to play Chan?

HonoluLou: Rush, today they have spray on hair πŸ™‚

mda19083: rush – alopecia

Godwinshelley2: NT – I don’t know that one

Rush: I eremember “Top Coverage” spray!

Rush: I am obeying…NT!

Godwinshelley2: Plus “Ming the Merciless” actor and also Milton Parsons in horror films too

mda19083: 21

Phil & Mrs. Phil: If I ever get a dog I’m going to name it Harold Huber.

mda19083: why phil

Mike n Rachel in DC: I’ll guess 11, NT

Godwinshelley2: And how often did Roland Winters appear on TV in The Addams Family

Rush: That’d be nice, Phil!

Hounder has left this room

Rush: Or…f you get TWO…”Harold” and “Huber.”

Rush: (if)

Phil & Mrs. Phil: MDA because the dog would be so cool.

Godwinshelley2: Did we scare off Hounder with the dog names

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Is that a dance or a seizure?

Rush: Nice rear projection in this scene.

Godwinshelley2: Looks like the Honolulu backdrop

Mike n Rachel in DC: OK, so Mary Beth Hughes isn’t great at acting drunk

Rush: Oh, PHIL! She did her best!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Nothere: Well Mike or Racheal come closest. After starting in Honolulu this was his tenth. I think he has it done now. And only fiv nonChans in the interim.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Phil: Jimmy doesn’t mind…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Credit to Rach on that one

Nothere: Bunny and ths lady should host a party.

Rush: And, NT, Like warner Oland, Toler seemed to really adopt the Chan character!

Hounder has joined this room

Nothere: Hey Hound

mda19083: how did we get in honolulu

Godwinshelley2: Hello Hounder – getting some air?

Nothere: By floating Mda

Rush: maybe not quite as passionately, but he really seemed to have embraced it!

Hounder: Getting mom to bed. πŸ™‚

Godwinshelley2: Ah – I understand that

Rush: WB, Hounder!

Rush: bad Internet connection?

HonoluLou: Toler was my first, or what I remember as a child.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: She’ kinda’ fast with that pistol.

Rush: True of many, Lou!

Godwinshelley2: Rich – how are you doing?

Rush: Love the subtitles!

Nothere: Enjoy em while you got em

Rich Maine: loving the chat and the movie ! Thanks !

Hounder: That might be why I dropped while I was helping mom rush

Godwinshelley2: You learn alot from Rush and the others about the Chan-uinverse

Nothere: So the room does drop you after a while of non activity?

Rush: Toler spoke possible the most Chinese there than in an Chan movie.

Godwinshelley2: Did he learn it before the films?

Phil & Mrs. Phil: There’s the captain of the Suva Star from Dead Men Tell.

HonoluLou: Rush, agree.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Cantonese perhaps?

Rush: Oland rattled off more, i think, during his speech in “Shanghai”

Rush: Recognize this gentleman?

mda19083: its charlie’s world – were just living in it

Godwinshelley2: Which one sang the song about the dog

Rush: We saw him VERY recently!

HonoluLou: MnR: Mandarin, I was able to interpret as they spoke πŸ™‚

Dona: Thanks Phil i was trying to remember who he was.

Nothere: My ex wife has been murdered? Well there goes my vacation plans.

Rush: πŸ™‚

mda19083: nt πŸ™‚

Hounder: Nice hl

Nothere: And ody oler didn’t play Fu Manchu

Rush: Nice use of the mirror!

Rush: Everyone gets to hear.

Nothere: The beat sucks nd I can’t ance to it. This platter will neve even break the charts let alone get to the top.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: A “spoken word” hit?

HonoluLou: NT πŸ™‚

Louise: Natural herb

Rush: Yes.

HonoluLou: Yeah, they copied this plot from “House”

Mike n Rachel in DC: I didn’t know cocaine was a herb…

Rush: AH!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Ah…don’t they call that blackmail?

HonoluLou: Very obliging…dirty dog!

Godwinshelley2: Oh – further Horror connection – there was the electrical equipment that also appeared in the Karloff film: Boogie Man will Get You

Rush: Would a drugged confession hold up in court?

Matt1: Horse Feathers

Rush: jimmy recalled “Tombstone” there!

Matt1: Yes!

Dona: lol

mda19083: this is only the movies rush

Rush: πŸ™‚

Nothere: Not sure. Today no, but the 40’s were a bit looser in the rules than today.

Matt1: Funny scene

Rush: There he goes…!

HonoluLou: Right

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Where’s the cigarette?

Matt1: HH enjoying


HonoluLou: P&P: he already smoked it while standing.

HonoluLou: WoW! De Javu

Hounder has left this room

mda19083: good one charlie

Nothere: Wait he actually attends his classes? Since when did either #1 or #2 son stay at the college.

HonoluLou: Refreshments: Coffee & Cigarettes!

Dona: True NT

mda19083: πŸ™‚

DanVenture: Seems strange how well everyone is taking this murder…

HonoluLou: Sure, drug the dame, Jimmy…sheesh!

Rush: Jimmy will be taking leave of his college studies soon…

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s actually the first “how to host a murder mystery” party ever, DanV

mda19083: πŸ™‚

Nothere: Nice thing about movie murder. Every hate the victim to maximize suspect, so no one is particularly upset.

Hounder has joined this room

Matt1: wb Hounder

Hounder: Guessing internet drop and reset. Lol

DanVenture: Looks like the murderer really put their foot into it.

Godwinshelley2: TCM network is running “Neo-Noir” films on Friday nights this month.

Nothere: Well folks this is where I leave you. Try to not drink drugged coffee until I am Nothere again.

Louise: Close door, guard the light switch

Godwinshelley2: NT – have a safe week

Rush: DV: πŸ™‚

HonoluLou: Bye NT

sarabell2: Nite NT

mda19083: later nt

Matt1: Take care, NT

HonoluLou: Meanie!

Rush: Jimmy to the rescueGood night, NT!

Rush: Take care.

Rush: see you next week!

Nothere has left this room

Dona: bye NT

Rush: (“Castle in the Desert”)

HonoluLou: No thanks Rush, I’ve already had desert 

Rush: πŸ™‚

mda19083: lou πŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: Recycled music from “Panama”

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Jimmy with a gun..THAT is frightening.

Rush: No gun now!

Hounder: And no one hears the brawl

Rush: Sped-up fight!

mda19083: its a brawl

HonoluLou: I think they may have sped it up?

Rush: They will!

Rush: YES, Lou!

Rush: (THUD!)

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Jimmy chasing guy with a THAT is stupid.

Rush: NiWatch everyon’e position her…closely!

Louise: A talking picture…rather than movie

Louise: LIGHTS!!!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: WHOA lights OUT!

Matt1: <tin can>

Louise: I told you to guard the lights

HonoluLou: Ah, I believe I see Rush.


Mike n Rachel in DC: weirdest locations for light switches ever

mda19083: oh no – 3 light switches

Rush: Yes! Perfect placement for an alibi!

sarabell2: Must have used my builder.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Hounder: Lol sb

HonoluLou: Someone soon will be wearing stripes in prison.

mda19083: first time they used 3 switches

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Shut up smart guy.

Rush: !!!!

HonoluLou: πŸ™‚

Rush: “Bulldog Drummond.”

Matt1: Need to run, sorry…..Have a great week!

Godwinshelley2: nite Matt

Rush: Goodnight, Matt!

Mike n Rachel in DC: bye matt!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Bye Matt.

HonoluLou: Aloha Matt1

Dona: bye Matt

mda19083: later matt1

Hounder: Nite matt

Rush: See you next week!

sarabell2: Bye Matt

Matt1 has left this room

HonoluLou: Gulp!

Mike n Rachel in DC: oh oh

Rush: Dun, dun….DUNNNN!

Rush: Caffeine is one of the magic ingredients.

sarabell2: I would kind of notice a nail in a high heel shoe.

mda19083: herbal cig

Rush: I think you are right, SB!

HonoluLou: SB2 πŸ™‚

Rush: And, there would be scratches all over the floor of the house where she walked!

HonoluLou: Good point, Rush.

sarabell2: She would skid. Sorry, I usually go with the plot

Mike n Rachel in DC: Would be so much better to use edibles

Rush: Funny scene coming…

HonoluLou: Charlie’s funny face.

DanVenture: No doubt now why Rush is our fearless leader honoring CC!

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Bluching…

Hounder: Wonder why charlie is the only one wearing a stiff collar

Rush: gallant…but fake confession…

HonoluLou: Oh, I thought it was the other gal with the stripes. Dang it.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: Kay will look good in stripes, HL!

HonoluLou: Hubba Hubba M&R πŸ™‚

mda19083: kay always looks good

Rush: Her hatred of Lola Dean caused her to commit TWO murders to Lola’s one.

mda19083: double or nothing

Rush: yep.

Dona: yes

Mike n Rachel in DC: Morana is free? Isn’t he an accessory?

Rush: he should be.

HonoluLou: double or nothing? that rings a bell?

HonoluLou: Can I have this girl, Pop?

Louise: Noooooo

sarabell2: I would think so, M n R

Rush: Jimmy’s DRAFTED!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Drafted into the pigeon corps!

Rush: We see him in uniform next week!

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

Rush: yes, Mike!

HonoluLou: That was GREAT!

mda19083: its a cinch

Rush: Cliosing credits and exit music…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Jimmy in uniform with Ming Toy.

Rush: Next week….

Mike n Rachel in DC: Another fun Chan!

Rush: “Castle in the Desert”

sarabell2: I liked it, don’t get the bad reviews.


Dona: {YAY!!!!!}

Rush: use…)

DanVenture: Wait…did Jimmy actually serve?

Louise: Castle is so good

Rich Maine: Thanks so much…this was SWELL πŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: Agreed, SB. I think it’s very fun

Hounder: Thanks for the fun. See you next week

Rush: Actually, Victor sen Yung DID!

sarabell2: Thank you Rush, another great job.

Rush: And, we see Jimmy swerving next week!

mda19083: another fun evening all

DanVenture: Rush: Didn’t know that. TY

Hounder: Hope you’ll join us again rich.

Rush: (serving)

Rich Maine: whats on deck next week?

Louise: sweving is funnier

HonoluLou: Great evening all. Thank you so much. G’night, Lou

Rush: Thank you for coming tonight, Rich!

Louise: swerving

DanVenture: LOL

Rush: i hope that you had a good time with us!

Rich Maine: I had a terrific time!

mda19083: glad to have you in the house lou

DanVenture: Good episode and good company. Thanks everyone!

Louise: Bye all

Rush: And…thank you ALL for ALL you do and HAVE done over the years!

Dona: Thank you Rush! Great fun this evening as always.

mda19083: how did we do rich

Mike n Rachel in DC: Goodnight all…till next week!

Rich Maine: what is up next week?

Rush: Have a great week, everyone!

Rush: take care…

Dona: Good to see everyone! Nice group tonight.

Rich Maine: u all are hysterical !

HonoluLou has left this room

Rush: Be happy and safe!

Hounder: Nite all

Dona: See you next week.

mda19083: goodnight and good week to all

Rush: may your dreams be Chan-filled!

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DanVenture has left this room

sarabell2: Hope you come back Rich. Have a lovely week all…enjoy your peace Louise.

Rush: Warm in your area, Dona?

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mda19083 has left this room

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Dona has left this room

Godwinshelley2: night all

Rich Maine has left this room

Godwinshelley2 has left this room

Rush: You are my SoCal connection, now!

Rush: Good night, paul and SB!

sarabell2 has left this room

Rush: Good night, paul!

Rush has left this room

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