Chat Archive 7/5/2022

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for July 5, 2022

Charlie Chan in Rio

That Night In Rio (1941) – “They Met in Rio (A Midnight Serenade)”; That Night In Rio (1941) – “Chica Chica Boom Chic”; That Night In Rio (1941) – Carmen Miranda – “I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi (I Like You Very Much)”

Len Freeman
Mike in DC
Phil & Mrs. Phil
Rich Maine

Rush has joined this room18:29


Matt1 has joined this room

Rush: Hello, Matt!

Mike in DC has joined this room

Rush: Greatr to see you again!

Matt1: Hello Tush and welcome home!

Mike in DC: Good evening gentlemen!

Rush: Mike! Good evening to YOU!

Matt1: Hello M & (no) R!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Mike in DC: Rach is a little worn out from some exercising…may join later. πŸ˜‰

Rush: I spoke with steve last night, and he’s at work right now.

Matt1: Ah, Ok

Mike in DC: The “extras” look interesting

Rush: I should be doing some of that exercizing as well!

Matt1: They do!

Rush: YES! Steve chose some really good ones for tonight!

Mike in DC: We did a little workout then ran 4 miles…and it’s very humid today…

Rush: WOW!

Rush: In the heat and humidity!

Rush: It has been close to 100 here with about 80% humidity.

Mike in DC: We’re trying to get/stay in shape

Mike in DC: Yikes, Rush!

Rush: I should do more to follow your example!

Matt1: Tough battle, Mike

Mike in DC: DC has had a pretty mild summer so far…mostly high 80s

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Rush: Tucson! WELCOME!

Mike in DC: Hello Tucson

Matt1: Hello Tucson!

Rush: I don’t believe we have met, Tucson!

Rush: Does your name refer to your location, possibly?

Tucson: Hello folks! I’m a newbie but have looked at this site for a few years. I used to watch Charlie Chan flicks with ,

Matt1: Welcome to the Cgat then!

Rush: AH! Wwell, it’s a great honor to have you join with us this evening, Tucson!

Mike in DC: Glad to see that you’ve taken the plunge!

Rush: YES!

Matt1: My fingers are ALL over the keys tonight

Tucson: My dad on WGN, Chicago

Rush: As is our custom, yours will be the Seat of Honor tonight!

Tucson: Oh my

Rush: πŸ™‚

Mike in DC: That’s cool. I’m from Detroit, but used to watch them with my dad as well.

Rush: So, you used to watch Chan on TV with your dad in Chicago?

Tucson: Started calling my dad Pop in the 1960’s

Rush: NICE!

Rush: I love that!

Matt1: lol, I did as well when I was a kid after Chan

Rush: πŸ™‚

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Matt1: Hello MDA!

mda19083: hello all!

Tucson: My Dad really got a kick out of me watching them with him. I used to ask him, which one did it, and he would laugh and say we’ll see

mda19083: hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend

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Matt1: Those are fond memories

mda19083: welcome home Rush

RickET: Hello all

Matt1: Hello Rick!

Rush: RickET!


Rush: Please excuse me if I am wrong, but I think this is the first time I have met you?

mda19083: RickET – Phone home!

Rush: TYSM, MDA!

Rush: Nice to be back!

Rush: I am sorry I could not join in from afar.

RickET: Perhaps, last wk was first.

Rush: It woyuld have meant staying up until 1:30 am to do so, and I was pretty tired brom pong days!

mda19083: Rush – we like you wherever you are

Rush: (from)

Rush: TY… πŸ™‚

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Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Rush: Hounder! Goode vening!

mda19083: good evening hounder!

hounder: hi everyone. please to meet you RickET

Rush: AH! I was away last week, Rick! So…WELCOME BACK!

Mike in DC: Hello MDA, hounder, Rick!

RickET: Good 2b here

hounder: hi tuscon

mda19083: hello mike

hounder: please forgive any typos tonight. i can barely keep my eyes open.

Rush: Hawaii Steve cannot be with us tonight due to his job, but he left us with his greeting as well as threee nice extras!

Tucson: Hiya Hounder

mda19083: Rush – I brought my leftover fireworks from the 4th of July

Rush: ITucson, what we have been doing lately is offering an “extra” or two…or three, as something of a warm-up for our weekly feature!

Mike in DC:wizard:

Tucson: Cool

Matt1: Should be a FUN start to the evening!

Rush: Tonight we have, courtesy of Steve, are THREE short pieces from another 20th Century-Fox “Rio” production…”That Night in Rio.”

mda19083: FUN is our middle name here in the chat room

Rush: These songs will be heard also in “Charlie Chan in Rio,” from the same year…1941!

Rush: So…

Rush: If we are ready, I will give the link for the first one…

Mike in DC: I was born ready. πŸ™‚

Matt1: Dooooooo it!

Rush: Tucson, I will give a countdown when we are all ready, so we can see it at the same time…


mda19083: I am on the edge of my seat as usual

Tucson: Good deal

Rush: “They Met in Rio (A Midnight Serenade)”

Rush: Everyone ready?

Mike in DC: I am too, MDA…but that’s to reach the computer.

Mike in DC: Check

Matt1: Ready!

Rush: Say….60 secondds…?

Rush: 50…

Mike in DC: *checks watch*

Rush: 40 seconds…

hounder: ready

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Mike in DC: lots of guitars in this one…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: Another bonus…TECHNICOLOR!

Mike in DC: and en Espagnol

Matt1: Si

Rush: YES!

RickET: Don Amache and Carmen Miranda

Rush: En Espaniol…NOT Portuguese…

Hawaii_Steve has joined this room

Rush: Yes, Rick!

Mike in DC: I just realized that, Rush.

Mike in DC: Steve! Muchas gracias!

Rush: Steve!

Rush: You made it!!!

Rush: On your lunch break?

Matt1: Alohaaaaaaaaaaaa, Steve!

Rush: We are watching the first of the three.

Rush: “They Met in Rio (A Midnight Serenade)”

Hawaii_Steve: Hola Agmigos from the Spanish Land of Chan.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Aloha, sir!

Hawaii_Steve: Amigos.

Rush: And, TYSM…again…for these extras!

Hawaii_Steve: On a quick lunch break, then back to work.

Rush: Honored, sir!

Mike in DC: We’re getting the English version of the Spanish words, now

Mike in DC: Glad you found this clip, Stegve

Mike in DC: *Steve

hounder: aloha hs

Tucson has left this room

Hawaii_Steve: Pass the enchiladas please.

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Rush: So, there we have the first one.

Rush: We will hear this near the beginning of the movie tonight.

Rush: yes!

Hawaii_Steve: Glad that you are enjoying the extras.

hounder: did we say something tuscon didn’t like?

Mike in DC: Not quite as elaborate a setting, though.

Rush: The next one we will hear at the START of our movie tonight!


Rush: “Chica Chica Boom Chic”

Matt1: Ready!

Mike in DC: Got it.

Rush: This one’s a treat!

Rush: Everyone ready?

Mike in DC: Looks like they went all out for this film

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: Yes, Mike!

Rush: 50…

hounder: ready

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Hawaii_Steve: ready,

Rush: 20 seconds…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Tucson has joined this room

Hawaii_Steve: This is a fun one.

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

hounder: wb tuscon

Mike in DC: 4th of July!

mda19083: fireworks included

Rush: CLASSIC Carmen Miranda!

Matt1: Not quite the same without Jimmy playing along, lol

mda19083: I am suddenly hungry for fruit salad

Rush: πŸ™‚

Mike in DC: Very nutritious hat.

Rush: Technicolor was MADE for Carmen Miranda!

hounder: quite a feat to balance that hat

Rush: 200 million less than today…

mda19083: did anyone read Carmen her Miranda rights?

Mike in DC: Don’s voice isn’t quite with his singing

Rush: MDA…I thought you were Angel on that one!!!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Tucson: Hungry for fruit cup

Rush: Yes, Tucson!

mda19083: no one does it like Angel

Rush: Indeed!

Rush: Look at that deel color!!!

Rush: DEEP

Hawaii_Steve: Wonderful rich color for 20th Century Fox.

Mike in DC: This is the arrangement used in the Chan

Mike in DC: Just played slower for Charlie

hounder: the skirts look like parrots with all the colors

Rush: Add a bit of SWING..

Hawaii_Steve: This number is re-created in tonight’s Chan film, sort of. On a less budget.

Rush: Yes, Steve!

Rush: (Applause…)

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Hawaii_Steve: Just wonderful !!!

Mike in DC: <kids-yeah>

Hawaii_Steve: Eat your heart out MGM.

Rush: Great production there!

mda19083: I am almost in my Rio mode

Rich Maine has joined this room

Matt1: Hello Rich!

Rich Maine: Evening all!

hounder: hi rich

Mike in DC: Hey Rich


Hawaii_Steve: MDA, Stand by. There’s more.

Rush: And…for our last of the three….

Rush: “I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi (I Like You Very Much)”

Mike in DC: We’ll see how Carmen compares to the great Lola Dean’s recording of this number.

Rich Maine: I was so excited I showed up last night…Matt kindly reminded me it was tonight!

mda19083: this one will surely put me over the top

Rush: We hear this one playing sort of in the background in one of the scenes from tonight’s movie…

Rush: Hello, Rich!

Rush: Good evening to you!

Matt1: Ready!

Mike in DC: all set here

Rush: The final of our three extras of the evening…

Rush: Everyone ready?

Rich Maine: Hey rush, Matt, mda

Tucson: You bet

Hawaii_Steve: All cued.

Rush: Very good….

Rush: 45 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: Anyone recall this one from the final episode of “The Prisoner” TV series from 1967?

Rush: Very trivial bit of trivia!

Matt1: I I I I like yjis!

Matt1: this

Rush: πŸ™‚

Mike in DC: Sort of a Latin Trapp Family Singers tune…channeling Sound of Music a bit

Nothere has joined this room

Matt1: Hello NT!

Mike in DC: very cute

Rush: (applause…)

Mike in DC: Hey NT!

Rush: WOW!


Matt1: <clap-clap>

Nothere: Hey folks. n relax. I did nthing strange here alone yesterday. No need to check under your chairs:)

Rush: GREAT extras tonight!!!!

Tucson: I yi yi yi liked it very much

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room

Rush: NOW!

Matt1: Thnx again Steve!

Mike in DC: There were very enjoyable!

Godwinshelley2: Did you start alreADY?

Rich Maine: Hi gs

Matt1: Hello GS!

Rush: 5 minutes till our feature!

Nothere: Hey God

Godwinshelley2: Ah good – I was just cuing up

Mike in DC: Hey GS!

Rush: Please ready your personal copies to the OPENING TITLE.

Hawaii_Steve: Matt, Rush, and the family, you are most welcome.

mda19083: thanks Steve for the extras – what a treat

Rush: Use the link above if needed!

Rush: “”Charlie Chan in Rio”

Nothere: Rush is back, but he didn’t Rush back.

Hawaii_Steve: For the Chan film, listen carefully to the opening theme. It’s the same arrangement as the earlier video.

Mike in DC: It is, Steve…just slower

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha GS.

Rush: THREE minutes to go…

Godwinshelley2: Hello everyone

Matt1: Cued to Opening Title here!


Godwinshelley2: and welcome to TUESDAY

Nothere: Timevarp.

Rush: Again…please pause at the OPENING TITLE.

Mike in DC: I’ve been thinking that today is Monday all day, because…Chan

Rush: Right after the Fox fanfare and logo.

Rush: 2 minutes…

Hawaii_Steve: Cued to after Fox logo.

Rush: 90 seconds…

Rush: 75 seconds…

Mike in DC: Gong-ready in DC

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: Nice “:live” title card shot…

hounder: hi gs and nt

Rush: 45 seconds…

Rich Maine: Harold Huber goes from Paris to Rio!

Rush: 40…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Hawaii_Steve: Si.

Rush: 25…

Mike in DC: …very adaptable guy

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Rush: Title…

Rush: Music…

Nothere: I don’t trust Huber. He keeps folloving Chan and pretending to be different people. H should be brought in for questioning.

Godwinshelley2: classy upbeat music

Rush: Credits…

Rush: Yes, GS!

Rush: And…WELCOME to you, GS!

Hawaii_Steve: GS, we just heard another of theme song.

Rush: And to YOU as well, NT!!!

mda19083: oh Kay!

Hawaii_Steve: Love the big band sound with a Latin beat.

Rush: Carioca casino

Phil & Mrs. Phil has joined this room

hounder: not just different people. different cop type people

Nothere: Did you see my Rush comment Rush?

Mike in DC: They added a couple of tag phrases, but it’s the same…

Rush: Phil and Mrs Phil!

Nothere: Hey {Phils,

Matt1: Hello m/m Phil!

Rush: WELCOME to you both!!!!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Dagnabit! Late again!

Rush: Just started the film!

hounder: hi phil and mrs

Mike in DC: Hey Phil & Mrs. Phil

Rich Maine: Jimmy rockint

Rush: Not the Mirandaesque head decor?

Hawaii_Steve: Just compare the different between an A production and a B production at Fox.

mda19083: hell Phils

Rush: yes, steve!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Well AAAALLLOOOOHAAA to all our Chan friends. Looks like some new faces tonight!

mda19083: o hell – hello Phils

Rush: πŸ™‚

Tucson: Howdy folks

Godwinshelley2: Hello to you

Hawaii_Steve: Something about this joint we like.

Nothere: No one gonna make the fur comment?

Tucson: Bring on the grape juice

hounder: stark contrast between the black stripes and that white dress

Rich Maine: Lo#a dean, Jimmy’s sister

Rush: Yes, Hounder!

Tucson: Great clothes

Rush: Mrs. reynolds.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Richard Derr there.

Rush: Carmen Miranda tribute here!

Rush: Jimmy loved it!

Tucson: Chemisty problem

Rush: Yes, Tucson.

mda19083: what Lola wants …

Mike in DC: Not sure if Jimmy like the music or the dancer…

Rush: Harold Huber, shows his versatility again.

Rush: Another police inspector.

Nothere: Your under arrest for fruit smuggling.

Rush: “Cap.”

Rush: Yes, NT!

Mike in DC: He obviously couldn’t hold a job, Rush. πŸ™‚

Rush: “No peeking…”

Rush: Mike: πŸ™‚

Nothere: Someone keeps hiring him Mike.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Jimmy sticks foot in mouth again.

Rush: Lola seeming gets what Lola wants…

Rush: Yes, Phil!

Rush: Kay Linaker.

Mike in DC: Lots of white dresses

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Tropical.

Rich Maine: Same maid!

hounder: or at least dresses that appear white

Nothere: Nov do all the men here have flovers in their button hole?

Mike in DC: I’ve had houses smaller than that dressing room

Rush: Iris Wong…as Lili….Wong…

Hawaii_Steve: “Helen, my jewels.”

Rush: Yes, Mike! Star treatment.

Hawaii_Steve: Lots of ’40s lingo in this film.

Rush: Hamilton MacFadden: Bill Kellogg

Mike in DC: Isn’t Bill Kellogg the actor who used to be a director?

Rush: Yes, Steve!

Rush: YES!

mda19083: swinging a tomahawk – does that make her a battleaxe

Hawaii_Steve: Yes Rush. I recognized MacFadden when he first walked in.

Rich Maine: Song available on iTunes

Rush: Hamiltom MacFadden. He was also in…and directed….”The Black camel,” the film that “inspired” this one!

Nothere: It vas vritten by a bunch of hep cats.

Tucson: Very cool info Rush

Rush: He directed and was in for a few seconds, the “original” version of this film…”The Black Camel.”

Hawaii_Steve: Watch for the “Black Camel” reference between Macfadden and Toler. When they meet.

Rush: I think my posts are slowing…

Rush: Arturo….

Nothere: But their still as pithy a ever Rush.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: “Pretty girl like lapdog..sometimes go mad.” Hahha

hounder: bedtime. be back

Rush: Nice shadow of flowers on the wall.

Rush: Imagine the scene without the shadow.

Rush: Bland.

Hawaii_Steve: Well, I had to leave this wonderful party. Somebody has to pay the bills.

Nothere: Flover shadovs? I must be off again. Time?

Rush: Will do, Steve!

Rich Maine: Yup, big magnify

Mike in DC: That unfortunate connection between work and money Steve…aloha!

Hawaii_Steve: See you folks next week. Aloha.

Rush: Have a GREAT rest of your day!

Nothere: Night Steve

Rush: TYSM…again…Steve!

Hawaii_Steve has left this room

Rush: GREAT extras tonight!!!

Matt1: Take care, Steve!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: 10:50

Tucson: Have a Good one

Nothere: Off by 1 minute. Thanks Phils.

Rush: Tucson, Steve comes to us from Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii.

Nothere: I’d say get a room,but they have one.

Rush: The area where beach scenes from “The Black Camel” were shot!

Mike in DC: I like Lola’s recording much better than Carmen

mda19083: Miranha – aka Tarnavero

Tucson: Nice in Oahu!

Rush: Yes, Mike?

Rush: Agreed, Tucson!

Nothere: Nice robe, but it’s no Charlie Chan robe.

Rush: Some “psychognosis….”

Rich Maine: Yes tarnerva lives

Mike in DC: True, NT. No dragon.

Nothere: Or is this a smoking jacket?

Rush: Yes, Rich!

mda19083: Victory Jory – Jonas Wilkerson in GWTW

Rush: Yes, MDA!

Rich Maine: No cassette tape…..

Mike in DC: Lola already seems to have a wedding ring on…

Rush: Bombshell admission!

Nothere: But she dosen’t extend her pinkie.

RickET: Engagement

Rush: Yes, Mike!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Must be extra-decaf

Rush: And Rick.

Rich Maine: My name Manuel!

Nothere: 1930’s mind control technology far outstrips modern tech.

Rush: “Speial” cigarette.

Mike in DC: Mapuchari?

Tucson: Mapa Charlie!

Tucson: Egypt

Nothere: You can mx mapuchari and tanna leaves, but no tetragine.

mda19083: smokin’ dpe

mda19083: dope

Rush: Yes, Tucson.

mda19083: did someone say tetragene?

Phil & Mrs. Phil: How about creeped out

Mike in DC: We never find out what the magic drug in these cigarettes is, though.

Nothere: Mike. Mike said it.

Rush: It is interesting how smoking certain cigarettes comes into play in several Chan movies!

Rush: Poor Clark…

Nothere: Cigarette smoking? All these films are herby banned.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Not a very devoted butler…

Tucson: Clark makes out, he gets envied to Maine later

Rush: πŸ™‚

hounder: back

Mike in DC: wb hounder

Mike in DC: “my little lotus blossom?”

Nothere: Their at it again. Vonder vhat 1930’s version of an x rating is. PG?

Rush: Hamiltom MacFadden appears in three Chan films: “The Black Camel,” “Charlie Chan in Reno,” and this one…

Matt1: <tin can>


Rush: Tucson…an old tradition!

Tucson: Gotcha

Rush: At a verified demise, Matt notes the Tin Can..and I try to add a visual!

Nothere: No crime scene photographer? No onder this guy can’t hold a job.

mda19083: Lola “kicked” the can

Rush: In a past Chat Room, we had sound effects available! There was no sound for a bucket being kicked…BUT there was a kicked tin can sound!

Rush: hence…what we do today!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Tucson: Always reminds me of a mad mad world

Rush: YES!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Nothere: That is also vhy I occasionally type thingees like. Thip and Bavoom, and start each movie vith gentelmen strt your engines.

Godwinshelley2: The Big “W”

Rush: Via Jimmy Durante!

Rush: SLAP!!!

Rush: Nice look on her face!

hounder: and the hanky won’t smudge the prints

Rush: If not rubbed on the box.

Tucson: I liked how Jimmy says ow

Rush: YES!

Rush: Chan tested her.

Rush: Lili Wong.

Rush: “Understand…”

hounder: charlie the romantic

Rush: Yes, Hounder!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: I..can’t resist saying it..Jimmy’s an idiot

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Sorry, comes out about every movie.

Rich Maine: True Phil’s

Rush: Well….let’s just say, Jimmy’;s a bit “distracted”!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Yes, that’s a good way of putting it.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Trying to be kind!

Nothere: Lets just say he’s enthusiastic.

Rich Maine: Fast coroner

Rush: Yes, NT.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Slice ’em and dice’em

Rush: If Lola was packing at the time, was there a suitcase or anything similar near the body?

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Now Harold Huber on the other hand – too cool.

Rush: Agreed.

mda19083: rush – she was “packing” a gun

Rush: Improntu dance lesson….

Rush: Yes, MDA!

Rush: Nice rear projection here.

mda19083: Jimmy is a smooth operator

Mike in DC: Mary Beth Hughes is cute

Rush: True.

Tucson: He’s trying

Rush: yes.

Rush: Fish bowl needs cleaning.

mda19083: get that lady a drink

Rush: πŸ™‚

Nothere: Maybe she knovs our Honolulu

Rush: WOW!

Rush: Nice bit here!

Mike in DC: How about the famous “paraffin test?”

Rush: “It’s all Chinese to ME.”

Rush: Yes, Mike!

hounder: like the font on the subtitles

Rush: Agreed, Hounder!

Tucson: Me too

Rush: “COFFEE.”

Nothere: Alvays good to be flexible on your murder victim.

Matt1: The Captain!

Rush: Recognize this gentleman?

Mike in DC: Needs a parrot, Rush

Godwinshelley2: Capt K

Rush: We saw him in “Dead Men Tell.”

Rich Maine: He doesn’t look Indian!

Tucson: Captain on dead men

Rush: Yep!

Matt1: Clean shaved

Rush: Distinctive voice.

Matt1: Yep

Nothere: Thought he looked familar. So many repetshrd to keep up,

Rush: πŸ™‚

Nothere: repeats even..

Mike in DC: Would have been great for radio dramas

Godwinshelley2: And how many have been on Perry Mason?

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: I am sure a few were!

Rush: Perhaps even the original MOVIE verson!

Rush: Nice use of the mirror there.

Tucson: Major eye contact

Rush: Yes.

Rich Maine: Everyone has been on PM

Rush: Just about!

Nothere: As long as you bring up Perry . Vhat is the connection betveen Perry Mason, voodoo and King Kong.

Tucson: Tee hee hee

Rush: (cough…)

Godwinshelley2: Even Keye Luke

marcycloud has joined this room

Rush: Keye Luke was on MANY TV productions….including….Perry Mason…!

marcycloud: Hi everyone

Mike in DC: Hey Marcy

Nothere: Hey Marcy

hounder: professional ability….detective

Rush: AH! Marcycloud!!! WELCOME!!!

marcycloud: just wanted to say hi y’all

Rush: Great to see you here tonight!!!

Rush: How have you been?

Matt1: Hello MC!

Tucson: Howdy Ma’am

Nothere: Hovdy maam

marcycloud: there’s the MC! haha..been doing fine.

hounder: hi mc

Rush: Jimmy quotes “Tombstone” Fletcher.

marcycloud: how is everyone?

mda19083: horsefeathers

Tucson: Loved the horsefeathers

Rush: Cannot complain, MC…

Matt1: Funny scene here

Mike in DC: Things are well here

Rush: Jimmy is going to regret this…

Phil & Mrs. Phil: And the cigarette went where?

Nothere: Jimmy dosn’t actually beleive something.

Rush: Look at Huber’s reactions.

Mike in DC: Just ignore the flaming carpet, Phil…

marcycloud: whats the timer at?

Mike in DC: 41:45

Tucson: Jimmy is messed

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Slap him harder Charlie

Rush: πŸ™‚

Mike in DC: He’s a game boy? Could be a Nintendo switch…

marcycloud: thank you for timer

Rush: I think Lili could have “helped” him there!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Sure, my fiance’ just got murdered AFTER she confessed to being a murderer – sure, I’ll join the party.

Rush: Forgot to give Jimmy the coffee.

Rich Maine: He wants to roofie her!

Nothere: The party must go on Phils.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Oh, I’m just a stick in the mud.

hounder: long shots occasionally win

Rush: Chan may be remembering a previous case here!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Nothere: Lilly already flover. No eed for Phils to be vallflovers.

Godwinshelley2: Black Camel

Rush: Next week, we return to our regular MONDAY gathering….

Rush: Our movie will be: “Castle in the Desert.”

Mike in DC: Rice is not a nice guy. And he has a dumb name to boot.

Nothere: Don’t desert our regular meeting in the desert.

Rich Maine: My absolute favorite one!

Nothere: Madam Sturna yuck. Othervise goofd.

Rush: “Pin scratches.”

Mike in DC: Now we get the “bubonic rat” music from Panama…lots of recycled music in this one

Rush: Yes, Mike!

Rush: Music builds….

Mike in DC: I would so love to know how they put these music scores together

Rush: FIGHT!

marcycloud: if i’m not here i’ll be babysitting grandkids..they are on the way back from kayaking in the Sierra’s.

Rush: CLUNK!!!

Tucson: Nice action scene

Rush: Nice dive, Jimmy!

Nothere: Sadly I leave you nov. Have a good night all.

Rush: Jimmy at his best!

Godwinshelley2: At least you don’t have to worry about Sharks for that

Mike in DC: Take care NT

Rush: Have a great evening, NT!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Nite NT

Rush: See you next week!

Godwinshelley2: Night

Mike in DC: Jimmy. Courage A+ Wits B-

Tucson: Take care

Matt1: Take care NT

Rush: Perhaps!

Matt1: <tin can>

Rush: In this case…the butler GOT it.

Nothere has left this room

Phil & Mrs. Phil: WOW the lights went out. Wild!

hounder: that dang light switch


Godwinshelley2: Remind me to only do last minute reveal when standing NEXT to light switch – and with my back to a wall

Mike in DC: The room with 27 light switches

Len Freeman has joined this room

Len Freeman: Better late than never

hounder: hi len

Rush: Len!

Matt1: Hello Len!


Mike in DC: Hey Len!

Rich Maine: Yea who designed that room!

Rush: We near the conclusion of “Charlie Chan in Rio.”

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Len good to see you.

Rush: How are you tonight, Len?

Tucson: Hello

mda19083: just like the western movies – always keep your back to the wall

marcycloud: Hi Len..i got here 5mins ago too!

Rush: The amateur detective comes to the aid of CC…

Rush: “Bulldog Drummand”

Len Freeman: Nice to be here… are we about 48 nmins in?

Mike in DC: Not following the Camel reference that Steve mentioned, though

Rush: 51.

Mike in DC: 51:10

Rush: 51:10

Len Freeman: Pretty close

Rush: 51:20

Rush: 51:40

Len Freeman: Is that McFadden?

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Ironically, he was in the “original” version of tghis film (“The Black camel” as well as this “remake.”

Len Freeman: Fun cooincidence

Rush: Yes!

Rush: And…he directed “Camel”

Rush: He was also in “Charlie Chan in Reno.”

Rush: Get her a good attorney!

Godwinshelley2: Maybe McFadden like to work with Huber

Rush: HM! Could be!

mda19083: like finding a “needle” in a haystack

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Maybe Charlie should get a case of the cigs;

Tucson: I always think of Huber getting shot up in Thin Man

Mike in DC: He was really good in that picture too, Tucson.


Rush: Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo: Joan Karnoff
Charlie Chan in Reno: Mrs. Russell
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island: SΓ©ance Apparition
Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise: Mrs. Pendleton
Charlie Chan in Rio: Helen Ashby (alias Barbara Cardosa)

Rush: Nice work here….

Tucson: Great eye Rush

Mike in DC: SΓ©ance Apparition has to be the coolest role ever.

Rush: Chan at work…

Rush: Yes, Mike!

Matt1: Funny

Rush: He won’t “fold up.”

Rich Maine: His face!

mda19083: I love this scene!

Len Freeman: phoned up…. Kay Linaker …

Rush: Jimmy jumps to conclusions again.

Len Freeman: Black Camel 101

Rush: Yes!

Mike in DC: This isn’t going to hold up in court, Charlie

Matt1: It will now

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Plead temporary insanity.

Mike in DC: She’s trying to “protect” Morana. And he’s trying to “protect” her. Who’s telling the truth?

Rush: Her story stands up…his is full of doughnut holes!

Tucson: It’s a cinch!

Rush: πŸ™‚

mda19083: we can’t handle the truth – this is a Charlie Chan movie

Rush: Jimmy has a date with the US Army.

Rush: And, next week, Jimmy is on leave to assist Pop!

Rich Maine: Jimmy on the March!

Rush: Closing credits….

Mike in DC: <kids-yeah>

Matt1: <yee-haw>

Tucson: Jimmy and his pidgeons

Rush: (applause…)

RickET: Great

Tucson: Very nice

Mike in DC: Always a fun one

Rush: Again, next week: “Castle in the Desert.”

Rich Maine: Hooray….can’t wait till next week! Bye all

mda19083: another good one!

hounder: thanks for the fun. see you all next wek.


Matt1: Good night folks and have a wonderful week!

Mike in DC: Take care, Rich. Thanks for another enjoyable evening!

Mike in DC: Rush…did you want to talk about the quiz?

Len Freeman: Looking forward to that sheriff in the desert !

Tucson: Thank you folks for having me! Great fun

Rush: Thank you ALL….for another great evening!

mda19083: be well all until next week

RickET: Thanks

Rush: Thank you MATT for taking over the past two weeks!

Mike in DC: It was great to meet you Tucson. Hope to see you again!

mda19083: it was another fun one

Rush: HUGELY appreciated!!!

Godwinshelley2: And see you all in LESS than one week

RickET has left this room

Rich Maine has left this room

Rush: I hope that everyone had a great Independence Day yesterday….

Matt1 has left this room

Godwinshelley2: Night

Rush: And, may the coming week be wonderful!

Godwinshelley2 has left this room

Rush: Thank you for joining with us Tucson!

mda19083 has left this room

marcycloud: see y’all next time…have a good one!

Len Freeman: For you too Rush.

Rush: i hope that you enjoyed yourself toinght!

Mike in DC: Take care, Marcycloud

Tucson has left this room

Rush: Please consider join in again next week!

Len Freeman: night..

Rush: take care, everyone!!!

Mike in DC: Bye Len!

Phil & Mrs. Phil has left this room

Rush: TYSM, Len!

marcycloud has left this room

Mike in DC: Rush…did you want to talk about the quiz?

Rush: Okay!

Rush: Perfect time to do that!

hounder has left this room

Len Freeman has left this room

Mike in DC: Would you like to put it on the website? message board? Or?

Rush: You have obviously been HARD at work on it!

Mike in DC: Maybe as a monthly feature?

Mike in DC: It’s been a labor of love!

Rush: Would you like to break it into several parts?

Rush: Yes, truly a labor of love! I can tell!!!

Mike in DC: Most of the info to answer the questions is available from the website…it would be a great way to get people to look at more stuff, too

Rush: maybe even ten parts of 25 questions?

Rush: Agreed, Mike!

Rush: Great for a “search.”

Mike in DC: Sure. Would you like me to send you the “chunks?” I’m putting together a separate sheet of answers, so you can provide questions one week and answers the next…or however.

Rush: We could announce it next week at the Chat, and then I could send it out via the next weekly news email?

Rush: Sounds great, Mike!

Mike in DC: Sounds good! I’ll send you the separate parts in separate documents so it will be easy to keep things organized. Should be fun!

Rush: Sens me the first “chunk,” and the answers, and I can ready it for “publication.”

Mike in DC: OK. Coming to an inbox near you in the next day or two!

Rush: I can send it out via email as well as via the Message Board.

Rush: TYSM, Mike!

Rush: I willbe back to you on it!

Mike in DC: Looking forward to it…have a great week!

Rush: This will be fun!

Rush: You too!

Rush: take care, and THANK YOU!!!

Mike in DC: OK. See you!

Rush: say Hi to Rachel!

Mike in DC: Will do…I think she’s asleep now. πŸ™‚

Mike in DC: Bye!

Rush: Good night!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Mike in DC has left this room

Rush has left this room

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