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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for July 8, 2019

Charlie Chan in Rio

The Green Hornet Strikes Again! (Chapter 14)

angel & fox
Len Freeman
Mike n Rachel in DC
Mrs. Pendleton

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Matt1 has joined this room16:25

MIke n Rachel in DC has joined this room16:26

MIke n Rachel in DC: Good evening!16:26

Matt1: Hello M & R!16:26

Matt1: How was the 4th in DC?16:26

MIke n Rachel in DC: Hope you’re doing well, Matt16:26

Matt1: And you two as well, thnx16:26

MIke n Rachel in DC: Warm and rainy, but very festive (as always)16:26

Matt1: Fireworks pretty good?16:27

MIke n Rachel in DC: Fireworks everywhere…we could see the “big” fireworks from our porch looking downtown and three other displays out in Maryland!16:27

Matt1: Cool!16:27

MIke n Rachel in DC: Plus fireworks are LEGAL in DC, so we had non-stop stuff in the neighborhood too16:28

Matt1: We stayed in DC for New Years Eve one year…..only to learn there were NO fireworks in DC, lol16:28

MIke n Rachel in DC: Not on New Years. :(16:29

Matt1: Got to see VP heading to the Hill w/ motorcade for Gov’t shotdaown, from hotel16:29

Matt1: I should have checked NYE before booking in DC, lol16:29

MIke n Rachel in DC: Nice. Downtown is always crawling with three things: 1. Politicians 2. Lobbyists and 3. Tourists16:30

MIke n Rachel in DC: July 4 is always a great time to visit, obviously16:30

MIke n Rachel in DC: But the weather is the best in October/November if you just want to check out monuments, etc.16:31

Matt1: #3 here….We were told if we looked closely, we may see some in Arlington…..more exciting seeing motorcade16:31

MIke n Rachel in DC: RE #3. You are a wise man. 🙂 16:31

Matt1: I worked in DC for years, love the history and really nice over X-Mas16:32

MIke n Rachel in DC: My doctor and dentist are on 18th St. near the WH, so I have plenty of chances to see #1 and 2.16:32

MIke n Rachel in DC: Cool! Where did you work?16:32

pdclassicdvds has joined this room16:32

pdclassicdvds: have we started yet?16:32

Matt1: In MD, Ft Meade, but traveled almost daily to DC16:33

MIke n Rachel in DC: Hi PDC. Nope, we’re just chatting at the moment.16:33

Matt1: Hello PD!16:33

pdclassicdvds: Good evening16:33

Matt1: We’ll start in about 7 minutes… above if needed16:33

MIke n Rachel in DC: Aha. I’ve been to Ft. Meade a few times conducting the Army Field Band, but that’s about it.16:33

MIke n Rachel in DC: All cued up here…is Rush in town?16:34

Matt1: Rush will be working late the next five weeks…..not getting here until we already start Chan16:34

MIke n Rachel in DC: OH that’s right..summer school16:35

Matt1: Tonight’s GH is #14 of 15…..Getting near the end16:35

MIke n Rachel in DC: Good! These seem to be a lot of the same things repeated. I was a bigger fan of Smilin’ Jack…16:35

MIke n Rachel in DC: Rachel too…16:36

pdclassicdvds: In the first Green Hornet the part of Britt Reid is played by Mike the Cop. When he wears the Green Hornet mask they changed his voice. LOL16:36

Matt1: Yes….Next series looks interesting, though I’ve never seen…..forget the name16:36

MIke n Rachel in DC: HA16:36

MIke n Rachel in DC: Ahead of their time, PDC. Darth Vader…16:36

MIke n Rachel in DC: Agreed, Matt.16:37

pdclassicdvds: Absolutely16:37

MIke n Rachel in DC: PDC, are you a film historian?16:37

Matt1: At least we can expect NO cliffhanger next week?16:37

Matt1: Ok….TWO Minutes to go!16:38

pdclassicdvds: No. The final chapter is FINAL. And the good guy always won. 16:38

MIke n Rachel in DC: True…and I wonder if the end of this one will say something about “the thrilling conclusion” coming up.16:38

Matt1: Now you ruined the ending, PD!16:38

Matt1: 16:38

MIke n Rachel in DC: LOL16:38

pdclassicdvds: It will set it up the end for next week. 16:38

Matt1: 1:30 to go16:38

pdclassicdvds: Sorry Matt ! LOL16:38

Matt1: ONE minute to go!16:39

pdclassicdvds: Does anyone go to the Shore Leave convention in Maryland this weekend?16:39

Matt1: 45 seconds!16:39

Matt1: 30 seconds….16:39

MIke n Rachel in DC: Never heard of it…16:39

MIke n Rachel in DC: dons mask16:39

Matt1: 15 seconds….16:40

pdclassicdvds: It is a science fiction convention.16:40

MIke n Rachel in DC: grabs flyswatter16:40

Matt1: 1016:40

Matt1: 516:40

Matt1: Go!16:40

Matt1: 16:40

MIke n Rachel in DC: they’ve definitely got the opening down pat16:40

Matt1: My eyes aren’t getting any better though16:41

pdclassicdvds: Yes they do16:41

MIke n Rachel in DC: Any similarity to real people who model alternate personalities after insects is purely coincidental.16:41

pdclassicdvds: lol16:42

MIke n Rachel in DC: Ah yes…the INFERNO16:42

MIke n Rachel in DC: Yikes16:42

pdclassicdvds: YEs!!!!! The Green Hornet escaped. Thanks goodness!16:43

MIke n Rachel in DC: Green Hornet needs to upgrade to a cool radio16:44

pdclassicdvds: I didnt know a Hornet can be a rat!!!!!16:44

MIke n Rachel in DC: The pay phone is a little ghetto16:44

pdclassicdvds: Holy Crow!!!!!16:45

Matt1: Ooooops16:48

pdclassicdvds: Poor Axfored16:48

pdclassicdvds: 12 of them? LOL16:49

pdclassicdvds: Who is this guy????16:49

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room16:50

Godwinshelley2: Hi all16:50

MIke n Rachel in DC: HI GS!16:50

pdclassicdvds: Hi GS16:50

MIke n Rachel in DC: Looks like quite the gent.16:50

Matt1: Hello GS!16:50

Matt1: We’re 10:20 in16:50

Godwinshelley2: I was on the phone with my Mom and missed our start time16:50

Matt1: 10:3016:50

Godwinshelley2: Ok – I’m there16:51

MIke n Rachel in DC: Interestinig art work on wall16:51

Godwinshelley2: Is it a clock?16:52

MIke n Rachel in DC: Couldn’t tell…very modern16:52

pdclassicdvds: Where is everyone?????16:53

MIke n Rachel in DC: Very quiet street. :)16:53

pdclassicdvds: Why is the street always empty?16:53

MIke n Rachel in DC: Hornet knows the out-of-the-way spots?16:53

pdclassicdvds: curtains see curtains16:54

MIke n Rachel in DC: Gas gun never fails16:54

Godwinshelley2: Can you use the gas gun outside on a windy day?16:55

pdclassicdvds: That would be a challenge16:55

MIke n Rachel in DC: Have to calculate windage, I bet16:55

Godwinshelley2: It would be embarrassing to use it and have the wind blow it back in your own face16:56

pdclassicdvds: Like the movie with Seth Rogen. Horrible16:56

MIke n Rachel in DC: Probably learn about that in Hornet Basic Training…16:56

pdclassicdvds: Water Pistol16:57

pdclassicdvds: LOL16:57

MIke n Rachel in DC: again?16:57

Matt1: X2!16:58

Godwinshelley2: So the arch nemesis of Hornet would be Fan-Man?16:58

MIke n Rachel in DC: Yes GS. LOL16:58

pdclassicdvds: Fan man lol16:58

MIke n Rachel in DC: Green Hornet on the move17:00

Matt1: I sense another, last, cliffhanger17:00

MIke n Rachel in DC: Thelma and the Hornet????17:00

pdclassicdvds: Why does Axford have the authority to give orders to police officers?17:00

Matt1: Taking a beating17:00

pdclassicdvds: Oh no!!!!!!17:01

MIke n Rachel in DC: 15th and FINAL chapter17:01

Godwinshelley2: Yikes17:01

Matt1: THE END!17:01

MIke n Rachel in DC: Spectacular crash!17:01

Matt1: ONE more week17:01

MIke n Rachel in DC: I’m betting on the Hornet17:01

Matt1: Don’t you spoil it to!17:01

MIke n Rachel in DC: I usually bet wrong, Matt…17:02

Matt1: You bet on Red I bet?17:02

MIke n Rachel in DC: ;)17:03

angel & fox has joined this room17:04

angel & fox: ‘ello!17:04

Matt1: Hello A & F!17:04

angel & fox: ‘ow is everyone?17:04

pdclassicdvds: Another Sydney Toler classic coming up17:04

Matt1: Cue up to Opening Title, please17:04

Matt1: Link above chat room if needed17:04

Matt1: We’re about 10 minutes out17:05

angel & fox: Even the bell on our front door is a Toler. Ask not for whom, just ANSWER it, says fox.17:05

angel & fox: Pleased to meet pdclassic, if we haven’t before!17:06

pdclassicdvds: Glad to meet you as well17:06

MIke n Rachel in DC: Good evening, Angel et Fox17:06

libraryjim has joined this room17:06

Matt1: Hello Jim!17:06

libraryjim: good e-ven-ing17:06

Godwinshelley2: Hi everyone17:07

MIke n Rachel in DC: Hey LJ17:07

libraryjim: Hi all17:07

Godwinshelley2: I’m needing to cue my DVD17:07

pdclassicdvds: hi LJ17:07

Phil has joined this room17:08

Matt1: Hello Phil!17:08

libraryjim: welcome back, PDC. Glad you liked your first foray into our Chan Chat17:08

MIke n Rachel in DC: Hello Phil!17:08

libraryjim: It’s a fun little room17:08

Phil: Aloha to all my Chan friends and all the ships at sea.17:08

pdclassicdvds: It was fun. Nothing better than an evening with Charlie Chan and fans who appreciate the movies.17:08

Godwinshelley2: Howdy Phil17:08

libraryjim: Got the YouTube video cued 17:08

Cdirus has joined this room17:09

Phil: I keep thinking of the Pablo Cruise song “Rio” when I think of tonight’s movie. If I could tack a snippet of it in, I would.17:09

libraryjim: Hey, CD!17:09

Frosty has joined this room17:09

Cdirus: Hi guys!17:09

pdclassicdvds: No Spanish subtitles this time?17:09

MIke n Rachel in DC: Welcome CD and Frosty!17:09

libraryjim: LOL, hope not, they were kind of distracting.17:09

Frosty: Hi everyone17:09

Matt1: FIVE minutes until showtime….Cue to Opening Title, please!17:10

Cdirus: Rush is AWOL again? Who’s in charge?17:10

Godwinshelley2: My DVD offers the option of Spanish subtitles 17:10

Matt1: Hello CD & Frosty!17:10

MIke n Rachel in DC: Would be more appropriate in Portugese perhaps17:10

Godwinshelley2: We are running amok17:10

libraryjim: looks like Matt1 has the conn17:10

Matt1: Deep breath.….17:10

pdclassicdvds: Like Mr. Spock. Amok Time17:10

Godwinshelley2: Would we change the future?17:10

Cdirus: 17:11

MIke n Rachel in DC: Pon farr anyone?17:11

Matt1: FOUR minutes!17:11

libraryjim: I’d rather have a Romulan ale17:11

pdclassicdvds: Where is T’Pau?17:11

Dona has joined this room17:11

Matt1: I’m having trouble with my Tribbles!17:11

Cdirus: Hi Dona!17:11

pdclassicdvds: Wow big crowd17:11

Matt1: Hello Dona!17:11

MIke n Rachel in DC: Hey Dona17:11

Dona: Hello Everyone!17:11

pdclassicdvds: Hi Dona17:11

libraryjim: Hi Dona17:11

Frosty: Hi Dona17:12

Matt1: THREE minutes!17:12

Godwinshelley2: If you are a Trek fan – check out the podcast “Rachel Watches Star Trek”17:12

Cdirus: Just don’t let those tribbles get near my garden. I have enough trouble with weeds this year17:12

lbush has joined this room17:12

libraryjim: Tribbles would keep those Klingon vines away, though17:12

MIke n Rachel in DC: Hm. OK, GS17:12

pdclassicdvds: I will look for it. Not the weeds the podcast.17:12

Mrs Pendleton has joined this room17:12


angel & fox: My CELLPHONE (the means by which i stay online here, & keep an eye on movie) BROKE over the weekend, & replacement isn’t ready yet. NOW, i’ve gone to my DVD shelves & CAN’T FIND my CC Boxed Set! Will ATTEMPT to keep up, using a VHS.17:12

Godwinshelley2: Rachel had never seen Star Trek before and her husband (a trekkie) is having her watch it – she is a therapist by trade – so it is very interesting17:12

Cdirus: Jim, the Klingons could keep the varmints out as well17:12

Matt1: TWO minutes until showtime!17:13

Frosty: Hi Mrs. P.17:13

pdclassicdvds: Sounds very interesting.17:13

angel & fox: And—-howdy LJ, Phil, cd, Frosty, Dona (!) & lbush!!17:13

Matt1: Hello Ibush & Mrs P!17:13

MIke n Rachel in DC: Phaser practice on the varmints no doubt…17:13

libraryjim: longest two minutes in a long Monday after a holiday weeked17:13

Matt1: 1:30 to go17:13

MIke n Rachel in DC: Hi Mrs P and LBush17:13

lbush: tysm. Good evening, everyone.17:13

Phil: Aloha Matt, GS, a&F, PD, LJ, CD, Frosty, Dona and lbush17:13

Godwinshelley2: Popcorn is now ready17:13

libraryjim: wow, up to 12!17:14

Matt1: ONE minute to go!17:14

Cdirus: Phasers on stun, target squirrel on bird feeder17:14

Mrs Pendleton: Hi Everyone!17:14

Phil: I’m cued.17:14

Matt1: 45 seconds!17:14

Frosty: Hi Ibush17:14

libraryjim: I think your cued, too17:14

Matt1: 30 seconds!17:14

lbush: tysm17:14

MIke n Rachel in DC: Conga ready in DC17:14

Matt1: 15 seconds!17:14

Matt1: 10….17:14

Matt1: 5….17:14

Matt1: GO!17:15

Phil: GONE BABY!17:15

libraryjim: ooo, salsa music17:15

Matt1: Phew!17:15

Phil: TWO of my faves, Harold Huber and RIchard Derr!17:15

pdclassicdvds: keeping with the beat17:15

MIke n Rachel in DC: I love Mary Beth Hughes17:15

MIke n Rachel in DC: But Huber is always fun too17:15

pdclassicdvds: Richard Derr played the Shadow in a film17:15

angel & fox: Here in Guatemala-by-the-Berkshires, we LOVE merengue, ESPECIALLY lemon!17:16

libraryjim: All I can do is the box step for a little Rumba17:16

pdclassicdvds: Go Jimmy17:16

MIke n Rachel in DC: Jimmy is into the Latin rhythm17:16

angel & fox: LJ: Just use a little box!17:16

pdclassicdvds: Is that the cereal guy?17:17

pdclassicdvds: Mr. Kellogg17:17

libraryjim: Mr Kellog? So will there be a Cereal Killer?17:17

Matt1: lol17:17

pdclassicdvds: cute17:17

lbush: I remember this having a lot of fur for the tropics.17:17

Matt1: Probably a flake?17:17

libraryjim: Is that a WFF17:17

angel & fox: HEY—anybody ever see—REMEMBER—the ’40s noir “PHANTOM LADY”, where the femme was wearing The Phantom Hat?17:17

Matt1: 17:18

pdclassicdvds: poor excuse for the man Wow17:18

angel & fox: lbush: Back THEN, with the PanAm Clipper, one’s fur could be flying.17:18

Godwinshelley2: I remember that film17:18

Godwinshelley2: Elisha Cook plays drums in it I think17:18

MIke n Rachel in DC: Jimmy like the jiggles17:18

angel & fox: I hate Lola. Love The Drake, hate Lola.17:18

libraryjim: her girdle is showing!17:18

Matt1: Love the Drake!17:18

angel & fox: GS, YES!!! i DO believe that’s the one!!17:19

angel & fox: Gotta love the Drake.17:19

angel & fox: Hot music, cold stares.17:19

libraryjim: so nothing much has changed in higher education.17:19

pdclassicdvds: What do they see in her????17:20

libraryjim: Whatever Lola wants…17:20

MIke n Rachel in DC: Well, the schools have changed a lot, but the 18-year olds…17:20

angel & fox: LJ: Not a thing. Not an iota, & you’d think they’d at least order some iotas.17:20

Dona: yes LJ17:20

MIke n Rachel in DC: No idea, PDC17:20

Frosty: Arrest her tonight. Too bad they didn’t tell everyone17:20

angel & fox: Lola GETS. Watch in slo-mo, see how she does it.17:21

MIke n Rachel in DC: It seems like police work has changed quite a bit over the years17:21

angel & fox: “Missionary” work! What kinda flick IS this, anyway?17:21

libraryjim: just the gadgets. 17:21

Len Freeman has joined this room17:21

angel & fox: Bursting with SOMETHING.17:21

libraryjim: real police work is still hard work, and deductive reasoning17:22

Cdirus: Hi Len!17:22

Frosty: Hi Len17:22

angel & fox: hIIIIIIIIIIII, Len!17:22

MIke n Rachel in DC: Hey Len17:22

Len Freeman: Hi friends — sorry to be late!17:22

libraryjim: Hi Len17:22

Len Freeman: About 7 minutes in?17:22

angel & fox: He’s headed to his club, The Clark Bar.17:22

Godwinshelley2: Hi Len17:22

Matt1: Hello Len!17:22

Godwinshelley2: 7:5017:22

Frosty: Yes17:22

Godwinshelley2: 8:0017:22

Len Freeman: Ho GWS, Matt, LJ, Frosty, Angel et al17:22

Godwinshelley2: 8:1517:23

libraryjim: songtime17:23

Dona: Hi Len17:23

angel & fox: “Smothered with darlings & deers”. Is a deer-smothering anything like being ensconced in velvet?17:23

Godwinshelley2: 8:3017:23

Len Freeman: is she about to sing17:23

libraryjim: ooo a trilly voice17:23

pdclassicdvds: Oh what a terrible voice17:23

MIke n Rachel in DC: I think deer-smothering is illegal in most states17:23

Godwinshelley2: 8:4517:23

pdclassicdvds: She should be arrested for that song. LOL17:23

Dona: lol17:23

Matt1: lol17:23

Len Freeman: Great.. I’m there within a second or so17:23

libraryjim: At the church I used to attend, one of the choir soloists used to sing like that with those trills. Ugh. 17:23

angel & fox: “Tomahawk”. Is that racist, or must we WAIT till later for Designated Racism?17:23

MIke n Rachel in DC: Clearly she has talents other than music17:24

Phil: Wow, a mad lap dog. Imagine that!17:24

pdclassicdvds: Oh Mike and Rachel. What are you saying. LOL17:24

Len Freeman: Someone else might be dubbing the voice17:24

Godwinshelley2: Is Charlie smoking?17:24

MIke n Rachel in DC: WHAT is that figure on the wall?17:24

angel & fox: Hate trills. Love the Drake. Love the church, long as the trills abide elsewhere, not with me.17:24

Godwinshelley2: No I guess it’s Huber17:25

Godwinshelley2: All the lights seem to be low to give those shaeows17:25

MIke n Rachel in DC: Exhibitionists17:25

angel & fox: She reminds me of the besotted Washed-Up Singer in “Petrified Forest”.17:25

Godwinshelley2: ?Key Largo?17:25

Phil: Kay Lanaker17:26


libraryjim: Another mystic fortune teller17:26

libraryjim: psychic17:26

Godwinshelley2: Is this a Black Camel remake?17:26

angel & fox: I THINK i’m a bit BEHIND. I’m on VHS, no time meter. What’s the Present Scene?17:26

Godwinshelley2: 12:1517:27

MIke n Rachel in DC: Tannever…er…Morana17:27

Matt1: I was just thinking the same thing, GS17:27

libraryjim: kissing on the way to the party in the dressing room17:27

Godwinshelley2: Conteinental Hotel front – car drives up17:27

Len Freeman: It has that Black Camel feel17:27

libraryjim: car outside of continental hotel17:27

MIke n Rachel in DC: I believe it is the same plot as Black Camel17:27

Len Freeman: Does Vctore Jory show up,,,,17:27

libraryjim: the actor who plays Kellogg directed Black Camel17:27

Phil: guy letting her in room17:27

pdclassicdvds: Its the Shadow. Victor Jory17:27

Len Freeman: Oops .. there he is17:27

Matt1: No Kashimo though17:28

angel & fox: Perfect! Thanks, guys!17:28

Frosty: Big hat17:28

Len Freeman: Let’s here it for drugs and coffee17:28

MIke n Rachel in DC: Clue!17:28

Len Freeman: hear17:28

Phil: Ah, must be a Mormon.17:28

MIke n Rachel in DC: Cigarette? Coffee? PCP17:28

angel & fox: Drugs & coffee—gotcha. Being near HER, i don’t WANT stimulation. Out, damn Spot!17:28

Dona: LOL17:28

Matt1: Weeeeee17:28

libraryjim: si17:28

libraryjim: and now mood music17:29

libraryjim: oops, he’s making a record, not playing one17:29

Len Freeman: Jory made this the year after he made two serials.. The Shadow, and The Green Archer17:29

MIke n Rachel in DC: I’m sure this will be no problem as evidence in court17:29

angel & fox: Clark was getting a TATTOO with her name on it, but tattooist was interrupted as Volunteer Fire Alarm rang—Clark17:29

libraryjim: The Shadow Knows … he clouded her mind17:29

angel & fox: —Clark’s tattoo reads LOL.17:29

Len Freeman: ahhh… Black Camel part 217:30

Matt1: Tough love!17:30

libraryjim: man, she’s not a lady who takes rejection easily, is she?17:30

angel & fox: She can’t be CIRRUS! Her mind is clouded!17:30

angel & fox: Chesterfield. They satisfy.17:30

pdclassicdvds: I always kill anyone who tells me no.17:31

pdclassicdvds: lol17:31

angel & fox: Putting the Chase in Sanborn. Bye-bye love!17:31

Matt1: Yes, PD!17:31

Dona: scary isn’t it17:31

Phil: talkin a little maryjuana???17:31

Louise has joined this room17:31

MIke n Rachel in DC: Fatal Attraction, 1940 style17:31

Matt1: Hello Louise!17:31

libraryjim: wacky tobaccy17:31

Dona: Hi Louise17:31

Frosty: Hi. louise17:31

angel & fox: His espanol es muy bien: Man-you-ell Car-doughz-a.17:32

libraryjim: Lola and Clark?17:32

Phil: Hi Louise17:32

Louise: Sorry I am late. I was distracted by a lifeguard competition on the beach. Yummy physiques!17:32

Cdirus: Hi Louise!17:32

Matt1: “distracted”17:32

angel & fox: You didn’t mean to interrupt—you meant to SHATTER, to disrupt LIVES.17:32

angel & fox: Ooooh: shadooby; shattered, shattered; oooh—17:32

MIke n Rachel in DC: Hey Louise17:33

Matt1: Don’t say NO!17:33

pdclassicdvds: What a dope17:33

angel & fox: How many white sheets died for that suit?17:33

pdclassicdvds: I have a hat like that. LOL17:33

angel & fox: Louise! Share my Fox!17:33

MIke n Rachel in DC: The servants are sure scarfing down the food17:34

angel & fox: Shaken, not stirred.17:34

angel & fox: Chan. Charlie Chan.17:34

libraryjim: butler reminds me of Leslie Nielson17:34

Louise: Can I get a time marker?17:34

Len Freeman: a bit of a Randolph Scott look alike17:34

MIke n Rachel in DC: 20:1017:34

angel & fox: Going STAG—leaving STAGGERED.17:35

Louise: thanks17:35

libraryjim: I’m about two seconds behind.17:35

libraryjim: Love that black stripe on her dress17:35

libraryjim: the thin black stripe17:35

Mrs Pendleton: Ok, ate enough delivered pizza to be able to chat.17:35

Mrs Pendleton: This is one of my faves.17:35

Matt1: Mmmmmm, pizza17:36

Phil: Oh..there was another black stripe?17:36

pdclassicdvds: Jimmy will go after Lily17:36

libraryjim: Leave it to Jimmy17:36

Mrs Pendleton: Oh NO!17:36

angel & fox: I wanna take TWO four-o’clock planes to some states, have EIGHT O’Clock coffee on board. Half a cup each.17:36

Phil: CUE THE CAN17:36

Matt1: 17:36

Louise: Jimmy’s theory!17:36

Phil: TYSM17:36

pdclassicdvds: She stabbed herself in the back17:36

Rush has joined this room17:36

Matt1: Hello Rush!17:36

Rush: Made it! Good evening!17:37

Frosty: Hi Rush17:37

Rush: WOW! LOTS of us tonight!17:37

Godwinshelley2: Hi Rush17:37

Cdirus: Quick! every one act normal! Rush is here17:37

MIke n Rachel in DC: Hi Rush!17:37

Mrs Pendleton: Hi Rush!17:37

Matt1: It’s a party!17:37

angel & fox: RUSHHHHHH! Just in time to kick The Can!17:37

libraryjim: w? not M?17:37

Louise: Hi Rush17:37

Mrs Pendleton: Helen Ashby is my alter ego.17:37

Louise: Fake clues17:37

angel & fox: Is FIFTEEN our Fire-Department MaxOcc?17:37

Phil: Sorry, A&F, he missed it by that much.17:38

angel & fox: Spring forward, fall back. Onto knife.17:38

MIke n Rachel in DC: Well…we have 16, cuz there are two of us here. (shhh)17:38

Louise: No angel and fox, I have seen 20+17:38

angel & fox: Fox sez don’t forget Fox!17:38

libraryjim: Chan has a match in the head of RIO police17:38

Rush: Okay…I will need that illusive time check, please!17:38

Louise: 17!17:38

libraryjim: a kindred spirit17:38

Len Freeman: Hi Rush17:39

Phil: 24:2017:39

angel & fox: They’ll be hearing us out in the OPEN!!17:39

Louise: gagging Jimmy17:39

Phil: 24:3517:39

angel & fox: Give me that Filet of Fish, give me that fish…17:39

Louise: SLAP17:39

pdclassicdvds: You go Jimmy17:39

Phil: 24:5017:39

MIke n Rachel in DC: Hooray for the maid.17:39

Rush: Hi, Len!17:39

Rush: orry, I was getting up to speed!17:40

Mrs Pendleton: No good, Pop?17:40

angel & fox: This scene (the mask) has unfortunate renewed curren-cy.17:40

Rush: I think I am there!17:40

libraryjim: heh heh she really laid one on him, and he didn’t get it!17:40

Rush: 26:00?17:40

Phil: 25:5017:40

angel & fox: Waiting for the Coroner (or Someone Like Him).17:40

Phil: 26:1517:41

angel & fox: Heart stopped beating, liver began grinding. See appendix.17:41

libraryjim: She’s developed a Southern drawl???17:41

pdclassicdvds: Wong and Chan what a paie17:41

pdclassicdvds: pair17:41

pdclassicdvds: sorry17:41

angel & fox: LJ: She’s running for national office. You should hear her in Brooklyn.17:41

pdclassicdvds: Is she the daughter of Mr. Wong – Boris Karloff17:41

libraryjim: She’s Wong, and Jimmy is wrong.17:41

Matt1: On so many levels17:42

libraryjim: 17:42

Len Freeman: Late myself tonite… was trying out my new Weber grill… 17:42

Rush: LJ: :)17:42

angel & fox: Of all the gin joints in all the Chan movies, HOW MANY have been told they Must Remain?17:42

pdclassicdvds: elevator operator is a failure on so many levels. LOL17:42

libraryjim: ooo Len, Loved my weber. The only thing I would change is to have an adjustable grate.17:42

angel & fox: I suspect everyone. I suspect no one.17:43

Phil: We just got a Webber. Primo!17:43

Rush: Yes.17:43

angel & fox: Gotta love the Weber. Hate the Drake.17:43

Matt1: Hate the Drake!17:43

Len Freeman: Have had Weber’s but the old one had everything dying except the actual kettle.17:43

libraryjim: Senior suto couldn’t have done it, he’s got the perfect alibi, chan himself17:44

Len Freeman: SO lovely wife got me a new green one for Dad’s day17:44

Godwinshelley2: How nice17:44

Len Freeman: with a temp guague17:44

Len Freeman: guage17:44

Rush: “The case is in the bag…”17:44

libraryjim: Temp guage is nice.17:44

Phil: People look funny with smoke coming out of their noses.17:44

angel & fox: Eliminate the Obvious. Wasn’t that the flip side of Accentuate The Positive?17:44

pdclassicdvds: I wonder is Huber died from lung cancer? He is always smoking.17:44

Godwinshelley2: Is it a double hood to keep the temperature in17:44

libraryjim: big fish bowl17:44

Rush: Samba lessons….17:45

angel & fox: And there’s another bag to keep the case in.17:45

Rush: (Ouch!)17:45

Len Freeman: Simple bowl shape… real charcoal17:45


MIke n Rachel in DC: Mary Beth Hughes…the dizziest of all the dizzy blondes17:45

Rush: I like the use of rear projection here.17:45

Matt1: Camel flashback17:45

Len Freeman: but the temp gauge has enabled new nuance,,,,17:46

Godwinshelley2: Is that Diamond Head in the background?17:46

Len Freeman: veggies and swordfish steaks tonite17:46

Rush: “You’re all right…”17:46

libraryjim: shhhh, they’re hoping no one would notice17:46

angel & fox: I love a tuff blonde who doesn’t take the hanger out of her suit.17:46

Louise: Joan is plowed17:46

angel & fox: HonoLOLA!17:46

angel & fox: Louise: 17:47

libraryjim: lol, they are making fun of the fact that they are using stock footage of Hawaii in the background17:47

Len Freeman: clearly blasted17:47

MIke n Rachel in DC: Oooo Len. A temperature gauge!17:47

Rush: The big fishbowl…glass gloge bubbles.17:47

angel & fox: Casino Karaoke? CC WAS hip!17:47

Rush: (globe)17:47

Rush: (Sorry, I was on the freeway hurrying hoe!)17:47

Len Freeman: MnR,,,No more just burned burgers…17:48

libraryjim: When Jimmy has a good idea, he whispers it.17:48

angel & fox: JOAN here reminds me of JOAN from MadMen.17:48

Louise: I love the Chinese uses17:48

Rush: Love the subtitles!17:48

Rush: Yes, Louise!17:48

libraryjim: I love how local LEOs always defer to CC17:48

Matt1: Yes!17:48

Len Freeman: It’s all Chinese to me!17:48

angel & fox: Love the TYPOGRAPHY! Plenty racist, ooh so!17:48

pdclassicdvds: Victor Jory is a Hindu?17:49

angel & fox: I’ll have a Black Camel. And a pack of Chesterfields.17:49

Len Freeman: pushing the hindu” envelope17:49

Phil: It’s the sea captain from last weeks’s movie.17:49

pdclassicdvds: Yes Captain Kane.17:49

libraryjim: sure is17:49

Louise: Okay, another story of secret spopuses17:50

Rush: Here’s the Captain from “Dead Men tell.”17:50

pdclassicdvds: Where is the parrot17:50

Phil: He really cleans up well.17:50

Rush: :)17:50

angel & fox: L-O-L-A Lola.17:50

Rush: Back at the “Suva star”?17:50

angel & fox: LolololoLola.17:50

pdclassicdvds: Her name was Lola She was a showgirl17:50

libraryjim: traded the parrot for a torch17:50

angel & fox: If you find one of MY handkerchiefs you can keep it.17:51

Phil: But clean it before you use it.17:51

Rush: Angel, the Kinks?17:51

angel & fox: With a dress cut down to There.17:51

angel & fox: Rush: On Monday nights, yes. I think it’s from the dance on Sundays.17:51

Louise: The original “tape recording.”17:52

Matt1: Greatest hits17:52

Rush: :)17:52

Rush: Shares the recording…17:52

angel & fox: “Slippery man sometimes slip in own oil.” This was before war rationing, i hope.17:52

angel & fox: Man-you-ell Kar-dough-za again!17:52

MIke n Rachel in DC: Not a good way to take care of records, Morana17:53

Rush: A “natural herb” in the cigarette.17:53

angel & fox: She was ALREADY in that condition. What’d YOU do, Slick?17:53

Len Freeman: OK— Cardoza’s wife….17:53

MIke n Rachel in DC: Member of the hemp family, perhaps17:53

Phil: Yeah baby. “Herb”17:53

Rush: Maybe…17:53

Len Freeman: Ah… an Hispanic Hindu!17:53

libraryjim: Bob Hope used this in “My favorite Brunette”, but it got sabotaged when the killer switched it with a swing album.17:54

Louise: Charlie has seen a lot of sordid love affairs17:54

Len Freeman: very diverse17:54

Rush: Triggered by caffeine!17:54

angel & fox: Rush—they called it “vaping”, to keep it secret.17:54

Rush: :)17:54

Rush: Yes.17:54

Rush: “It’s all a lot of hooey to me!”17:54

angel & fox: The After Six folks musta made out WELL off this flick.17:55

Louise: Jimmy is now stoned17:55

Matt1: Funny scene….Oh, Jimmy17:55

Len Freeman: dear dumb Jimmy17:55

MIke n Rachel in DC: Time for the Jimmy Chan comedy hour17:55

pdclassicdvds: Dont do it Jimmy17:55

angel & fox: It’s a MUGGLE, Jimmy! Donnnnnnnnnn’t!!!17:55

Phil: Jimmy the Idiot17:55

MIke n Rachel in DC: Probably has it frequently at UCLA17:55

Len Freeman: I didn’t inhale… (I think)17:55

angel & fox: Jimmy’s got the MUNCHIES.17:55

Rush: At our county fair last week, I was one of a group of volunteers for a hypnotist. I really wanted to see what it would be like, but, it didn’t work on me.17:55

angel & fox: He’s no fun, he fell right over.17:55

Matt1: Dorito’s?17:56

Louise: I love the questions17:56

Rush: Maybe psycognosis would have worked better!17:56

angel & fox: Rush: you should get another county, without delay.17:56

Louise: Slap! Slap!17:56

Rush: Angel: :)17:56

MIke n Rachel in DC: Too bad this is a G rated movie…could have had AMAZING questions from pop…17:56

Rush: Poor Jimmy!17:56

Dona: yes poor Jimmy17:56

Mrs Pendleton: Remind me not to smoke funny cigarettes….17:57

Frosty: Hahaha17:57

Rush: (cough…)17:57

libraryjim: He’s a game boy117:57

Phil: It was the coffee. Happens to me every morning.17:57

angel & fox: A Game Boy? I don’t THINK so; he could NEVER afford the royalties.17:57

Len Freeman: those funny cigarettes do it every time17:57

MIke n Rachel in DC: Yeah…unknown cigarettes from unknown men can be an issue…17:57

libraryjim: awwww, she didn’t take offense.17:58

Rush: One could get sued for this!17:58

libraryjim: Jimmy— naughty!17:58

angel & fox: This guy MUSTA got his jacket, with reefer lining, from set of “Reefer Madness”.17:58

MIke n Rachel in DC: 1940’s “Molly”17:58

pdclassicdvds: long shot into short short17:59

pdclassicdvds: poor clark17:59

angel & fox: Tip of pin remains embedded in the soul.17:59

Len Freeman: This is pretty much a dead ringer for Black Camel… except that the butler will probably not pull a gun…17:59

Rush: Just like in “The Black Camel.”17:59

libraryjim: yep17:59

MIke n Rachel in DC: It’s amazing how Huber could pull off NY cop, French nitwit and Brazilian detective17:59

pdclassicdvds: Where is Dwight Frye???17:59

MIke n Rachel in DC: And no “Mr. Smith”17:59

Rush: This would really anger Jimmy!18:00

angel & fox: It pays to be ignorant.18:00

angel & fox: Lights out to keep Venetians blind.18:01

Dona: scary music18:01

Rush: (Punch…)18:01

Rush: (punch…)18:01

Cdirus: Fight!18:02

Mrs Pendleton: Jimmy does have his moments!18:02

Rush: (punch…)18:02

MIke n Rachel in DC: This is recycled music, but Jimmy is a hero!18:02

Rush: (Cuckoo…)18:02

angel & fox: NOTICE no matter HOW WILD OR WIDE their struggle, they NEVER tumble onto the ORCHESTRA.18:02

libraryjim: little bit of ‘fast motion’ film work?18:02

Rush: Jimmy did a great job back there!18:02

Rush: And here!18:02

Rush: Yes, LJ!18:02

Len Freeman: well,, guess I was wrong about the butler…18:02

Mrs Pendleton: Don’t give Jimmy the gun!18:03

libraryjim: Yay, Jimmy!18:03

MIke n Rachel in DC: …for which the orchestra is eternally grateful, Angel. Playing operas can be hazardous18:03

Len Freeman: more Black Camel…18:03

libraryjim: Love how they carry guns in any country they visit18:03

Rush: We saw a bit of that in “Opera,” too when Lee hurried off in one scene dressed in armor.18:03

Matt1: The butler finally did it?18:03

Mrs Pendleton: oops18:03

Matt1: Nuts18:03

pdclassicdvds: How cliche18:03

Len Freeman: oops18:03

Matt1: 18:03

Rush: Prom here, it looked like the police officer shot him.18:03

Rush: (from)18:03

Phil: ONCE AGAIN..the old lights out trick.18:03

Louise: LIGHTS! again…18:03

Rush: yes!18:03

angel & fox: Make sure his hourly STOPS as the Tin Can rattled.18:03

libraryjim: that’s that I thought, too, Rush18:04

Mrs Pendleton: which switch?18:04

MIke n Rachel in DC: The old switcheroo18:04

libraryjim: well, there goes his earned right to carry it18:04

Phil: CUE THE CAN18:04

pdclassicdvds: And please change your top. LOL18:04

Rush: TYSM, Matt…to the above can!18:05

MIke n Rachel in DC: She likes stripes, PDC18:05

angel & fox: SMACK!!!!!18:05

pdclassicdvds: Its the cereal killer 18:05

Rush: Hamiltom MacFadden…as Kellogg.18:05

Rush: “Bulldog Drummand” mentioned.18:05

angel & fox: Bulldog Drummond is a registered trade mark of snother corporation.18:06

libraryjim: Hamilton MacFadden, director of Black Camel and several other early Chan films. According to IMDB18:06

Rush: TYSM, Angel…DRUMMOND.18:06

MIke n Rachel in DC: Must have had a fascinating career18:06

Rush: Kellogg appreciates Chan at work!18:06

libraryjim: Black camel Charlie Chan carries on and CC’s greatest case. 18:07

Rush: Chan considers the “3rd Degree.”18:07

Len Freeman: The Drummond films are a wonderful series….18:08

angel & fox: Don’t call Charlie “Shirley”.18:08

Rush: Yes, LJ.18:08

pdclassicdvds: the other shoe will drop18:08

MIke n Rachel in DC: De Peen18:08

Rush: :)18:08

Rush: Psycognosis her!18:09

angel & fox: Technical help from Juan Valdez.18:09

Rush: kay linaker.18:09

pdclassicdvds: Juan Valdez lol18:09

MIke n Rachel in DC: broken cup…bad luck18:09

Len Freeman: Ronald Coleman made 2 excellent early Drumonds, the John Howard did 7 very good ones.. these two were the best of the Drummonds18:10

Mrs Pendleton: Huh! My eyes look like that begore I dtink coffee.18:10

Rush: That lady has a better personality when drunk.18:10

Rush: Good scene, here.18:10

Matt1: lol18:11

libraryjim: think of your heart18:11

pdclassicdvds: the love the face Chan makes as he puffs on cig.18:11

MIke n Rachel in DC: cough18:11

angel & fox: Ronald Colman was DA BOMB before dere was Bomz.18:11

libraryjim: good scene18:11

Mrs Pendleton: My kids fell over laughing at thisscene when they were little.18:11

Rush: Marana knew what was coming.18:12

angel & fox: THEY satisfy!!18:12

Rush: Yes, Mrs. P?18:12

Rush: I can imagine!18:12

MIke n Rachel in DC: Hey! The coffee was decaf!18:12

libraryjim: for someone who doesn’t smoke, he sure handles it well18:12

Rush: M/R: :)18:12

Rush: This is the twist that makes this film different from “The Black Camel.”18:13

libraryjim: yes, and it’s a good twist18:13

Len Freeman: Yes, and a good one18:13

Rush: yes.18:13

angel & fox: I’M glad it’s over.18:13

pdclassicdvds: At least we dont have to hear her sing anymore. 18:13

MIke n Rachel in DC: Nice to see Kay Linnaker as a bad guy for once, too18:14

libraryjim: Pdc, thank heaven for little favors18:14

Rush: Yes, M/R.18:14

MIke n Rachel in DC: I think she might have the “couldn’t stand to hear her sing another night” defense working at her trial…18:14

angel & fox: LJ, you ECHOED my SEDIMENTS.18:14

Len Freeman: good job by Kay here18:15

Matt1: lol, Mike18:15

pdclassicdvds: I would let her off for that18:15

MIke n Rachel in DC: Just have to get some of those hideous recordings introduced as evidence…18:15

Rush: The eventual jury will take everything into consideration…18:15

angel & fox: As LONG as we don’t have to listen to—WHAT was that song, WHAT was the movie—?18:15

angel & fox: HonoLOLA!18:15

Rush: Jimmy…DRAFTED!18:15

MIke n Rachel in DC: Oh No! A budding romance interruped!18:16

Rush: yes….18:16

Frosty: Applause18:16

MIke n Rachel in DC: 18:16

libraryjim: DRAFTED!18:16

Louise: quick ending18:16

Rush: Too bad, jimmy…18:16

Len Freeman: Wartime!!18:16

Dona: it’s a sinch18:16

angel & fox: War in the bag for—?!18:16

pdclassicdvds: Jimmy goes to war18:16

angel & fox: YAY!18:16

Rush: Next week: “Castle in the Desert”18:16

MIke n Rachel in DC: Maybe Wong will wait?18:16

Matt1: THE END18:16

Rush: AND…the concluding chapter of the Green Hornet serial!18:16

pdclassicdvds: Of course she will – Jimmy18:16

Len Freeman: The final Fox film18:16

Frosty: Good night all18:16

MIke n Rachel in DC: Yes, Rush. Featuring: MING TOY!18:16

Matt1: 18:16

Phil has left this room18:17

libraryjim: Maybe he got a job at a ranch in Nevada cooking for the Cartwright family118:17

Rush: TYSM, Matt!18:17

Matt1: Of course!18:17

Rush: I will be similarly late fir the next four weeks…18:17

Dona: Thank you Matt and Rush! Great time as always.18:17

Rush: Until summer school ends.18:17

angel & fox: pdclassics: THERE’S a film that waited TOO LONG to be made—“Jimmy Chan Goes To—” —WAIT—a SERIES!18:17

Godwinshelley2: Nice – another good Chan family evening18:17

pdclassicdvds: Does anyone here attend the Shore Leave convention in Maryland this weekend?18:17

libraryjim: Once again a highlight of my Monday.18:17

Rush: Angel: :018:17

MIke n Rachel in DC: Another very enjoyable evening. Many thanks!18:17

Len Freeman: Rush, have you been thinking about further Keye Luke serials?18:17

Matt1: We’re here to help!18:17

Rush: ALWAS 🙂 for you!18:17

Frosty has left this room18:17

Rush: (always)18:17

libraryjim: Good night all — we had 15 in the room at one time118:18

angel & fox: Good night ALL, looking SO forward to looking backward next Mon.!18:18

Rush: Thank you, again!18:18

libraryjim: !18:18

libraryjim: blast shift key is shift-less18:18

Godwinshelley2: Have a great week everyone18:18

Louise: great party tonight18:18

Rush: It was so wonderful seeing you ALL here tonight!18:18

Mrs Pendleton: Sigh! I got my fix!18:18

Matt1: Gotta run, but hope you all have a GREAT week!18:18

angel & fox: LJ: 17! 18:18

Godwinshelley2 has left this room18:18

angel & fox: Feliz noche!!18:18

lbush: Thanks everyone. Hope to be back next Monday.18:18

libraryjim: 18:18

Rush: Ibush…welcome back!18:18

libraryjim has left this room18:18

Mrs Pendleton: Night!18:18

Dona: See you next week!18:18

MIke n Rachel in DC: Rush…hope you are safely south of the seismic events!18:18

Rush: PD…happy you came here this week again!18:18

Len Freeman: Looking ahead — other possible Key Luke aerials?18:19

Rush: I hope you had a good time!18:19

pdclassicdvds: Thanks. It was fun18:19

Rush: Yes, Len…18:19

angel & fox has left this room18:19

Louise has left this room18:19

Matt1 has left this room18:19

lbush has left this room18:19

Rush: Next serial is “Secret Agent X9″18:19

Mrs Pendleton has left this room18:19

Dona has left this room18:19

Len Freeman: Excellent… 18:19

pdclassicdvds: Goodnight everyone18:19

Rush: yes!18:19

Len Freeman: was just thinking about hat one18:19

Len Freeman: thqt18:19

Len Freeman: that18:19

Cdirus: See you guys next week!18:19

MIke n Rachel in DC: Cheerio all!18:20

Len Freeman: Nite all18:20

Rush: You caught the “typos” from me, len!18:20

Rush: :018:20

Len Freeman: lol18:20

Rush: Usually it’s only ME!18:20

Cdirus has left this room18:20

Rush: Well…have a GREAT week!18:20

Rush: take care….18:20

MIke n Rachel in DC has left this room18:20

Rush: be SAFE!18:20

Len Freeman has left this room18:21

Rush: Good night, PD!18:21

Rush: take care…18:21

pdclassicdvds has left this room18:24

Rush has left this room18:29

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