Chat Archive 8/10/2020

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for August 10, 2020

The Jade Mask

Secret Agent X-9 (Chapter 6)

maskless angel & jade fox
Mike n Rachel in DC
Mr. & Mrs. Phil
Rush g

Matt1 has joined this room

Rush g has joined this room

Rush g: Hi, matt!

Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush g: I had trouble logging in.

Matt1: Ah, was wondering the new log-on

Rush g: For some reason, I couldn’t get to the log-in window!

Rush g: Were you able to?

Matt1: Yes

Rush g: What did you do that worked?

Matt1: My name was already in log in, so I just hit enter

Rush g: HM!

Matt1: Are you using same browser or was it updated?

Rush g: When I clicked, it said that that name was already registered.

Rush g: Same as always.

Matt1: That’s what happened to my old “Matt”

Hawaii_Steve has joined this room

Matt1: Can’t get it back either

Matt1: Alohaaaaaaaaa Steve!

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha from the Land of Chan !!!!

Rush g: maybe that happened. Would an “update” cause this?

Matt1: Long time, but hope all is well

Hawaii_Steve: Hi guys. How is everybody?

Rush g: Aloha, Steve!

tenman has joined this room

Rush g: Good evenong…or…in your case…good AFTERNOON!

Matt1: Hello Ten!

Rush g: TM!

tenman: Hello all!

Hawaii_Steve: I am well, staying safe and healthy. Working off and on.

Rush g: Welcome to YOU, too!

Matt1: How is island life with the virus?

Rush g: Yes, Steve.

Rush g: How are you tonight, TM?

tenman: Doing well. You?

Hawaii_Steve: The virus numbers are on the rise big time in Hawaii. 200+ per day.

Rush g: When things get “quiet” I wonder if my connection dropped!

Matt1: I would have thought with an island, it would be easily controlled

Rush g: Busy and well, TM. TYSM!

Rush g: School year is reaqdying.

Mike n Rachel in DC has joined this room

Rush g: Lots of preparation to do…especially when we cannot start IN school.

Matt1: Still going back, Rush?

Mike n Rachel in DC: They’re back!

Rush g: Mike and Rachel!

Rush g: Good evening!

Matt1: Hello M & R!

Hawaii_Steve: During our chat, I am eating my lunch, 1:30 PM Hawaii time. Pardon me if I do not respond in a timely manner.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Great to see everyone again…it’s been a tough week or two

Mike n Rachel in DC: Munch away, Steve. We’re eating supper on the east coast. πŸ™‚

Hawaii_Steve: Thank you. Will do.

Rush g: Yes, Steve! ENJOY!

Mike n Rachel in DC: We’ve got tacos de res, guacamole and other Mexican goodies. πŸ™‚

Rush g: Everyone ready for the serial?

Matt1: Ready here

Hawaii_Steve: how are things in DC?

Rush g: I just opened a copy…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ready here…please pass the pico de gallo…

Rush g: Ready, Steve?

Hawaii_Steve: Yes sir.

Rush g: Ready, TM?

tenman: yup

Rush g: In case one more arrives…

Rush g: Let’s say…30 seconds…

Rush g: 20….

Rush g: 15…

Rush g: 10…

Rush g: 5….

Rush g: GO!!!

Rush g: Title….

Rush g: Music….

Rush g: Credits…

Mike n Rachel in DC: very EARNEST music

Rush g: Yes!

Mike n Rachel in DC: “music with a mission”

Rush g: We have TWO Chan sons in this one…

Rush g: Lee and Tommy.

Rush g: In very opposite roles!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Back to…Shadow Island!

Rush g: Indeed!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Now she’s reading her lines off of his…er…navel

Rush g: “Neutral” Shadow Island!

tenman: lol

Rush g: He THOUGHT he got him….!

Mike n Rachel in DC: eeek

Matt1: X-9 isn’t very secret

tenman: tricksy!

Rush g: Yes!

Rush g: Keye Luke….

Mike n Rachel in DC: Assassination!

Rush g: Captured!

Mike n Rachel in DC: If she’s going to keep her eyes perpetually downcast, she really shouldn’t stand in front of men…

Rush g: Interestingly, Keye luke is “Ah Fong,” and Benson Fong’s restaurants in L.A. were named…”Ah Fong.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: …our G-rating could be in peril.

Rush g: yes, Mike.

Rush g: I still say, she’s reading her lines on a board on the floor!

Hawaii_Steve: Action packed all the way.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Keye Luke – Ah Fong. Benson Fong…Ah Luke?

Rush g: πŸ™‚

Rush g: Yes, Steve!

Rush g: The title gives a hint as to our cliff-hanger moment: “Strafed by a Zero.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: OK. That’s unlikely in this cabaret…

Hawaii_Steve: Universal Studio should have cast Gale Sondergaard as the Asian Spider Woman. After all, she was under contract at Universal.

Rush g: Interesting, Steve!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Cy Kendall?

Rush g: YES.

Rush g: Steve..that would have made her pretty “exotic”!

Rush g: Tiddly-winks…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Well, if you’ve got two a

Mike n Rachel in DC: a’s in your name…you’re pretty exotic to start with

Mike n Rachel in DC: Not quite as cool as an umlaut, but close

Rush g: It’s a start, Mike!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Benson FΓΆng

Mike n Rachel in DC: Chaarlie ChΓ€n

Rush g: Yes…in that pesky sub!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Might be an opportune time for a Zero…

Hawaii_Steve: Recently I viewed “Airplane” (1980) with Lloyd Bridges, Leslie Nielsen, Robert Stack, and a host of other veteran actors. Great fun. Bridges is a riot in this film. LOL !!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Victor needs a vector, Steve

Rush g: Indeed, Steve!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Joyous reunion in the swamp!

Rush g: πŸ™‚

Rush g: Cue The Fixx…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Zero. Sinister Japanese pilot.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Signal: Strafe us here…strafe us here…targets waiting

Rush g: Air mail delivery…

Hawaii_Steve: The Vessel with the Pesel – The Court Jester.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Double cross!

tenman: I just watched CJ again the other day!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Eeek!

DanVenture has joined this room

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Rush g: The End…

Rush g: (Applause…)

Matt1: Hello Dan!

Rush g: DV!

tenman: Now to fool with three remote controls…

Mike n Rachel in DC: What happens?

Rush g: Welcome!

Mike n Rachel in DC: *kids-yeah*

Rush g: Next week: Chapter 7

DanVenture: Glad to be here!

Hawaii_Steve: The Court Jester is a masterpiece in comedy. In my humble opinion.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello DV!

DanVenture: Sounds like I just made it for the feature.

Rush g: “High Pressure deadline”

Mike n Rachel in DC: *boom*

Rush g: Sounds like a srtessful job.

Rush g: 15 minutes…

Rush g: “The Jade Mask”

Mike n Rachel in DC: It would be better if they didn’t dwell on DEADline…

Rush g: Agreed!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Le masque de jade

Rush g: Mai oui!

Louise has joined this room

Dona has joined this room

Louise: Hello Chan Clan!

Rush g: 13 1/2 minutes…

Dona: Hello Everyone!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening Louise et Dona!

DanVenture: Interesting that “Jade Mask” had its TV debut in 1948, just three years after its theatrical run.

Rush g: Louise and Dona!

Rush g: WELCOME!

Louise: Happy to be here

Mike n Rachel in DC: Did the Monograms have much run in theaters?

Matt1: Hello Louise and Dona!

Rush g: HAPPY (equally!) to have you here!

Louise: Really, Dan? Who had a TV then?

Rush g: πŸ™‚

Hawaii_Steve: If anybody is interested, I have completed my new Hollywood email, entitled: “Outliving Famous People at 66.” It features a collection of 103 celebrates that have died before reaching the age of 66 – 67. Most of these people are from our life-time.

Rush g: Yes, Steve!

Dona: That sounds interesing.

Matt1: Yes, very

Hawaii_Steve: to M & R, the Monogram Chans continued to play at second-run theaters into the early 1950s. They made money for the studio.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel is cheering that Mike makes it onto that list…

Rush g: IYou have my address, Steve!

Hawaii_Steve: – for the email list. Thanks.

Matt1: I get those emails Steve and enjoy your work

Rush g: 8 1/2 minutes…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Thanks, Steve!

Louise: CUED here

Rush g: Getting my copy ready….

Mike n Rachel in DC: Gong-ready in DC!

DanVenture: I also enjoy the fact that Edwin Luke playing Eddie Chan (#4 son) is the real-life son of #1 Son Keye Luke.

Hawaii_Steve: Thank you Matt. I appreciate that.

Matt1: Cued to Opening Title!

Dona: I will sign up, Steve. Thank you,

Mike n Rachel in DC: Same here!

Rush g: Ready here.

Rush g: 6 minutes to go….

Rush g: Actually, DV…his younger brother.

Rush g: Edwin luke was born in 1911…Keye luke 1905.

Rush g: Keye Luke was born in China, Edwin was born in Seattle.

Hawaii_Steve: The interesting thing about the Chan films appearing on TV. Monogram released them to TV before Fox did. I believe that the first Chan films were shown on the east coast, around 1948, 1949. 2oth C-Fox released the Chan films to TV after the success of “Shock Theater,” which was a collection of Universal Horror Classics.

Rush g: Interesting, Steve!

Dona: Yes

Rush g: from what I have seen, you are right.

Louise: Thanks, HS,interesting

Mr & Mrs Phil has joined this room

Matt1: Hello M/M Phil!

Rush g: The Fox films started appearing in the early ’50s.

Mr & Mrs Phil: Aloooha to all our Chan friends!

Rush g: Mr. and mrs. phil!

Rush g: Good evebning!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey PnMrsP

Dona: Hi M/M Phil

Rush g: TWO minutes to go!

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha!

Mr & Mrs Phil: It’s certainly good to see you all tonight.

Dona: All set her Rush.

Rush g: 90 seconds…

tenman: PS4 is ready!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel is excited…first start to a Chan for her in several weeks!

Rush g: 75 seconds…

Louise: Tonight I have popcorn!

Mike n Rachel in DC: *fingers quiver over start button*

Rush g: YAY, Rachel!

Rush g: 60 seconds…

DanVenture: I stand corrected, Rush.

Rush g: 50 seconds…

Mike n Rachel in DC: *Rachel munches taco, waves @ Rush*

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, Thank you the correction. I was just a babe at the time. I remember the Chan films on TV (Minneapolis) during the 1960s and 1970s.

Rush g: 40 seconds..

Rush g: 30 seconds…

Rush g: 25…

Rush g: 20…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes, Steve. In swaddling clothes…

Rush g: 15…

Rush g: 10…

Rush g: 5…

Mike n Rachel in DC: *chip disappears*

Rush g: GO!!!


Rush g: Title….

Rush g: Music….

Dona: I remember watching them in the 60’s on tv here in California

Rush g: Credits….

Rush g: Nice GONG.

Mr & Mrs Phil: GONE!

Mike n Rachel in DC: OK. Monogram struggled with sets, but has some of the coolest music for the Chans

Louise: I watched them in Connecticut in the 1970s

Matt1: TYSM

Mike n Rachel in DC: Grew up on them in Detroit in the 60s and 70s.

Rush g: Yes, Mike.

Louise: spooky

Rush g: Fog….

Mike n Rachel in DC: Would watch them with my aunt while eating strawberry ice cream and pretzels

Rush g: get that can ready tonight, Matt!

Mike n Rachel in DC: “It was a dark and stormy night…”

Mr & Mrs Phil: I’m eating moosetracks right now

Hawaii_Steve: Boo !

Mike n Rachel in DC: Bzzzzzz.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Knock knock

Louise: This is the lovely spooky music

Rush g: “Who’s there?”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ima

Rush g: Yes, Louise.

Louise: **COUGH**

Rush g: Making wood as strong as steel.

Mike n Rachel in DC: More gas!

Rush g: LOTS of it tonight, Mike!

Rush g: Harper.

Rush g: Loved by….NONE.

Hawaii_Steve: Those are the masks I have to wear at work.

Rush g: πŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: Tacos always give me gas…but that’s another story… 

Hawaii_Steve: Just joking.

Rush g: I am expecting the use of hazmat suits soon!

tenman: the butler reminds me strongly of ther Duke of Windsor

Mike n Rachel in DC: That will be for teachers, Rush.

Rush g: Yes, TM!

Dona: I agree Rush

Rush g: probably, Mike!

Mike n Rachel in DC: *hiss, hiss*. “Leave your homework in the airlock please”

Rush g: πŸ™‚

Rush g: or…. πŸ™

Rush g: “Roth!”

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Mom! My teacher this year is…Darth Vader! How cool!”

Rush g: Cue the breathing sound…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rach and Mike have decided that we have to have a sense of humor about this.

Rush g: “You think of….almost everything…”

tenman: suspicious

Rush g: All we can do, Mike/Rachel!

Mike n Rachel in DC: “I like police.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Right, Rush. Because otherwise we’d go crazy.

Rush g: That buzzzzz again….

Louise: Police?

Dona: I agree M/R We would all be running down the street pulling our hair out if we didn’t have a sense of humor about it.

Mike n Rachel in DC: P’lese open the gate?

Rush g: (Creaaaakkkk….)

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lame police officer.

Rush g: His voice “changed.”

tenman: Dammit, Louise, now I have an itch for popcorn!

Rush g: They need a TV camera.

DanVenture: Hmmm…dishonest cop.

Godwinshelley3 has joined this room

Rush g: Puzzled.

Louise: I would share, tenman, but I just finished it. BURP!

Godwinshelley3: Another Hoosier greeting

Rush g: Caught.

Dona: Hi GS

Matt1: Hello GS!

Rush g: GS!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Greetings, Hoosier GS!

Rush g: Good evening!


Louise: Hi GS

Godwinshelley3: Still with the folks

Rush g: How are you and Mom and Dad tonight?

Rush g: Yes.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hope all is well in IN!

Godwinshelley3: Doing ok – might leave Wednesday and come back after Labor Day

Rush g: My heart goes out to you.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Toler’s hair seems to have more wave than usual!

Rush g: I know it’s not easy.

Matt1: Eddie!

Godwinshelley3: Still can’t make Long Term Care cough up any payments yet

Louise: “Father” not “Pop”

Rush g: yes, mike.

Mike n Rachel in DC: #4 son.

Rush g: And, yes, Louise.

Rush g: EDWARD is very PROPER.

Godwinshelley3: Might go to Indiana Insurance government board

Mike n Rachel in DC: Stratospheric

Matt1<tin can>

Mike n Rachel in DC: What do they do, GS? Can they facilitate some $$?

tenman: I love it when Sidney smiles

Louise: Me too, tenman

Rush g: I once met some of Edwin Luke’s family at a Chan showing at the Old Town Music Hall in El Segundo, CA.

tenman: He always looks liek a gleeful child

Hawaii_Steve: Mr. Toler is still looking good in this film.

Rush g: Keye Luke was their uncle.

Godwinshelley3: License board d in Indiana might β€œnudge” the insurance into doing what we have been paying for since 1994

Rush g: Yes, GS?

Rush g: That would help for sure.

Louise: I actually have a liquid that hardens wood, but not like steel

Godwinshelley3: Saw Toler in a short subject on TCM

Rush g: Sheriff Mack.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nudge? Sounds like a cattle prod would be appropriate, but hope that works, GS.

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Godwinshelly. How are you doing?

Rush g: Yes, GS?

Rush g: What was it about?

Godwinshelley3: Called β€œOver the Counter”

Rush g: Yes?

Rush g: About a pharmacy?

Godwinshelley3: Toler running dept store – his son had sales ideas that lead to song and dance numbers

Mike n Rachel in DC: Love this sheriff. Like an intelligent “Tombstone”

Louise: Creepy lab assistant

Rush g: Yes, Mike!

Rush g: Interesting, GS!

Rush g: An entertainment short.

Godwinshelley3: Like making the nursery dept where women β€œchecked” their husbands and were tended to by dancing ladies

Mike n Rachel in DC: “You know me, Mack”. Hm. Makes one wonder…

Rush g: FUN, GS.

Louise: Experiments with puppets is a euphemism?

tenman: <munching popcirn, sipping margarits>

Rush g: Could be, Louise!

Godwinshelley3: And there was an announcer who made the women’s dash to sales tables sound like sporting events

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Charlie! Stop experimenting with your puppet!”

Rush g: “Inmates”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie senses aroma of rodent

Godwinshelley3: Big storm – 70 mph winds – just dropped in to say β€œhi”

maskless angel & jade fox has joined this room

Rush g: Meeker’s voice reminds me a little of Jack Benny.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Stay battened down, GS!

Godwinshelley3: Hope to be in DE next week

maskless angel & jade fox: Oh ROCHESTER?!

Rush g: Angel….fox…WELCOME!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Unclean! Unclean! (Hi Angel)

Godwinshelley3: Night everyone!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Take care Gs

Godwinshelley3 has left this room

maskless angel & jade fox: Hi to ALL, gnite to GS!

Louise: funny?

Rush g: “Murder….”

tenman: that hurt!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Do jade masks protect against COVID 19?

Rush g: How are you tonight, Angel?

maskless angel & jade fox: We’re clean. I sanitize with Fox’s Jade Polish, available ONLY through special TV offers. Call now! Operators are standing by!

Rush g: No…just against jade.

Dona: Hi Angel

Hawaii_Steve: Only if you wear it in a Chan movie mystery.

maskless angel & jade fox: Does anybody really know what time it is in this movie?

Mike n Rachel in DC: As I was walking down the street one day…

Mr & Mrs Phil: Does anybody really care?

Rush g: 21:00

maskless angel & jade fox: Hiya Dona, Louise, Rachel, Mrs. Phil…

Rush g: 21:10

Rush g: 21:20

Louise: Hi angel and fox

Rush g: 21:30

Mike n Rachel in DC: PMP: We are dating ourselves

Mr & Mrs Phil: Aloha Angel&Fox

maskless angel & jade fox: Aleutian to you too, Philses!

Rush g: Sheriff Mack has a quick wit.

Hawaii_Steve: Famous Honolulu detective, but working in DC. Hmm.

maskless angel & jade fox: A stikely lorry.

Mr & Mrs Phil: I was hoping my response would be recognized for what it was and not being rude M&R

Rush g: Eddie….I mean EDWARD…and BB arrive!

maskless angel & jade fox: The ol’ swingin’ doors. This is NEVER good.

Rush g: 22:50…

maskless angel & jade fox: Reminds me of The Rocky Horror opening.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel is impressed that we are quoting Chicago songs

Rush g: “Go ahead, now, with your logic and explain this away from my nose.”

Rush g: Yes, Angel.

Louise: “social problem”

Rush g: πŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Produce nothing but silence.”

maskless angel & jade fox: My PHONE just shut down cuz i didn’t feed it any electricity, & is now spiteful. Will be a few minutes before it can be coaxed, or co-axed. Please play through, & we will meet you at the next corpse.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hope that is in the aphorisms Rush

Rush g: “Every time you open your mouth, you put in more feet than centipede.”

maskless angel & jade fox: Should those feet be converted to meters?

Dona: lol

Rush g: It’s in the “Other Worthy Statements,” Mike

Mr & Mrs Phil: Cue the can

Rush g: Yes!

Matt1<tin can>

Rush g: TYSM…Matt.

Louise: Did Charlie know he was in there?

Mike n Rachel in DC: If the missing man is not missing…

Rush g: He must have found him just before this revelation.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Can one say that the missing man is found?

Rush g: Yes…found.

Rush g: “Just one happy family with murderer at center.”

Mr & Mrs Phil: Charlie sets him straight

Rush g: Yes he does.

Rush g: Mike, please say “hello” to Rachel!

Rush g: Phil….please say “helo” to Mrs. Phil!

Rush g: (or…hello)

Mr & Mrs Phil: Will do Rush. TYSM

Louise: Miss Graham sounds weird

Mike n Rachel in DC: She’ here. Very excited that “Does Anyone Really Know what Time it Is?” made a cameo appearance.

Mr & Mrs Phil: It always makes her smile when you say hello Rush.

Rush g: “Just made a tour of the victim’s interior.”

Rush g: One for her: πŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: Dr. Peabody. Is Mr. Sherman in, too?

maskless angel & jade fox: Just realized we failed to type in Rachel while hailing the distaff! Didn’t forget, but a stenographic ERROR BY A CERTAIN FOX WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS contributed to this shameful loss of face. Am heading for embassy now to turn in portfolio.

Hawaii_Steve: Dr. Peabody. Hey what’s up doc?

maskless angel & jade fox: Set the Wayback to bounce Pong-ly.

Rush g: Would that be ‘boy-dog” mike?

Hawaii_Steve: Corny, but it fit the situation.

Rush g: πŸ™‚

Louise: shameful angel

Rush g: Chan’s amused!

maskless angel & jade fox: Am covering face with a spare fox fur, to avoid paparazzi.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel sez that Angel/Fox are always a joy to behold, masks or no. Please don’t worry about salutations for hidden couples.

Rush g: Sheriff Mack….not gentle!

maskless angel & jade fox: Fox actually sees this situation as a career opportunity. Thinks Field & Stream still have centerfolds.

Rush g: Fox! Be satisfied with a film studio for a namesake!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Of course they do, Angel. Those ferns…hubba hubba

Rush g: “He reach oversize decision with undersize brain.”

maskless angel & jade fox: MnRnRush: Thanks for your counsel. I’ll straighten Fox out. I turn in the time cards so i usually prevail in these disputes.

Louise: 5 minutes? Can’t wait

maskless angel & jade fox: Reddy Kilowatt is back on the job. What’s the “time”?

Rush g: Say it NOW!

Rush g: good to delay with such information!

maskless angel & jade fox: I’m slack & i’m proud!

Mike n Rachel in DC: 35:45

Mr & Mrs Phil: 35:55

Mike n Rachel in DC: 36:00

Rush g: “Never” didn’t make the cut!

Mr & Mrs Phil: 36:15

maskless angel & jade fox: Another tin can, huh?

Mr & Mrs Phil: cue the can

Matt1: tin can

Rush g: TYSM…Matt.

Matt1: Room wouldn’t let me again

maskless angel & jade fox: MIKE/MATT–which of you is the keeper of The Cans?

Hounder has joined this room

maskless angel & jade fox: H!!!

Rush g: Hounder!

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Rush g: WELCOME!

Dona: Hi Hounder!

maskless angel & jade fox: Clap for the Hound Man!

Rush g: How are you and tour mother?

Mr & Mrs Phil: I’ll tell you they’re really stretching the plot plausability with this one.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Matt is the Maestro. I am but the humble understudy who takes over when he’s not here.

Rush g: (your)

Matt1: Mike gathers the cans, I kick them

maskless angel & jade fox: Ah so, Mike. So you have indeed flung when necessary.

tenman: The family resemblance between the Luke bros is eerir

tenman: “eerie”

Hounder: Hi.sorry I’m late. Mom and I were invited to neighbors for dessert and mom was excited about going.

Rush g: “If anyone want to live around here they got to do some fast running.”

Matt1: Very nice, Hounder

maskless angel & jade fox: Anything that excites Mom has gotta be good for America.

Mike n Rachel in DC: How fun, Hounder. Hope y’all had a good time!

Rush g: Sounds good, Hounder!

Rush g: Happy to hear that!

Mr & Mrs Phil: Commendable Hounder. Hope it was nice.

Mike n Rachel in DC: She came to get “the vase.”

Hounder: That’s what I think angel. Just pie and ice cream, but it was a different scene and he does have a scenic back yard.

Rush g: No “just” about it, Hounder!

Hounder: I try to do anything! She seems interested i .

Rush g: A very nice moment!

maskless angel & jade fox: M & M : Do we (you, plural) reuse tin cans? Or is a fresh one used for each shall-we-say situation? I can see plusses & minuses for each. But do our tin cans ultimately go for the war effort?

Dona: That is very sweet of you Hounder

Rush g: Puddle.

Rush g: Got Roth’s shoes wet.

maskless angel & jade fox: Lotta intrigue happens in those scenic backyards.

Rush g: But…”Dead Men Tell.”

tenman: Dead men don’t walk….but they TELL

Rush g: YES!

Rush g: πŸ™‚

Louise: I am also concerned about recycling those cans

Rush g: TM, I yield the great mind to you.

maskless angel & jade fox: Thanks, Louise! You’re no Axis Ally! A brew for the lady!

Rush g: Lloyd Archer.

maskless angel & jade fox: Not MORE GAS!

Louise: Gosh, no one liked the dead guy

Rush g: Louise, we NEED to recycle tonight!

maskless angel & jade fox: Soon to be Fallen Archer?

Rush g: A very busy night, can-wise!

Rush g: Yes, Angel!

maskless angel & jade fox: We’ll send Mitsubishi back to Zeroes.

maskless angel & jade fox: “Someone tried to kill me”—BO-ring!!

Rush g: Good thing CC’s coat was thickly woven!

Louise: Too many poison darts as murder weapon

maskless angel & jade fox: Details matter. Poison darts & poisoned art two different things.’

Rush g: Close calls could be boring, but Mr. Chan may beg to differ!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie to Edward translation: Pay attention, dmiwit.

maskless angel & jade fox: They should try poisoned art. Next scene, rendezvous at museum.

tenman: why is Eddy in prison PJs?

Rush g: πŸ™‚

maskless angel & jade fox: tenman: Casual Mondays?

Rush g: An “Objet D’ART”, Angel?

tenman: lol

maskless angel & jade fox: This movie would be a fine place to cameo-in Fibber McGee’s closet.

Rush g: “If silence is golden, you are bankrupt.”

maskless angel & jade fox: Rush:     

Dona: LOL

maskless angel & jade fox: Spirit cooking!

Louise: Zombie. Mantan would know about that!

maskless angel & jade fox: These guys had the License to Pun too!

Rush g: (Eddie: “Curiosity never killed a Chan.”) “No, but the Chan’s curiosity almost killed me!”

maskless angel & jade fox: Curiosity may not have, but, alas, alcohol was a bad ambush.

Rush g: Alarm lamp!

maskless angel & jade fox: Someday i want to sound alarums, with “u”‘s.

maskless angel & jade fox: There’s ALWAYS a secret panel.

Rush g: Actually, if your alluding to who i think you are, Angel, it was actually cigarettes that did the deed ultimately!

maskless angel & jade fox: I’LL BE OUT IN A MINUTE! It IS gas escaping! GO AWAY, come back 5 minutes!

maskless angel & jade fox: Do you have any Glade?

maskless angel & jade fox: Rush, i would hang head in shame but Fox is using the coatrail just now. So, the Big C?

Hounder has left this room

Rush g: Lost Hounder…

maskless angel & jade fox: Hounder! Hounder! Sound alarum!!

maskless angel & jade fox: Lassie! Go find Hounder!

maskless angel & jade fox: Probably in the well. That’s where they usually are.

Rush g: Dictaphone.

maskless angel & jade fox: Charlie Parker? Ella?

Hounder has joined this room

Louise: Dropsy

Rush g: Butterfingers!

maskless angel & jade fox: Scurvy wench.

Rush g: Hounder?

Rush g: Found’er!

Hounder: Internet hiccoughed

Rush g: YES!

maskless angel & jade fox: 30 Days In The Hole was funny up till now. HOUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDER!

maskless angel & jade fox: Oh.

maskless angel & jade fox: Government will decide a lotta stuff. Just wait.

Dona: welcome back Hounder

Rush g: “Secret Service, Washington, D.C.”

Mr & Mrs Phil: Wow, sounds vaguely familiar.

Rush g: Yes! CC’s office!

maskless angel & jade fox: I thought they camped at Blair House.

Rush g: πŸ™‚

Rush g: Which?

maskless angel & jade fox: This babe’s dissembling. Corset stays, babe slinks away. Whadda we got, Danno?

Rush g: A puppet in hand.

Rush g: “Come in.”

maskless angel & jade fox: “OUR” murderer? Speak for YOURSELF; i’ve got plans for later!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rush. Hm.

Mr & Mrs Phil: cue the can

Rush g: NEVER revelal tyou know who the murderer is!

maskless angel & jade fox: This expose-murderer stuff gets tedious after this many tin cans.

Mike n Rachel in DC: That’s how you say “I was shot with a dart” in sign language perhaps?

Louise: can can can

tenman: hahaha!

maskless angel & jade fox: Line up the can. May as well. We KNOW it’s gonna get kicked.

Matt1: tin can

maskless angel & jade fox: She certainly can can can!

Rush g: TYSM, Matt…

Rush g: “Ear…ear…”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel dances that can can

maskless angel & jade fox: Gee, her anatomy / Made her Mercury / Jump on I-93 /

Hounder: I’m here

maskless angel & jade fox: We’re having a heat wave

Dona: tropical heat way

Dona: wave

Rush g: Careful, Rachel…emergency rooms are no fun!

maskless angel & jade fox: Ethel Merman could have played several parts in this entry, just sayin’.

Rush g: Ready the can….

maskless angel & jade fox: The temperature’s rising, Chan isn’t surprising, he’s causing those Chan cans!

Rush g: +_+

maskless angel & jade fox: One more can & we can build a P-38.

Rush g: Jim Kimball

Rush g: Matt?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Time to can the Kimball

maskless angel & jade fox: Nice shirt.

Louise: 3 men by dart

maskless angel & jade fox: HEIR gun!

Rush g: Another air gun!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Where’s Archer?

maskless angel & jade fox: See if fourth can DODGE DART.

Matt1: Can’t post in room!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Not to be confused with the hair gun, Angel

maskless angel & jade fox: All ventriloquist dummy.

Rush g: Matt…we have been recycling the can…

Matt1: Ugh

Matt1: Tin Can

Rush g: TYSM….matt…

Mr & Mrs Phil: Got a message that “Your message Hasn’t been sent”

Rush g: (Boing!)

Louise: YIKES. Some dummy!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Serious halitosis

Rush g: When it “speaks,” people die!

maskless angel & jade fox: MnR: Were you to see my own mounting peak,you would know the hair gun no longer scares me.

Louise: EAR, not heir or here

Rush g: (Quoting Popeye…)

maskless angel & jade fox: Mr.& Mrs. Phil: Ask Bill Gates where the blank your message is.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Blimey! Now this ear, wots I gots ‘ere…

tenman: I bet Charlie really gets tired of people announcing who the killer is (always wrong)

maskless angel & jade fox: Ear guns?

Rush g: πŸ™‚

Louise: Dead Man walking

Mr & Mrs Phil: Yeah, it happened last week too.

Mike n Rachel in DC: He’s probably used to it from his kids, 10man

Rush g: Now…how are the strings released?

Rush g: Slip-knots?

Rush g: A flick of the wrist from above?

maskless angel & jade fox: Anyone ever notice Birmingham is never far when these Unfortunate Events go down?

maskless angel & jade fox: How about other ear?

Rush g: Yes. That was brought up by the police last week!

Mr & Mrs Phil: Maybe because she…used to be a man?

Rush g: πŸ™‚

maskless angel & jade fox: This film was WAY ahead.

Louise: You are not yourself!

Rush g: GREAT mask!

maskless angel & jade fox: Nobody gonna match MY ear. And NO, i’m not myself, i only play one on TV.

Rush g: BB subdued him!

Mr & Mrs Phil: Now wait a minute Meeker’s not even himself?!!!!

Rush g: “I know nothing.”

maskless angel & jade fox: The Sgt.Schultz gambit.

Rush g: πŸ™‚

tenman: lol

Rush g: A second time: “I know nothing.”

Mr & Mrs Phil: Wow, this is getting WACKY!

Rush g: PROOF of insanity!

Mike n Rachel in DC: INsane?

maskless angel & jade fox: Disharmony among conspirators, all fall down.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Bwahhha

Mike n Rachel in DC: Why, I’m perfectly sane…

Rush g: He didn’t do a great job imitating the motorcycle officer!

maskless angel & jade fox: To think: if there’d been one more spot open at the aircraft plant, this babe woulda been ok. Now—NOT.

Rush g: πŸ™‚

maskless angel & jade fox: The ol’ Nick Danger / Lt. Bradshaw wind-up.

Rush g: Fun ending coming!

Rush g: “Mr. Chan?” (Charlie Chan: “Yes?”) Is y’all goin’ thataway?” (Charlie Chan: “Yes.”) I’m goin’ thisaway!”

Dona: I love this part

maskless angel & jade fox: I’d HOPED Birmingham would run in ’48!!

Rush g: Me too!

Louise: Cheery ending music

Mike n Rachel in DC: Birmingham…talented!

maskless angel & jade fox: YAY!!

Matt1: <yee-haw>

Rush g: THE END

Rush g: Buy bonds on the way out, please….

tenman: Buy bonds!!

Dona: YEAH!!!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>. Buy war bonds!

Rush g: Yes!

tenman: ‘Nite all! Til next time!

Rush g: (Applause…)

Rush g: Well!

maskless angel & jade fox: What another entertaining crime! Meet again next week, more cans?

Hounder has left this room

Rush g: Another good one back into the can awaiting next year!

Dona: Another good one Rush!

Dona: Thankyou!

Hawaii_Steve: Buy those war bonds and defend America !!!

maskless angel & jade fox: BUY WHOR—i mean, MORE War Bonds!!

Dona: Yes Steve

Rush g: NEXT WEEK…

Mike n Rachel in DC: And…recycle your used tin cans!

tenman has left this room

Rush g: “The Scarlet Clue”

Matt1: Good night folks and have a great week.

Louise: Until we meet again…

Dona: Ah another good one

Hawaii_Steve: That was fun. Thank you everybody.

Rush g: Thank you ALL….for a GREAT night!

maskless angel & jade fox: HawaiiSteve, you & i were BOTH thinking of The Boys! (I always am ANYWAY)

Dona: So good to see everyone!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good night all!

Rush g: I say again…you are GREAT!

Louise: Too much smoke for my taste!

Rush g: Best Chat Group in existence!

Rush g: You make it so.

Louise: Yes we are, Rush, yes we are.

Rush g: Have a great week.

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, you can say that again. Aloha.

maskless angel & jade fox: Greatness is as greatness does Monday nights! Until we gather again…

Rush g: be safe and happy.

Dona: Agreed!

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room

Matt1 has left this room

Rush g: And Aloha to YOU, Steve!

Rush g: take care, all…

Dona: Good night all. See you next week.

Mr & Mrs Phil: 7 long days till we meet again. Aloha Chan friends! Stay safe.

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Rush g: Best wishes for a bountifully blissful week.

Rush g: Good night, DV and Dona!

Rush g: Stay cool, Dona!

Dona has left this room

Rush g: take care, DV…

Rush g: od night!

Rush g: (GOOD NIGHT!)

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