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Feature: The Scarlet Clue

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Secret Agent X-9 – Chapter 05 – Doom Downgrade – 1945

Angel Santiago Saltamontes
Rich Maine
Tucson Larry

08-14 18:26Rush: 

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08-14 18:30Matt: Hello Rush!

08-14 18:31Rush: Good evening, Matt!

08-14 18:31HonoluLou: Salutations!

08-14 18:31Matt: Aloha Lou!

08-14 18:31Rush: How are you and yours?Lou!

08-14 18:31HonoluLou: Hi Matt, Rush. I’m good.

08-14 18:31Rush: Our famous author!WELCOME!!!

08-14 18:31Matt: Bravo, Lou!

08-14 18:31Rush: Good to hear, always!

08-14 18:31HonoluLou: HaHa. Infamous perhaps 

08-14 18:32Rush: 

08-14 18:32Matt: Waiting on the book signing tour

08-14 18:32HonoluLou: I watched the film last night with my sister, who moved here from VA in June.

08-14 18:32Rush: Your perseverance has paid off, to be sure!Yes, Lou?

08-14 18:33HonoluLou: Matt, please don’t hold you breath haha.

08-14 18:33Rush: So she’s in the Cleveland area with you now?

08-14 18:33Matt: No Regis & Kathy Lee?

08-14 18:33Rush: 

08-14 18:34HonoluLou: Yes, I’m in her condo and I now live in two rooms, one in my sisters house and one in my daughters. How’s that for a struggling author.Matt, no they haven’t called, Yet!

08-14 18:34HonoluLou: I thought I’d drop in for the featurette. Tonight.

08-14 18:34Rush: Good arrangement for the writing of your NEXT book!

08-14 18:35Rush: We will be running that in about 10 minutes.

08-14 18:35HonoluLou: Ah, yes. You did mention you wanted to pursue that avenue!

08-14 18:35Rush: Matt, will you be in town nwxt Monday?next

08-14 18:36Matt: I think so, but not Labor Day-I’ll be traveling

08-14 18:36HonoluLou: Rush, I’ve been reading Charlie Chan’s Luxury Cruise. about halfway through.

08-14 18:36Rush: Would you be able to run the show next Monday night?

08-14 18:36Matt: Just checked. I should be around next weekSure thing

08-14 18:36Rush: What do you think so far, Lou?

08-14 18:37Rush: TYSM, Matt!  Hugely appreciated.  I am getting more involved at my church and there is a meeting every third Monday.   I would like to at least make some of those as I can.

08-14 18:38HonoluLou: The story line is really good for me. However, I haven’t yet figured out what time period he’s in. As he’s talking about the current Mayor of Honolulu?

08-14 18:38Matt: Understand Rush and I’m always happy to help

08-14 18:38Rush: I figured the year to be maybe 1930-31.

08-14 18:39Rush: you will catch an anachronism or two, but, over all, I thought that it was a noble effort.

08-14 18:39HonoluLou: And what is with a 2 month voyage from HNL to San Fran. Yes, it reads like that year. However, like I said he starts with the corrupt Mayor of Honolulu, who is the present Mayor?

08-14 18:39Rush: As I say, mat…HUGELY APPRECIATED!

08-14 18:39HonoluLou: Agree, a noble effort for sure.

08-14 18:40Rush: I would need to look that up, Lou.I would say that the mayor noted would certainly be fictional.

08-14 18:41Rush: 1931 – 1938 George F. Wright

08-14 18:41HonoluLou: I know. I wish he’d picked a fictional politician, It’s on page two. Rick Blangiardi (sic).

08-14 18:42HonoluLou: Still, the story line grabs you.

08-14 18:43Rush: There are a couple of cultural issues sating to that period, such as the protagonist becoming romantically involved with CC’s daughter.  It would have been a difficult thing in those days.

08-14 18:44Rush: Let’s run the serial in two minutes…

08-14 18:44Rush: Secret Agent X-9 – Chapter 05 – Doom Downgrade – 1945

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08-14 18:44HonoluLou: Yes, agree. And Mrs. Chan is VERY different from Biggers’ version. OK, ready

08-14 18:45Rush: Okay…a short countdown…15….10…5…GO!!!

08-14 18:45HonoluLou: Lloyd Bridges!

08-14 18:46Rush: In this serial, Keye Luke is a good guy, and Benson Fong works for the enemy.

08-14 18:46HonoluLou: Wow!

08-14 18:46Rush: Yes!  LLoyd Bridges!  HE is Agent X9.

08-14 18:47Rush: Nobura leads the enemy gang.

08-14 18:47HonoluLou: I like her already!

08-14 18:48Rush: 

“The House of Chan So”

08-14 18:48HonoluLou: Ah, the old duck down and run out the door escape!

08-14 18:48Rush: Recognize the name “Chan So” lou?

08-14 18:48HonoluLou: Ha!

08-14 18:48Matt: I lost the clip…..what time do you have?

08-14 18:48mda19083: hello folks

08-14 18:48HonoluLou: Tiddlie Winks!

08-14 18:48Rush: Betting on tiddly winks!

08-14 18:48HonoluLou: Hi MDA

08-14 18:49Rush: GREETINGS, MDA!

08-14 18:49HonoluLou: Ouch!

08-14 18:50mda19083: I have caught up with the back episodes of X-9

08-14 18:50HonoluLou: Hey, isn’t the guy who just got shot in tonight’s film?

08-14 18:50Rush: Very good!

08-14 18:50Rush: We are about 5 minutes in, MDA.

08-14 18:50mda19083: I am enjoying this serial

08-14 18:51Rush: Cy Kendall.

08-14 18:51Matt: Hello MDA!

08-14 18:51HonoluLou: This is a first for me on SA X-9.

08-14 18:51mda19083: thanks

08-14 18:51HonoluLou: Ah, thanks Rush.

08-14 18:51Rush: It’s a pretty well-made serial, Lou!

08-14 18:51HonoluLou: He gets the long ride on the elevator in the film

08-14 18:52Matt: Hello Hounder!

08-14 18:52hounder: hi everyone.

08-14 18:53Rush: hello, HOUNDER!

08-14 18:53HonoluLou: Greetings Hounder

08-14 18:53Rush: WELCOME!!!

08-14 18:53mda19083: hello hounder

08-14 18:53Rush: How is your mother, Hounder?

08-14 18:54hounder: doing ok mostly. she was chatty all day yesterday so she mostly slept today.

08-14 18:54mda19083: Samuel Hinds from Its a Wonderful Life

08-14 18:55Rush: That is pretty good news, then, Hounder/

08-14 18:56hounder: it is nice when she has a good day.

08-14 18:56Rush: MDA< I love seeing people from other productions in our films, and vice-versa!Yes, Hounder, I think I can say I understand.

08-14 18:58Rush: Ears are everywhere in this one!

08-14 18:58Matt: Hello A & F!

08-14 18:58Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Hello Inspectors and Inspectresses!

08-14 18:58Rush: Angel….Foxx….WELCOME!!!

08-14 18:58HonoluLou: Greetings Angel

08-14 18:59hounder: ngel

08-14 18:59mda19083: greetings A & F

08-14 18:59Angel Santiago Saltamontes: We will be flitting tonight, in & out as other events ensue!

08-14 19:00Rush: okay, Angel…as needed!

08-14 19:00HonoluLou: A mysterious knock!

08-14 19:02Rush: A CHASE!!!!

08-14 19:02Matt: I sense another cliff hanger approaching?

08-14 19:02HonoluLou: I love these sped up chase scenes!Good call, Matt!

08-14 19:02Rush: Next week: “Strafed by a Zero”!

08-14 19:03Matt: Never fails w/ X-9!

08-14 19:03Rush: (Applause…)

08-14 19:03HonoluLou: Wow! These were in the theaters? It’s like Netflicks on the big screen!

08-14 19:03mda19083: good stuff!

08-14 19:03Rush: I enjoy these old serials!

08-14 19:04Matt: Thnx Rush!Yes!

08-14 19:04Rush: You are most welcome, Matt!

08-14 19:04HonoluLou: Very nice.

08-14 19:04Rush: In 11 minutes…”The Scarlet Clue”

08-14 19:05HonoluLou: Rush, all, I tied responding to the very first post on the message board. It was from Rush in 2005. But I don’t think it notified anyone. Just an experiment.

08-14 19:06Rush: AH!

08-14 19:06Rush: Time machine stuff, Lou!In case anyone needs the online copy of our feature…

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08-14 19:07HonoluLou: R
Rush Glick
Apr 22, 2004 – 6:53PM
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Rush Glick

08-14 19:07hounder: nice reminder of our history hl

08-14 19:08Rush: And, it HAS proved to be very reliable…for nearly 20 years now!Yes, Hounder!

08-14 19:08HonoluLou: Yes, you did well to pick it.

08-14 19:08Rush: 7 minutes…

08-14 19:09Rush: Seems so, Lou…!6 minutes…

08-14 19:09Godwinshelley: Howdy all

08-14 19:09HonoluLou: Well folks, I watch the film last night with my little sis, so going to bow out. Enjoy and it was nice chatting with you. Lou

08-14 19:09Matt: Hello GS!

08-14 19:09Rush: WELCOME…GS!!

08-14 19:09HonoluLou: Hi GS, Bye GS 

08-14 19:10Godwinshelley: ha

08-14 19:10Rush: Thank you, Lou!Take care…

08-14 19:10Matt: Take care Lou!

08-14 19:10Rush: Have a good week!5 minutes…

08-14 19:10Matt: Cued!

08-14 19:11hounder: hi gsnite hl

08-14 19:11Rich Maine: evening all

08-14 19:11Matt: Hello Rich!

08-14 19:11Rush: hello, RICH!WELCOME!

08-14 19:11Rich Maine: hiya Matt, Rush

08-14 19:11hounder: hi rich

08-14 19:11mda19083: greetings Rich

08-14 19:11Rush: How are things in Maine?

08-14 19:11Rich Maine: evening hounder, mda

08-14 19:12Rush: three minutes…

08-14 19:12Rich Maine: nice evening here, cool and no rain until tomorrow

08-14 19:12Rush: Sounds good!

08-14 19:12hounder: nice rich. hot hot hot here

08-14 19:12Rush: Please prepare your copies of “The Scarlet Clue” by pausing at the OPENING TITLE!

08-14 19:12Rich Maine: i cant do heat ! exactly why we chose this location

08-14 19:12Godwinshelley: I’m cued here

08-14 19:13hounder: cued here

08-14 19:13Rush: We had a BEAUTIFUL day in my area today after morning rain.TWO minutes…

08-14 19:13hounder: i thinkour heat index today was 123

08-14 19:13Rush: 90 seconds…

08-14 19:13tenman: Hola all!

08-14 19:13Matt: Hello Tenman!

08-14 19:13Rush: TENMAN!!!

08-14 19:13hounder: hi tenman

08-14 19:14Rush: WELCOME!75 seconds.60 seconds…50 seconds…

08-14 19:14Rush: 40 seconds…30 seconds…25…20…15…

08-14 19:14Rich Maine: radio station cued up!

08-14 19:14Rush: 10…5…

08-14 19:14Rich Maine: broadcast

08-14 19:15mda19083: start your engines

08-14 19:15Rush: GO!!!

08-14 19:15Matt: 

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08-14 19:15Rush: Title….Music…Credits….

08-14 19:15Rich Maine: And station CHAN now live!

08-14 19:16Rush: A TRIPLE GONG!YES, Rich!

08-14 19:16Rich Maine: fog of course

08-14 19:16Rush: Monogram Fog!

08-14 19:16Angel Santiago Saltamontes: You can see Foxxself in this fogg!

08-14 19:17Rush: Looks like Rip Taylor in the middle of our gong crowd!

08-14 19:17Angel Santiago Saltamontes: We miss Rip Torn.

08-14 19:17Rush: 

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08-14 19:17Matt: Yes!

08-14 19:18Rush: The shadowy figure…Prepare the can…

08-14 19:18Matt: Hello Larry!

08-14 19:18Rush: Welcome back, Larry!

08-14 19:19hounder: hi larry

08-14 19:19Rich Maine: dont arrest him you idiot !

08-14 19:19Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Is there any commercial or other rendition of any of the CC fims’ music?  I would pay a lot of Foxx’s money for a CD of Chan orchestral stuff.

08-14 19:19Tucson Larry: Hi Everybody! hows it going

08-14 19:19Rush: Happy to have you with us again!

08-14 19:19Rich Maine: hi larry

08-14 19:19Rush: going well, thank you…and you?Cooler weather too report, hopefully?

08-14 19:19Tucson Larry: Nice to be here!

08-14 19:20Angel Santiago Saltamontes: (4:30)???

08-14 19:20Rush: 5:40

08-14 19:20Tucson Larry: Breaking records as we speak

08-14 19:20Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Greetings, Larry!

08-14 19:21Rush: 6:056:15

08-14 19:21Matt: 

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08-14 19:21Rich Maine: DB#1

08-14 19:21Rush: 6:30TYSM…Matt….AND…Rich!

08-14 19:21Tucson Larry: Thank You!

08-14 19:22Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Looks like he should greet all the ships at sea & yell FLASH !!!!

08-14 19:23Rush: 

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08-14 19:23Angel Santiago Saltamontes: A mean mugg.

08-14 19:23Rush: By Gilbert Stuart.Seen in th wall at police headquarters.

08-14 19:23Rich Maine: u got BB mug shot Rush ?

08-14 19:23Rush: (Copy, of course!)

08-14 19:23Matt: lol

08-14 19:23tenman: hahaha! Great mugshot!

08-14 19:24Rush: 

Image thumbnail

08-14 19:24Rich Maine: Of course ! 

08-14 19:24hounder: 

08-14 19:24Matt: Great pic Rush, lol

08-14 19:24Tucson Larry: Love It

08-14 19:24Angel Santiago Saltamontes: If only Martha hadn’t insisted George shovel the driveway.

08-14 19:24Rush: At our section here about this film.

08-14 19:25Rush: Yes, Angel!Cosmo radio Center…

08-14 19:27Matt: Isn’t she from CC in Panama?

08-14 19:27Rich Maine: no sightseeing in the studio !I think so matt

08-14 19:27Tucson Larry: School teacher?

08-14 19:27Rush: No, Matt…but her personality twin is!

08-14 19:27Rich Maine: she looks like the bomber in Panama

08-14 19:28Matt: Yes, uncanny

08-14 19:28Rush: That is so.

08-14 19:29Rush: Horace Carlos…a takeoff on Boris Karloff!

08-14 19:29tenman: “Horace Karloff” LOL

08-14 19:29Rich Maine: The cleaning lady works at Ikea on her off days…..

08-14 19:30Rush: Virginia Brissac: Mrs. MarshRich: 

08-14 19:30Rush: I pity poor MR. Marsh!

08-14 19:31Matt: lol

08-14 19:31Rush: 

Image thumbnail

08-14 19:31Rich Maine: Manager please ….

08-14 19:31Rush: 

Image thumbnail

08-14 19:32Tucson Larry: Yes, my sympathies as well

08-14 19:32Rush: Larry: 

08-14 19:33Rich Maine: a golddigger? is that a real  occupation?

08-14 19:33Rush: For some!

08-14 19:34tenman: Oh, this is a good schtick!

08-14 19:34Rush: Incomplete talk!

08-14 19:34Angel Santiago Saltamontes: (19:45)??

08-14 19:34Matt: Quite the pair

08-14 19:34Rich Maine: so funny

08-14 19:35Rush: Yes, Angel…very close to exact!

08-14 19:35Angel Santiago Saltamontes: That’s why we like to talk with you, cuz we agree!  Parlay voo!

08-14 19:35Rush: 

08-14 19:35hounder: love the homor in these movies

08-14 19:36Angel Santiago Saltamontes: “Could not stand solitary confinement,” one of my favorite CC lines

08-14 19:36Rush: How they could do this radio show and not break out into laughter!Yes, Angel!

08-14 19:36Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Oodles.

08-14 19:36Matt: Yikes

08-14 19:36Tucson Larry: Marcia Mellow Mixed Waffles…MMM

08-14 19:36Rush: A “GLOPE”.

08-14 19:36Angel Santiago Saltamontes: This was the moment where radio started to die.

08-14 19:36Rich Maine: butter rationing….how much allowed per person?

08-14 19:37Rush: Good question!

08-14 19:37Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Sorry, Rich, two tubs per family!

08-14 19:37Rush: Butter ration: 2 oz.

08-14 19:37Rich Maine: oh i need more than that….guess they used Crisco instead

08-14 19:37Angel Santiago Saltamontes: ZOMBULA!!

08-14 19:38Rush: Yes, Angel!

08-14 19:38Tucson Larry: Half a pound per week in 1942

08-14 19:38Rush: “Zzzzzz…zzzzz….zzzzzzzzzz….”

08-14 19:38Rich Maine: I guess they didnt make much pound cake then

08-14 19:38Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Larry, with inflation that could be 15 million pounds today!

08-14 19:39Tucson Larry: Ha! maybe!

08-14 19:39Rush: I believe that margarine came about during the war.

08-14 19:39Tucson Larry: At the end of the war, it was 12 pounds per year

08-14 19:39Rush: I heard that a yellow dye was included!

08-14 19:40Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Sons should have worn athletic / collegiate jerseys with their numbers on front & back.Gosh!

08-14 19:40Rush: Angel: Lee: 1…Jimmy: 2….Tommy: 3!

08-14 19:40Matt: 

Image thumbnail

08-14 19:40Tucson Larry: always liked the comment “you know I studied radar”

08-14 19:41Rush: This would be a scary scene to be a part of!!!!Yes, MATT!Good image!

08-14 19:41Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Television!  CC always was on the tech edge, he really was.

08-14 19:41Rush: True, Angel!

08-14 19:41Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Now radar studies YOU.

08-14 19:41Tucson Larry: folks are a little close to the fence

08-14 19:41Rush: AI radar, Angel…

08-14 19:42Angel Santiago Saltamontes: I’m here on beeswax.  Here, have a tin.

08-14 19:42Tucson Larry: Yep, your’e right Angel

08-14 19:42Rich Maine: my private matches….

08-14 19:42Rush: Blackmail is a danger in this building!

08-14 19:42Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Rich, she is QUITE particular.

08-14 19:43Rush: 

Image thumbnail

08-14 19:43Matt: She’ll “drop” in soon

08-14 19:43Rush: Yes!

08-14 19:44Angel Santiago Saltamontes: In later years she petitioned her Congresscreature for a bill that would grant her own private Idaho.

08-14 19:44Tucson Larry: Uh Oh ready the can

08-14 19:44Rush: Headache…a cigarette needed…

08-14 19:44Rich Maine: ready to drop

08-14 19:44Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Say NOTHING, indeed!

08-14 19:45Rich Maine: use my private match please

08-14 19:45Rush: The fatal cigarette…

08-14 19:45Rush: PLOP!I hope that it wasn’t still burning!

08-14 19:46Rich Maine: DB#2

08-14 19:46Tucson Larry: Tee Hee Hee

08-14 19:46Matt: 

Image thumbnail

08-14 19:46Rush: TYSM…Matt…

08-14 19:46Angel Santiago Saltamontes: My T-zone is getting S-shaped.

08-14 19:46Rush: And…Rich….

08-14 19:46Tucson Larry: Nice! thanks Matt

08-14 19:46Rush: Angel: 

08-14 19:47Rich Maine: hallway looks like the one from last week when CC was walking off roof

08-14 19:47tenman: “congresscreature” hahaha! Just saw that. It’s great!

08-14 19:47Rush: 

Image thumbnail

08-14 19:48Matt: Some doctors!

08-14 19:48Rush: Indeed!

08-14 19:48Tucson Larry: Oh My!

08-14 19:48Matt: 113,597 of them!

08-14 19:48Rush: That would create a doctor shortage eventually!

08-14 19:49Angel Santiago Saltamontes: 

Image thumbnail

08-14 19:49Rush: Did it happen yet?

08-14 19:49hounder: ..

08-14 19:49Rush: Too soon, Angel!

08-14 19:50Tucson Larry: My doctor told me to smoke more, you see, i’m trying to quit chewing gum…Rodney Dangerfield

08-14 19:50Rush: AH!  The great Rodney Dangerfield!

08-14 19:50Matt: No respect!

08-14 19:51Rush: 

Image thumbnail

The fatal message….!

08-14 19:52Rich Maine: she types very fast

08-14 19:52Tucson Larry: Here comes the spinning fall! Ready the can

08-14 19:52Matt: 

Image thumbnail

08-14 19:52Rich Maine: DB#3

08-14 19:52Rush: YOW!!!!

08-14 19:52Matt: 

Image thumbnail

08-14 19:53Rush: Good one, Matt!And, another!TYSM…Matt…

08-14 19:53Tucson Larry: Great one Matt

08-14 19:53Rush: And, Rich…

08-14 19:53Angel Santiago Saltamontes: FANCY editing!!

08-14 19:54Rush: True, Angel!More incomplete talk!Ben carter.

08-14 19:54Angel Santiago Saltamontes: B’ham is a MOST practical man.

08-14 19:54Rush: Tommy jumped in with his own!

08-14 19:55Tucson Larry: Yes

08-14 19:55hounder: there ain’t no use being this lonesome

08-14 19:55Rush: 

08-14 19:56Rich Maine: maxmum fog!

08-14 19:59Rich Maine: how did killer get the body from shaft into the cold room?

08-14 19:59Tucson Larry: I guess she dragged him all the way there?

08-14 19:59Rush: Good question, Rich!

08-14 20:00Rich Maine: maybe she is also a strong man and puppet master from the circus!

08-14 20:00Rush: Maybe took the elevator down, opened the floor, loaded the body and took it up?

08-14 20:01Rush: Also, points to others in the gang helping out!

08-14 20:01Tucson Larry: Like Birmingham said: Could be!

08-14 20:02Matt: 

Image thumbnail

08-14 20:03Rush: 

Image thumbnail

08-14 20:03Matt: Great pic, lol

08-14 20:03Rush: Publicity Still.

08-14 20:03Tucson Larry: Cool Theatre Card

08-14 20:03Rush: from our Gallery.

08-14 20:04Rush:

08-14 20:04Rush: “Murder also outrage.”

08-14 20:05Tucson Larry: Rush, I just checked this out, it is way cool and new to me

08-14 20:05Rush: AH!TYSM.There are many rooms in our Charlie Chan family Home, Rich!

08-14 20:06Rush: So many fish in fish market, even flower smell same.

08-14 20:06Tucson Larry: Oh No, not Willie

08-14 20:07Godwinshelley: Is this still war time?

08-14 20:07Rush: is that a number 4 on his back?

08-14 20:07Rich Maine: must be GS with rationing

08-14 20:07Matt: lol, yep

08-14 20:07Rush: Live TV!

08-14 20:07Tucson Larry: 1945

08-14 20:08Rush: Yes.

08-14 20:08Rich Maine: Miguel Moreno AKA Ricky Ricardo

08-14 20:08Godwinshelley: thats why they say experimental station – they put a hold on tv stations during the war – GE was big behind holding tv back

08-14 20:08Rush: NO!  Don’t smoke!!!Say it fast!!!!

08-14 20:08Rich Maine: smoking kills

08-14 20:08Rush: PLOP!

08-14 20:08Rich Maine: DB#4

08-14 20:09Rush: TYSM…Rich…

08-14 20:09Matt: 

Image thumbnail

08-14 20:09Rush: TYSM…Matt…

08-14 20:09Matt: I’d quit smoking

08-14 20:09Godwinshelley: And, if this station is on the West Coast – the “W” starting it’s call letters, also says it’s not an established system yet

08-14 20:09Rush: More Monogram murder gimmicks!

08-14 20:10Rush: “Slush” is far too kind!

08-14 20:11Godwinshelley: The word “transcription” always confused me – I thought it was writing down the dialog – but here they mean an actual recording

08-14 20:12Rush: Yes, Matt!   CC should warn people NOT to smoke!  How many cigarette fatalities have ther been in his adventures???

08-14 20:13mda19083: shades of CC in Egypt and Murder Over NY

08-14 20:13Rich Maine: yes smoking is always bad

08-14 20:13mda19083: tetragene?

08-14 20:14Rush: Yes, MDA!CC in Panama…

08-14 20:14Rich Maine: could be a early version mda

08-14 20:14Rush: This one….Look at the burnt out TV tube.See it?

08-14 20:15Rich Maine: Lights!

08-14 20:15Rush: Two murder gimmicks: The elevator and the shortwave capsule breaker!

08-14 20:16Rush: 

Image thumbnail

08-14 20:17Rush: saved by the gunshot!

08-14 20:17Matt: The last thing I’d do in that building was taking the elevator

08-14 20:18Rush: TRUE!

08-14 20:18Matt: 

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08-14 20:18Rush: TYSM…Matt..

08-14 20:18Rich Maine: DB#5

08-14 20:19Tucson Larry: Ah Yes

08-14 20:19Rush: And…Rich….This ties the record!

08-14 20:19Godwinshelley: Nice ending

08-14 20:19Rich Maine: Goodbye BB

08-14 20:19Rush: Funny ending!!!

08-14 20:19Tucson Larry: Anglo Almalgamated?

08-14 20:19Rush: THE END

08-14 20:19Godwinshelley: Brown always adds a smile

08-14 20:19Rush: (Applause..)

08-14 20:19Rich Maine: great one for fog and gimmicks

08-14 20:19Matt: <yee-haw>

08-14 20:19Rush: Yes!

08-14 20:20hounder: nite all. see younext week.

08-14 20:20Rich Maine: have a terrific week all!

08-14 20:20tenman: Goodnight all!

08-14 20:20Rush: That closes another bizarre case!

08-14 20:20Godwinshelley: Stay safe everyone

08-14 20:20Rush: BUT, it was successfully concluded!

08-14 20:20Matt: Good night folks and have a wonderful week

08-14 20:20Tucson Larry: Thank you everyone! Have a great week!

08-14 20:20mda19083: thanks for the fun evening all!

08-14 20:20Rush: Thank you ALL!This was a great evening, everyone!

08-14 20:20mda19083: be well folks!

08-14 20:20Rush: Next week….”The Shanghai Cobra”My favorite Monogram Chan film!

08-14 20:21Tucson Larry: one of my favorites

08-14 20:21Rush: 

08-14 20:21Matt: <boing>

08-14 20:21Rush: Thank you ALL, again!

08-14 20:21Tucson Larry: Take care

08-14 20:21Rush: Your are all wonderful!

08-14 20:21Godwinshelley: Night everyone

08-14 20:21Rush: take care..have a great week!

08-14 20:22Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Yay!!  Good week all, &:GNITE!!

08-14 20:22Rush: And, another good one next week!Good night!Pleasant Chan-filled dreams…

08-14 20:23Rush: Good night, Hounder, Angel, Rich….Be happy and safe…Good night….

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