Chat Archive 8/17/2020

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for August 17, 2020

The Scarlet Clue

Secret Agent X-9 (Chapter 7)

Mike n Rachel in DC
Mr. & Mrs. Phil
scarlet angel & red fox

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Matt1: Hello Rush!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Greetings!

Matt1: Hello M & R!

Rush: Hello, Matt and Mike/Rachel!

Mike n Rachel in DC: The DC duo arrive early for a change!

Rush: YES!

Matt1: As in the comic book?


Mike n Rachel in DC: We hope y’all are well and well-masked

Rush: Happy to see you early or otherwise!

Mike n Rachel in DC

Rush: πŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice to be back in the groove.

Rush: Yes, all mini=burka equipped!

Rush: We are ready to begin virtual school.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rach is hot in a veil

Rush: We even upgraded our wifi.

Rush: Mike: πŸ™‚

Matt1: Any sign on returning to classes?

Rush: Not yet.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel’s school (HS) is online until at least January.

Rush: I picture Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown in our case.

Matt1: Some schools started here today.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Mike’s (Univ. of Maryland) is online only until October…then maybe in person for a few classes

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good luck, Matt

Matt1: Nobody wants to be the first to go back….It will be the same for work, i guess

Rush: I think that unless some natural antibody building happens, this thing will drag on and on and….

Rush: In our future state, our Rachel’s future high school will be opening.

Matt1: Even a vaccine will most likely be late 2021 for us, so..

Rush: We might be surprised pleasantly in that regard, matt.

Matt1: I heard LA was testing all teachers and students?

Rush: Didn’t hear that one, Matt.

Matt1: Heard today

Matt1: 750,000?

Mike n Rachel in DC: UMD has quarantine dorms set up…and a morgue unit in place.

Rush: in San Diego County, where there are 3.3 million peiople, the total deaths attributed to the virus is….600.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Not amazingly encouraging to students and faculty… 

Matt1: I think many will see a “miracle” come Nov 4th, but…

Rush: The percentage I predict that you are correct, Matt.

Rush: We need to get kids back into real school.

Mike n Rachel in DC: PG Co. Maryland (where UMD is): current cases 101,917, 3641 dead.

Rush: They are really the ones who sudffer during all this as adults squabble.

Rush: When I was teaching summer school, I could tell that the few kids I had were starving for interaction with their peers.

Rush: Oh, well.

Rush: SO!

Rush: “Secret Agent X-9!

Matt1: I heard some scary number on abuse too.

Matt1: Ready here

Rush: Chapter seven!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Exactly Rush. This COVID thing sucks. We never realized how much being part of a community (Chan!) matters!

Mike n Rachel in DC: MnR are cued and ready, Chief!

Rush: Ready,,,,too!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: (Rach is dubious about Keye’s moustache)

Rush: Thinking nof Perry White, Mike!

Rush: Me too, Rachel!

Mike n Rachel in DC: She normally likes facial hair on men…but this isn’t doing it for her.

Mike n Rachel in DC: (which is ok…because I like being clean-shaven)

Rush: I tghink that they tried to avoid the “Number One Son” connection with that ‘stache!

Matt1: Few can pull off the “stache” these days

Rush: Let’s say….60 seconds….

Rush: 50 seconds….

Rush: 40 seconds….

Mike n Rachel in DC: *shaves*

Rush: 30 seconds….

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Chinese girl is still downcast

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: a newspaper feature?

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Matt1: Hello Ten!

Rush: Yes, so it said!

Matt1: We just started

Rush: Hello, TM!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi 10man

tenman: started feature or serial?

Rush: We are rolling our serial….and WELCOME!

Matt1: 1:15

Mike n Rachel in DC: It would cool if the Post had a spy mystery…

Matt1: Missing the cruise ships!

Rush: I would agree, Mike!

Matt1: 2:20 Ten

Rush: Special Delivery.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Spies!

Matt1: That’s “air mail”!

Rush: 3:00

Mike n Rachel in DC: Amazon ancestor?

Rush: Indeed!

tenman: Caught up with my three remotes!

Matt1: 3:45

Mike n Rachel in DC: How did the pilot know he was a “bad guy?”

Rush: Good question.

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Rush: DV!

Matt1: Hello DV!


Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey DV

DanVenture: Hurrah! Another victory for Rush’s email notices!

Rush: We are a few minutes into the serial.


Rush: Glad you enjoyed, DV!

Rush: Fun material to work with!

Mike n Rachel in DC: The CCF beckons and we come…like moths to a flame…

Rush: A very gentle flame, though!

Rush: A nice low-wattage bulb, perhaps!

Rush: Not to singe wings.

Rush: Benson Fong

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes. No “bug-killer light” here. 

Matt1: Waiting to hear a “Pop”

Rush: Yes, Matt!

Rush: And…no, Mike!

DanVenture: Time?

Matt1: 7:55

Matt1: 8:10

Rush: 8:10

Rush: πŸ™‚

Matt1: We’re sync’d Rush

DanVenture: TY

Rush: Indeed!

Rush: I have to say…nice suits in this one!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Double-breasted

Rush: Yes!

tenman: I prefer europpean, especially italian

Matt1: I had a few, lol

tenman: They fit like a glove

Rush: Nice.

DanVenture: Clever ploy…

Rush: While she looks down, he can grab the guns!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Loro Piana, 10man.

tenman: If we could just see that floor

Rush: YES.

Mike n Rachel in DC: I’m sure he’s only looking at her “guns,” Rush 

Rush: it would be filled with chalked “lines.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: *Rach swats Mike*

Rush: OUCH, mike!

Matt1: There goes our family rating, Mike

Matt1: -)

Rush: Yep!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sigh. Time to put the weapons away…

Rush: No one can accuse the gang leader of “dish”hood, though.

Mike n Rachel in DC: She also has a remarkably high forehead…

Rush: She reminds me of my fifth-grade teacher.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Did you go to school in China, Rush?

Matt1: Reminds me of Granny on Beverly Hillbillies

Rush: Ah….a “Cy” of relief….

Rush: Yes, matt!

Mike n Rachel in DC: ooh…good call, Matt!

Rush: A younger version.

Matt1: Yes, and taller

Rush: Evesdroppers never hear good of themselves!

Rush: I love this couple!

Rush: I recall the hotel in “City in darkness.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hm. Looks like the burgomeister from a Frankenstein film.

Rush: YES!

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Ja. Naturlich, herr Doktor. But vat about ven de monster komm. Ja? Dann was?”

Rush: YOW! The liguid freezer treatment!

Rush: Mike: πŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: Chilly reception!

Matt1: Chilling!

Matt1: That’s why I moved to Florida

Mike n Rachel in DC: So nice that they put the instructions how to blow the thing up so prominently.

Matt1: Brrrrr

Rush: Now tghe meaning of the title “High Pressure Deadline” becomes evident!

Mike n Rachel in DC: “To blow this up, turn handle until pressure reaches 200 lbs. Sayonara.”

tenman: I think she just likes to stare at their man parts

Rush: Check the other sleeve!

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s about the guns, 10man…

Mike n Rachel in DC: See?

Rush: Gunfight!

Rush: Pressure builds….

Mike n Rachel in DC: OH no!

Mike n Rachel in DC: *holds ears*

DanVenture: Looks like we are going to have a blast!

tenman: soooo cold!]

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Matt1: *POP*

Rush: Thyat’s ONE way to get out of the freezer!

Matt1: Hello NT!

Mike n Rachel in DC: *pop*. *boom*

Rush: The end….

Nothere: Who kows what evil lurks in a Charlie Chan movie?

Rush: (Applause)

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

Rush: AH!

Matt1: <clap-clap>


Rush: Missed your arrival!

Rush: Sorry!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Double applause for serial and entrance of most honorable NT.

DanVenture: Now, is it X-9 or X-Nine as the title card said?

Nothere: What missed I jus got here.

Rush: AH!

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Rush: Well…WELCOME…again!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Louise: Good Evening Chan Clan!

Rush: AH! And good evening to YOU, Louise!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening Louise!

Louise: Hello, hello? Anyone home???

Matt1: Hello Louise!

Rush: A good one (aren’t they all?) tonight!

Louise: Rush, thank you for printing the β€œindefinite talk” in the email: I got a good laugh at that.

Rush: “The Scarlet Clue.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: MnR are munching wings in DC. Sending salutaions.

Louise: Quiet day here in New Jersey

Rush: You are welcome, Louise!

Nothere: Hi Louise

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Matt1: Hello Dona!

Dona: Hello Everyone!

Louise: Hi all, munching on popcorn and sipping wine until the start

Rush: I have been adding “The Wit and Wisdom of Birmingham Brown” to our film sections.

Nothere: Hi Donna

Rush: Take a look when you can.

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Louise: I’ll check that out, Rush

Rush: Hounder!

Matt1: Very nice, Rush!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Excellent, Rush!


Dona: Hi Hounder, Hi Paul

Matt1: Hello Hounder and Paul!

Rush: TYSM, Mike.

PaulM: hello

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hounder, PaulM…salutations from the District!

Rush: I am trying to keep up with the films we are watching.

Hounder has left this room

Rush: Just finished “The Scarlet Clue” yesterday.”

Rush: Hopefully Hounder will return.

Louise: CUED here

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Nothere: Hunt Hounder

Matt1: Hello GS!

Rush: 8 1/2 minutes to go….

Godwinshelley1: Greetings from the FIRST STATE

Rush: AH!

Louise: GS is back home

Mike n Rachel in DC: GS: no sales tax!

Rush: And that can only mnean that GS is here!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yay!

Godwinshelley1: I’m back home (for a few weeks)

Rush: WELCOME!!!!

Matt1: Cued!

Dona: Hello GS

Rush: Good to be back hiome, i am sure!

Mike n Rachel in DC: You missed a Louise sighting

PaulM: hi GS

Godwinshelley1: Yes I am in Dela-no-sales-tax-ware

Rush: (home)

Godwinshelley1: Oh no, I missed Louise

Godwinshelley1: Where is she currently

Rush: THATS where I should buy my next car, then, GS!

Godwinshelley1: Hello – Paul – enjoy your weekend off?

Louise: Are you talking about me?

Mike n Rachel in DC: She’s somewhat evanescent at the moment. We’re hoping for a return.

PaulM: yes, i did GS

Rush: WELCOME, Paul!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Louise: “It” said that you had left.

Rush: And….DONA!

Godwinshelley1: It’s good until you have to register your car – that is where they get you here


Louise: I never left!!!!!

Godwinshelley1: Hello Louise

Rush: Good evening to ALL!

Louise: Hi GS. They are torturing me here

Rush: Now I need to ready my copy of our film….

Mike n Rachel in DC: GS: They don’t like them new-fanged AUTO-mobiles in Delaware.

Godwinshelley1: Oh no – you need more women to “represent” tonight

Godwinshelley1: I have cued my copy here

Mike n Rachel in DC: *Rachel raises fist*

Godwinshelley1: As long as all you “Front-Platers” stay out of my state – that’s what we call ya’ll

Mike n Rachel in DC: We’re cued in DC

Rush: GS: πŸ™‚

Nothere: Front plater?

Godwinshelley1: We have smaller plates than most states and they are porcelain finished

Godwinshelley1: We only have a back plate

Godwinshelley1: We are such a small state, we can’t afford to take up all the room your so-called normal size plates would take

Rush: I figured that’s what it was!

Rush: 3 minutes….

Nothere: Who your such a small state you have to shrink your plates? Now that is small.

Rush: WEveryone ready?

Godwinshelley1: If you have a 2-digit plate, you are special and can sell it on the open market for big BUCKS

Rush: (Everyone)

Godwinshelley1: I’m ready

Louiseβ†’Louise: ready

Mike n Rachel in DC: *license plate envy*

Dona: Ready here Rush

Rush: 2 1/2 minutes….

Rush: Very good….

Rush: TWO minutes…

Louise: Popcorn almost gone. How did that happen???

Rush: πŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: Damn. Mouse prowling through kitchen. Brb.

Rush: In MY home that would be easily answered, Louise!

Godwinshelley1: Found an interesting Gin that changes from Blue to pink if you add citrus or other acids

Rush: 90 seconds…

Rush: 75 seconds…

Mike n Rachel in DC: What gin is that GS? (Mike likes gin)

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: 40 seconds…

Godwinshelley1: Butterfly Pea Blossum – in the Victorian Empress Gin

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25….

Rush: 20…

Godwinshelley1: as a tea – it does the same color changes with lemon

Rush: 15…

Mike n Rachel in DC: *fastens chinstrap*

Rush: 10…

Mr & Mrs Phil has joined this room

Rush: 5…

Mr & Mrs Phil: ALOOOHAAA

Rush: GO!!!


Rush: Title….

Rush: Music….

Nothere: Hy Phills

Godwinshelley1: HELLOOOOO

Matt1: Hello M/M Phil!

Rush: Credits….

Dona: Hello M/M Phil

Louise: GS: I have a tea that does that

Rush: WELCOME, Mr. and Mrs. Phil!

Nothere: And for the newcomers. Who knows what evil lurks in a Charlie Chan movie?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Aloha Phil/Mrs.Phil

Mike n Rachel in DC: Only the Shadow knows, NT

Godwinshelley1: Louise – was it from Republic of Tea’s Halloween tea?

Rush: More Monogram fog….

Louise: **TOOT**

Mr & Mrs Phil: Good to see all of you!

Mike n Rachel in DC: “It was a dark and stormy night”

Rush: πŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: …or a Monogram movie

Louise: and that music

Nothere: Ah Ruh stole my fog comment

Rush: (cough)

Nothere: Nice of that place to give fish dinner.

Rush: Sorry, NT!

Rush: YOURS is the great mind.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Just sayin’ but that doesn’t like my first choice for a seafood dinner

Mike n Rachel in DC: *look like

Nothere: No problem. Your the host. I follow our lead.

Rush: Agreed, Mike.

Mr & Mrs Phil: Nothing subtle about those two

Mike n Rachel in DC: He forgot his “I’M FOLLOWING YOU” sign

Rush: Not the most subtle “tail.”

Nothere: Stand here in the middle of the streetalne where the dangerous criminal disappeared.

Rush: YES, Mike!

Rush: And he KNEW he was being followed for 6 hours, 59 minutes.

Nothere: They spied the spy then spie on him.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie is gracious

Rush: Yes, as always.

Godwinshelley1: Rush – are there any books on Earl Derr Biggers’ stories on film, television and radio besides his Charlie Chan tales?

Rush: Neatly “placed” clues.

Nothere: Well always as long as yur not his kid. If Jimmy had done this firt he’d complain about the disguise. Then make a pithy saying.

Mr & Mrs Phil: Cue the can

Matt1<tin can>

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rausch. Tot.

Louise: small can

Rush: I know that at least one other Biggers tale was made into a movie.

Nothere: small body

Rush: A couple of versions, I believe.

Rush: TYSM, Matt…

Godwinshelley1: More than that – his Idle Hands was made a couple times – and his Baldplate maybe 6 times

Mike n Rachel in DC: Jeez. It’s a good thing at least one detective was doing something

Godwinshelley1: I don’t know about his other short stories

Nothere: Call meecraz but I think they might be at police headquarters.

Mike n Rachel in DC: 9B2X54

Rush: I think “Seven Keyes to Baldpate” is what I am thinking of.

Matt1: BB!

Rush: BB is in TOP form tonight!

Mike n Rachel in DC: radar…radio…radium…rodent…

Rush: We are in for a treat.

Godwinshelley1: Yes – it seems to be the most made one. I like the Idle Hands remakes – with George Arliss – both silent and talkie

Rush: And…we get Ben carter, too!

DanVenture: I keep forgetting I have to work around commercials.

Rush: Uncle Nicodemus.

Nothere: Skip to the end ten restart.

Rush: Surprise!

Rush: Nice “explanation” here!

Nothere: BRown was framed.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Virtuoso

Rush: πŸ™‚

scarlet angel w/ red fox! has joined this room

tenman: Xharlie doesn’t mince words

Rush: “You look after me until I am out of sight.”

Rush: “And, here I go!”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Do we see red tonight????

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Are we herte yet?

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: *here*

Louise: alimony

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: RED Fox!!

Rush: Would you settle for “scarlet,’ Mike?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Al Imoney…

Rush: Mr. Brett.

Rush: Mike: πŸ™‚

Nothere: If this is the radio canter. Where is the radio right?

Mike n Rachel in DC: We think it’s Rachel’s “rose colored glasses” perhaps?

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Punchbowl Table looks like a groaning board!

Rush: Hulda Swensen.

Louise: yingle yangle

Mike n Rachel in DC: They “left” it somewhere, NT

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: I got spurs.

Rush: Water activates something…

Nothere: TYSM Mike and or Racheal

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Tetragene.

Rush: Mrs. Marsh.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Spurs? That jingle, jangle, jingle?

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Hello all!!

Rush: Not the greatest of bosses.

Louise: Mrs Harsh is more like it

Rush: πŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: Felicitations to the scarlet and red duo

Rush: Poor Herb.

Nothere: OOOH a microphoony. Or a phony at the mic.

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Oly Svensen of Fibber McGee & Molly once said he had spurs that yingle yangle yingle

Rush: AH!

Mike n Rachel in DC: ya sure…

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: A flick of the fox fur to all!

Rush: A late welcome to you, Angel…and “red”

Rush: CC cleared the studio.

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Will be in & out tonite, have been packing truck for another trip to new house, & ran later than i’d hoped…

Nothere: Gretings furry people

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Nice to “see” everyone!

Louise: Karlos

Rush: “Horace Karlos.

Rush: (KNOCK!)

Mike n Rachel in DC: The Mad Monster…bwahhhha

Louise: “furry people”!!! 

Rush: Yes!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey, I just shaved!

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Notty, the week would not be complete. If Nothere was not here, my world would slip more cogs.

Rush: The wet, mopped floor reactivated the dried blood on the killer’s shoe.

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: I have NO MORE CREDIT at Cogswell Cogs.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Matt1: CC is gooooood

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: FANTASTIK!

Nothere: Can you replace your cogs with pogs?

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: That would clean it up!

Rush: Time to make a call…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Try Spacely Sprockets, Angel. They’ve got good credit terms.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ask for a guy named “Jetson.”

Nothere: Operator give me the number to mysterious evil guy.

Rush: Teletyped answer…

Louise: I count at least 15 tonight!

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Cogs with pogs. Hm. My tech adviser is still at PeeWee Ballet; i will ask on her return. Are pogs cheaper?

Rush: Yes, Louise!

Rush: GREAT company tonight!

Nothere: If Jetson has been fired return tomorrow. He’ll be back.

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Imagine if Fox had pups!

Louise: Early form of texting!

Rush: And, we did have Hounder for a moment, too, tonight.


Mike n Rachel in DC: Fool. Idiot. Guy using typewriter failed the “how to win friends and influence people course.”

Dona: LOL

Rush: Yes, Mike!

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Remember the little silly-putty like thing you pressed onto typewriter keys to clean them? Think the FBI made those?


Rush: Unknown, Angel!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Firmly

Mike n Rachel in DC: erk…

Rush: Here we go!

Rush: “Indefinite talk”

Louise: β€œindefinite talk”

Rush: Yes!

Dona: I do remember Angel. I also remember silly putty. I have some.

Rush: Tommy is perplexed.

Nothere: Special talk about………They went to……So you know that….

Louise: Au Revoir

Godwinshelley1: So when they showed these films in the south originally, did they try to cut out the Mantan bits?

Rush: The next time they talk, Tommy adds some of his own.

Mike n Rachel in DC: A+ Charlie line

Louise: Yes Mike and Rach

Dona: Agreed M/R

Rush: I would listen to THIS soap opera just because it is SO BAD!

Nothere: So is that an odd window or just a hole in the wall.

Dona: lol

Mike n Rachel in DC: oodles and oodles

Nothere: Yes tomorrow is another day. But is it a day with waffles?

Rush: A GLOPE.

Louise: gloop

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes NT. But we won’t have oodles and oodles of butter until the war is over.

Rush: BB saw Karlos as the monster.

Nothere: NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO only oodles? Oh th humanity. This s a teriible war.

Nothere: Well theres a face for radio.

Rush: A combination of Dracula and a zombie!

Louise: Second time he mentions zombies in a Chan movie

Rush: Yes!

Louise: ***BUZZ**

Godwinshelley1: So was this before or after Mantan’s Zombie movies?

Louise: I will check

Rush: At the very end of this scene, it looks almost as if Toler actually gets a shock!

Nothere: Just don’t mention werewolves. There a bit sensitive on the subject. But Frankenstein is fine.

Rush: TYSM, Louise.

Louise: King of Zombies was 1941

Rush: NT: πŸ™‚

Godwinshelley1: So it predates this film

Rush: Four years before this one.

Louise: GS: possible reference to it!

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Could be!

Rush: I would react similarly!

Rush: A lot of sparks and zapping!

Dona: What a hat

Godwinshelley1: So Karloff was rather big in the cinema just before this film with House of Frankenstein in 1944 and Body Snatcher and Isle of the Dead in 1945

Rush: Agreed, Dona!

Nothere: Charlie just can’t put his finger on whats happening.

Rush: I think we saw that one also in “Black Magic.”

Godwinshelley1: Some of that equipment might have been used in 1942 Boogie Man will Get You

Rush: GS, I would say you would be the one to go to about that!

Nothere: So how big is your ego when you hav a bunch of matchbooks printed with your name?


Godwinshelley1: I’ve checked the photos and there are similarities

tenman: She;s dead.


Mike n Rachel in DC: *ding*. Idiot

Mike n Rachel in DC: He could save time by having pre-printed insults


Nothere: Does the type ever not suggest killing people?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Monty Python: Always look on the bright side of life…


Nothere: Water we to do? Oh that’s where I hear drink before.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Tetragene? Bowanite?

Rush: Something like that!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Smoking is bad for you.

Louise: good ciggy

Nothere: Abu rabu simbu 2

Godwinshelley1: Louise – if we see any women wearing an outfit with a peplum – we need to let Rush know – still trying to explain that one to him

Rush: Tommy the pickpocket!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Looks like an anti-smoking commercial

Louise: okay GS

Dona: I’ve never smoked but I don’t understand how a cigarette would make you feel better

Nothere: So are they doing just one episode, or are the taping more than one.

Louise: same question here DONA

Rush: Yes, GS!

Rush: I need to look that one up!

Matt1<tin can>

Louise: another mini can

Rush: “Full skirts came roaring back after wartime fabric restrictions were lifted, but women still wore pencil skirts with peplum jackets to create an hourglass shape.”

Rush: TYSM, Matt…

Nothere: Her hour is up.

Godwinshelley1: Yes – that back ruffle just under the waistline on a lady’s suit

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sleuths on the scent

Nothere: Does it smell like cookies?

Rush: Another Monogramesque “gimmick.”

Rush: We will see another one soon.

Rush: A very deadly one!

tenman: ooooh. cookies! I for got I have cookies! Thnaks!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: “Someone’s coming!”

Rush: “I’m GOING!”

Nothere: Evil spying counds cool. But do they tell you about the hours you spend throwing cards at your hat in the recruitment videos?

Nothere: Your welcome Ten

Rush: yes, NT!

Rush: “211 Algard Building.”

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Lost in time. What’s the “time”?

Mike n Rachel in DC: No, NT. They tend to downplay the “Life sentence to Sing-Sing” too.

Godwinshelley1: Fancy Shoes on Charlie

Godwinshelley1: Two-tone built like penny loafers

Rush: Brett’s busted!

Louise: how did he find the shoe?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sacre bleu!

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: I’m at 37:10. Yes? No?

Nothere: Sorry Fox. I had to compensate so I’m not sure if my time is right,

Mike n Rachel in DC: 36:20 here

Godwinshelley1: 36:20

Dona: 36.30

Godwinshelley1: 36:30

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: I shall literally wait a minute, almost. Between floors.


Godwinshelley1: Do these people not actually WORK in these offices – where is the paper work?

Nothere: Ah not far enough. Time arp commence.

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: CRASH!

Godwinshelley1: 37:15

Mike n Rachel in DC: *ding* Take elevator. Do not–repeat do not–wear parachute.

Nothere: Self working teletypes do the paperwork. It’ one strange place

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Many thanks from humble spectators.

Godwinshelley1: Ah – I see

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Ah so.

Rush: “Going down…”

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: 37:50?

Matt1: So many elevator issues in Chan films

Matt1: <tin can>

Mike n Rachel in DC: Why does the music go up as he falls?

Louise: ooops

Nothere: Do not wear parachute? I wonder f that’s sig….AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Godwinshelley1: Wouldn’t the elevator start to smell after a couple days

Rush: One of the more graphic demises in a Chan movie!

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Don’t get high on your own supply warehouse if over 8 stories.

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: BRETT A MURDERERERER?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Depends on what you’re storing, Angel.

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Not ME!! FOX, maybe…

Nothere: Yes God. And when the elevator reaches the bottom floor the first time. WEll dn’t be on it.

DanVenture: I get a sinking feeling about this one…

Rush: Here we go again!

Mike n Rachel in DC: *splat*

Rush: I LOVE this!

Louise: β€œindefinite talk” again

Rush: yes!

Rush: Tommy adds his own!

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Maybe a contractual requirement for MM.

Louise: I think this is better than the first one

Mike n Rachel in DC: This is what first got me (Mike) interested in Chan movies. I was about 10.

Nothere: You thnk your tierd of it now. Hold on to yor hat.

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Mike, you were a true delinquigy.

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: CLEANING, yes, DYING yes yes yes

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: The Case of The Just vIn Case

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: *in*

Nothere: The talk, or the gadgets Mike?

Mike n Rachel in DC: The talk, Rush. Still love it. πŸ™‚

Nothere: Santa Claus.

Mike n Rachel in DC: My dad used to do it with me…

Louise: funny and weird scene

Godwinshelley1: nice

Rush: Mike, the “indefinite talk” is CLASSIC!

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: A little more than we need to know MAKES ME START THINKING ABOUT STUFF I’D LIKE TO KNOW!

Rush: love it too!

Nothere: So you went….Well not that day but….Should have taken a …..

Rush: We will see it again in the near future!

Rush: In an upcoming movie.

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Would that the next prexidential [sic] debates (whether this year or 2024) might be in “indefinite” style. Would be such an improvement!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Blimey! A frozen ‘and!


Rush: Frozen “Brott.”

Nothere: O.k. who put the corpse in my test tunnel? Have to redo the whole days tests.

Godwinshelley1: Wasn’t there more than one body in the elevator shaft? I thought there was one body down there when Brett dropped in.

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: COSMO Building?!! Not—!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Must be tough calibrating that test tunnel with random corpses showing up from time to time…

Rush: Brett was the first.

Rush: And only.

Rush: Another mention of an “undocumented” chan case!

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Alias alias alias alias YOU.

Rush: “Charlie chan in Sigapore.”

Rush: (Singapore)

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Nice desk.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Basic.

Rush: Nice and neat.

Rush: Radio impersonator..

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Rush, any chance you might get our reconstruction team together to create an “undocumented”?

Nothere: I’m with Mike. Seems a fairly simple desk. That’s why they can afford booby trapped elevators. They don’t splurge of furniture.

Rush: “Which frequency do you want me to imitate?”

Mike n Rachel in DC: He’s actually a television set. He only impersonates radios.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh dear.

Rush: Luckily BB was holding onto that hook!

Louise: long way down indeed

Nothere: Well this is where I leave you. May the gentle sea breezes blow you to safe ports until I am Nothere again.

Rush: yes, louise!

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Denis Green & Anthony Boucher wrote several of the 1940s Holmes radio scripts extrapolating from “undocumenteds” Watson referred to.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Always a pleasure when you’re “not here” NT

Rush: NT…a pleaqsant evening to you!

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Standin’ in the shadows of love?

Nothere has left this room

Rush: Brett’s blood at the bottom of the shaft.

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: NOTTY FELL THRU FLOOR!!

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Brett’s & who knows how many others.

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: She is SO hot.

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Agnes Moorehead would have been such a treat in “her” role.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Dona: Agreed Angel

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Guy on far right looks like he’s thinking about golf.

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Guy on far left looks like Clement Attlee.

Rush: “The Dance of the Spirit”

Rush: Ah…live (experimental) television…

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: They’re STILL experimental.

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Every set in town was tuned in. The room HERE TONIGHT has more eyeballs.

Rush: “Miguel Moreno and his Marimba Band”


Louise: No not the ciggy

Rush: Just SAY IT!

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Only if i’m on fire, Rush, & i’ll send you a postcard.

Rush: Matt?

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Uh-oh. 702.

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Now a word from our sponsor…Lucky Strike cigarettes”

tenman: He’s dead Jim!

Rush: Yes…702.

Louise: can?

Matt1: Beam him up

Rush: Matt?

Matt1: <tin can>

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: But not by elevator.

Rush: Willie Rand awaits….

Mike n Rachel in DC: <dilithium can>

Matt1: I got blocked

Rush: The LATE actor…


scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Always Buy Chesterfield.

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Mooch other brands.

Rush: (TYSM)

Rush: Trying to eat, watch, and type at the same time!

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: CHESTERFIELD presents “Strictly Slush”…

Rush: πŸ™‚

Dona: I did that at the beginning   of the movie Rush.

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Eisenhower there is finally getting the uptake.

Godwinshelley1: Took me years to understand “transcription” meant a recording and not just a typed script

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: And now we’re too late, right, GS?

Mr & Mrs Phil has left this room

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: TYSM

Rush: Lost the Phils…

Godwinshelley1: Yes

Rush: And…another “gimmick”

Godwinshelley1: short wave radio “beam” what is that

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: The men in the white coats are a mighty scary bunch.

Rush: (Bubbles)

Godwinshelley1: microwave are directed – but shortwave are high frequency and bounce off the ionosphere and down to the ground

Rush: Chan movies were WAY ahead of their time regarding the dangers of cigarette smoking!

Godwinshelley1: shortwave is not really directional

Godwinshelley1: I think

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: The Surgeon General WAS determined.

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Imagine calling the Geek Squad & explaining THAT’S what you want.

Louise: Yes Rush

Rush: “Wrong door!”

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: BANG BAND the witch is daid.

Rush: Another wrong one!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Don’t take the elevator!

Rush: Right!

Louise: Chan movies really do some odd and interesting things


scarlet angel w/ red fox!: Elevator indicators musta been all the rage then.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Repeat: Don’t take the elevator

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: But i CAN’T take the stares!

Mike n Rachel in DC: That would be the express…

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: We’re caught in a trap, we can’t walk out

Rush: Janet Carter.

Rush: Secret Service agant.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Need teaspoon to collect vicitm

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rach sez we tried to warn her…

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: I LOVE glass bricks!

Rush: Angel…:) to the above!

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: How many Chan films does BB close it out?

Rush: Nice BB ending!


Dona: Yes

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

Rush: (Applause)

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: YAY!

Matt1: <yee-haw>

Mike n Rachel in DC: Another fun Chan film!

Dona: <YEAH>

Rush: Next week….

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: See all next week, if the creeks don’t rise! Gnite ALL!

Dona: Another good one Rush!

Rush: “The Shanghai Cobra”

tenman: Until next time!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Will it be…

Rush: A favorite of mine.

Mike n Rachel in DC: …but didn’t you…

scarlet angel w/ red fox!: YAY!!!!!!

Rush: Thank you ALL as ALWAYS!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Bye 10man!

Dona: Thank you Rush!

Matt1: Good night and have a great week

Godwinshelley1: Nice to join in for a change — been a heck of a year

Rush: YOU make these evenings what they are….

tenman has left this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: Great to have you back GS

PaulM has left this room

Rush: and what they have been for many years!

Dona: Have a good week everyone! See you next week.

Louise: nice to have you here GS

Dona: Yes GS

Godwinshelley1: yes – a nice change

Louise: stay away from elevators

Rush: Please have a very happy and very safe week!

Mike n Rachel in DC: …so did you…

scarlet angel w/ red fox! has left this room

Godwinshelley1: Have to go back again after Labor day

Godwinshelley1: Have a good week everyon

Rush: Yes, Louise!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Same to you all! Bye!

Rush: i will!

Louise: nite all

Godwinshelley1: night all

DanVenture: Fun.

Matt1 has left this room

Godwinshelley1 has left this room

Rush: Or, I’ll look for a handhold before pushing the button!

Rush: Good night!

Rush: take care….

Dona has left this room

DanVenture: Agreed! Don’t “rush” into any elevators

Rush: Stay cool, Dona!

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room

Rush: In the 90s in my area today.

Louise has left this room

Rush: Good night, DV!

Rush: See you next week!

DanVenture has left this room

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