Chat Archive 8/19/2019

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for August 19, 2019

The Scarlet Clue

Secret Agent X-1 (Chapter 5)

Hounder (Hounder2)
Len Freeman
Mike in DC

Matt1 has joined this room

pdclassicdvds has joined this room

pdclassicdvds: hi Matt

Matt1: Hello PDCV!

Matt1: How are you this evening?

pdclassicdvds: Doing OK. How about you?

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Rush: Good evening!

Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: How are you both tonight?

Matt1: Doing well, thnx PD

pdclassicdvds: Hey Rush

Rush: Hi!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: How was your week?

Matt1: Got my invite to see new Star Wars Galaxy Edge at Disney on Wed!

Matt1: Sneak peak

pdclassicdvds: Great.

Rush: How did you get that invitation, Matt?

Matt1: Plat annual passholder

Rush: AH!

Rush: Very good!

Matt1: After 3 years, we get a “perk”

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MIke in DC: Good evening all!

Matt1: Hello Mike!

pdclassicdvds: hey Mike

Matt1: Hope Rach is doing well

Rush: Next time you are there, if you go near to the castle, and then look for a covered gazebo nearby, you can see the place where my family and I sat out a huge downpour and saw lightning hit the castle!

Rush: She is, thank you, Matt.

MIke in DC: Oooh, Rush. zap

Rush: First day of school for her today.

pdclassicdvds: Ouch

Matt1: lol….we get over there every 4-6 weeks….Love MK the best

Rush: Yes, Mike!

Matt1: That’s Florida weather Rush

Rush: (I thought Matt was speaking about MY Rachel! Sorry!)

MIke in DC: Rush, best wishes for a great year for “your” Rachel in school.

Matt1: I was

Rush: TYSM…and I hope that YOUR Rachel is doing wonderfully!

MIke in DC: “My” Rachel is with her mom spending a week at a spa. Massages, facials…general femal pampering.

MIke in DC: *female

Rush: THAT sounds GREAT!

Matt1: When is the male bonding trip?

MIke in DC: I am cleaning the garage, replacing door locks and doing household chores.

Rush: Sounds like fun, Mike!

Matt1: Changing the locks, hmmmm?

MIke in DC: No male bonding trip on the horizon. But…

Rush: Matt: 🙂

MIke in DC: …scoring big husband points. It all evens out eventually.

Rush: Understood!

Matt1: Rach know about the locks?

Rush: I planted two trees yesterday in the same vein.

MIke in DC: Yeah…now they all work with her key.

Matt1: lol

Rush: Well…shall we start our serial?

MIke in DC: Cleaning the garage scored big points.

Matt1: Ready here

Rush: Mike, PD?

pdclassicdvds: ready

Rush: Ready?

Rush: Okay….15 seconds…

MIke in DC: OK. Just got the episode. Ready.

Rush: 10….

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

MIke in DC: Benson Fong too…

MIke in DC: Miss the graduation music from Smilin Jack

Rush: Cy Kendall…in a couple of Chan movies.

MIke in DC: Lucky Kamber = Cy

Rush: LLoyd Bridges.

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Matt1: Hello Len!

Len Freeman: Whew…. just got chapter started!!

MIke in DC: Hi Len!

Rush: House of Shadows…on Shadow Island.

Len Freeman: Hi all

Rush: Hello, Len!

Rush: Just started the serial.


MIke in DC: Overconfident Axis spies

Len Freeman: Thanks, nice to be back

Rush: Great to have you back!

pdclassicdvds: So glad Lloyd escaped

Rush: My texts are running slow.

MIke in DC: Does one “double” in Tiddly Winks?”

Rush: Also, my sound is out of sync.

Matt1: My sound is too

Len Freeman: My sound is quite soft.. but hearable

pdclassicdvds: Yes it is a bit off

Rush: 4:20….

Len Freeman: good Keye Luke stuff here

MIke in DC: Could use some bumblebee music here

Rush: 4:45

Rush: yes, Mike!

pdclassicdvds: First he gets shot and in the Chan movie he will fall down the elevator shaft. LOL

Rush: Len, my sound is “quiet” too…besides not synced to the action!

MIke in DC: A double-can performance this evening!

Rush: PD: 🙂

Matt1: 2 for 1

Len Freeman: I have my own copy of this serial.. I’ll use it next week

MIke in DC: I think Matt provides volume discounts for frequently-exterminated characters.

Matt1: WHAT?


Len Freeman: Ehhh?

MIke in DC: Two cans for the price of one.

Rush: KENDALL, Cy (March 10, 1898; St. Louis, Missouri – July 22, 1953; Woodland Hills, California)

The Chinese Cat: Webster Deacon (referred to as George Deacon in a newspaper headline)

Rush: Cy kendal was only in one Chan film, sorry!

Rush: My error.

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Atomant: Hi all

Rush: AA!


Matt1: My sound is reall off right now

Atomant: TY

MIke in DC: Good evening, Atomant.

Rush: Good evening to you!

Matt1: Hello AA!

Rush: are into the serial.

MIke in DC: It looks as though they’re speaking a different language

Atomant: where abouts r we ?

Matt1: Female voice from males

Rush: 8:45 mark…

MIke in DC: Sort of like watching old Godzilla films

Rush: Yes, matt.

pdclassicdvds: I feel like I am watching a karate movie. LOL

Rush: 🙂

Matt1: lol

MIke in DC: Konichiwa

Rush: 9:30

Rush: Benson Fong.

Atomant: I think I’m good TY

pdclassicdvds: The guy in the middle was the sheriff in Earth vs. the Spider. Just watched it today.

MIke in DC: Oooh. Going to have to check that one out.

MIke in DC: I assume “Earth” wins?

Rush: You are welcome, AA!

pdclassicdvds: For now. LOL

Rush: Yes..for now…:)

Atomant: Is there a sound sync issue ?

Rush: Yes!

pdclassicdvds: YES

Atomant: ok lol

Matt1: Y

Matt1: E

Matt1: S

Len Freeman: OUI

Rush: And the sound is very faint.

MIke in DC: lips move soundlessly

Rush: Nice technique, Matt!


Atomant: It’s been a bad day and wasn’t sure if something else was going wrong

Rush: Sorry to hear that, AA.

Rush: I hope that this evening will help turn things around!

Atomant: Appreciated Rush and that’s why I’m here

Rush: Very good, AA…

Rush: To quote Popeye: “We aims ta please!”

Atomant: HAHA

Len Freeman: Hmm… now i have no sound at all.

Rush: We need one of those sign language people superimposed in a corner!

pdclassicdvds: The guy who was killed was called Trent. I am almost sure that is his name in the Chan movie we are watching tonight – The Scarlet Clue.

Rush: Hm!

Rush: When you see him in our movie, please remind us, PD!

pdclassicdvds: Not sure but it is the same or very similiar

MIke in DC: Cliffhanger approaching.

Matt1: I’m guessing a cliffhanger?

MIke in DC: Sound to follow next week.

pdclassicdvds: I see a car crash coming!!!

Matt1: Not another

Rush: Next week: “Strafed by a Zero”

pdclassicdvds: At this theater next week.

MIke in DC: Clearly playing possum ’till next week.

Rush: I counted a four-second sound delay tonight.

Cdirus has joined this room

Matt1: Hello CD!

Rush: I suspect he was just grazed and will stay on the road.

Rush: CD!

Cdirus: Hi guys!

MIke in DC: Hi CD!

Atomant: Hi CD

Rush: Good evening to you and WELCOME!

Cdirus: Good evening to everyone as well

Rush: How does this evening find you, CD?

Cdirus: Hot and tired

Rush: AH!

Rush: Well, our Chat Room has nice virtual air conditioning, at least!

Cdirus: Didn’t think one could get all hot and sweaty just picking tomatoes

Rush: And, as for being tired, our film is guaranteed to give a burst of energy!

pdclassicdvds: His name is Brett in the movie not Trent. I knew it sounded similar

Len Freeman: We’re in the balmy 70s here in MInnesota

Cdirus: That’s good cause ours at work is broken again. It was sounding like a helicopter on the roof and vibrating the whole building

Rush: Brett, alias Brott…

Atomant: You might take alook at this upload from archive movies. The sound seems synced. Sorry if I am causing trouble

Rush: Etc…

pdclassicdvds: Yes you got it.

Rush: Noted, AA1

Cdirus: Len, your lucky. upper 80’s and very humid here. And dry, we haven’t had more than an inch of rain in the past few weeks

Rush: And…no trouble caused!

Atomant: 🙂

Matt1: Went to bed the other night and it was 89!

Len Freeman: Been a strange summer for us… very wet, so farmers having trouble with crops, but also mild.

Len Freeman: WE’ve actually had to turn off the AC

Atomant: Wow

Cdirus: Our farmers couldn’t plant in the spring casuse it was too wet, then they got the crops in and it dried up in our area

Rush: Yes, Len?

Louise has joined this room

Rush: CD, I remember hearing something about that situation back when the late rains were hitting.

Matt1: Our a/c runs year round….Rare we have heat on though, perhaps 4-7 days a year to get chill out

Cdirus: Been a bad year for us here in southwest Ohio

Len Freeman: A strange year weather-wise

Rush: Louise!

Matt1: Hello Louise!


Len Freeman: Hi L

Louise: Greetings Chan family

Cdirus: Hi Louise!

Atomant: HIya Louise

Louise: Strange weather? We just had a doozy of a thunderstorm.

Rush: Yes?

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Rush: AA, I am playing the link you sent, and it does run better.

Matt1: Hello NT!

Nothere: So Monogram. Cue the fog

Louise: I love when they evauate the beach: people running and umbrellas blowing everywhere!

Cdirus: Hi Nothere!


Atomant: Good to hear Rush

Atomant: Welcome NT

Rush: 13 1/2 minutes till showtime…

Rush: Tonight: “The Scarlet Clue.”

Cdirus: Louise, I was just telling everyone it’s been really dry in our area. Send your rain (not storms) to us. :_)


Nothere: And a welcome TO YOU

pdclassicdvds: This is my favorite of the Monograms

Rush: Yes, PC!

Len Freeman: Why is that PD?

Rush: PD, i mean!

pdclassicdvds: Love the old drop floor in the elevator trick

Rush: Yes, very nefarious!

Len Freeman: Aha…

MIke in DC: And is this the one with the sinister teletype machine? That’s always cool.

Nothere: Po?

Rush: yes, to that, too!

pdclassicdvds: And the mask that the villain wears

Louise: I will send the rain to whomever needs it, although my garden loves it!

Nothere: Wait I know PD is a PI

pdclassicdvds: VERY scary

Matt1: Cued to Opening Title here!

Louise: CUED here

Atomant: I’m a set too

Cdirus: I had to water our garden yeaterday

Nothere: And did you enjoy it CD?

Louise: CD: definitely easier when it rains

Len Freeman: I think Shanghai Cobra’s mine… very “film noir” style if I recall

Len Freeman: cued here

Rush: And the reference to “Boris Karloff” with the ham actor in this one called “Horace Karlos.”

Louise: I like all the spooky ones, seances and all

Rush: yes, Len.

Cdirus: It’s always better when it rains. no fun dragging 100 ft of garden hose in the hot sun

Nothere: So Louise care to meet at midnight? 🙂

Rush: “The Shanghai Cobra” is my favorite Monogram Chan film!

Rush: Yes, CD!

Rush: I suspectt hat the humidity made the heat feel worse.

Cdirus: definately!

Rush: 3 1/2 minutes….

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room

Atomant: Is Secret Service Monogram

Rush: Ready everyone?

Louise: Nothere: always

Godwinshelley2: still need to cue up

Matt1: tic-toc

MIke in DC: Gong-ready in DC

Cdirus: Hi GS

Matt1: Hello GS, missed you

MIke in DC: Hey GS, NT, Louise…missed y’alls entrances!

Nothere: We are prepared to strike Rush. Got the glove, disguises…oh you meant the movie Yeah that too.

Rush: Please pause att he opening title….

MIke in DC: NT. It’s been a while since you weren’t here.

Rush: Hello and WELCOME, GS!

Nothere: Tru Mike, but you should be caarefukl. Just because I’m not here dosn’et mean I’m not here.:(

Rush: 1:45 to go…

Nothere: 🙂 even

Rush: 90 seconds…

Godwinshelley2: im cued


Rush: 75 seconds…

Rush: 🙂

Louise: NT: are you you?

MIke in DC: tightens chin strap

Rush: 60 seconds…

Louise: Oh Mike, you are always so prepared

Rush: 50 seconds…

MIke in DC: adjusts flaps

Nothere: Oh I’m me. But I can neither confirm nor deny who that is.

Rush: 40 seconds…

Hounder has joined this room

Rush: 30 seconds…

Louise: Hey hounder!

Rush: 25…

Nothere: Hi Hound

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


MIke in DC: lights fuse

Hounder: I m here and hi. Don’t know for how long but I’ve missed y’all.

Rush: Title…

MIke in DC: Hey Hounder!

Rush: Credits…

Godwinshelley2: Nice title card

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Rush: Agreed!

Louise: Missed you, too, hounder

Atomant: HI Hounder

Len Freeman: Hounder

Cdirus: Hi Hounder!

Rush: Hello, HOUNDER!

lbush has joined this room

Louise: Nice GONG Matt

Rush: Welcome back!

Matt1: Hello IB!

MIke in DC: NT, there’s a great t-shirt at the International Spy Museum that says “I was never here.” I always think of you.

Godwinshelley2: 1:15

Matt1: TYSM

Rush: Just starting the movie!

Cdirus: Hi lbush!

lbush: Good evening all.

Louise: FOG FOG FOG and the spooky music

PaulM has joined this room

Matt1: Hello Paul!

Rush: Hello, Ibush!

Cdirus: Hi Paul!

Rush: Welcome to YOU, too!

Louise: cough

lbush: tysm

Rush: And, paul!

Godwinshelley2: 1:45

Rush: good evening and WELCOME!

Nothere: Hi Paul

Godwinshelley2: 2:00

MIke in DC: Hey LB & Paul

Rush: We are just starting the movie.

PaulM: getting things set up

Rush: TYSM, GS….

Nothere: Well its a foggy night and there are thirteen here.

Godwinshelley2: 2:15

Nothere: Hey Lb

Godwinshelley2: 2:30

Nothere: So LB do you have an LP?

Rush: Foggy scenes…

MIke in DC: Music sounds like they should be underwater

Len Freeman: Not the most subtle tailing

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Godwinshelley2: 2:45

Godwinshelley2: 3:00

Hounder2 has joined this room

lbush: Several, probably thousands, NT, husband is big on them.

Hounder2: Pleased to meet you atomant and lbush

Louise: Chan!

MIke in DC: We’re overdue for a burbling harp

Atomant: U 2

Nothere: No no were just taking a casual stroll. That takes us wherever you go, and we only move when you do.

Rush: WB, Hounder(2)!

Matt1: H2!

Hounder2: Internet here is almost nonexistent this year so if I disappear, I’ll try another day. I’m trying to do this on my phone.

pdclassicdvds: Come on Charlie you should have told him

Nothere: Just give wide berthto anyone named Davy Jones. Even f he has a monkey.

Rush: I suspect you are having connection troubles, Hounder.

Rush: Yes!

Len Freeman: dead duck

Rush: As I said earlier: Welcome back!

Hounder2: Oh so very yes rush.

Rush: How have you been?

Hounder2: Tolerable. And y all?

Rush: Cannot complain, Hounder.

Louise: Blood? Don’t touch it!

pdclassicdvds: Who knows what he could have had.


Louise: fast can

Nothere: O.k. we found the scarlet clue. We can end the movie now. Everyone go home.

Rush: 1 hope that we can all help that “tolerable” become much improved on the happiness scale by evening’s end!

MIke in DC: Harp returns with a vengance.

Hounder2: When do you start back to school rush

Louise: OKAY Nothere, you go and then you will truly be Nothere!

Rush: It was “earned” though, Louise!

pdclassicdvds: This other police officer is useless

Rush: Seems so, PD!

Matt1: What would everyone do without Chan?

Rush: Cosmo Radio Center.

Louise: Ray Dar, Ray Dio, Ray

Len Freeman: radar radio rowdy toody

Matt1: BB!

Rush: Matt, the answer would be “a lot of bumbling”!

Nothere: BB and Chan;s kid in trouble with the law again.

Matt1: lol, yes

Rush: Funny scene here!

pdclassicdvds: He finds himself. LOL

Rush: Uncle Nicodemus.

Matt1: lol

Hounder2: Hi pdclassicsdvd.

pdclassicdvds: HI

Hounder2: Good crowd tonight.

Louise: “DOLPHIN”

Rush: A likely explanation from BB…!

Matt1: Lucky 13

Rush: YES, louise!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: “Slight case of murder.”

Hounder2: Good night all. Check back in as I can. Hugs.

pdclassicdvds: Is there such a thing as a slight case of murder.

Rush: Good night, Hounder….

Nothere: A bit better than a moderate case of murder I guess.

Rush: Take care.

Nothere: Night Hounder.

Rush: I hope that you have a good week.

Louise: bye hounder

pdclassicdvds: Here he is.

Rush: Try to make it next week?

Len Freeman: You may recognize this villain from the serial

Hounder2 has left this room

Louise: Yingle Yangle

pdclassicdvds: He was killed in Chapter 5 of Secret Agent X9

Louise: I love these crabby radio actors

Rush: Crabby director.

Nothere: He needed a friend.

Len Freeman: He appeared in almost every B western of the 1940s

Matt1: Such a pleasant person

Rush: Yes…VERY…

Rush: Tonight, we will get a glimpse of what early TV productions were like.

Rush: When people watched test patterns for fun!

Atomant: Is that MR. Pendleton ?

Len Freeman: VERY stiff….\

Nothere: Because the Federal Government is in the 40’s So were helpful. If this was 70’s federal goveremnt it would be a sinister plot.

Rush: Horace Karlos.

Louise: Yes Rush, the early TV stuff is interesting

Atomant: From CC murder cruise?

Rush: (Clunk!)

Nothere: You got to wonder about that show. A 40’s program where the Mad Monster is the star? Who does he think he is Fu Manchu?

Matt1: Shoe print in only one spot?

Louise: Notice the ashtrays everywhere

Rush: Or, maybe the slightly “miffed” monster?

Nothere: Only so much blood to come off Matt.

Rush: Teletype…

Nothere: Tonight at ten The Miffed Monster. Yeah that works.

Louise: “Fool Chan” could be the name of any of the kids!

Rush: Clue! The person at the other end is an expert typist!

Len Freeman: I Stanford Jolley.. a favorite

Nothere: You can fool a Chan but you can’t fool the Chan pool.

Rush: NT: 🙂

Rush: “A boy with his Dog” pen set on the desk.

Rush: Interesting painting on the wall.

Louise: Ben Carter!!!

Rush: Some Chan ZINGERS tonight!

Rush: Yes! Ben Carter!

Rush: “Incomplete Talk”!

Rush: Great stuff!

Louise: It is such a funny interlude

Rush: “Comment t’allez vous!”

Len Freeman: great routine

Rush: I LOVE that routine, Len!

Rush: Never gets old for me!

MIke in DC: “could not stand solitary confinement

Rush: Yes, Mike!

Nothere: So he still over at…Nah he moved from there after that…They ever find her, I’d want to know what happened to her…Oh they found that and gave it to.

Rush: “Glope”

Rush: She might have made a great Wicked Witch of the West in “The Wizard of Oz.”

Len Freeman: Ahhhh,… The Shadow knows……

Atomant: Ran across this the other night..BB and Nipsy doing a similar routine.

pdclassicdvds: It was the MAD MONSTER

Rush: That must have been Horace Karlos wearing the mask…

Louise: Second time BB mentions zombies in these movies

Rush: yes…it was…

Rush: Yes, Louise.

Rush: (Zappppp)

pdclassicdvds: He was one of the stars of King of the Zombies. Another classic!


Rush: Great movie connections, everyone!

Louise: second team assistants…wonder why he keeps emphasizing that

Rush: Your combined knowledge is priceless! TYSM!

Louise: BB is great in King of the Zombies

Louise: we definitely know the old movies

Len Freeman: Brett Morrison used to wear a cape etc. when he played the Shadow on the radio

Rush: I have not seen that film, Louise.

Rush: Need to add it to my growing list!

Rush: Don’t touch!

Rush: oo late!

Matt1: Shocking!

Nothere: Alas they make a thousand movies a year at least, and I can only watch so fast.

Rush: ZAP!

Louise: Oh Rush, you will enjoy it

Rush: I look forward to seeing it, Louise!

pdclassicdvds: Here comes some blackmail.

Rush: Yes.

Rush: That can be a deadly game.

Louise: the UFO hat

Len Freeman: Ah///the #MEtoo movement arrives…

pdclassicdvds: I love that hat. LOL

Rush: Yes…some hat!

pdclassicdvds: Who the hell has private matches???

MIke in DC: Private matches?

Rush: Actually, a return to hats might be a very practical idea, to lessen UV contact.

MIke in DC: I use them to light my private candles

Rush: Teletype…

pdclassicdvds: That funny MIke.

Louise: DING! Your answer is ready.

MIke in DC: I.D.I.O.T.

Cdirus: Rush, I bought a Tilly hat almost two years ago, and I wear it all the time.

Rush: Mike, missed your comment…YES!

MIke in DC: T.h.i.s.T.e.l.e.t.y.p.e.I.s.R.e.a.l.l.y.S.l.o.w.

Rush: 🙂


Rush: Uh-oh! The battle-axe.”

pdclassicdvds: Thats what happens to blackmailers

danventure has joined this room

Nothere: This radio show is o cherry the cast has headaches.

Nothere: Hi Dan

Rush: DV!!!

Cdirus: Hi Dan!

Matt1: Hello Dan!

Rush: Good evening to you!

danventure: Hurrah! I remembered!


Rush: Yes!

danventure: Great to see everyone.

Atomant: Hi Dan

Matt1: Be careful, smoking kills….

Louise: What is she smoking that made her so happy but then…

Rush: We are into the movie, so we can bring you up to speed!

danventure: Where are we then?

Nothere: The maid Bogarts a cigarette.

Godwinshelley2: 31:00

Rush: 31:00…

Nothere: 31

Rush: TYSM, GS….!

Rush: And, NT!

Louise: Dead?

Godwinshelley2: 31:30

danventure: Good timing–“He’s dead.”

Rush: Yes, DV!

Nothere: tincan

Louise: can?


MIke in DC: cough

Rush: TYSM, Matt…and NT…

MIke in DC: I know…it’s Bowanite!

Rush: “Algard Bldg”

Nothere: And an honorable mention to Louise.

Louise: no one mentions me with honor

Nothere: Much to their detremnt

Nothere: detrement?

pdclassicdvds: I need a job like that.

Rush: Yes…and NO…PD.

Rush: The price of mistakes is a bit steep!

Nothere: You need to be in a criminal conspiracy with a boss who will kill you if you fail them PD?

pdclassicdvds: Not the criminal part only answering phone in an empty room. LOL

Rush: Rolf Brott…Ralph Brett…

Louise: Roff Roff!

Nothere: Oh you want to be a call center employee.

Rush: 🙂

PaulM: somebody let the dog out

MIke in DC: Ralph Brought

Louise: Exactly Paul

pdclassicdvds: He should wear glasses too so we won’t recognize him like Superman. LOL

Nothere: Says you Paul. I think it’s a shaggy dog story.

MIke in DC: PD, I think you have to be in India to get that kind of gig

Rush: DV, are you with us in the film?

PaulM: Ruh Roh

Louise: So the murdere is walking around with one show?

Louise: shoe

Rush: He changed the shoes earlier.

Nothere: If there lucky its the one that was still leaving blood stains.

Rush: He stepped in the blood on one of the shoes.

MIke in DC: T.a.k.e. To. B.a.s.e.m… E.r… T***h. f.lo.o.r.

Rush: Teletype…(a deadly admission of failure!)


danventure: Good to see everyone knows this type….

Rush: “Basement, please…”

MIke in DC: Going down?

Louise: EGADS!

Matt1: What goes up.….

Rush: (Splat!)

Nothere: You have failed me. You know the penalty. From now on I’m sending messages by singing telegram, and your paying.

Rush: NT: 🙂

pdclassicdvds: I wonder if that was a dummy? LOL

danventure: Sadly, Brett got the shaft.

Rush: Yes, PD, saved from “CC at the Wax Museum”!

Rush: Ben, again!

MIke in DC: A+

Rush: Tommy is flummuxed!

MIke in DC: Cleanin’ & Dyin’ Place

Len Freeman: Classic BB exploring…

Rush: yes, Len!

Rush: Steam effect!

MIke in DC: cough

Louise: I think the humor is what made these movies so popular

Rush: Now…snowstorm effect!

Rush: I agree, Louise!

Rush: “Entertainment”!

Len Freeman: In the Wizard of OZ they used asbestos for the snow effect…hope they didn’t have the same crew here.

Rush: Balance of humor and mystery.

Rush: Really, Len?

pdclassicdvds: Looking for a murderer and has no gun drawn

Len Freeman: Apparently…

Rush: I wonder how many people suffer ill effects years later?

Len Freeman: heard this just the other day

Rush: (suffered)

Louise: This is such a goofy scene

Len Freeman: it was the answer to a question on an NPR program about what scene they couldn’t shoot today if they reshot the film


MIke in DC: Mesothilioma was rampant among the munchkins I hear

Rush: Yes, Len! That would NOT happen today!

danventure: Real snow job for Brett

Len Freeman: Well it was the munchkins who got snowed on.

Rush: TYSM, Matt…

Matt1: He got snowed in

Atomant: Funny Dan

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Mr. Cooper with a couple of aliases…

MIke in DC: Cooper..Cowper…

Louise: Cooper…copper…silver…gold…wait, what?

MIke in DC: Why not just go with “Smith”?

pdclassicdvds: He is a tough nut to crack. LOL

Rush: Chan mentioned another “undocumented case.’

Rush: (“Six years ago in Singapore.”

Nothere: f

Rush: Radio impersonator….

Rush: “Do your Churchill…”

Nothere: That s odd. I sent a message, but got a message saying it couldn’t be sent because it’s like a flood. That happen to anyone else?

pdclassicdvds: Must not be a lot of jobs for that?

MIke in DC: H.e.r.e. I. A.m.

Rush: NT, that has not happened to me. The message noted it was “like a flood”???

MIke in DC: Sounds biblical, NT

Rush: 🙂

pdclassicdvds: No Charlie NO

Matt1: Almost a 3 for 1

Louise: Watch out BB

MIke in DC: BB!

MIke in DC: Quick thinking BB

Nothere: Your message hasn’t been sent. It’s like a flood. Change the message text or activate vip statu.

Rush: “The image I sent out last night with this week’s email announcement…

pdclassicdvds: BB would never lie

Rush: By the way, if anyone here is not yet on our weekly email notification list and you wish to be, please email to:

Rush: “Murder also outrage.”

Nothere: Anyway this is where I leave you. Be sure to turn your radio dial to Muwhahah until I am not here again.

Godwinshelley2: Rush – I couldn’t find the weekly message on the bulletin board

pdclassicdvds: I will email

Rush: AH! I place the messages at our Message Board.”

Godwinshelley2: Well that might explain it

Godwinshelley2: I’ll check there later

Rush: NOT the Bulletin Board…sorry…

danventure: Signed up!

Nothere has left this room

danventure: Maybe now I’ll remember every week…

Rush: I also sent you a copy of the text without the “extras” seperately.

Louise: all smells fishy

Rush: “So many fish at fish market, even flower smell same.”

Godwinshelley2: Rush I don’t think I got a second/extra email

Rush: “The Dance of the Spirit.”

Rush: Early TV…

pdclassicdvds: This is comedy! LOL

MIke in DC: Marimba Band?

Louise: NO, not the cig…..

Rush: “Miguel Moreno and his Marimba Band.”

MIke in DC: cough

Rush: (Cough…)

Rush: say it…FAST!

Rush: Too late…

MIke in DC: So much for those low tar cigarettes.

Godwinshelley2: Poor BB is so much shorter

Rush: Matt…?

pdclassicdvds: How did the murderer get that installed?

Matt1: Sorry….stepped away

Matt1: Miss the can?

Rush: We need number four commemorated, please…

Rush: (Yes)

Rush: (Tin can)

Rush: I could not resist, Matt…sorry!

Rush: The broken capsules!

MIke in DC: F.o.o.l.s. Y.o.u. C.a.n.n.o.t G.u.e.s.s. M.y. I.d.e.t.i.t.y.

Rush: “Si, SI! Off to SEE studio C!”

Rush: Another cigarette/poison combo!

MIke in DC: He later invented the Juul

Rush: Yes! 🙂

pdclassicdvds: The old cigarette – poison trick. Third time I fell for it this week.

Rush: Indeed, PD!

Atomant: sure thing agent 86

pdclassicdvds: LOL

Rush: 🙂

Rush: The boy figure is missing from the pen stand.

Rush: Just the dog now.

Louise: bang bang

Rush: Not that door either!

pdclassicdvds: I am surprised that BB wasn’t under the desk.

Rush: Risky move, Mr. Chan!

Rush: Even riskier for Tommy!

Rush: Elevator trap set….!

Rush: Saved by the gun shot!

Rush: Express to the basement.

Matt1: Not on the roof

Len Freeman: pretty cold Charlie


Rush: TYSM, Matt…

Rush: Ties the record.

Rush: Five.

Rush: The man on that couch looked very familiar!

Rush: THE END….


Godwinshelley2: Ha

Rush: (Applause…)

pdclassicdvds: Another classic

Rush: Next eek…

MIke in DC:

Rush: “The Shanghai Cobra”

Louise: EEEK!

Atomant: You folks were great !!

pdclassicdvds: Sounds good to me

Louise: We try Atomant

PaulM: good show

Rush: As I mentioned earlier: My favorite monogram Chan film!

Len Freeman: I’ll miss it… grown children and wives in town…

Rush: And, as Len noted earlier, a Chan NOIR film!

MIke in DC: Nicely devious murders

pdclassicdvds: Thanks for another enjoyable evening everyone. Have a great week.

Matt1: Good night folks and have a great week ahead!

Rush: Understood, len!

Godwinshelley2: I do like the early TV

Len Freeman: It’s one of the best, so I’ll catch it sometime during the week

Godwinshelley2: Night everyone

danventure: Yes, thanks again for a good romp with CC.

Len Freeman: Night all.

Rush: It was wonderful having you back tonight!

MIke in DC: Goodnight all!

lbush: Good movie and interesting comments, as usual. Good night.

Rush: Good night…

pdclassicdvds: As the Lone Ranger would always say “Adios”

Louise: Au Revoir!

Cdirus: Good night everyone! see you next week

Godwinshelley2 has left this room

danventure: Night!

Rush: Thank you ALL for this evening!

Len Freeman: Good to be back…. doing better.

Atomant: Hope to catch you all next week !! Take care

danventure has left this room

Rush: As I said, you are all a wealth of information!

Cdirus has left this room

Rush: take care…

Matt1 has left this room

PaulM has left this room

Rush: Have a happy and SAFE week!

Rush: See you here in a week for “The Shanghai Cobra”!

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lbush has left this room

Rush: Continued thanks, louise!

Louise has left this room

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Rush: Good night, Len…

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