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Feature: The Shanghai Cobra

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Secret Agent X-9 – Chapter 06 – Strafed by a Zero – 1945

Angel Santiago Saltamontes
Mike in DC
Paul Minturn
Rich Maine

08-21 14:55Rush: 

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Thank you, Matt!  Have a great night!

08-21 18:36Mike in DC: Good evening!

08-21 18:36Matt: Hello Mike!

08-21 18:37Mike in DC: Long time no see…

08-21 18:37Matt: Welcome back

08-21 18:37Mike in DC: Hope you’ve been well.  (Thanks!)Nice to be “home” with the Chan Clan.

08-21 18:37Matt: You too…..traveling?

08-21 18:38Mike in DC: Back home.  We just moved Rachel to Ann Arbor, Michigan!  She’s starting her doctoral degree at Univ. of Michigan

08-21 18:38Matt: Oh, wow…..Congrats to her!

08-21 18:39Mike in DC: Hopefully we’ll have “Dr. Rachel” in a couple of years.  

08-21 18:39Matt: What’s up, Doc?Plz send her my best

08-21 18:39Mike in DC: LOL.  My dad used that line on me frequently.  

08-21 18:40Matt: Hope your hanging in there?

08-21 18:40Mike in DC: Will do.  She has a rehearsal tonight, but I might be able to talk her into an appearance by “Rachel in Ann Arbor” at some point.

08-21 18:40Matt: We’d love that!

08-21 18:41Mike in DC: Doing fine…getting ready for school.  Sucks to be apart, but we’ll be able to get back and forth every couple of weeks so it won’t be too awful.

08-21 18:41Matt: It’s what makes us stronger

08-21 18:41Mike in DC: Yes.  (if it doesn’t kill us)Builds character, I hear.

08-21 18:42Matt: My wife was transferred to FL for 7 months before I could move down from PA

08-21 18:42Mike in DC: I could probably do with a few more hugs and less character, but…Oof.  So you lived the dream too.

08-21 18:43Matt: After never being apart for more than a night or two in 20+ years, that was a LONG 7 months, but it all worked out in the end

08-21 18:44Mike in DC: 

We develop our housekeeping skills…

08-21 18:44Matt: We should start SA X-9 It runs 18 min

08-21 18:44Mike in DC: OK.  Is Rush on vacation?

08-21 18:44Matt:

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He’s out for the night

08-21 18:45Mike in DC: Aha.  OK.  Just us chickens.  

08-21 18:45Matt: Say we start in 60 seconds?

08-21 18:45Mike in DC: OK, chief.

08-21 18:45Matt: 45

08-21 18:45Mike in DC: suspense builds

08-21 18:46Matt: 3015105GO!

08-21 18:46Mike in DC: The “Very Ominous Music” begins

08-21 18:47Matt: Right up your alley

08-21 18:48Matt: Let’s see if we’ll need to call in X-10

08-21 18:49Matt: lol

08-21 18:50Mike in DC: Lose more good secret agents that way….

08-21 18:57Matt: It’s GO Time

08-21 18:57Mike in DC: Not sure I’d be telling my nemesis what I’m about to do, X9

08-21 18:59Matt: <splash>

08-21 19:00Mike in DC: Man overboard!

08-21 19:02Mike in DC: That was a hell of a throw, Mr. Jap

08-21 19:03Rich Maine: Good evening all!

08-21 19:03Matt: Suspense is building!Hello Rich!

08-21 19:03Mike in DC: Hi Rich!  Duck…we’re being strafed by a Zero!

08-21 19:04Rich Maine: Duck and cover…under my desk!

08-21 19:04Matt: THE END…..until next week

08-21 19:04Mike in DC: whew he missedAnother near-death experience for X9

08-21 19:05Matt: We’ll need to wait another week to see

08-21 19:06Mike in DC: The suspense must have been quite something when these were first shown in the theaters…little boys in agony for a week about X9

08-21 19:06Matt: But Mom, I have to go again next week!

08-21 19:07Dona: Hello Everyone!

08-21 19:07Matt: Hello Dona!

08-21 19:07Rich Maine: hey Dona

08-21 19:07Mike in DC: Well son, if you’re a good boy and clean your room…Hi Dona!

08-21 19:07hounder: hi everyone.

08-21 19:07Dona: Hi Rich, Mike, Matt Houder.  Where is Rush?

08-21 19:07Matt: Hello Hounder!

08-21 19:07Rich Maine: hiya hounder

08-21 19:08Mike in DC: hey hounder!  hope you and mom are well.

08-21 19:09hounder: Mom’s in her on world tonight so i don’t know if i’ll get to stay or not.qwnown

08-21 19:09Godwinshelley: Hello all

08-21 19:09Dona: HI GS

08-21 19:09Matt: Gello GS!

08-21 19:09hounder: hi gs

08-21 19:09Rich Maine: Hey GS!

08-21 19:09Mike in DC: Hi GS

08-21 19:10Godwinshelley: Steve texted me from Hawaii – he’s working with the local news since Biden is visitingNo Rush tonight?

08-21 19:10hounder: then HS is ok?

08-21 19:10Matt: No, Rush is out tonightHello NT!

08-21 19:10Rich Maine: hi NT

08-21 19:11Dona: Hi NT

08-21 19:11Godwinshelley: I think he is doing ok – not where the fires were

08-21 19:11Matt: Cue your movies to the opening title, plz

08-21 19:11Godwinshelley: I’m cued to the opening titles

08-21 19:11Matt:

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08-21 19:11Nothere: Greetings most honorale Chan people.

08-21 19:11Dona: Ready Here Matt

08-21 19:11hounder: ah. glad he’s ok.

08-21 19:11tenman: Hola Chanfam!

08-21 19:11hounder: ready here

08-21 19:11Matt: Hello Tenman!

08-21 19:11Rich Maine: hey tenman

08-21 19:11Godwinshelley: Yeah you can’t help but worry when you know people on an island like that

08-21 19:11Dona: Hello Tenman

08-21 19:11Mike in DC: Hiya, 10man

08-21 19:12Matt: 3 minutes to go!

08-21 19:12Rich Maine: I have my Alexa wired with a trigger pin!

08-21 19:12Nothere: I promise  to be only slightly dishonaralbe during our fearless leaders absence. Sorry Matt. But no cat mice eat cheese./GENTLEMEN START YOUR ENGINES!

08-21 19:13Mike in DC: Vroom

08-21 19:13Matt: TWO minutes to go

08-21 19:13Mike in DC: Gong-ready in DC

08-21 19:13Angel Santiago Saltamontes: SNAKES alive!!!

08-21 19:13Matt: Hello A & F!

08-21 19:13Dona: Hi Angel

08-21 19:13hounder: hi a n f

08-21 19:13Mike in DC: Hey Angel n Foxor Foxx

08-21 19:14Matt: ONE minute to go!

08-21 19:14Nothere: Still to be seen Angel. Tiny tincans ready just in c ase.

08-21 19:14Matt: 45 seconds….30 seconds…..

08-21 19:14Godwinshelley: If Paul shows up tonight, you might not recognize him.  He just got a big haircut and is looking sharp.

08-21 19:14Matt: 15

08-21 19:14Mike in DC: oooh

08-21 19:14Dona: lol

08-21 19:14Matt: 10

08-21 19:15Mike in DC: dressed up for Chan

08-21 19:15Matt: 5GO!

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08-21 19:15Mike in DC: Hey, it’s the gong girl!

08-21 19:15Matt: Your favorite Mike

08-21 19:16Godwinshelley: Ah – of course, the rain

08-21 19:16Mike in DC: Love her ferocious look

08-21 19:16Nothere: So say ZZtop eh God

08-21 19:16hounder: another rainy night

08-21 19:16Matt: Looks like a good night for some beef stew

08-21 19:16Mike in DC: or coffee

08-21 19:16Dona: It rained here yesterday all night and this morninggone now

08-21 19:16Godwinshelley: Is this the wettest Chan film?

08-21 19:16Mike in DC: it rained all night the day I left…

08-21 19:17Mike in DC: Serious umbrella shortage in that town

08-21 19:17Nothere: No fog but rain. Probably God. There are few Chans with a rainstorm. Museum is the only other one I can think off of hand.

08-21 19:17Dona: We were supposed ot get a hurricane. But only rain.

08-21 19:18Godwinshelley: Dona are you West Coast?

08-21 19:18Dona: Southern CaliforniaOntario

08-21 19:18Mike in DC: Isn’t there a rainstorm at the beginning of Opera?

08-21 19:18Godwinshelley: Ah – glad you are doing OK

08-21 19:18Dona: No wind

08-21 19:18Matt: Hope you made out Ok Dona?

08-21 19:18Nothere: Theres a reason they all have their hands in their pockets Mike. Try not to feel to bad about missing the hurricane.

08-21 19:18Dona: It was a rain storm.  They made a big deal of it but it wasn’t

08-21 19:18Mike in DC: Aha…glad to hear you’re ok, Dona.  Didn’t know you were SoCal

08-21 19:18tenman: Ok, noew I want stew!

08-21 19:18Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Cell phone charge way low so we are lurking for now.

08-21 19:18Godwinshelley: There are a few swan dives into water the sons do from ships or out that door at the disreputable bar

08-21 19:19mda1903: Hello folks

08-21 19:19tenman: Ok, now I want stew!

08-21 19:19Matt: <boing>

08-21 19:19Angel Santiago Saltamontes: They hate your stew, Stew

08-21 19:19Nothere: Will no one order the beef stew.

08-21 19:19Matt: Hello MDA!

08-21 19:19Dona: Hi M

08-21 19:19Nothere: Hey Mda

08-21 19:19Dona: MDA

08-21 19:19Mike in DC: Hey MDA

08-21 19:20Matt: Hello Paul!

08-21 19:20Dona: Hi Paul

08-21 19:20Nothere: In Monogram Chan you don’t watch jukebox. Jukebox watches you.

08-21 19:20Godwinshelley: Who is that finely shorn man who just entered?

08-21 19:20Mike in DC: Hey Paul!

08-21 19:20Paul Minturn: hi gang.  out in Mesa arizona again to visit mom.

08-21 19:20Nothere: Hey Paul

08-21 19:20Godwinshelley: Are you getting any of that hurricane out in AZ

08-21 19:21Matt: 

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08-21 19:21Mike in DC: Potential can candidate…need a doctor

08-21 19:21Dona: Did you get any rain from the hurricane Paul?

08-21 19:21Nothere: Mr. Black blacked out.

08-21 19:21Paul Minturn: we got a little rain today, but i dont think it was really from Hillary

08-21 19:23Godwinshelley: So WHICH Federal Building? that address is a bit non-specific for a DC buildingWhat not Walking music

08-21 19:23Mike in DC: They all look alike…

08-21 19:23Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Chan likes these smaller taxis.

08-21 19:23Dona: If I remember it’s a federal building in downtown LA

08-21 19:23Mike in DC: Yes, GS.  Missed a great suspenseful “walking to the car” moment

08-21 19:23Nothere: So somewhere in the world someone years ago got killed the same way and they already know? Whoever is in records gets a raise.

08-21 19:25Angel Santiago Saltamontes: That’s some VERY zexy zwaddling.

08-21 19:25Nothere: To bad Rush isn’t here. Anyone else have a guess how many killers were unrecognizable. Museum, Cruise, New York, and this one makes four. Any others?

08-21 19:28Nothere: Sometimes?

08-21 19:30Nothere: Oh look has tell tale hair of Van Horn.

08-21 19:30Rich Maine: can i get a time pleae, software issue!

08-21 19:30Angel Santiago Saltamontes: You could play marbles on her shoulders.

08-21 19:30Nothere: 1515

08-21 19:31Angel Santiago Saltamontes: John Denver wrote a song about them.

08-21 19:31Rich Maine: thanks

08-21 19:32Angel Santiago Saltamontes: DON’T EAT AT JOE’S

08-21 19:32hounder: which song is that a n f

08-21 19:32Dona: 1lol

08-21 19:32Matt: I hear the beef stew is pretty good

08-21 19:33Nothere: And he isn’t out o it.

08-21 19:33Angel Santiago Saltamontes: “Sunshine On Her (Padded) Shoulders”.

08-21 19:33Dona: love the old phone bookdbooks

08-21 19:33tenman: Hmmm….a tiny omwan in the juke box?

08-21 19:34Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Matt, SHUT UP ABOUT THE STEW.  Stew there is verrry unpwedictable!

08-21 19:34Nothere: Calm down Angel it’s nothing to get stewed up about.

08-21 19:35hounder: ah. brain is working very slow tonight

08-21 19:35Mike in DC: so is my internet, hounder…

08-21 19:36Nothere: Pi currently getting 3rd degree.

08-21 19:36Rich Maine: key lighting !

08-21 19:37hounder: nice shadows

08-21 19:37Nothere: Pi getting too close to case. Him no named Marlowe.

08-21 19:38Dona: late hours

08-21 19:39Nothere: Places? Like Joe’s cafe?

08-21 19:39Rich Maine: Lotus Garden…please order for me

08-21 19:39Mike in DC: once again, Charlie plays Cupid

08-21 19:39Dona: He’s good at it

08-21 19:39Nothere: Steak and potates with choclate pie for Rich.

08-21 19:39Rich Maine: to go NT

08-21 19:40Nothere: Ah what would a guy married for decades with 14 kids know about love?

08-21 19:40hounder: charlie seems to feel rewarded for playing mathmaker. he always has a big smile

08-21 19:41Mike in DC: that is one of the best romantic Chan interludes. 

08-21 19:43Nothere: Did anyone check the roof?

08-21 19:43Rich Maine: U turn me around!

08-21 19:43Nothere: right round

08-21 19:45Nothere: One if by hook two are by crook.

08-21 19:48Nothere: Ah the old tunnel into the bank from under the store trick. I haven’t fellfor that since the Red Headed Leaue.

08-21 19:48Rich Maine: true NT

08-21 19:48Matt: Poor BB

08-21 19:49Matt: 

Image thumbnail

08-21 19:49Nothere: She strikes without blows.

08-21 19:50Nothere: Nah he’ll be fine. Just needed a quick dip to wake up.

08-21 19:50hounder: my assistant out of doghouse and into trouble

08-21 19:51Rich Maine: white suit in a sewer!poor Larkin

08-21 19:51Nothere: Larkin have big mouth.

08-21 19:53Nothere: Them there me Nothere.:)

08-21 19:53Rich Maine: that coffee killed 4 people

08-21 19:53tenman: Burn! Tommy still has a few years ago to be a man!

08-21 19:53Matt: Should have stuck withe the stew Rich

08-21 19:53hounder: pop i want to talk to you man to man. i am ready but you still have a few years to go

08-21 19:53Rich Maine: the mobile laundry….do they rent 2 stores?

08-21 19:54Godwinshelley: Yeah – Postman is vital to this story

08-21 19:55Rich Maine: the postman always delivers

08-21 19:55Dona: yes

08-21 19:56Nothere: Yes Rich. Bit of overplanning, but it works out.

08-21 19:56Rich Maine: sure did NT

08-21 19:56Paul Minturn: and ex-postmen (me) can sit at home and do nothing

08-21 19:57Godwinshelley: You relive  your glory days – the dogs that didn’t bite, the crying kids you gave junk mail to cheer them up

08-21 19:57Nothere: Sorry Paul but not every postman can reveal key to criminal gangs plot to steal millions in goverment cash.

08-21 19:57Rich Maine: u earned it Paul

08-21 19:58Godwinshelley: That majorette jacket

08-21 19:58Paul Minturn: its surprising how much you can learn about a family just by reading the envelopes they get

08-21 19:58Nothere: Don’t make me point my shoulders at youi.

08-21 19:59Godwinshelley: Yes I would imagine mail would be like reading a browser history

08-21 20:00Nothere: Van Horn toots his own horn and jukebox buisness.

08-21 20:00Paul Minturn: and, no matter WHAT your occupation is….there’s a Trade Magazine for it

08-21 20:00Matt: Quite a “radio” lab?

08-21 20:00Rich Maine: CC breaks in

08-21 20:00Godwinshelley: You should see the publications for Acupuncturists!! They are wild

08-21 20:01tenman: I’m sre they’re very on point!

08-21 20:01Nothere: So did you have time to read magazines, or did you have to subscribe?

08-21 20:01Rich Maine: Tetragene!

08-21 20:01Nothere: No and no monocane.

08-21 20:02Rich Maine: The real Alexa appears!

08-21 20:02tenman: Were jukeboxes once actually run like this?

08-21 20:02Nothere: I rather doub it Tenman

08-21 20:03Matt: 

Image thumbnail

08-21 20:03Nothere: THe old secret broadcast station behind the bookcase.

08-21 20:03Godwinshelley: I believe Rush has said there were a few.  And that snake picture is very disturbing

08-21 20:04tenman: Sadly, just found the actor playing Ned, James Cardwell, passed away at the early age of 33 by suicide.

08-21 20:04Rich Maine: the pin in the coin slot trick!

08-21 20:04Paul Minturn: Boop the Snoot!

08-21 20:04Nothere: Fotunatly kid not have venomus snake.

08-21 20:04Paul Minturn: nah, its just a liddle green snek

08-21 20:05Godwinshelley: I hope that was at a petting zoo and not (as my imagination says) a snake handling service

08-21 20:05Dona: have to move that picture upvery disturbinggoing to have nightmares.

08-21 20:05Godwinshelley: West Virginia is the only state that legalized Snake Handling for religion

08-21 20:06Dona: gone now thank you GS

08-21 20:06Nothere: Cobra make good pet when like bay. No teeth.

08-21 20:08Godwinshelley: That commercial that runs for dog food you refrigerate and the mother-in-law is telling the daughter-in-law that it was not right to do that, it has my imagination saying the daughter-in-law is feeding her dog later while the husband wonders where his mother is.  So, is it just me or do you all think the daughter-in-law FED the mother-in-law to her dog?

08-21 20:08Rush: Hello, and thank you again, Matt!

08-21 20:08Godwinshelley: Hello Rush

08-21 20:08Matt: Hello Rush!

08-21 20:08Rich Maine: hey RUSH!

08-21 20:08hounder: hi rush

08-21 20:08Nothere: OOOh the banking regulators gonna be mad at me. I’m so scared.

08-21 20:08Rich Maine: just in the nick of time

08-21 20:08Nothere: Hey Rush

08-21 20:09Rush: Hi! I just left my meeting and am about to head home.

08-21 20:09Rush: I just wanted to say hi…

08-21 20:09hounder: safe trip home

08-21 20:09Nothere: Hi. Hello. How are you?

08-21 20:09Rush: Thanks again, Matt!

08-21 20:10Matt: No problem Rush, Safe ride home!

08-21 20:10Dona: GS that is so funny, I never thought of that but i like it.

08-21 20:10Rush: Take care, everyone, and have a great week!

08-21 20:10Dona: Hi Rush!

08-21 20:10Matt: You too!

08-21 20:10Rush: Good night…

08-21 20:10Nothere: Night

08-21 20:11Dona: Bye Rush

08-21 20:11Rich Maine: CYA rush

08-21 20:12Matt: Trapped like rats!

08-21 20:12Nothere: That Charlie has to investigate every explosion.

08-21 20:12hounder: cave inbrb dog walk

08-21 20:14Mike in DC: I will read the message:  dot dot dash dot dash dot dot dot

08-21 20:14Rich Maine: operator just happens to know morse code!

08-21 20:14Matt: You forgot a dot, Mike

08-21 20:14Dona: they would back then.

08-21 20:14Mike in DC: It was wartime.  Maybe everyone learned Morse code…just in case.

08-21 20:14Rich Maine: CC wrote a whole story!perhaps Mike

08-21 20:15Matt: My, my, my….what a mess

08-21 20:15Dona: I remember learning it in school but I have forgotten it now.

08-21 20:15Godwinshelley: Lots of folks learned moris code

08-21 20:15Mike in DC: I mean, what if the Germans were coming and you couldn’t get any cell reception?

08-21 20:16Nothere: No one would recognie it today. But fortunatly the ops have swarmed the place.

08-21 20:16Mike in DC: I have also compared sweaters with Mr. Rodgers

08-21 20:16Nothere: So all it takes to make Charlie change clothes is a cave in.

08-21 20:17Rich Maine: guess so NT

08-21 20:17hounder: back

08-21 20:17Mike in DC: WB hounder

08-21 20:17Rich Maine: Clairol for men….wash away that gray hair

08-21 20:17Matt: I just noticed that NT….Good eye

08-21 20:18Nothere: Welcome back Hound.Strange powder? Drugs?

08-21 20:18Mike in DC: Edibles?

08-21 20:19Rich Maine: human cobra!

08-21 20:19tenman: No u turn here! No, you turn here!

08-21 20:19Nothere: Charlie find out about ring.

08-21 20:19Dona: I like end of this one.

08-21 20:19Mike in DC: One of the most enjoyable Monograms fer sure

08-21 20:19Matt: THE END

08-21 20:19Godwinshelley: But the big mystery was – did they ever sell the Beef stew

08-21 20:19Dona: cute ending

08-21 20:19Matt: <yee-haw>

08-21 20:19tenman: Nite all!

08-21 20:19Mike in DC: It’s very sweet<kids-yeah>

08-21 20:20Dona: LOL @GS\

08-21 20:20Rich Maine: no turns allowed here!

08-21 20:20hounder: nite all. thanks for the fun.

08-21 20:20Rich Maine: thanks Matt!  have a great week all

08-21 20:20Nothere: Yeah.

08-21 20:20Matt: Good night folks and have a great week

08-21 20:20Nothere: And so we all depart. o have inferior beef stew.

08-21 20:20Mike in DC: Yes…have a great week everyone.Thanks for hosting, Matt.  Masterful as always!

08-21 20:21Dona: Goodnight all.  Fun Evening.Have a good week.

08-21 20:21Godwinshelley: Everyone stay safe this week

08-21 20:21Dona: Thank you Matt!

08-21 20:21Godwinshelley: Night all

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