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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for August 24, 2020

The Shanghai Cobra

Secret Agent X-9 (Chapter 8)

Mike n Rachel in DC
Phil & Mrs. Phil

Rush has joined this room


Matt1 has joined this room

Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: Good evening, Matt!

Rush: How are you tonight?

Matt1: Hope all is well?

Rush: Well, I hope!

Rush: 🙂

Matt1: Good here, thnx….u?

Rush: Yes, overall…cannot complain!

Matt1: Did you start back yet?

Rush: I somehow got Chatavod to let me keep using my name here.

Rush: I was on campus for a few hours today.

Rush: Meeting teachers regarding scheduling, etc.

Matt1: Nice….good to see it?

Rush: We will be teaching online until the 11th of September.

Matt1: Not too long then

Rush: Then students can return…at least until our enlightened state’s government finds a way to halt us again.

Rush: Not long.

Rush: Older daughter sarah starts at school September 1.

Matt1: The State here required two options to parents, in school or online for 1st semester

Rush: These are private schools.

Rush: Similar here.

Rush: Most want to be IN school.

Matt1: Here it ranges from 43-62% in person

Rush: I am in favor of being IN school asap!

Matt1: I agree

Rush: Our school polled parents and it was 59-41 for being at school.

Rush: I suspect more parents will come around to the notion of sending their kinds into school.

Matt1: That’s impressive…..especially for CA

Rush: Well, again, we are a private school.

Matt1: True

Rush: A lot of people are scared by the constant media drumbeat.

Matt1: Yes… really confuses many

Rush: Personally, I haven’t had a moment’s fear for my personal health from the start, once the FACTS came in.

Matt1: We actually went to Disney 2 weeks ago for a weekend……never felt safer, but we were cautious

Rush: Yes.

Rush: We just need to practice what we really ALWAYS practice!

Matt1: So safe, we’re going back out next month for my birthday

Rush: We always wash our hands and stay away when prople cough, etc!

Rush: AH!

Rush: Perfact!

Matt1: Yep….I’ve been that way my whole life

Rush: Well…a happy birthday to you in advance!

Matt1: lol, thnx

Rush: 🙂

Rush: So have I, really.

Matt1: Just another rwason to get away 

Rush: YES!!!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: How far are you from Disney?

Matt1: Depends….during the virus, takes us 1.5 hours….pre? up to 3.5 Traffic is nuts when things are “normal”

Rush: Ah, yes!

Rush: too, have benefited from light freeway traffic!

Matt1: I think Disney may still be closed in CA?

Rush: Well…we ARE talking about CALIFORNIA, right?

Matt1: lol, yes

Rush: Not exactly the “Home of the Brave” here.

Matt1: Is the Iowa schools opened?

Rush: Yes.

hounder has joined this room

Rush: Seems that they are all opening with the online option.

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Rush: Hounder!!!!

hounder: I made it!. hopefully i can stay.

Rush: YAY!

Rush: Yes…I hope that you are “allowed” to stay tonight!

hounder: last week we had a power outage just after i got in.

Matt1: I’m Ok with that Rush….baby steps. Helps with anxiety

Rush: How’s your mom?

Rush: Indeed, matt!

Matt1: Still in NC, Hounder?

Rush: We can wait for a few more minutes for our serial….

Matt1: I’m cued

hounder: so so. yesterday was an off day. her mind was really lot.

Rush: Yes.

hounder: yes matt/ that’s why internet is so iffy.

Matt1: Sorry to hear….good days and not so?

Rush: Sorry, Hounder.

hounder: roller coaster. changes sometimes hourly.

Matt1: How much longer in NC?

hounder: probably middle to end of oct.

Rush: I am caring for a man as I work with Visiting Angels, who is confined to bed. Have to do a LOT for him. A humbling experience to be sure.

Rush: (a part time “extra” job)

Rush: Yes, to the above, Hounder.

Rush: Well….shall we count down?

hounder: so far she’s still somewhat mobile. yesteray she thought she was in a nursing home and she was leaving.

Rush: Yes…

hounder: she kept asking if i worked herre

Rush: Being mobile is a real blessing.

Rush: 30 seconds….

Rush: 20 seconds…

Rush: 15…

hounder: i can’t do the serial so don’t wait for me

Rush: 10…

Rush: OK.

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: Title….

Rush: Credits…

Rush: Chapter 8 tonight…

Rush: Shadow Island…1943

Matt1: music, lol

Rush: “Pappa Pierre”

Rush: yes, Matt!

Rush: the music choices in this one are funny at times!

Matt1: The pressure builds, as does the suspense

Rush: Great shot, X9!

Matt1: Well, Lee did shoot a Cobra, so

Rush: I think if we look back on last week’s cliffhanger, we didn’t see what we just saw!

Rush: TRUE, Matt!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Earlier I saw Ann Codee in the credits. I think she’s another Chan actor.

Matt1: Ah

Rush: CODEE, Ann (March 5, 1890; Antwerp, Belgium – May 18, 1961; Hollywood, California)

Charlie Chan in City in Darkness: Complainant at Police Headquarters
Charlie Chan in Rio: Margo

Rush: Keye Luke just reminded me: Believe it or not, I have not yet learned to tie a tie~!

Matt1: Ever?

Rush: Nexer!

Rush: I have always had someone else tie it and then I save the knot!

Matt1: lol….I’m hoping living in FL now, I’ll never have to again

Rush: You are probably correct, matt!

Matt1: I don’t think I wore slacks/jeans more than a week last year!

Rush: That ship’s captain wears o MONACLE, right?

Rush: “Cy”

hounder: wow rush!

Rush: 🙂

hounder: i ad to teach my stepson to tie a tie

Rush: I guess I should make that a personal project!

Rush: That looked like “Chuckles Routine 21!”

Rush: “Tommy” seems to be readilly spilling the beans!

Rush: Meanwhile…aboard the sub…

Rush: Cliffhaner in a couple minutes…!

Rush: Not good….

Matt1: Get ready for a close shave, X-9!

Rush: YOW!

Rush: ext week….Chapter Nine…”The Danger Point” (Get it?)

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Rush: (Applause)

Matt1: brb

Rush: Maybe he’ll land right between those blades!

Rush: Okay.

Rush: Hounder…still here?

Louise has joined this room

Rush: Louise!

Louise: Hello Chan Clan

Rush: Good evening and WELCOME!

Rush: How are you this evening, louise?

Louise: Good Rush, still eating dinner.

Matt1: Hello Louise!

Rush: Sounds good…a bit of a later dinner?

hounder: hi louise

Louise: Yes we started late. Sweet potatoes and salmon!

Godwinshelley3 has joined this room

Rush: And, prepared to perfection, I am sure!

Louise: Hi GS

Matt1: Hello GS!

Rush: GS!

Godwinshelley3: Hello – laptop in shop – on phone

Rush: hello, and a big WELCOME!

hounder: there’s about a 20 sec delay tonight on my posts. just fyi

Rush: On the road, GS?

Rush: Hounder, that happens!

Godwinshelley3: In DE – but computer needed work

Rush: it will go away eventuelly!

Rush: AH!

Matt1: Start 20 seconds earlier, Hounder! 

Rush: I did see that “3”!

Godwinshelley3: Took it in last week – today they started on it

Rush: Yes, Matt!

Rush: 🙂

hounder: hi gs

Louise: GS: soubds typical

Rush: I understand that, GS!

Godwinshelley3: Seeing the new movie “Tesla” on Wednesday

Rush: Yes?

Rush: About the man or the car? 🙂

Louise: Tesla is in theatres now?

hounder has left this room

Matt1: Cued!

Godwinshelley3: On 30% occupancy in theater

Rush: Or the ’80s band?

Godwinshelley3: With masks

Rush: Yes.

DanVenture has joined this room

Louise: Let us know how it is GS

Rush: Not great for popcorn consumption!

Godwinshelley3: It’s at our art theater

Matt1: Hello DV!

DanVenture: Evening, All!

Rush: DV!


Louise: Hi Dan

Godwinshelley3: Rush are you no longer coastal?

Rush: 5 minutes to go…

Rush: Please ready your personal copies!

Louise: and yes, hard to eat popcorn with a mask. I am just staying homne and trying to watch the hundreds of DVDs I have.

Rush: Pause at the opening title…

Louise: CUED here

Godwinshelley3: I’m cued here – with subtitles

Rush: Agreed, Louise!

Phil & Mrs Phil has joined this room

Matt1: Hello M/M Phil!

Louise: Hi to the Phils

Rush: Mr. and Mrs. Phil~!

Phil & Mrs Phil: Aloha to all our Chan Friends!

Godwinshelley3: Any word on how Hawaiian Steve is doing these days?

Rush: Good evening!

Matt1: He was here last week, no?

Rush: Aloha to you both, as well!

Phil & Mrs Phil: You may have noticed I fell suddenly silent last week. That’s because I fell suddenly asleep at the keyboard. 

Rush: 2 1/2 minutes to go!

Rush: Please pause your movies at the opening title..

Matt1: It happens! zzzzzzzzzz

Rush: TWO minutes…

Phil & Mrs Phil: One second concious, next second gone.

hounder has joined this room

Matt1: wb Hounder!

Rush: WB, Hounder!

Dona has joined this room

Phil & Mrs Phil: WB Hounder

Rush: 90 seconds…

Phil & Mrs Phil: Hi Dona

Rush: DONA!

Matt1: Hello Dona!


Dona: Hello Everyone!

Rush: 75 seconds…

Rush: 60 seconds…

Dona: All set Rush

Rush: Fellow “Socalian”!

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: 40 seconds…

Louise: Hi Dona

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Phil & Mrs Phil: You must be eating dinner as you watch this Rush?

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Rush: Title….

Louise: Thank you Matt

Rush: Music….

Rush: Credits…

Rush: Not tonight, Phil.

Louise: I love the gadgets in this one

Rush: I am alone with my younger daughter at this time.

Rush: After the movie we’ll fix something!

Rush: NICE rainy scene here.

Louise: and my favorite music again

hounder: hi all internet hiccup

Rush: AH!

Louise: very noirish

Rush: Sorry, Hounder!

Rush: Yes, Louise!


Phil & Mrs Phil: Wish it rain like that here. Soe local counties are facing drought conditions.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Some local counties

Rush: This is my favorite Monogram!

Rush: We could use some well-placed rain in CA.

Phil & Mrs Phil: WHY would you EVER carry a gun and not know how many rounds are in it?

Rush: Joe’s Coffee Shop.

Louise: Really Rush, your favorite?

Godwinshelley3: Are you still in CA?

Rush: Yes.

Rush: The atmosphere is good.

Godwinshelley3: Reminds me of the film “Detour”

Rush: And we have another interesting Monogram gimmick…the two-way jukebox!

Rush: Actually, oneway visually!

Phil & Mrs Phil: I think I’ll have a cup of coffee. Anyone else?

Rush: Watch your finger!!!

Matt1: <doing>

Rush: Good way to get rid of that guy.

Rush: She needn’t have bothered as we shall see!

Godwinshelley3 has left this room

Phil & Mrs Phil: Cue the can

Rush: Awaiting verification….

Louise: Break it up! Break it up!

Matt1<tin can>

Rush: TYSM, Matt…


Matt1: Two more cans?

Rush: Shanghai, 1937…

Rush: One of several “undocumented chan cases.

Rush: Not the recycled footage as Chan gets in the cab

Rush: From…

Rush: “Secret Service.”

Louise: All bank workers…hmmmm

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Flashback footage…

Rush: Actual footage of the Japanese attack on Shanghai, 1937.

PaulM has joined this room

Rush: Paul!

Rush: Good evening to YOU!

Louise: Thanks for that info Rush

PaulM: good evening

Dona: Hi Paul

Rush: Paul…we are at….10:30

Phil & Mrs Phil: Burns + Sea water = OUCH

Rush: SALT water.

Rush: 11:10

Rush: Here come a “double meaning” routine!

Rush: Fun stuff…

Mike n Rachel in DC has joined this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: *quick drive-by in progress*

Rush: Mike/Rachel!


Louise: Everybody knows Charlie

Matt1: Hello M 7 R….and PM!

hounder: sorry m n m phil. i’d send you some rain if i could

Dona: MNR Hello!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Greetings, Chan brethren! (and sisthren!)

Rush: The bit I mentioned comes a little later…sorry!

hounder: hi m n r

Louise: Hi M&R

Phil & Mrs Phil: It would be appreciated hounder

Rush: TYSM, Mike…rachel!

Mike n Rachel in DC: So sorry to say that we are entering a difficult phase for MnR and Monday evenings… 🙁

Rush: School-related?

hounder: we’ve had 4 dry days since june 1. and the nest week looks wet as well.

hounder: yes m n r

Rush: That’s why your area is so lush and GREEN, Hounder!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes. I (Mike) am going to be teaching Monday evenings…will try to play hookey when I can. Rach has got her hands full with teaching and getting her second Masters degree.

Rush: Second, Masters…nice!

hounder: true rush but i wish it woulkd dry up enough for me to cut the grass before i need a goat


Louise: What are your Masters in Rachel?

Matt1: We’ll miss you two

Mike n Rachel in DC: We will do our best…

Rush: yes, I have been lucky over the years, not missing too may Monday Nights.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel has MM in conducting (Ms. Maestro!)

Rush: The big vault.

Mike n Rachel in DC: (Maestra…)

Rush: Cue geiger sound…

Dona: WOW!!! That is impressive.

Louise: Maestra!

Rush: Indeed, Mike!

Mike n Rachel in DC

Rush: Well. my virtual hat is off to her!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Trying to be musical in our corner of DC!

Rush: Well on your way, Mike!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rush…she’s going for the “Masters+30” line on the teacher pay scale.

hounder: we’ll look forward to seeing you when you can join us again

Rush: THAT does not hurt, Mike!

Dona: Whenever things get normal where would we able to see the Maestra perform?

Rush: Very good!

Mike n Rachel in DC: $$$$$$$$

Louise: CUTE!

Rush: Yes, Louise!

Rush: “Apex Detective Agency”

Rush: “Breaking and entering”

Rush: I like how we see Ned’s figure approach.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Dona, she conducts in the DC area…but we make it out to CA on occasion. One of my former conducting students is at Santa Clara University…

Louise: Apex? After ACME

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Chan: “I AM police.”

Dona: I would love to attend if she is in the area.

Rush: Put him under the light!

Mike n Rachel in DC: There is a town called Apex, North Carolina. Their slogan is ‘the peak of good living’

Rush: Appropriate, Mike!

Louise: Nobody has lights in this place

Matt1: Tight budget

Rush: “Noir,” Louise!

Rush: Not many lights allowed!

Mike n Rachel in DC: around 21:00?

Rush: I miss the ring of real telephones.

Rush: 22:55

Rush: 23:10

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rush. You are dating yourself.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Jan van Horn?


Louise: Doily on her head

Rush: “The Tropics”

Dona: yes Louise

Rush: The date in the next booth.

Mike n Rachel in DC: *smooch*

Rush: Cute line coming….

Matt1: CC always playing cupid

Rush: Buster Keaton-inspired hat on her!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Matt, remember…13 kids.

Matt1: lol

Rush: 14 at this point!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yikes. A well-stocked quiver for sure.

Rush: “…or do they…?”

Rush: “I was just asking my wife about dinner…”

Rush: Here we go….

Rush: “No U-turn”

Dona: lol

Louise: No you turn here

Matt1: “rising generation sit too much”….classic

Rush: I love this.

Rush: CC is the match maker in a number of films.

Louise: He is into romance for sure

Rush: Yes!

Rush: “Why, this detective job ain’t sanitary!”

Rush: “I’m BIRMINGHAM, I ain’t Paul Revere!”

Louise: so funny

Rush: “Eager Beaver Routine 51”

hounder: i like bb lines

Rush: “Earthquake!”

Rush: Me too, Hounder!

Louise: secret passgae makes every movie better

Louise: passage

Rush: I have been adding a section for each film where BB appears: “The Wit and Wisdom of Birmingham Brown.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: *applause*. We’ll have to check that out, Rush.

Rush: Have been thinking on it for YEARS, and I am finally doing it.

Rush: So far, I have them from “Secret Service” to “The Shanghai Cobra,”

Mike n Rachel in DC: He’s a bit part of the laster films.

Mike n Rachel in DC: *later

Rush: Yes!

Rush: The “juke” lady.

Rush: “Take it easy…c’mon, feet…”

Rush: I love how BB makes his face turn toward the corpse.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Cue the can

Louise: I would love to see this movie on a big screen

Matt1<tin can>

Rush: YES!

Rush: THAT would be GREAT, Louise!

Louise: Hard yo see the details and I bet it looks great with all the weird lighting

Rush: I bet so, too!

Rush: TYSM, Matt…

hounder: it would be great louise. it’s amazing how manymore details you notice on the big screen

Rush: Another cobra victim!

Rush: That’s very true, Hounder!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Those Italian street signs

Rush: When I first saw “Charlie Chan at the Race Track” years ago, I could read the “Blacton” patch on the track guards for the first time.

Rush: You DO see the dtails on the big screen!

Rush: “Don’t look at ME, I didn’t take it!”

Rush: This one’s got ’40s slang AND attitude!

Louise: bunch of goons

Mike n Rachel in DC: bobbysox

Rush: Yes.

Rush: And…yes!

Rush: The “rocket.”

Rush: Interesting method of breaking open a vault as we will see!

Rush: again…very “Monogram”.

hounder: …

Rush: “Never sell bear skin before shooting bear.”

Rush: “Thank YOU, Mr. Chan…thank you VERY much!”

Rush: CC’s hat is dented.

PaulM: yeah, just ask the mailman….we know EVERYTHING

Louise: Always the air ducts

Rush: Yes, Paul!

Rush: And…YES, Louise!

Rush: Jan Van Horn!

Louise: TYSM

Rush: !!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: air ducks? 

Rush: “Four murders much MORE illegal.”

Rush: You patch them with duck tape, Mike!

Phil & Mrs Phil: Pentalite?

Rush: Not this adventure!

hounder: amateur attempt at concealment

Rush: Apoloogies, Phil!

Rush: u are correct! PENTALITE!

Rush: (You)

Louise: ouch

Rush: That’s the explosive used.

Rush: And VERY unstable it is!

Rush: “Mice will never play so long as cat is in house.”

Dona: Good Line

Rush: Yes!

Louise: Hope they have their lead underwear ready

Rush: Or a good hiding place!

Rush: Needs brake work.

Rush: Chan is tossing out comments, gaining clues.

Rush: Still there.

Phil & Mrs Phil: I’m getting drowsy

Rush: C’mon! Wake up!

Phil & Mrs Phil: Need some action!

Rush: This should help!

Rush: coming up….

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room

Rush: BOOM!!!

Rush: DEFINITELY investigate!

hounder: sewers figure in several chan movies

Phil & Mrs Phil: Oh yeah just drop an unknown quantity of explosive into a confined space and SEE WHAT HAPPENS

Louise: Yes hounder

Rush: Yes, Hounder!

Rush: And…YES, Phil!

Rush: (And, I forgot to say hello to Mrs. Phil!)

Rush: Long message!

hounder: wonder howany people today know morse code

Rush: Good question!

Phil & Mrs Phil: TYSM Rush

Rush: probably in connection with the military.

Louise: BANG!

Rush: BOOM!!!

Dona: I know sos but that’s it

Godwinshelley3 has joined this room

Rush: Yes!

Louise: Morse code: Girl Scouts

Rush: WB, GS!

Rush: AH!

Dona: Yes Louise that is where I learned it

Godwinshelley3: Husband was learning Chinese variant Morse code just before the Vietnam war ended

Phil & Mrs Phil: Wait…was Charlie sitting on the rocks that were on top of tommy?

Rush: I think that to get a HAM radio license, one had to learn it.

Rush: And he sold Joe his jukebox.

Louise: It is always Jarvis

Rush: 🙂

Godwinshelley3 has left this room

hounder: i don’t know if you have to now rush. i know 20 ish years ago there was a linited ham license that didn’t require knowing morse code

Rush: A little martial art work by CC there.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Charlie put the Fu on him.

hounder: charlie is always the match maker

Louise: hoosegow

Rush: Yes, Hounder…so I was right.

Rush: More “No U-turn!”


Louise: “DOLPHIN”

Rush: Good ending!


Matt1: <yee-haw>

DanVenture: Fun

Dona: Always a good ending.

Rush: Yes!

PaulM has left this room

hounder: hope to see y’all next week

DanVenture: Everyone stay healthy!

Rush: Next week…

Rush: “The Red Dragon”

Dona: Another good one Rush!

Rush: Yes, everyone….

Louise: Good movie, great evening. Thanks all.

Matt1: Take care and have a great week, folks!

Rush: Stay healthy and happy!

hounder has left this room

DanVenture has left this room

Rush: I hope that you ALL had a good time tonight!

Dona: Looking forward to next week.

Dona: Thank you Rush

Phil & Mrs Phil: Remember..wash your hands. You don’t know where they’ve been. Aloha

Phil & Mrs Phil has left this room

Rush: And…I thank you ALL for making this Monday night another evening of Chan-filled FUN!

Rush: Good night, Matt, Louise, and dona!

Matt1 has left this room

Dona: Always a fun evening.

Rush: Have a GREAT week!

Louise has left this room

Dona: You too.

Rush: Dona…saty COOL!

Dona: I’m trying

Rush: (stay)

Rush: Me too!

Dona: Have a good week!

Rush: Forunately, no fires in our area.

Rush: You as well….

Dona: yes

Rush: Good night!

Dona: good night

Rush: 🙂

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