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Feature: The Red Dragon

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Secret Agent X-9 – Chapter 07 – High Pressure Deadline – 1945

Angel Santiago Saltamontes
Mike in DC
Rich Maine

08-28 18:26Matt: Hello Duane!

08-28 Hello Matt

08-28 18:28Matt: Hello Rush!

08-28 Hello Rush

08-28 18:28Rush: 

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Good evening!

08-28 Hello Matt and Rush

08-28 18:29Rush: I am a tiny bit late as we have concrete workers here and I needed to talk with them.

08-28 18:29Matt: I hope you both are well tonightTake your time Rush

08-28 18:29Rush: Mat and Duane…good evening….TY both SM!

08-28 I am fine how are you Rush

08-28 18:30Matt: Don’t forget to write your name in concrete

08-28 18:30Rush: Doing well, thank you and may you bothe and yours be doing well as well!

08-28 18:30Matt: Perhaps a favorite Chan aphorism?

08-28 18:30Rush: 

Who knows! 

08-28 18:32Rush: We have the next chapter of the serial coming up in abpout ten minutes…Also, TYSM, again, Matt, for takingh the wheel last Monday!

08-28 18:32Matt: Always happy to helpX-9 Chapter 7!

08-28 18:33Matt: Hello Mike!

08-28 18:33Mike in DC: Good evening all!Matt was a superb host last week.

08-28 18:34Rush: Good evening, Mike!Rachel is out of town tonight?

08-28 18:34Mike in DC: Rachel is out of town for the semester…actually the year.  She’s started doctoral school at Michigan!

08-28 18:34Matt: How is Rachel making out , so far?

08-28 Hello Mike

08-28 18:35Mike in DC: Busy but doing well, Matt.

08-28 18:35Rush: WOW!  She’ll be home on holidays, etc.?

08-28 18:35Mike in DC: Hello Duane!

08-28 18:35Matt: Tell her we said hello, plz

08-28 18:35Rush: Yes, please do.

08-28 18:35Mike in DC: Yes, we’re going to be using our frequent flyer miles the next couple of years!

08-28 Yes please do

08-28 18:36Mike in DC: First trip to Ann Arbor for me is Sept 21.  Counting days.

08-28 18:36Matt: Semester, year, COUPLE of years?

08-28 18:36Rush: I can only imaging, Mike!

08-28 18:36Mike in DC: Hopefully once she gets settled she might have time to hop on and join the fun.

08-28 18:37Mike in DC: It’s a three-year program.  The first year is the worst for us being together…after that we should be able to find more time to be in one place or the other.

08-28 18:37Rush: In 30+ years, Marie and I have at most been apart for about ten days!(At a stretch)

08-28 18:37Mike in DC: We have you beat already, Rush!

08-28 18:37Rush: indeed!

08-28 18:38Mike in DC:    <-Mike …. long way… -> Rachel

08-28 18:38Rush: Well, burn through some of those Frequent Flyer miles as you said!

08-28 18:38Mike in DC: Hm.  That didn’t come out quite as planned.I travel a lot, so I’ve got about 250K to use…

08-28 18:39Rush: Very good!

08-28 18:39Matt: My Father used to say “it builds character”…..Still not too sure what it means

08-28 18:39Rush: Yes.

08-28 18:39Mike in DC: We could do with less character and more togetherness, Matt.  

08-28 18:39Matt: Exactly!

08-28 18:39Rush: As is said about absence…

08-28 18:40Mike in DC: I can probably break rocks with my character by now…lol

08-28 18:40Rush: The heart will, indeed grow fonder!

08-28 18:40Matt: lol

08-28 18:41Rush: The extra: “Secret Agent X-9 – Chapter 07 – High Pressure Deadline – 1945”

08-28 18:41Mike in DC: True, Rush.  And it helps that I grew up in Detroit and went to Michigan, so a lot of this is a walk down memory lane for me.  We’re able to sort of share the experience she’s having…which is nice.

08-28 18:41Rush: Are we ready?

08-28 18:41Mike in DC: Ready for X9.

08-28 18:41Rush:

08-28 18:41Matt: Yep

08-28 Ready

08-28 18:41Rush: Short countdown….

08-28 18:41Mike in DC: K9, too.  Woof.

08-28 18:41Rush: 15….10…5…GO!!!

08-28 18:42Rush: Dramatic “BOM…BOM…BOMMMMM” intro…

08-28 18:42Mike in DC: I love how ominously determined this music is.  Campy, but sinister too.

08-28 18:42Matt: Yes

08-28 18:42Rush: yes!

08-28 Yes

08-28 18:43Mike in DC: Some of the composers for these films were unsung geniuses.

08-28 18:43Rush: Shadow IslandNAZI home movies…

08-28 18:44Rush: Number Three Son…In the role of a baddy!

08-28 18:44Mike in DC: Another one of those “Japanese”!

08-28 18:44Rush: And….Number One Son…a good guy!

08-28 18:45Rush: That pesky Zero!

08-28 18:47Rush: “I’ll bet you say that t ALL secret agents…”

08-28 18:47Matt: Just X-8

08-28 18:47Rush: 

08-28 18:52Rush: It’s gotta be in that drawer!

08-28 18:52Rush: Nobura talks to the floor.Takahari.

08-28 18:54Rush: Can you imagine props departments during WW2 seeking out pictures of Hitler for their scenes?”Yes, we need it for a movie.”

08-28 18:54Matt: With NO computers to help!

08-28 18:54Rush: “I see….”(Calls the FBI….)

08-28 18:55Rush: Cy Kendall.

08-28 18:55Matt: Oh, I won’t be around next Monday Rush….Traveling to PA for family visit

08-28 18:56Rush: Thank you, Matt.  Have a happy and safe trip!

08-28 18:56Rush: We will all share the gong and can duties in your absence!

08-28 18:57Matt: 

08-28 18:57Rush: The high tech listening device…

08-28 18:57Matt: Hello A & F!

08-28 18:58Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Foxx LOVES Redd Dragon!!

08-28 18:58Matt: Not Redd Foxx?

08-28 Hello Angel and Foxx

08-28 18:58Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Hell-O!!

08-28 18:58Rush: Quisling: a traitor who collaborates with an enemy force occupying their country.

08-28 18:58Louise: Hello Chan Fans

08-28 18:58Matt: Hello Louise!

08-28 18:59Rush: Here comes the “pressure” part of the title!

08-28 18:59Louise: I am back from my travels

08-28 18:59Mike in DC: Hi Louise!

08-28 18:59Matt: Pressures building?

08-28 18:59Rush: Yes!

08-28 Hello Louise

08-28 18:59Rush: Hello, LOUISE!!!Welcome!I hope that your travels were wonderful, Louise!

08-28 19:00Matt: Yes, hope you had a good trip

08-28 19:00Rush: WOW!

08-28 19:00Louise: It was HOT but also very relaxing since I didn’t try to do too much.

08-28 19:00Rush: “Two.”

08-28 19:00Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Welcome back Louise!  The nicest chair for you!

08-28 19:01Louise: It was HOT but relaxing since I didn’t try to do too much.

08-28 19:01Rush: That works, Louise!

08-28 19:01Louise: ECHO!!

08-28 19:01Matt: Hello Rich!

08-28 19:01Rush: Welcome…ANGEL…and Foxx!

08-28 Good to have you back Louise

08-28 19:01Louise: Thanks Duane and all

08-28 19:01Rich Maine: Good evening all !

08-28 19:01Rush: I think the place is gonna BLOW!

08-28 19:02Matt: Never fails

08-28 Hello Rich

08-28 19:02Rush: It did.

08-28 19:02Rich Maine: hey duane

08-28 19:02Louise: 

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08-28 19:02Rush: That’s our serial for this week!

08-28 19:03Matt: Thnx Rush

08-28 19:03Mike in DC: Always fun!

08-28 19:03Rush: Nice lobby card!

08-28 19:03Mike in DC: And hello to Rich and Angel…been multi-tasking here!

08-28 19:03Louise: On sale (auction) ate along with some other lobby cards and posters

08-28 19:03Rich Maine: hiya mikewhats the film again tonite?

08-28 19:03Rush: I think it shows when CC, Tommy, and BB peek at the exploded cab!Rich!  Welcome!

08-28 19:04Rich Maine: hi Rush

08-28 19:04Matt: Red Dragon

08-28 19:04Louise: Cued here and ready

08-28 19:04Rich Maine: aha I had forgot the name

08-28 19:04Matt: Cued too!

08-28 Ready here

08-28 19:04Rush: 11 minutes to go….

08-28 19:05Dona: Hello Everyone!

08-28 19:05Rush: Dona!

08-28 19:05Mike in DC: Hello Dona!

08-28 Hello Dona

08-28 19:05Rush: Good evening to you!

08-28 19:05Matt: Hello Dona!

08-28 19:06Dona: It’s good to see everyone.

08-28 19:06Rush: 

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Tonight’s movie is found in this collection.

08-28 19:07Matt: That’s the set I’m using tonight

08-28 19:07Rush: Me too.

08-28 19:07Dona: Me three

08-28 19:07Rush: 

08-28 19:07Matt: Hello NT!

08-28 19:08Rich Maine: will be missing BB tonite

08-28 19:08Dona: Hi NT

08-28 19:08Rush: NT!  WELCOME!

08-28 19:08Nothere: Greetings Matt Doa and all hte ships a sea

08-28 Hello NT

08-28 19:08Nothere: And Rush makes three

08-28 19:08Rush: 

08-28 19:08Nothere: Hi Duane

08-28 19:08Rush: 7 minutes..

08-28 19:09Dona: Ready to go here Rush

08-28 19:09Nothere: So a triple threat eh Rush

08-28 19:09Rush: 

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08-28 19:10Matt: lol

08-28 19:10Mike in DC: Distinguished looking gents

08-28 19:10Rush: Yep!

08-28 19:10Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Hello Duane, Curly, Larry and Rush!

08-28 19:10Rush: 5 minutes….

08-28 19:10Godwinshelley: I had the right hue but the wrong noun – I had Scarlet Clue – just changed it

08-28 19:10Rush: 4 minutes…GS!

08-28 19:11Godwinshelley: I’m cued

08-28 19:11Rush: Good evening and welcome!

08-28 19:11Godwinshelley: Welcome to all of you as well

08-28 19:11Rush: “The Red Dragon”TYSM, GS!

08-28 19:11Godwinshelley: Yes I have that now

08-28 19:11Dona: Hi GS

08-28 Hello GS

08-28 19:11Louise: Hi GS and everyone I missed greeting

08-28 19:11Rush: 3 minutes…

08-28 19:12Rush: TWO MINUTES..90 seconds…

08-28 19:13Rush: 75 seconds…60 seconds…50 seconds…

08-28 19:14Rush: 40 seconds…30 seconds…25…20…

08-28 19:14Godwinshelley: Louise – just found an online place – Little Obsessed – lots of fun stuff – worlds smallest slinky, tiny rock em sock em robots!

08-28 19:14Rush: 15…10…5…GO!!!

08-28 19:15Matt: 

Image thumbnail

08-28 19:15Rush: Title….Music….Credits….(Good GONG!)

08-28 19:15Angel Santiago Saltamontes: BARTON YARBOROUGH!

08-28 19:15Louise: GS: I will check it out

08-28 19:15Rush: YAY!Mexico CityThe sights….

08-28 19:16Louise: MEHICO

08-28 19:16Angel Santiago Saltamontes: OTIS

08-28 19:16Rush: A quick tour….

08-28 19:16Louise: What it looked like before the big earthquakes

08-28 19:16Rush: US Embassy

08-28 19:16Angel Santiago Saltamontes: My life should have this Upmusic.

08-28 19:16Godwinshelley: I have a table at MidAtlantic Nostalgia Fest in Balt and picked up a few things for my table from there (kinda hoping they don’t sell)

08-28 19:16Rush: Yes, Louise!

08-28 19:16Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Howdy, podnuh!

08-28 19:16Nothere: O.k. family is oe time check please.gone even:)

08-28 19:17Rush: 2:15

08-28 19:17Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Wish my secretary was so, uh, alluring.

08-28 19:17Rush: 2:252:30

08-28 19:17Nothere: tysm

08-28 19:17Rush: 

08-28 19:17Rich Maine: Lunch at the penthouse!

08-28 19:18Nothere: Who wouldn’t want Chan here?

08-28 19:18Rush: Yes…and it will be an eventful one!

08-28 19:18Angel Santiago Saltamontes: What’s with the double-breasted coats?  There was a war on; hadn’t they heard?

08-28 19:18Godwinshelley: Mike – if you have a chance – check out MidAtlantic Sept 7-9 just north of Baltimore in Hunt Valley at the Delta Hotel

08-28 19:18Rush: Only the bad guys, NT!Wish I could, GS…

08-28 19:18Louise: Bang

08-28 19:19Rush: Lots going on with our family.

08-28 19:19Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Ready with Chan can?

08-28 19:19Nothere: You don

08-28 19:19Mike in DC: OK…

08-28 19:19Rich Maine: Turban alert

08-28 19:19Louise: Hopefully they were shooting at that hat

08-28 19:19Angel Santiago Saltamontes: -30-

08-28 19:19Godwinshelley: Rush – what’s up?

08-28 19:19Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Plans ran when parked.

08-28 19:19Nothere: t want to fight a war in a single breated coat. See that guy had no coat ad got shot.

08-28 19:19Angel Santiago Saltamontes: PLANE

08-28 19:20Matt: 

Image thumbnail

08-28 19:20Rich Maine: DB#1

08-28 19:20Angel Santiago Saltamontes: There we go!

08-28 19:20Louise: good one Matt

08-28 19:20Dona: good one Matt

08-28 19:20Rush: 

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08-28 19:20Louise: Yo Dona!

08-28 19:20Nothere: Hey cous. Want to take over a job where your sure to run into a vicious murderer?

08-28 19:21Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Every plane i see seems to whisper Tetragene.

08-28 19:21Rush: I would think that BB warned his cousin beforehand abput working with CC!

08-28 19:21Dona: hi Louise

08-28 19:21Nothere: T et ra gin e Angel Tetra gene.

08-28 19:21Rush: I am like Chattanooga about heights!

08-28 19:21Nothere: Hi Louise

08-28 19:22Nothere: If your lucky you get the bull to fight the murderer.

08-28 19:22Rush: 

Image thumbnail

08-28 19:23Nothere: I have it. Message reads I need to hire typist.

08-28 19:23Rush: Note on a keyboard which letter key is near the $.

08-28 19:23Rich Maine: Neptuniam!

08-28 19:24hounder: hi all. i’ll joinin when i’m done feeding mom

08-28 19:24Rush: Hounder!Hello, and welcome!

08-28 19:24Matt: Hello Hounder!

08-28 19:24Nothere: Hey hound

08-28 19:24Rush: Okay!

08-28 19:24Dona: Hi Hounder

08-28 19:24Rush: See you then!

08-28 19:24Mike in DC: Plutonium, Neptunium…at least Pluto still has its element.

08-28 19:24Rush: (SLAP!)

08-28 19:24Nothere: eware Waterloo

08-28 19:24Rush: Yes, Mike!

08-28 19:25Louise: Hey Nothere, I found this book about you in New York

08-28 19:25Rush: 

Image thumbnail

08-28 19:25Louise: 

Image thumbnail

08-28 19:25Rush: 

08-28 19:26Nothere: Oh yeah. That book. Well done Louise. I had a hard time not being there for the cover photo/

08-28 19:26Louise: 

08-28 19:26Rush: NT: 

08-28 19:26Matt: lol

08-28 19:27Louise: Reader, I bought it!

08-28 19:27tenman: Hola all! Where are we? I don’t have times on my screen. Whatg scene?

08-28 19:27Rich Maine: Mi casa su casa

08-28 19:27Matt: Hello Tenman

08-28 19:27Rush: Claro que si!

08-28 19:27Nothere: It only took 30 films u someone finally called Charlie out on his lack of authiority.

08-28 19:27Rush: Tenman!Good evening to you!

08-28 19:28Nothere: They should have ought it1320

08-28 19:28Louise: I carried a neutral passport but they still looked it over carefully.

08-28 19:29Rush: Yes?

08-28 19:29Rich Maine: And exactly why were all these crooks invited to lunch ?

08-28 19:29Rush: Good question!

08-28 19:29Nothere: Countess? I’m not counting on that.Who else does a detcective invite to lunch?

08-28 19:30Rush: Probably as a part of the decedent’s ongoing investigation?

08-28 19:30Louise: Or lots of illegal importing

08-28 19:30Rush: yes.

08-28 19:31Nothere: Best crooks to invite to lunch smuglers. They have all the good stuf.

08-28 19:31hounder: time check please?

08-28 19:31Rush: 16;2516:2516:4016:50

08-28 19:31Rush: 17:00

08-28 19:32Nothere: Killer shouted and and threw ullet?

08-28 19:32Rush: 17:1017:20

08-28 19:32Nothere: Bang and threw bullet.

08-28 19:32Rush: 17:30

08-28 19:32hounder: i’m close

08-28 19:32Rush: 17:40

08-28 19:32Louise: I just laughed out loud with that revolving gun

08-28 19:32Rush: Poor Chatanooga!

08-28 19:32hounder: matt are you in fl? are you staying safe?

08-28 19:32Rush: His cousin experienced a similar device once!

08-28 19:33Matt: Scene was meant for BB, lol

08-28 19:33Rush: Yes!

08-28 19:33Rich Maine: yes a perfect BB setup

08-28 19:33Rush: Even blanks can cause damage…or worse!

08-28 19:33Nothere: Chattanogga’s teeth chatter after that.

08-28 19:34Rush: Mine might too!”Are you SURE?”

08-28 19:35tenman: They’re examining bullets now. Have you got that far yet?

08-28 19:35Rush: CC and Carverro are in his office.

08-28 19:35Nothere: My passport should appear authentic. I paid the forger…. I mean it is real.

08-28 19:35Rush: At the door of room 2010.

08-28 19:35Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Joyriding teenagers been accounted for?

08-28 19:36Nothere: Not yet Angel

08-28 19:36Rush: Margurote caught rifling a desk.

08-28 19:36Godwinshelley: Peplum alert

08-28 19:36Rush: CC and Carverro enter…

08-28 19:36Nothere: You couldn’t stand the excitment of whats going on in 2012.

08-28 19:36Godwinshelley: And those are practically clown buttons

08-28 19:36Rush: NT: 

08-28 19:36Angel Santiago Saltamontes: We like the Pagliacci buttons.

08-28 19:36Louise: PEPLUM. PEPLUM PEPLUM.  for those still wondering what a peplum is.

08-28 19:36Dona: i thought so too GS

08-28 19:36hounder: yes gs

08-28 19:37Rush: A flash of each suspect!

08-28 19:37Angel Santiago Saltamontes: A DIScountess!!

08-28 19:37Rush: 

08-28 19:37Nothere: I knew you couldn’t count on her.

08-28 19:37Louise: Niagra Falls…slowly I turned…

08-28 19:37Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Check O’Slovakia!  Maybe he did it!

08-28 19:37Rush: Yes…Czechoslavakia!

08-28 19:38Nothere: Aha. I never thought to check on Czeczhoslavakia.

08-28 19:38Rush: 

And, Angel: 

08-28 19:39Nothere: Mexican police have no warrant. No prolem.

08-28 19:39Rush: (SLAP!)

08-28 19:39Nothere: Competing jokes leave Rush with split smile.

08-28 19:40Rush: They are really flying tonight, NT!

08-28 19:40Louise: BB gave good advice

08-28 19:40Rush: YES!

08-28 19:40Nothere: Where. It’s a hotel. I’d hide it on the roof. No one will look there.

08-28 19:41Rush: “When nothing makes a noise, I gotta worry!”

08-28 19:42Rush: A deceased dummy!

08-28 19:42Nothere: Rational course of actio.

08-28 19:43Mike in DC: Does the dummy get a stage prop tin can?

08-28 19:43Rush: “Employees Only”

08-28 19:43Matt: Nope

08-28 19:43Mike in DC: Makes sense.  Monogram.  Low budget…

08-28 19:44Rush: All kinds of hiding going on in this basement!

08-28 19:44Rich Maine: everybody in the basement!

08-28 19:44Mike in DC: Especially by the employees

08-28 19:44Matt: It’s a party

08-28 19:44Rush: Getting crowded down there!

08-28 19:44hounder: big basement

08-28 19:44Rush: Yes, Hounder!

08-28 19:45Nothere: They tried hiding in the dining room but the table cloths were too short.Hey Hound

08-28 19:45hounder: hi nt

08-28 19:45Mike in DC: and Chan was always looking for pin scratches on the floor…

08-28 19:45Rush: Fuego!!!!!

08-28 19:47hounder: you can hear the buzzing of the elevator motor

08-28 19:47Rush: Yes.The elevator sounds like the secret lab door in “The Jade Mask.”

08-28 19:47Louise: Was it a bullet in the back???

08-28 19:47Matt: 

Image thumbnail

08-28 19:47Rich Maine: DB#2

08-28 19:47Rush: TYSM…Matt…

08-28 19:48Nothere: He didn’t even say the killer is first.

08-28 19:48Rush: Not a good idea to outrun a police car!

08-28 19:48hounder: never a good idea to announce to the killer you know he’s the killer

08-28 19:48Rush: Yes, Louise!

08-28 19:49Rich Maine: I arrest you……oops not yet

08-28 19:49Rush: No…not yet!

08-28 19:49Angel Santiago Saltamontes: If not now, when?  If not you, who?Gotta arrest SOMEBODY!

08-28 19:49Rush: We still need to find out how the murder gimmick works!

08-28 19:50Rich Maine: shot heard round the world

08-28 19:50Rush: Yes!

08-28 19:50Rush: Chan nails it!

08-28 19:51Nothere: If not me? Anyone else. Feel free to arrest anyone you want but me for murder Angel.

08-28 19:51Rush: Countess Irena….

08-28 19:51Rich Maine: appearing nightly the Countess Irena!

08-28 19:51Rush: “My Heart is Yours.”

08-28 19:51Nothere: I told you before message reads. I need to hire typist.Countess nothing. At best shes a Baroness.

08-28 19:52Louise: Not a bad song

08-28 19:52Rich Maine: that flower is going to strangle her

08-28 19:53Rush: 

08-28 19:53Mike in DC: She sounds more like an alto than a Baroness.

08-28 19:53Rush: Agreed, Louise.I think it was written especially for this film.

08-28 19:53Rush: I could picture Doris day singing it.

08-28 19:54Nothere: Yes lets go to the ladies dressing room. I am not a pervert.:)( Mike

08-28 19:54Rich Maine: these dressing rooms are huge

08-28 19:54Rush: For BIG stars.

08-28 19:55Mike in DC: Dressing rooms in movies are very opulent compaired to most real-life ones.

08-28 19:55Rush: Yes, Mike!

08-28 19:55Rich Maine: we travel now to Berlin…

08-28 19:55Louise: Why do all these women lie about who they are married to?

08-28 19:55Rush: They have something to hide?

08-28 19:55Rich Maine: I carry this note around with me

08-28 19:55Angel Santiago Saltamontes: We watch THIS GUN FOR HIRE a couple times a year just for the Neptune Club.

08-28 19:55Louise: Deadly purse

08-28 19:55Rich Maine: DB#3

08-28 19:56Rush: YES.

08-28 19:56Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Can we?

08-28 19:56Mike in DC: Yeah.  But it was the dress that’s the real killer

08-28 19:56Matt: 

Image thumbnail

08-28 19:56Nothere: How many imes do I have to say it. Not killer is Name then is killer.

08-28 19:56Rush: TYSM…Matt…

08-28 19:56Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Yup!

08-28 19:56Rich Maine: its that flower !

08-28 19:56Rush: And, Rich.Number three.

08-28 19:56Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Tommy was really livin’ in hope for a minute there

08-28 19:56Rush: At least she was going to reveal the killer’s identity.Didn’t sayt “Later.”

08-28 19:57Matt: lol, agree Angel

08-28 19:57Rush: Yes, Angel!

08-28 19:58Rush: Carverro mumbled something to Tommy there.

08-28 19:59Louise: So many sitting jokes

08-28 19:59Rush: It might be interesting to listen to that moment a few times to see if we can hear what was said!

08-28 19:59Matt: Funny

08-28 20:00Rush: Dont hold it!!!

08-28 20:00Nothere: Look for that which is out of place to put crime in place.

08-28 20:01Rush: Tommy could have at least lost a finger!Almost gor CB, too!(got)

08-28 20:02Nothere: Tommy finally gets it. Sorry Chattanoga. Charlie has many sons but you no one of them.

08-28 20:02Rush: I would tell everyone to check their pockets or purses!

08-28 20:03Rush: Sort of like a Chinese Toulouse-Lautrec!tommy takes off!

08-28 20:04hounder: charlie turns on the charm

08-28 20:04Rush: Cuts in on Tommy!

08-28 20:04Rich Maine: do you rumba?

08-28 20:04Rush: CC does!

08-28 20:04Matt: Tommy out ranked

08-28 20:05Louise: good dancer again

08-28 20:05Rush: Learned it from Lady Tiny and Col. Tim!

08-28 20:05Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Is this tune “Poor Unfortunate Lover”?

08-28 20:05Rich Maine: Yes Rush!

08-28 20:05Mike in DC: Baba-Loooo

08-28 20:05Rush: Unless the one watching can read lips!

08-28 20:06Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Apologies to all detectives for in/out tonight!  We are preparing room for convalescence of esteemed pal headed for surgery.YAYZ!!

08-28 20:06Rush: Ah!  Please give our best wishes for a fast and full recovery to your friend, Angel!

08-28 20:07Nothere: Hopefully not very difficult surgery.

08-28 20:07Rush: Tommy the operator.

08-28 20:07hounder: fast healing to your friend angel

08-28 20:07Matt: Hope all goes well Angel

08-28 20:08Mike in DC: Yes, Angel.  Sending good vibes!

08-28 20:08Rush: Yes.

08-28 20:10Rush: THE ACTUAL 95TH ELEMENT: Americium, discovered in 1944

08-28 20:11Rush: RAnother Monogram murder device!

08-28 20:12Louise: Hi tech and Lo tech

08-28 20:12Rich Maine: the original nest thermostat

08-28 20:12Rush: Unless it is a concrete wall!

08-28 20:12Mike in DC: The modern version uses 3M self-stick adhesive instead of the prong…

08-28 20:12Rush: Strike THREE coming?

08-28 20:13tenman: Ah, you’ve caught up to me!

08-28 20:13Rush: Yes, Mike!A dangerous thing to do!

08-28 20:13Mike in DC: At least he’s still batting, Rush 

08-28 20:13Matt: That’s one way to do it

08-28 20:13Louise: LIGHTS!!!

08-28 20:13Rush: Those things are going off like popcorn!

08-28 20:13Rich Maine: Lights !

08-28 20:13Rush: Yes, Mike!

08-28 20:14Rush: Real guns now.

08-28 20:14Nothere: Action!

08-28 20:14hounder: your hair is tired?

08-28 20:15Nothere: Used the wrong hair gel Hounder.

08-28 20:15Rush: The killer must be re-loading!

08-28 20:15hounder: lol

08-28 20:15Dona: lol

08-28 20:15Rush: NT: 

08-28 20:15Rich Maine: cant inspector get any help?

08-28 20:16Rush: Good question, Rich!What about the MCPD?

08-28 20:17Louise: That was close, Charlie

08-28 20:17Nothere: Brylcream. No matter  he hreat will keep your hair ready. Pick up a bottle with your Adam hat today.

08-28 20:17Matt: Nice shoot’in

08-28 20:17Rush: Reinforcements! Finally!By the way…nice move by CC on the stairs!

08-28 20:17Nothere: You rarely see a shoot out in Universal Chans.

08-28 20:18Angel Santiago Saltamontes: The chickens come home to ROAST!
   Roast Tommy!!

08-28 20:18Rush: and with US!

08-28 20:18Louise: Kissy kissy

08-28 20:18Rush: Tommy’s turn!

08-28 20:18Godwinshelley: Fox C

08-28 20:18Nothere: Slappy slappy?

08-28 20:18Godwinshelley: Chans

08-28 20:18Louise: rumba

08-28 20:18Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Doing a Roomba??

08-28 20:19Godwinshelley: good ending

08-28 20:19Rush: Mrs. Chan is still mentioned here!

08-28 20:19Rich Maine: she swept the floor with CC

08-28 20:19Rush: THE END.

08-28 20:19Dona: yes cute ending

08-28 20:19Matt: <yee-haw>

08-28 20:19Rush: (Applause…)

08-28 20:19tenman: Charlie deals!

08-28 20:19Angel Santiago Saltamontes: THE END cuz that’s QUITE ENOUGH!

08-28 20:19Nothere: Ah yes. Most hu,ble apologies room. Will now eat myself with wetnoodle.

08-28 20:19Mike in DC: <kids-yeah>

08-28 20:19Rush: Yes!Next week; “Darl Alibi”

08-28 20:19Mike in DC: This one has grown on me over the years.

08-28 20:19Louise: ?

08-28 20:19Rush: And…Chapter 8 of our serial!

08-28 20:19hounder: fun. thanks. see you next week.

08-28 20:20Angel Santiago Saltamontes: I’m happy to discover a new film source!  A most rewarding evening!!

08-28 20:20Matt: Good night folks and I’ll see you again in 2 weeks

08-28 20:20Rush: thank you, everyone, for sharing the fun tonight1

08-28 20:20Godwinshelley: Night everyonestay safe this week

08-28 20:20Rush: Angel…again…our very best wishes to your friend.

08-28 20:20Dona: Have a good week everyone!

08-28 20:20Mike in DC: Good night all.  Have a wonderful week!

08-28 20:20Rush: Tou as well, GS!

08-28 20:20tenman: NIte all!

08-28 20:20Dona: I hope to see everyone from Louisville next week.

08-28 20:20Rush: Good night!

08-28 20:21Rich Maine: night all !

08-28 20:21Nothere: Night all.

08-28 20:21Rush: See you next week…in prison…as shown in “Dark Alibi”!Take care, all….have a happy….and safe….week!

08-28 20:21Louise: Nite all

08-28 20:22Rush: Mike, please give our collective “Hello” to Rachel!Good night, Louise!take care….Welcome back from your trip!

08-28 20:22Rush: Good night, Angel, louise, NT, and Rich!See you all next week, hopefully!Good night!

08-28 Goodnight allThank you Rush

08-28 20:28Rush: You are welcome, Duane!take care…

08-28 Hope all have a great week

08-28 20:28Rush: And you as well!Good night!

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