Chat Archive 8/5/2019

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for August 5, 2019

Black Magic (Meeting at Midnight)

Secret Agent X-1 (Chapter 3)

Len Freeman
Mike n Rachel in DC
Mrs. Pendleton

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room16:12

Godwinshelley2: Hello16:13

Godwinshelley-1 has joined this room16:15

Godwinshelley2 has left this room16:15

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Matt1: Hello GS & M/R!16:25

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening!16:25

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice to be back with the gang!16:25

Matt1: You too…..traveling?16:26

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes…some business and some fun. Back home now.16:27

Matt1: Always good to be home!16:27

Mike n Rachel in DC: Absolutely. Steaks just came off the grill. ;)16:31

Godwinshelley-1: Hello everyone – sorry I stepped away a minute16:31

Matt1: No worries, GS16:32

Godwinshelley-1: Matt are you running things this evening16:32

Matt1: Either way…..doesn’t matter16:32

Godwinshelley-1: If you would like, I can be backup should you need16:32

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rach sez we’re in good hands no matter what.16:33

Matt1: Ok….We should get rolling around 7:40 as the clip is around 20 minutes16:33

Matt1: Always liked Rachel16:33

Godwinshelley-1: so that is about 5 minutes from now16:33

Mike n Rachel in DC: Set to go here.16:33

Mike n Rachel in DC: BTW is Rush not here tonight?16:34

Matt1: 6 minutes here/there16:34

Matt1: He’ll be late16:34

Matt1: Summer school16:34

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh yeah.16:34

Matt1: I think this is his last week though16:34

Len Freeman has joined this room16:35

Matt1: Hello Len!16:35

Len Freeman: Hi Matt16:35

Len Freeman: MNR, GWS16:35

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening, Len.16:35

Godwinshelley-1: Hi Len16:36

Matt1: We’ll start X-9 in about 4 minutes16:36

Len Freeman: I own this one… though haven’t seen in awhile16:37

Len Freeman: Has it been decent so far?16:37

Matt1: Link to clip is above chat room, if needed16:37

Matt1: I missed last week :-/16:37

Godwinshelley-1: We haven’t started the extra yet16:37

Matt1: TWO minutes to go!16:38

Len Freeman: I meant 1st 2 weeks16:38

Godwinshelley-1: I have the extra cued16:38

Len Freeman: ready here16:38

Mike n Rachel in DC: Secret Agent K9. Woof.16:38

Matt1: ONE minute to go!16:39

Matt1: 45 seconds16:39

Mike n Rachel in DC: Is this also a Keye Luke serial? We missed the first episodes.16:39

Matt1: 30 seconds16:39

Mike n Rachel in DC: dons trenchcoat16:39

Matt1: 15 seconds16:39

Len Freeman: Yes, heck-stars with Lloyd Bridges16:39

Matt1: 10…16:39

Matt1: 5….16:40

Matt1: GO!16:40

Len Freeman: co-stars16:40

Mike n Rachel in DC: A newspaper serial originally…16:40

Len Freeman: Luke made one more serial.. The Lost Jungle, with Russell Hayden16:40

Godwinshelley-1: King Features – they owned Popeye I think16:40

Len Freeman: There was an earlier serial version of X9– but without either Bridges, or Keye Luke16:41

Matt1: I actually forget week one 16:41

Mike n Rachel in DC: Another Axis conspiracy, no doubt.16:41

Len Freeman: Victoria Horne, the woman here is really kinda fun I recall16:42

Matt1: What timr do we have?16:42

Len Freeman: She was related to James Horne, a semi-famous director of serials for Columbia16:43

Mike n Rachel in DC: 3:0016:43

Matt1: Ok, thnx16:43

Matt1: Tommy?16:43

Mike n Rachel in DC: Looks like a future Chan offspring for sure.16:44

Matt1: Lee too16:44

Len Freeman: Yup16:44

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sort of a Buddhist theme to these movies…characters being reincarnated into other lives…16:45

Godwinshelley-1: Like Dr Who?16:45

Len Freeman: Tokyo Rose16:46

Mike n Rachel in DC: Keye is looking quite dapper these days.16:48

Godwinshelley-1: Always liked those trousers on men – but they don’t seem to wear them these days16:49

Matt1: Lloyd is buff16:51

Mike n Rachel in DC: Looking quite the hunk, sez Rach.16:51

Matt1: lol16:52

Mike n Rachel in DC: This serial has a fun collection of characters. They have lots of “character.”16:53

Cdirus has joined this room16:55

Godwinshelley-1: Hello CD16:55

Matt1: Hello CD!16:55

Cdirus: Hi guys!16:55

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi CD. Just in time for the cliffhanger!16:55

Godwinshelley-1: We’re about 5 minutes from the end of the extra16:55

Len Freeman: Nakura (Victoria Horne) had an interesting career as a character actor… married to Jack Oakie, one of her big roles was in Harvey with Jimmy Stewart16:55

Godwinshelley-1: Was she the sister?16:55

Len Freeman: I think so16:56

Len Freeman: one of them…Myrtle Mae Simmons..16:57

Len Freeman: fun to catch some of these character actors16:58

Godwinshelley-1: Oh no – the plane!16:58

Louise has joined this room16:58

Len Freeman: Lloyd looks about 12 in his face…16:58

Godwinshelley-1: Hello Louise16:58

Louise: Hi all! Is Lloyd Bridges still a Nazi???16:58

Matt1: Better call X-1016:58

Godwinshelley-1: I don’t think so – but I don’t have the audio up16:58

Mike n Rachel in DC: He was in a Kraut uniform earlier, but that may have been a ruse.16:59

Godwinshelley-1: Fighting in a running car16:59

Mike n Rachel in DC: This doesn’t look like it could end well.16:59

Godwinshelley-1: Not the best idea16:59

Godwinshelley-1: Over the edge – oh no!!!17:00

Matt1: The music17:00

Godwinshelley-1: How will they survive??17:00

Matt1: Now THAT’s a cliffhanger!17:00

Matt1: THE END!17:00

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yeah…except they didn’t hang on the cliff…17:00

Godwinshelley-1: Till Next week17:00

Matt1: Cliff hang-over?17:00

Godwinshelley-1: I need to find and cue the feature17:00

Mike n Rachel in DC: Maybe we’ll find X9 hanging onto a tree branch or something…miraculous escape and all…17:01

Matt1: or we’ll be watching SA X-10 next week?17:01

Cdirus: Nah, he jumped out before it hit the cliff.17:02

Len Freeman: The online YouTube version of tonight’s feature is pretty foggy… better to use your own if you have the disk.17:02

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes. Now we know what happened to X 1-8…17:02

Matt1: 17:02

Mike n Rachel in DC: They clearly failed the “jumping from a moving car as it goes over the cliff” class at the Academy.17:03

Louise: This week I backed up the Chan site for Rush. It had 4,000 images and 700 pages!17:03

Mike n Rachel in DC: Wow. Thanks, Louise, from all Chan fans!17:03

Cdirus: Wow!17:03

Len Freeman: Louise… WOW! and THANK YOU17:03

Matt1: Hello Louise!17:03

Louise: Hi Matt17:04

libraryjim has joined this room17:04

Matt1: Thank you, Louise!17:04

Len Freeman: What a gift for all of us17:04

Cdirus: Hi Jim!17:04

Matt1: Hello Jim!17:04

libraryjim: Greetings honored chatters17:04

Louise: Hey Jimbo17:04

Mike n Rachel in DC: Greetings LJ!17:04

Mike n Rachel in DC: Welcome to the Land of Chan17:05

Matt1: It’s a wise thing to do Louise17:05

libraryjim: Librarians know the value of backing things up.17:05

libraryjim: as do educators17:05

Mike n Rachel in DC: Especially when writing books, etc.17:06

Louise: Yes Matt. Next I am discussing with Rush whether to update the design of the site. It could take many forms. Her is one quickie version:

Matt1: Cue to Opening Title, please “Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight” 17:06

libraryjim: cued17:07

Louise: CUED17:07

Matt1: Link above chatroom, if needed17:07

Cdirus: Ready17:07

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ready for spook-business in DC!17:08

Godwinshelley-1: Getting there17:08

Louise: I like the spooky ones17:08

Godwinshelley-1: Ok I’m cued here17:09

Mike n Rachel in DC: The seances are always fun17:09

Atomant has joined this room17:09

Atomant: HI all17:09

Godwinshelley-1: Hello AA17:09

Mrs Pendleton has joined this room17:09

Godwinshelley-1: Hello MrsP17:09

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello AA and Mrs P17:09

Matt1: FIVE minutes until showtime! 17:10

Cdirus: Hi AA17:10

Mrs Pendleton: Hi!17:10

libraryjim: I wonder why so many Chan films had the supernatural as a back-theme?17:10

Cdirus: Hi Mrs. P.17:10

Matt1: Hello AA & MrsP!17:10

Len Freeman→Louise: OK.. cued here17:10

Matt1: CUE Up to Opening Title17:10


Godwinshelley-1: there were only so many Nazis you could fight week after week17:10

Atomant: This one might be a little clearer17:10

Louise: LJ: same thought here17:10

Len Freeman: The thirties were pretty deeply into ghost stuff17:11

Godwinshelley-1: With all the fallen soldiers17:11

Len Freeman: there’s a theory that ghost interest rises in times of war, and right after, because of all the deaths17:11

Cdirus: Interesting17:11

Matt1: FOUR minutes to go!17:11

Louise: Spiritualism was huge at the end of the 19th century. But why it persisted into these decades I don’t know.17:11

Mrs Pendleton: The supernatural was a huge theme during that timeframe17:12

Len Freeman: WWI and WWII17:12

Godwinshelley-1: There is also a theory about the horrors of war being reflected in the horror films as well17:12

libraryjim: Might make an interesting dissertation for a film student17:12

Len Freeman: both make sense17:12

Mike n Rachel in DC: …and it has cool special effects possibilities for films…17:12

Louise: I suspect, LJ, it has been written.17:12

Godwinshelley-1: I picked up a book on the Horror Film Ban by Britian during this period17:12

Matt1: THREE minutes to go!17:12

Len Freeman: Insights of the book GWS?17:13

libraryjim: Louise, I wouldn’t be surprised.17:13

Godwinshelley-1: Haven’t had much time to pick it up yet – but I’m looking forward to reading it17:13

Matt1: TWO minutes to go!17:13

libraryjim: GWS, Britian made up for it with the Hammer Films later on117:14

Atomant: Love the Hammer stuff17:14

Mike n Rachel in DC: Crystal ball, check. Cloak, check. Black cat, check. Magic wand, check.17:14

libraryjim: I have a sticky shift key. when I go to type ! I get 117:14

Godwinshelley-1: As a kid I wondered why Karloff made some of the poverty row pictures and this explained some of them17:14

Matt1: ONE minute to go!17:14

Mike n Rachel in DC: dons turban17:15

Matt1: 45 seconds!17:15

Louise: Fingers tingling…17:15

Matt1: 30 seconds!17:15

Mike n Rachel in DC: The Hammer films are still fun.17:15

Godwinshelley-1: yes17:15

Matt1: 15 seconds!17:15

Matt1: 10….17:15

Matt1: 5….17:15

Matt1: GO!17:15

Louise: GONG!17:16

Godwinshelley-1: There is a special red color called Hammer Red that was used by hammer for their blood scenes17:16

libraryjim: going….and going to the kitchen for my PBJ sandwich17:16

Louise: I have an original poster of this film!17:16

Mike n Rachel in DC: Interesting, GS. They do have a unique look now that you mention it. “Horror of Dracula” is a particular favorite. Lots of Hammer Red.17:16

Godwinshelley-1: It’s unmistakable17:17

Len Freeman: Excellent Louise17:17

Louise: BB is in the house!17:17

Godwinshelley-1: Mantan!17:17

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yay!17:17

Len Freeman: This film is a “natural” for BB17:17

Matt1: lol….Loving BB music17:17

Godwinshelley-1: He should know better than getting involved with spirits17:17

Mike n Rachel in DC: Vanishment?17:18

Godwinshelley-1: He is good in King of the Zombies when he thinks he is becoming a zombie17:18

Louise: I love King of the Zombies17:18

Rush has joined this room17:18

Cdirus: I love him in that movie17:18

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oct. 5, 1935?17:18

Rush: Hi!17:18

Cdirus: Hi Rush!17:18

Matt1: Hello Rush!17:18

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Rush. Welcome!17:19

libraryjim: hi Rush!17:19

Rush: Just got in…earlier tonight.17:19

Atomant: HI Rush17:19

Godwinshelley-1: Hello Rush17:19

Len Freeman: Hi Rush17:19

Mrs Pendleton: Hi Rush!17:19

Mike n Rachel in DC: You come at the first seance scene.17:19

Louise: Gert: you ain’t spooky17:19

Rush: Where are we in the movie, please?17:19

Matt1: We just started17:19

Rush: Time?17:19

Mike n Rachel in DC: 4:0017:19

Cdirus: about 4:0017:19

Godwinshelley-1: Has no one told them the wedding vows are “till death do you part”? 17:19

Mike n Rachel in DC: BB may be having second thoughts about this new gig.17:19

Godwinshelley-1: 4:3017:20

Rush: TYSM!

Godwinshelley-1: 4:4517:20

Mike n Rachel in DC: nope17:20

Rush: Seance scene.17:20

Mike n Rachel in DC: yep17:20

Godwinshelley-1: 5:0017:20

Mike n Rachel in DC: don’t think so17:20

Mike n Rachel in DC: uh huh17:20

Matt1: Maybe17:20

Mike n Rachel in DC: oct 5 1935!17:21

Rush: Hello, M/R, AA, LJ, CD, Len, Mrs. P, Louise, and Matt!17:21

Matt1: Google it17:21

Rush: :)17:21

Mike n Rachel in DC: What happened? Lots of stuff…could you be more specific please?17:21

Rush: Len, how are you doing?17:21

Louise: Hey Rush17:21

Matt1: <tin can?17:21

Rush: Hello, louise!17:21

Len Freeman: OK Rush, 17:21

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes. Definitely can material there.17:22

Rush: TYSM for all the site help so far!17:22

Len Freeman: family things moving along17:22

Mike n Rachel in DC: Louise is our new hero.17:22

Rush: Yes.17:22

Louise: Rush: I did a quick mock-up using some of the material from the site:

Rush: Well, Len, my continued prayers go out to you and yours.17:22

libraryjim: ah, the night shift17:23

Len Freeman: Thanks17:23

Rush: Please know we are ALL here for you.17:23

Len Freeman: appreciated17:23

Louise: Lots of options if you decide to go in a new direction17:23

Rush: Louise is definately a hero, yes!17:23

Louise: Awww gosh17:23

Rush: We will talk on that, Louise!17:23

Louise: Yes Rush. Lots to discuss17:24

Jake has joined this room17:24

Matt1: Hello Jake!17:24

Godwinshelley-1: Hello Jake17:24

Rush: AH! JAKE!!!17:24

Jake: 🙂 Hello17:24

Rush: WElcome!17:24

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Jake17:24

Cdirus: Hi Jake!17:24

Rush: How has the rest of your summer been, Jake?17:24

Matt1: Long time….Hope you are well?17:24

Louise: I like the reaction on his face17:24

Louise: POP!!!17:24

Jake: Its been pretty good, Yes Im good17:24

Rush: Yes, Louise.17:24

Mike n Rachel in DC: Pop17:24

Jake: I got my uniform and stuff like that17:25

libraryjim: will you two stop poppin?17:25

Rush: “Charlie Chan!”17:25

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie..hard at work.17:25

Rush: Readdy to start high school!17:25

libraryjim: CC has goodies for the Chan Clan17:25

Godwinshelley-1: So is Mrs Chan still around?17:25

Jake: Yes :(17:25

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh..congratulations, Jake!17:25


Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel is a HS teacher.17:26

Rush: We will hear Cc mention her a couple of times in the near future.17:26

Louise: Uniform Jake?17:26

Mike n Rachel in DC: Cute teddy bear in the suitcase.17:26

Mike n Rachel in DC: Football?17:26

Mike n Rachel in DC: Band?17:26

Godwinshelley-1: Nice to see the girls getting into Pop’s business a bit17:26

Louise: Prison?17:26

Jake: Yes, for school17:26

Jake: LOL17:26

Matt1: lol17:26

Rush: It is a private school, with uniforms.17:27

Mike n Rachel in DC: Jake, we recommend the first two options–discourage the third…17:27

Len Freeman: I thought that Frances was quite good in this… always wondered why not more of her in the films17:27

Rush: The school i work at where Jake went until June is also a priovate school.17:27

Mike n Rachel in DC: Agreed, Len.17:27

Rush: Uniforms!17:27

libraryjim: Len, same here. Should have been featured more.17:27

Mrs Pendleton: This is only my 2nd time watching the Monograms, so pardon my ignorance. Frances Chan is Frances Chan?17:27

Rush: My daughters, too!17:27

Len Freeman: Yes17:27

Rush: Yes, Mrs P!17:28

Mrs Pendleton: She is so adorable!17:28

Rush: Frances Chan as…FRANCES CHAN!17:28

libraryjim: LOL17:28

Rush: Aggreed!17:28

Rush: I wish she had appeard more.17:28

Louise: Yes Frances is one of my fave females in the series17:28

libraryjim: Inspector uses a bit of blackmail to keep CC on the case17:28

Jake: I have to go rn guys17:29

Louise: I love the BB wink!17:29

Mike n Rachel in DC: She’s intelligent and perky. 17:29

Rush: How about both Frances and Iris teamed together!17:29

Jake: Hopefully, I can be back next week17:29

libraryjim: Hope so, Jake. Have a good night17:29

Rush: I hope so, too, Jake!17:29

Cdirus: Good to see you again Jake!17:29

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hope to see you again, Jake. if not, have a great school year!17:29

Rush: Say Hi to your mom, please!17:29

Jake: Bye all 17:29

Atomant: Have fun Jake17:29

Jake: I will 17:29

Jake: :D17:29

Matt1: Take care Jake17:29

Louise: Private murder to which I was not invited17:29

Rush: Your dad, too, but I always communicated with your mom!17:29

Mrs Pendleton: And MM is BB!17:29

Mike n Rachel in DC: A strictly private murder… great line17:29

Rush: if you need anything for next year, jake, please let me know!17:30

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie stumbles over his line there…17:30

Godwinshelley-1: So Frances and Iris can have a girls night out from college and run into “murder” – I would like that one – Charlie having to deal with a sorority of giggling girls17:30

Jake has left this room17:30

Louise: Okay everybody, what would Chan say about YOU if he saw you: what are your clues?17:30

Rush: You can always come to me for help!17:30

Rush: About me?17:31

Louise: Yes Rush, what clue would Chan have looking at you17:31

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good Lord. I hope most people’s spouses don’t give out personal information like that.17:31

Atomant: yeah !! 17:31

Mike n Rachel in DC: Why is that guy standing behind the sofa?17:31

Len Freeman: Nice piece about Frances Chan on Imdb17:31

libraryjim: MnR, with facebook, they don’t have to!17:31

Atomant: Of course he could throw her in the brig( capt. Dangerous money17:32

Mike n Rachel in DC: True. Identity theft wasn’t as big back then.17:32

Louise: Beauty of Chan family also has brains!17:32

Mike n Rachel in DC: Assistant cop extricate self from curtains…17:33

Rush: :)17:33

Rush: Chinese….17:33

Mike n Rachel in DC: Frances obeys Charlie as well as Jimmy did17:33

Atomant: lol17:33

Rush: Yes, M/R!17:33

libraryjim: Yep, a common trait in Chan family, evidently17:33

Louise: Damn that hat!!17:34

Rush: There’s the “pizza delivery” hat.17:34

Mike n Rachel in DC: Excellent choice for the tropics. Doubles as mosquito net.17:34

Rush: Insulated to keep them warm.17:34

Cdirus: or a fish net17:34

Mike n Rachel in DC: It must be weird having a jail cell in one’s office.17:35

libraryjim: Relax17:35

Rush: Yes, M/R. 17:35

libraryjim: hidden light switch17:35

libraryjim: in the door jam?17:35

Mike n Rachel in DC: Tom and Vera take it on the lam.17:36

Rush: Thank you, Louise, Matt, and GS, and whomever else got us off the ground tonight!17:36

Rush: This is the last week of summer school!17:36

Rush: No more late Monday’s!17:36

Matt1: No problem Rush, glad to help17:36

Godwinshelley-1: So next week you get the pilots chair, Rush?17:37

Rush: :)17:37

Mike n Rachel in DC: Congrats, Rush. Hope you have a little time before the real thing begins.17:37

Rush: If I can still fit, GS!17:37

Rush: This is the last time that BB is not officially working with charlie Chan.17:38

Louise: Cross your eyes?17:38

Rush: And fingers.17:38

Louise: I was wondering that Rush. He gets hired next film?17:39

Rush: In “The Jade Mask,” we can see that BB is now a part of the “family.”17:39

libraryjim: CC didn’t seem upset that daughter was at the house17:39

Mike n Rachel in DC: I think he shows up as the Chan chauffeur.17:39

Rush: yes.17:39

Rush: He knows that she is innocent, of course.17:40

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lax parenting, LJ.17:40

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice fan.17:40

Cdirus: Trick fan17:40

Rush: Trick fan!17:40

Rush: CD: :)17:40

Louise: I would not go in there17:40

Cdirus: 17:41

Rush: Me neither!17:41

libraryjim: It’s his “secret”.17:41

Mike n Rachel in DC: Dr. Zodiac, I presume.17:41

Rush: Prop room.17:41

Mike n Rachel in DC: abracadbra17:42

Rush: Secret entrance.17:43

Louise: Charlie is smiling a lot in this movie17:43

Rush: Yes!17:43

Len Freeman: he had to practice at that fan17:43

Rush: He’s enjoying this one, so far…17:43

Rush: The stuffed glove!17:44

Rush: Funny!17:44

Mike n Rachel in DC: Maybe if he tried READING the book?17:44

Rush: I wish we had seen him cross his eyes!17:45

Rush: True, M/R!17:45

Rush: Bonner had a complex life, it seems.17:46

libraryjim: oooo a Triangle!17:46

Louise: So many suspects17:46

Rush: Our original title: “Black Magic.”17:46

Mike n Rachel in DC: cherchez la femme17:47

Louise: “Bubble Bubble”17:47

libraryjim: cop #2 saw the secret. 17:48

Rush: If you look carefully, you catch a glimpse of the rod controlling the handkerchief.17:48

Mike n Rachel in DC: The stick with the white rag attached?17:48

Louise: And…the lights17:49

Mike n Rachel in DC: In a trance?17:49

Rush: The “Mr. Chan” part was written over a second time.17:49

Mrs Pendleton: I recognize Geraldine Wall, most memorably from roles in Perry Mason.17:49

Rush: AH!17:49

Rush: Geraldine Wall: Harriett Green17:52

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sleuths on the scent again.17:53

Rush: Geraldine Wall (June 24, 1912; Chicago, Illinois – June 22, 1970; Woodland Hills, California)17:53

Louise: That shirt and tie combo rock it!17:54

Rush: Good ol’ Venitian blinds!17:54

Rush: Yes, louise!17:54

Mike n Rachel in DC: Well-haberdashed, Louise.17:54

Rush: Perhaps even louder that some of Lee’s or Jimmy’s pajamas!17:54

Mike n Rachel in DC: Don’t laugh or you’ll be standing behind the sofa again…17:56

Rush: “You can keep secret?….So can I.”17:56

Rush: Down the easy way…17:56

Mike n Rachel in DC: Is this the trick elevator scene?17:57

Mike n Rachel in DC: Doesn’t seem familiar…17:57

libraryjim: funny, I hadn’t remembered seeing this before — until this scene.17:57

Cdirus: Where the bottom drops out?17:57

Mike n Rachel in DC: OH…no. She’s drugged!17:57

Rush: And….17:57

libraryjim: MNR, the trick elevator was in the one where they investigate at the radio studio17:58

Mike n Rachel in DC: Actually, Mrs. Bonner, you could probabaly stay put.17:58

Rush: Down the hard way!17:58

Louise: yikes17:58

Mike n Rachel in DC: splat17:58

Atomant: someone get her purse17:58

Matt1: 17:58

Rush: And, CC watched her all the way!17:58

Cdirus: Every one just stands there.17:58

Matt1: Yuck17:58

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yeah. Probably no need to wait on that can.17:58

Rush: I, personally, would have looked away!17:58

libraryjim: suspects exchange knowing glances.17:58

Rush: Yes.17:59

Louise: “Gurgle”17:59

Mike n Rachel in DC: Remove her coat? More like separate it from the remains…17:59

Rush: (bubbles…)17:59

Louise: I missed what the drug was17:59

libraryjim: bubble bubble toil and trouble17:59

Rush: :)17:59

Cdirus: Its minasterol17:59

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hm…let’s see…antidotes to very rare poisons…M…yes…I have it right here.18:00

Rush: Close chemically to Geritol.18:00

libraryjim: Mr Dawson reminds me of the lab expert in Police Squad.18:00

Len Freeman: lol18:00

Mike n Rachel in DC: I think you can get it from Hims these days…18:01

Louise: Funny that if you look up minasterol on Google, they quote lines from this movie.18:01

Rush: nice father/daughter moment here.18:01

Rush: “New toot out of old horn.”18:01

libraryjim: great line18:01

Mrs Pendleton: so cute!18:01

Rush: Yes!18:02

Mike n Rachel in DC: No cablegram yet. Better take an antidote pill just in case.18:02

Rush: Venitian blind shadows…18:02

Rush: A hallmark of the Monogram Chan films!18:02

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice effect.18:03

Rush: Nice touch that I like!18:03

libraryjim: It’s funny what a studio will pick as a ‘hallmark’ for various series.18:03

Cdirus: Someone was just here18:03

Mike n Rachel in DC: Suspense builds.18:03

Rush: yes!18:03

Rush: Grabbed!18:04

Matt1: Look ot Chaz18:04

Mike n Rachel in DC: Gotta find pop18:04

Rush: Empire State Building picture?18:04

Mike n Rachel in DC: Relax Mr. Chan.18:04

Louise: take a pill18:05

Rush: Yes!18:05

libraryjim: how considerate to have glass of water ready.18:05

Mike n Rachel in DC: nononono…don’t put your hand back in the handcuffs, Charlie!18:05

Louise: minasterol18:05

Atomant: lol M/R18:05

Louise: cool lighting18:05

Cdirus: which one is clearer, the first one or the second.18:06

libraryjim: hypnosis with light effects18:06

Rush: called “mesmerol” by the voice.18:06

Cdirus: Just like the optomitrist18:06

Rush: YES!18:06

libraryjim: they used this in “The Evil of Frankenstein” which was on Svengoolie Saturday18:06

Mike n Rachel in DC: That’s the generic name for it, Rush.18:06

Len Freeman: There’s a late Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes with the same plot device18:06

Rush: Good dramatic lighting back in that scene!18:07

Mike n Rachel in DC: Woman in Green…yes, Len!18:07

Rush: AH!18:07

Mike n Rachel in DC: Clue!18:07

Louise: I hate this part when Charlie almost flies18:08

Mrs Pendleton: Love the Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes!18:08

Atomant: Ditto18:08

Rush: yes, louise!18:08

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh dear!18:08

Rush: Ngang….18:08

Mike n Rachel in DC: Wake up Charlie!18:08

Rush: He was waiting too long to grab Chan!18:09

Mike n Rachel in DC: Has a flair for the dramatic, he does.18:09

Rush: Indeed!18:10

libraryjim: sit on your blood pressure and keep it down???18:10

Cdirus: “sit on your blood pressure and keep it down” 18:10

Rush: “Sit on your blood pressure and keep it down.”18:10

Mrs Pendleton: LOL!18:10

Rush: :)18:10

Cdirus: That’s weird18:10

Mrs Pendleton: I was thinking the same thing18:10

Mike n Rachel in DC: Quite an echo in here18:10

Louise: SEEE-AHNS18:10

libraryjim: LOL18:10

Cdirus: We’re all psychic18:11

Rush: Looks like a “jade mask” hanging on the wall!18:11

Rush: Yes, CD!18:11

libraryjim: except my wife pronounces it “sicko”18:11

Rush: Seems so!18:11

libraryjim: when referring to me18:11

Rush: LJ: :)18:11

Cdirus: 18:11

Atomant: Spooks18:12

libraryjim: Blast, messed it up. PSYCHO instead of PSYCHIC18:12

Rush: Poor BB!18:12

Louise: definitely spooks18:12

Matt1: lol18:13

Rush: Good line!18:13

Rush: That strange seance light.18:13

Godwinshelley-1: “come SEVEN”18:14

Louise: I like the skeleton tioghts hanging there18:14

Rush: That one worked, BB!18:14

Rush: Uh-oh!18:14

Mike n Rachel in DC: aba-aba18:14

libraryjim: Birmingham and the skeletons…. 18:14

Louise: Mr Chan loses weight!18:14

Mike n Rachel in DC: Great schtick18:14

Rush: :)18:14

Mike n Rachel in DC: …and love the band concept, LJ. 18:14

Louise: I like word association18:14

Rush: han: (to Edwards) “Magician.”
Edwards: “Supplies.”
Chan: (to Edwards) “5:18.”
Edwards: “Train.”
Chan: (to Norma Duncan) “Bonner.”
Norma: “Dead.”
Chan: (to Norma Duncan) “Revenge?”
Norma: “No.”
Chan: (to Paul Hamlin) “Magician.”
Hamlin: “Trickster.”
Chan: (to Paul Hamlin) “October.”
Hamlin: “Month.”
Chan: (to Harriett Green) “Bullet.”
Harriett: “Gun.”
Chan: (to Harriett Green) “London.”
Harriett: “City.”
Chan: (to Norma Duncan) “1935.”
Norma: “Year.”
Chan: (to Paul Hamlin) “London.”
Hamlin: “England.”
Chan: (to Charles Edwards) “Cigar.”
Edwards: “Cold.”
Chan: (to Charles Edwards) “Case.”
Edwards: “Icy.”18:15

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sweet18:15

Mike n Rachel in DC: Brrrr18:15

Louise: popcorn18:15

libraryjim: Junior member of the firm. 18:16

Louise: Shardo!18:16

Mike n Rachel in DC: Jr. member of the firm. Chan, Chan, Chan, Chan & Chan18:16

Rush: Yes!18:16

libraryjim: Chan & sons AND DAUGHTER!!!18:17

Louise: Ya know, plastic surgery was quite refined in those days18:17

Mrs Pendleton: That darn plastic surgery!18:17

Rush: Spanish title of this film: “Blood Bullet.”18:17

Godwinshelley-1: Wow – wouldn’t that give away the film plot18:17

libraryjim: oh, yeah, give it all away18:17

Rush: Chan has the final trick!18:17

Louise: Silly gag works18:18

Len Freeman: Love it18:18

Rush: It did!18:18

Godwinshelley-1: Ha – toy fights toy18:18

Mike n Rachel in DC: Go in Peace. Amen.18:18

libraryjim: I guess they are dearly departed?18:18

Rush: I think that BB has taken his “vitamins” already!18:18

Louise: Twitching18:19

Rush: :)18:20

Rush: Frances!18:20

Len Freeman: This really is one of the more enjoyable Monograms18:20

Rush: THE END18:20

Godwinshelley-1: Jr member – with the brains18:20

Mike n Rachel in DC: 18:20

Louise: Yes Len18:20

Rush: (Applause…)18:20

libraryjim: Mexican Jumping Beans have a small insect larva inside which causes them to jump.18:20

Mike n Rachel in DC: Very entertaining.18:20

Godwinshelley-1: buy those bonds18:20

Matt1: 18:20

Rush: Buy Bonds….18:20

libraryjim: Sure wish they would have brought Frances back.18:20

Rush: Another good one!18:20

Len Freeman: Frances apparently married a visiting Chinese Pilot, stopped acting, and went on to have 4 children18:21

Atomant: Totally concur18:21

Rush: Thank you so much Matt and guys for starting us off tonight!18:21

Matt1: Good night folks and hope you all have a GREAT week.18:21

libraryjim: carrying on that Chan tradition, eh, Len?18:21

Rush: As well as for the past five weeks!18:21

Matt1: Anytime Rush!18:21

Mike n Rachel in DC: Agreed, LJ. But nice to hear she wound up with a nice family. 18:21

Atomant: Thanks Matt for your efforts18:21

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good night–see y’all next week!18:21

Godwinshelley-1: So next week – Rush will be in the pilots chair18:21

Rush: Yes, Len?18:21

libraryjim: Great fun, see you all next week. 18:22

Rush: if you could send me any info you have on Frances Chan please do so!18:22

Rush: Thank you!18:22

Atomant: Goodnight everyone18:22

Len Freeman: I’ll be busy with family matters next week, but back after that.18:22

Matt1 has left this room18:22

Louise: Okay, see you all then18:22

Godwinshelley-1: Night everyone18:22

Len Freeman: Best18:22

Mrs Pendleton: G’nite!18:22

libraryjim: Oh, next week will be the last week for a while, as I will have family activities on Monday nights for a few weeks.18:22

Godwinshelley-1 has left this room18:22

Rush: Everyone please have a happy and SAFE week!18:22

libraryjim: so, good night all.18:23

Rush: Understood, LJ.18:23

Len Freeman: (Rush there’s a nice piece on Frances on Imdb… I’ll copy it to your email18:23

Rush: Family does happen!18:23

libraryjim has left this room18:23

Atomant has left this room18:23

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room18:23

Len Freeman: Nite18:23

Rush: Good not everyone!18:23

Mrs Pendleton has left this room18:23

Louise has left this room18:23

Rush: Len, my continued best wishes to you and the family.18:23

Rush: Good night….18:24

Len Freeman has left this room18:24

Rush: Good night, CD!18:24

Cdirus: Good night Rush. See you next week.18:25

Cdirus has left this room18:26

Rush has left this room18:28

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