Chat Archive 8/7/2023

Feature: The Jade Mask

Chat Number: 1,215

Secret Agent X-9 – Chapter 04 – Floodlight Murder – 1945

Angel Santiago Saltamontes
Paul M
Rich Maine

08-07 18:29Rush: 

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08-07 18:30Matt: Hello Rush!

08-07 18:30Rush: Hello, Matt!How are you this evening?

08-07 18:30Matt: Pretty good, thnx…..Yourself?

08-07 18:30Rush: well, thank you!

08-07 18:31Rush: Marie is heading back from taking her mom to O’Hare to return home

08-07 18:31Matt: Kids down here go back to schoo; this week. Time flew by

08-07 18:31Rush: WOW!  Isn’t that the truth!

08-07 18:31Matt: Ah, that’s a tough drive, no?

08-07 18:32Rush: We start on the 17th.Not terrible, but not great, either.

08-07 18:32Matt: So you are earlier too. I remember in PA going back after Labor Day

08-07 18:32Rush: We did that so my mother-in-law could have a direct flight each way.

08-07 18:33Rush: When I was a kid, shcool started around September 15 and we got out on about June 15.Three full months.

08-07 18:35Rush: Duane!  WELCOME!!!

08-07 Hello Rush and Matt

08-07 18:35Matt: I think the snow days played a factor since schools were required to finish by end of JuneHello Duane

08-07 18:35Rush: I hope that tonight finds you and yours well, Duane!

08-07 Thank you Rush.hope you and Matt are doing good

08-07 18:37Rush: Makes sense, Matt.Each day is a blessing, Duane.

08-07 18:38Rush: Our “extra” tonight: Secret Agent X-9 – Chapter 04 – Floodlight Murder – 1945Runs about 20 minutes.

08-07 18:39Rush: Tonight’s Chat will be number 1,215 by my calculation.

08-07 18:39Matt: Wait, whaaaaat?

08-07 18:39Rush: Yes!  Since 2000Weekly.

08-07 18:40Matt: Holy cow!Congrats!

08-07 18:40Rush: The only time we really skipped one was the Monday following 9/11.To ALL of us, Matt!

08-07 Rush do you think this serial is why Benson Fong missed some I the Charlie Chan movies?

08-07 18:41Rush: Could be, Duane…good point!

08-07 18:42Matt: Hello Geno!

08-07 18:42GenoCuddy: Hello everyone.

08-07 18:42Rush: I think that is a very real possibility!

08-07 Hello Geno

08-07 18:42Rush: And, perhaps another movie project as well!

08-07 18:43Rush: Hello, Geno!  WELCOME back!How have you been?

08-07 18:43GenoCuddy: I recently had a health scare where I almost passed on, but am thankfully still on the good Earth.

08-07 Remember Benson in Our Man Flint movie

08-07 18:44Rush: We should begin viewing our serial in a a couple of minutes…Oh my goodness, Geno!!!!

08-07 18:44Matt: So sorry to hear, Geno. I hope you are feeling better now

08-07 18:44Rush: We are so thankful that you recovered from that scare!!!!

08-07 18:44GenoCuddy: thanks everyone.

08-07 Sorry to hear Geno hope all is better

08-07 18:45Rush: May you remain well and happy!

08-07 18:46Rush: Here is what we will be watching as tonight’s extra: Secret Agent X-9 – Chapter 04 – Floodlight Murder – 1945Runs 20 minutes.

08-07 18:46Matt: Ready here!

08-07 18:46Rush: So, I will now post the link…

08-07 Ready

08-07 18:47Rush:

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Geno, are you ready?Just click on the red arrow.

08-07 18:47GenoCuddy: Sounds good

08-07 18:47Rush: here we go…!15…10…5….GO!!!

08-07 18:48Rush: Dramatic music…Intro music…Credits…We have Keye Luke and Benson Fong in this serial.

08-07 18:48GenoCuddy: Sadly I havent seen the other chapters so I feel as if I’m going to be asking many questions

08-07 18:48Rush: I think you will catch up quickly, Geno.

08-07 18:49GenoCuddy: Cy Kendall and Ferdinand Munier as well I see, I know Munier from some Clark and McCullough shorts

08-07 18:49Rush: “Shadow Island” is near to China and crawls with enemy spies!

08-07 18:50Rush: Not a road to be fighting a driver on!!!!

08-07 18:50Matt: Hello Hounder!

08-07 Hello Hounder

08-07 18:50GenoCuddy: Keye Luke looking very much as he did in the ultimate “Mr. Wong” film.

08-07 18:50Rush: Good evening, Hounder!

08-07 18:50GenoCuddy: Greetings Hounder

08-07 18:51Rush: WELCOME!  We just started running the serial!3:30 in…

08-07 18:51hounder: hi everyone. i just wanted to check in tonight. I’m not going to stay. Mom’s been restless si I’ve had a couple of all nighters and am tired.

08-07 18:51GenoCuddy: Not sure I’m comfortable with Luke as a villain (I think?)

08-07 18:51Rush: Understood, Hounder.Leave as you need…

08-07 18:51Matt: Completely understand Hounder. I hope you can get some rest

08-07 18:52GenoCuddy: So sorry to hear of your mother’s issues Hounder, will keep you all in my prayers

08-07 18:52Rush: Happy to have you at least for several minutes!Geno, Keye Luke is a good guy, but Benson Fong works with the bad guys!

08-07 18:52hounder: I’ve never been good at very  late night followed by very early hours

08-07 Hopes she gets better Hounder

08-07 18:52GenoCuddy: ahh, thank you for the clarification

08-07 18:52Matt: Keye=Good, Benson=Bad

08-07 18:53Rush: Lloyd Bridges is Agent X9.

08-07 18:53hounder: thanks genothanks duane

08-07 18:54Rush: For a couple of chapters, X9 posed as a NAZI.That lady runs the enemy spy ring.

08-07 18:54GenoCuddy: This is based on a comic strip correct?

08-07 Yes Geno

08-07 18:55GenoCuddy: Thanks Duane

08-07 18:55Rush: Is your mom doing as well as can be expected, Hounder?Home movies!

08-07 18:56Rush: “Formula 722” is what they are trying to produce.

08-07 18:57Rush: The wakeup bell!Nobura is the woman leading the enemy spies.

08-07 18:59Rush: 

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08-07 19:01Rush: Cy Kendall…we see him in “The Chinese Cat.”

08-07 19:01Matt: Pin the tail on the donkey?

08-07 19:02Rush: “Back to Bach.”

08-07 19:03Louise: Hi Chan Clan!

08-07 19:03Matt: Hello Louise!

08-07 19:03Rush: Good evening, LOUISE!WELCOME!!!

08-07 Hello Louise

08-07 19:03hounder: hi louise

08-07 19:03Rush: I hope that you and yours are happy and well, Louise!

08-07 19:03Louise: Thought I would share that I watched Warner Oland in a 1934 movie called mandalay. Very odd.

08-07 19:04Rush: 4 minutes left in tonight’s serial.

08-07 19:04Louise: “Mandalay”

08-07 19:05Rush: NICE, Loise!On TCM?”The House of Chan So.”

08-07 19:06Louise: On Criterion Channel

08-07 19:06Rush: There is a Chan So in Charlie Chan’s family via the Biggers books: So Chan (Chan So) was the wife of Kee Lim Chan (Chan Kee Lim). Presumably, she would share her husband’s traditional Cantonese ways.

08-07 19:06Rush: I don’t have that one available…:(Cliffhanger coming…!

08-07 19:07Rush: Chapter 5 next week!!!

08-07 19:07GenoCuddy: Hi Louise, I suppose this is a good time as any to invite you all to my Facebook group dedicated to Warner Oland, called “The Warner Oland Appreciation Society.” I also have set up an Instagram fan page for Oland called “Warner Oland Fan.” As some of you are aware, I am currently trying to write a book on Oland and will be reviewing all of the films I can access as well as tell the story of his life.

08-07 19:07Matt: They keep you hanging!

08-07 19:08Rush: 8 minutes till showtime, everyone!”The Jade Mask”

08-07 19:08Matt: I’ll look for it Geno!

08-07 19:08Louise: Thanks, Geno. I will check those out.

08-07 19:08Godwinshelley: Howdy all

08-07 19:08Rush: GS!

08-07 19:08Matt: Hello GS!

08-07 19:08Rush: WELCOME!!!

08-07 Hello GS

08-07 19:08Godwinshelley: Hello all

08-07 19:08Louise: Just got a tornado warning here at the Jersey Shore so if I disappear you know why!!!

08-07 Thank you Geno

08-07 19:09Rich Maine: Evening everyone!

08-07 19:09Rush: 7 minutes…

08-07 Hello Rich

08-07 19:09Rich Maine: hey duane

08-07 19:09Rush: If anyone needs the online copy, here it is:

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08-07 19:09hounder: be safe louise

08-07 19:09Rush: Rich!

08-07 19:09Godwinshelley: Sounds like we may be in for something here in DE – though being from Indiana – we know to put trailer parks at the edge of town as sacrifice to the tornado

08-07 19:10Rush: WELCOME to you….!6 minutes….

08-07 19:10Rich Maine: hehehe GS

08-07 19:10Dona: Hello Everyone!

08-07 19:10Rich Maine: hi Dona

08-07 19:10Matt: Hello Rich and Dona!

08-07 19:10Rush: Please cue up your copy of our movie…to the opening title…

08-07 19:10Matt: I sent a request Geno!

08-07 19:10Godwinshelley: I’m cued to the Jade Mask

08-07 19:10Rush: DONA!

08-07 Hello Dona

08-07 19:10Matt: MandM

08-07 19:10Rush: Missed your arrival!   WELCOME!!!

08-07 19:11Dona: Glad to be here

08-07 19:11GenoCuddy: Hello Dona, Rich and everyone.

08-07 19:11Rich Maine: hiya Geno

08-07 19:11Dona: Cued here

08-07 19:11Rush: As am I….

08-07 Ready

08-07 19:11GenoCuddy: Hey Matt, I think I approved you

08-07 19:11Rich Maine: everyone bring their puppets?

08-07 19:11Rush: 4 minutes….

08-07 19:12Matt: Cued!

08-07 19:12Rush: 3 minutes…

08-07 19:13Rush: TWO MINUTES…90 seconds…

08-07 19:13Louise: GS: just saw your trailer park comment: very funny!

08-07 19:13Rush: 75 seconds…

08-07 19:13Louise: Cued here

08-07 19:14Rush: 60 seconds…


08-07 19:14Godwinshelley: Sadly – it is so true

08-07 19:14Rush: 50 seconds…40 seconds…

08-07 19:14Dona: Hi Angel and Foxx

08-07 19:14Rush: 30 seconds…25…

08-07 19:14Angel Santiago Saltamontes: MADE IT!  Boy are our arms tired!!

08-07 19:14Rich Maine: Hey Angel

08-07 19:14Rush: 20…

08-07 Hello Angel and Foxx

08-07 19:14Rush: 15…10…

08-07 19:14Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Hey ALLLLLL!

08-07 19:15Rush: 5…GO!!!

08-07 19:15Matt: 

Image thumbnail

08-07 19:15Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Gong not forgotten

08-07 19:15Rush: Title

08-07 19:15hounder: hi angel and fox

08-07 19:15Rush: Credits…And music…

08-07 19:15Matt: Hello A & F!

08-07 19:15Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Hu Hounder!!

08-07 19:15Rush: Hello, Angel and Foxx!

08-07 19:15Rich Maine: another BB production

08-07 19:15Rush: WELCOME!

08-07 19:15Angel Santiago Saltamontes: EDWIN LUKE any relation???

08-07 19:15GenoCuddy: Heh, forgot Dorothy Granger was in this

08-07 19:16Rush: Fogggy scene!

08-07 19:16Rich Maine: cue the fog !

08-07 19:16Louise: Ooooh, my fave spooky music

08-07 Keye Luke’s brother

08-07 19:16Rush: The gate with a “shadowy” figure….

08-07 19:16Angel Santiago Saltamontes: AC/DC needed here.

08-07 19:16Rush: Yes, Duane!Keye Luke’s brother Edwin.

08-07 19:17Rich Maine: the Alexa gate

08-07 19:17Rush: Playing Number Four Son….EdWARD.

08-07 19:17Rich Maine: smoke  smoke smoke smoke

08-07 19:17hounder: brb dog walk

08-07 19:17Louise: Nice they are masking

08-07 19:18mda19083: hello all – better late than never

08-07 19:18Rush: Indeed, Louise!

08-07 19:18Louise: Oooops, took the masks off

08-07 19:18Rich Maine: hi MDA

08-07 19:18GenoCuddy: Hey its Captain Engelhorn

08-07 Hello MDA

08-07 19:18Rush: MDA!  WELCOME! Not a problem! 

08-07 19:18hounder: back dog changed her mind

08-07 19:19Rush: 4 minutes in…I see, Hounder!

08-07 19:19hounder: hi mda

08-07 19:19Rush: 4:45…

08-07 19:19Matt: Hello MDA!

08-07 19:19Nothere: I most hulby and pateticly apoloize for my lateness.

08-07 19:19Matt: Hello NT!

08-07 19:19mda19083: me too!

08-07 19:19Dona: hello nt

08-07 Hello NT

08-07 19:19Rush: NT!  You are here…that’s all that really matters!

08-07 19:20Louise: But NT is not here…

08-07 19:20Rich Maine: so many gadgets in this film

08-07 19:21Rush: Louise: Yes, Rich!

08-07 19:21Godwinshelley: Not my favorite episode – why would anyone WORK with that guy – he’s creepy and doesn’t care about safety

08-07 19:21Louise: Stark sets in this so far

08-07 19:21Nothere: Jeez dude curb your crazed murderous insticnts.

08-07 19:21Rush: A Monogram hallmark!

08-07 19:21Nothere: Oh don’t let the police in. I thouht he meant the murderer./

08-07 19:22Godwinshelley: NT – Yes Mr Benny

08-07 19:22Rich Maine: the poor policeman….talk about  bit par

08-07 19:22Rush: We will see one actual piece of technology from that era.  A dictaphone machine.

08-07 19:22Rush: Struggle behind that bush!

08-07 19:22Rich Maine: yes rush only real thing

08-07 19:22Nothere: Universal Chan did enjoy occasionally showin g

08-07 19:23GenoCuddy: you mean Fox

08-07 19:23Godwinshelley: NT – must be a Universal Monster fan

08-07 19:24Rush: AH!

08-07 19:24Nothere: Power the invisible man said God for even a man who is pure of heart:)

08-07 19:24Rush: 

Image thumbnail

08-07 19:25Rich Maine: WOW Rush

08-07 19:25Nothere: No not Rob. Rober

08-07 19:25hounder: awful high flame on that bunsen burner

08-07 19:25Nothere: Doubles my ability? I must send for one now.

08-07 19:25Rush: Yes, Hounder!

08-07 19:25Rich Maine: infamous Carlton hotel….

08-07 19:25Rush: “My personality always count in END.”

08-07 19:26Louise: funny exchange

08-07 19:26Matt: BB!

08-07 19:26Louise: spare me, Eddie

08-07 19:26GenoCuddy: Am I the only one bothered by Toler’s hair in this, it’s kind of distracting.

08-07 19:26Rush: Yes!  He’s an official member of the Chan team now!

08-07 19:26Rich Maine: Call me Edward Louise!

08-07 19:26Matt: Edwi,,,,,Edward!

08-07 19:26Nothere: Edward probably the only Chan sion not to skip half his college classes.

08-07 19:26Louise: Geno, he added a swirl

08-07 19:26Godwinshelley: I agree about the hair – maybe it’s because we usually see him in a hat??

08-07 19:27Rush: Expensive college education has paid off, it seems!

08-07 19:27GenoCuddy: Nah, its because his hair is usually slicked back, here it looks like he just got out of bed, lol.

08-07 19:27Rush: Harper House on Cove Road.

08-07 19:28Rich Maine: Sheriff Mac ! Yay!

08-07 19:28Nothere: Metal wood? Does the petrified forest know about this?

08-07 19:29Rush: Sheriff Mack.NT: 

08-07 19:29GenoCuddy: Oh yeah, this is from that weird period when they made Chan a secret agent.

08-07 19:29hounder: sheriff mack!

08-07 19:29Rush: Actually, the process may be akin to the petrification process?

08-07 19:29Nothere: Lets try a different tact. If as seems.

08-07 19:29Rush: We saw this gentleman last week.

08-07 19:30Louise: Sister Louise

08-07 19:30Rich Maine: I know her “socially”

08-07 19:31Rush: 

Experiments with puppets…

08-07 19:31Louise: Puppets? Toy robots? How have I never remembered this?

08-07 19:31Rich Maine: Stella Graham…..big muscles and plays with puppets

08-07 19:31Rush: Yes, Louise!

08-07 19:32Rush: I see or hear something new each time we see a CC film!Part of the fun, IMHO!

08-07 19:32Rich Maine: Inmates?  !

08-07 19:32Nothere: Was Meeker too meek to commit murder?

08-07 19:32Rush: 

08-07 19:33Rush: I guess this begs the question: “Meeker than WHOM?”Masks.

08-07 19:33Louise: Meekest

08-07 19:33Rich Maine: spared no expense on the smoke budget here

08-07 19:33Rush: 

Back to room A 324….

08-07 19:34Rich Maine: That bellboy is smoing something!

08-07 19:34Nothere: Murder. Everyone ok?

08-07 19:34Rush: Danny Desmond: Bellboy

08-07 19:35Paul M: the bellboy sounds like Shaggy.

08-07 19:36Rush: Danny Desmond:The Chinese Cat: Bellboy
The Jade Mask: Bellboy

08-07 19:36Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Pleasure is OURS!!!

08-07 19:36Rush: Paul…WELCOME TO YOU!!!

08-07 19:36Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Must get blades.

08-07 19:36Rush: Missed your arrivel…sorry!

08-07 19:36Nothere: Lost the body, lost the cop check for holes in your pockets.Hey Angel

08-07 Hello Paul

08-07 19:36Nothere: Hey paul

08-07 19:36Paul M: oh, i just came in a few minutes ago

08-07 19:37Rush: HAPPY that you are with us tonight, Paul!

08-07 19:37Godwinshelley: Glad you are here Paul

08-07 19:37hounder: hi paul

08-07 19:38Paul M: hello alllooking forward to seeing you next month GS

08-07 19:38Rush: Can’t knock on wood at Harper House!  It’s all being made as hard as steel!

08-07 19:38Nothere: Its a gun. Just explain it away anyway.

08-07 19:38Godwinshelley: Yes I need to be digging in my basement for more treasures for the booth

08-07 19:39Rich Maine: big reveal in the puppet room

08-07 19:39Paul M: produce nothing but silence….LOL

08-07 19:39Nothere: Wait you have treasure buired in your basement? Everyone to God’s house.

08-07 19:40Rush: 

Image thumbnail
Image thumbnail

08-07 19:40Matt: 

Image thumbnail

08-07 19:40Rush: TYSM…Matt…

08-07 19:41Rush: That’s actually two thus far…

08-07 19:41Nothere: So if in their search the copsdidn’t look behind the curtain on the giant stage, I can see why they need help.

08-07 19:41Rich Maine: true NT

08-07 19:41Rush: Ah HA!

08-07 19:41Matt: Did we confirm #1?

08-07 19:41Rich Maine: policeman not found yet

08-07 19:42Rush: Harper has been killed earlier.True, Rich!

08-07 19:42Rich Maine: so was the cop with gun with Edward real or fake ?

08-07 19:43Rush: We are still in the “conjecture” phase, Rich! 

08-07 19:43Nothere: Sure  photos are useless. Only life masks can catch a killer.

08-07 19:43Rush: CLUE!

08-07 19:43Rich Maine: Miss Graham….strongwoman and puppet master

08-07 19:44Rush: Yes, NT!  It seems Harper was eccentric and that would suit his eccentricity.

08-07 19:45Rush: 

Image thumbnail

08-07 19:45Louise: Open mouth: advise you close

08-07 19:46Rush: Sheriff Mack…similar to “Tombstone” Fletcher!Only nicer.

08-07 19:46Matt: Very much so

08-07 19:46Rich Maine: yes Tombstone wasnt as nice

08-07 19:47Rush: Snitch!Cutting remark from Mack…

08-07 19:47Rush: Her dress would vibrate visually on an onld black/white TV!

08-07 19:48Rush: Edward is not amused!

08-07 19:49Rich Maine: Edward not as much fun as Jimmy

08-07 19:50Nothere: BB anwser ovious. Volunter to search roof for clues. If the killer is on the roof I’ll eat…oh wait I forgot Paris. Never mind.

08-07 19:50GenoCuddy: To be fair, Edwin Luke wasn’t half the actor his brother was.

08-07 19:50Rich Maine: true Genoget the puppet ready !

08-07 19:50Nothere: I’ll prove who the killer is in five minutes alkone. He tied the can to himself.

08-07 19:50Rush: NEVER delay in telling who the killer is!!!

08-07 19:51Rich Maine: very true Rush

08-07 19:51GenoCuddy: This plot element is actually genuinely disturbing.

08-07 19:51Matt: 

Image thumbnail

08-07 19:51Rush: TYSM….Matt…Number three…

08-07 19:51Rush: 

Image thumbnail

08-07 19:53Rush: Poor BB!It seems he’s getting used to bodies, though!

08-07 19:53Louise: Great shot Rush

08-07 19:54Rush: TY, Louise…

08-07 19:54Dona: I like atll the pictures  Thanks Rush

08-07 19:54Rush: I will have a couple more coming…

08-07 19:55Rush: 

Image thumbnail

“Murder know no law of relativity.”

08-07 19:56Louise: Great rumbles of thunder outside, add a nice effect t to this movie!

08-07 19:56Angel Santiago Saltamontes: I can attest that MY siblings give ME gas.

08-07 19:56Louise: Dead Men Walking

08-07 19:56Matt: Dead Men Tell though

08-07 19:56Rush: Perfect, Louise!

08-07 19:58Rush: 

Image thumbnail

08-07 19:58Rich Maine: sleeping beauty

08-07 19:58Rush: 

08-07 19:58Louise: glowing footprints?

08-07 19:58Rush: Outlined with chalk.

08-07 19:59Matt: Nice PJ’s

08-07 19:59Rush: As CC is doing in the still image.

08-07 19:59hounder: nice shadows

08-07 20:00Rush: He was outlining the wattery prints left behind.yes, Hounder!

08-07 20:01Rush: “If silence is golden, you are bankrupt.”

08-07 20:01Rich Maine: they need the housekeeper from Malibu Trap here instead of this one

08-07 20:02Rush: 

Mrs. Weebles.

08-07 20:02Rich Maine: yes Weebles!

08-07 20:05Rich Maine: waiting for the tube to break !

08-07 20:05Angel Santiago Saltamontes: These folks fully 75 years ahead: voice-activated security.

08-07 20:05Louise: All the housekeepers dress the same

08-07 20:06Rush: Yes, Angel!And…Yes, Louise!

08-07 20:06Angel Santiago Saltamontes: BRING US WEEBLES!  WE WANT WEEBLES!!

08-07 20:06Rush: The mic acts as a speaker.

08-07 20:06Louise: She has the dropsies

08-07 20:06Rich Maine: yes WEEBLES

08-07 20:06Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Louise, do you know the story about those doilies those dolls wear?

08-07 20:07Louise: 30 days has September, April, June and November

08-07 20:07Rush: Harper had created a deathtrap in his home.

08-07 20:07Louise: I had a doll with one of the crocheted doily dresses

08-07 20:07Rush: That’s IT, Louise!

08-07 20:08Rush: CC better make sure HE doesn’t get trapped in that room!

08-07 20:10Rush: 

Image thumbnail

08-07 20:10Nothere: So sorry must request time check

08-07 20:10Rush: 56:00

08-07 20:10Matt: 

Image thumbnail

08-07 20:10GenoCuddy: 53:38

08-07 20:10Dona: the doctor is on call

08-07 20:10Rush: TYSM…Matt…

08-07 20:10Angel Santiago Saltamontes: He musta seen Large Marge.

08-07 20:10Rush: That’s FOUR.

08-07 20:10Dona: good think he stuck around

08-07 20:11Rush: 56:30

08-07 20:11Nothere: Tysm

08-07 20:11Rush: 56:40…OKay…:)

08-07 20:12Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Anyone suggests lending an ear will be given a 5-minute Time Out.

08-07 20:12Rush: The cop!

08-07 20:12Matt: 

Image thumbnail

08-07 20:12Rush: TYSM…Matt….

08-07 20:12Louise: Nice, Matt

08-07 20:13Rush: Number FIVE!

08-07 20:13Dona: lol

08-07 20:13Rich Maine: Poor Jim

08-07 20:13Rush: And…Angel….:  

08-07 20:14Rich Maine: Deadly Dummy

08-07 20:14Angel Santiago Saltamontes: 👍👍👍

08-07 20:14Rush: Yes!

08-07 20:14Matt: lol

08-07 20:14Rush: A Monogramesque murder weapon!

08-07 20:14Matt: Yep

08-07 20:14Rich Maine: When puppets go bad……

08-07 20:14Rush: 

08-07 20:15Matt: lol, Rich

08-07 20:15Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Poison Darts ARE one of the Poisoned Arts.

08-07 20:15Angel Santiago Saltamontes: •••••

08-07 20:15Rush: CUE: “I’m Your Puppet”…

08-07 20:16Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Monogramercy me!  Lannnnnd sakes!Rush:👑👑👑

08-07 20:17Louise: She killed no one, whoever that was

08-07 20:17Rush: Yes!

08-07 20:17Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Don’t listen to that ear!

08-07 20:17Rush: BB helps out!

08-07 20:18Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Maybe next ear.

08-07 20:18Rush: That was a GREAT mask!

08-07 20:18Rich Maine: Unmasked!

08-07 20:18Rush: Angel: 

08-07 20:18Angel Santiago Saltamontes: A Harlequin Bromance!

08-07 20:19Rush: And..he’s nuts!

08-07 20:19Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Everything you know is wrong!

08-07 20:19Matt: 

Image thumbnail

08-07 20:19Louise: Always the secret husband

08-07 20:19Rich Maine: Theyre coming to take me away… the funny farm!

08-07 20:19Rush: 

08-07 20:19Angel Santiago Saltamontes: SAKES ALIVE!

08-07 20:19Nothere: I don’t know why I keep rememerin the skeleton in every movie ut this one.

08-07 20:19Rush: Good one, Matt!

08-07 20:20Rush: Now, BB gets his running shoes on!

08-07 20:20Matt: BB lol

08-07 20:20Rush: 


08-07 20:20Rich Maine: BB getaway !

08-07 20:21Rush: (Applause…)

08-07 20:21Rich Maine: A great one!

08-07 20:21Dona: lol

08-07 20:21Matt: <yee-haw>

08-07 20:21Godwinshelley: Yea Mantan

08-07 20:21Rush: As we buy Bonds in the lobby!

08-07 20:21Godwinshelley: Buy War Bonds

08-07 20:21Louise: Buy Savings Bonds!

08-07 20:21Rich Maine: buy the bonds

08-07 20:21Dona: <WAHOO!!>

08-07 20:21Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Rich, i played that tune for some 4-6 year olds a few months ago.  Hit their juvenile funnybones so they still ask for it!

08-07 20:21Nothere: Night all

08-07 Thank you Rush

08-07 20:21Angel Santiago Saltamontes: BUY WART BONDS!

08-07 20:21Matt: Good night folks and have a great week

08-07 20:21Rich Maine: its like the old Camp Granada song !

08-07 20:21Godwinshelley: Wayyy to complicated of a story for me

08-07 20:21mda19083: another fun one – thaanks aall!

08-07 20:21Rush: Next week…

08-07 20:21Godwinshelley: Night everyone – stay safe this week

08-07 20:21Louise: See you in a few weeks: off on vacation to distant lands

08-07 20:21Rush: “The Scarlet Clue”

08-07 20:22Dona: Thank you Rush!  Great evening as always.  See ev

08-07 Hope all have a great week.goodnight everyone

08-07 20:22Rush: Yes, Louise?

08-07 20:22Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Same to you, Matt & all!  Avoirdupois till next week!  Don’t weight!!

08-07 20:22Dona: See you all next week.

08-07 20:22Rush: Where are you heading?

08-07 20:22Louise: Yes Rush,

08-07 20:22Rush: Thank you, everyone!

08-07 20:22GenoCuddy: Good night all.

08-07 20:22Rush: TYSM, Geno!Take care!Have a great rest of your evening, everyone!

08-07 20:23GenoCuddy: Rush, if there is anyway you can assist with my book, please send me a private email. Thank you.

08-07 20:23Rush: And may your week be blissful!See you here next week for our serial and another great Charlie Chan movie!

08-07 20:24Godwinshelley: Night

08-07 20:24Rich Maine: nite all… week !

08-07 20:24Rush: Geno, I will do what I can.  I suggest that you seek out any living relatives and begin ther.  it will be a lengthy process, but worth the work you will need to focus on to get the book written.

08-07 20:25Rush: Thank you, Angel, Dona, Duane, Geno, and Paul!take care….Have a GREAT week!

08-07 20:25GenoCuddy: Thank you Rush. Hopefully I can locate Paul Oland, hopefully he is still living. Take care.

08-07 20:26Rush: Good night…and thank you…

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