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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for September 14, 2020

Shadows Over Chinatown

Secret Agent X-9 (Chapter 11)

shadow of fay angel

Rush has joined this room


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Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: Hi,Matt!

Rush: I was just on the phone with Virginia.

Matt1: Hope all is well out there

Rush: Sorry!

Matt1: VERY nice….Hope she is well?

Rush: HOT and SMOKEY out where I live.

Matt1: The pics I’ve seen are quite sad

Rush: She sounds like she always does: happy and feisty!

Matt1: Miss her interaction here

Rush: Yes, regarding the photos.

Rush: A problem that is never mentioned in the “news” however, is that there are such environmental restrictions against thiining forests, that when a fire does happen, it is bigger than it might be otherwise!

Matt1: That’s been a issue for years in CA, no?

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Crazy here.

Rush: Oh, well.

tenman has joined this room

Matt1: You’ll be moving soon enough

Matt1: Hello Ten!

Rush: We have been having “Kryptonesque” sunsets.

Rush: Hello, TM!


tenman: Hey!

Rush: Happy Monday!

Matt1: I saw a pic in San Fran overlooking GG birdge…Wild1

tenman: Just finished a zoom meeting, now this

Rush: I hope that this will rival the zoom meeting on the scale of fun!

Matt1: Yes!

Rush: Good one tonight: “Shadows Over Chinatown.”

Rush: Sadly, though, it is NOT available online!

Rush: LOTS of great Birmingham Brown moments in this one.

Matt1: Chan gets shot too?

Rush: YES!

Rush: “TIME” is on his side, though!

Matt1: Yes!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Matt1: Well played!

Rush: Well…after 20 years of these…

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: How has the weather been in your areas?

Rush: Is Fall starting to slip in the door?

Matt1: Sally was off the coast yesterday and today, so rainy and windy here in FL

Matt1: lol, nooooooo

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Tropical stuff, Matt?

Matt1: Yes, now a hurricane heading for NOLA

Rush: TM, do you have tonight’s movie on DVD?

Rush: That’s what I thought!

tenman: Yes, it’s in the PS4 already. THe serial is ready on the tv now via Roku Youtube

Rush: For the next two weeks, we complete the Toler Chan films.

Rush: Then, to start off October, we will be watching two episodes from “The New Adventures of Charlie Chan.”

Matt1: Time flies….Winters is on deck!

Rush: Very good, TM…

Rush: YES!

Matt1: COVID has delayed a lot, but not Chan nights!

Matt1: I’m cued here, btw

Rush: I am reading “The House Without a Key,” and I can tell that Winters’ Chan is in some ways more, in dialogue, like the Chan in the books.

shadow of foxy angel has joined this room

tenman: I’ve never seent eh Winters Chans.

Matt1: Hello Angel!

shadow of foxy angel: Greetings fellow mirthlings!


shadow of foxy angel: Hey tenman! And curmudgeons!

Rush: Greetings to YOU!

Rush: And…fox, of course!

shadow of foxy angel: “SOFA”! We like that!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: I was wondering if that might have been planned, Angel!

shadow of foxy angel: Fox is always about. When you think you’re safe, the Fox Network is passing data to Inspector Duff. Or passing duff to Inspector Data.

tenman: How do?

Rush: Let’s say…2 1/2 minutes till the serial…

Rush: TWO minutes….

shadow of foxy angel: As a Firesign Theater character once said, “How do you do WHAT?” I always liked that. We always liked that. Imperial “we” here. I had my eye on an Imperial, as Chrissie Hynde once sang.

Rush: Got me, angel!

Rush: 60 seconds…

shadow of foxy angel: We’re gonna P.D., that is, pipe down, for X-9!!

Rush: One eye on clock…other on your texts!

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: Sorry….my “GO” didn’t GO…

Matt1: Hello?

Rush: I hpe you all started!

Matt1: Weeeeeeeeeee!

tenman: just now

shadow of foxy angel: I wondered!At 0:40 now’

Rush: YES.

Rush: 60 seconds in now.

shadow of foxy angel: I’m paused at 1:20 to catch up.

shadow of foxy angel: Now (1:30)

Rush: we are at 2:00

Rush: Should be anyway….again…sorry!

shadow of foxy angel: Nice HATS!!

Rush: Yes!

shadow of foxy angel: Men Without Hats would have been severely limited in Hollywood’s heyday,

Rush: And…pith helmits!

shadow of foxy angel: Not an explanation, but an excuse.

shadow of foxy angel: Pith helmeth are tho mithunderthtood.

Rush: Getting the water out of his ears.

Rush: πŸ™‚

shadow of foxy angel: Water and Walter.

shadow of foxy angel: She stole that dress from the Little Dutch Boy.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: “Hair Doctor”

shadow of foxy angel: Did Lloyd Bridges find all those nautical roles, or did they find him?

Rush: Fixes dry, frizzy hair.

shadow of foxy angel: I picture Edgar Buchanan in this scene.

shadow of foxy angel: She doesn’t take the hangers out of her blouses before she puts them on, does she?

Rush: !!!

shadow of foxy angel: That’s “Dr. Surgeon”. “Harold” is my given name.

shadow of foxy angel: *tin can*?

Rush: Dr. Harold is on a LOOOOONNNG house call.

shadow of foxy angel: They could each put a billiard ball on one of her shoulders & the game would still be a draw in 1958.

shadow of foxy angel: Is this music a Star Wars March outtake, or a cut from Plan 9?

Rush: Well…she COULD be the first woman quarterback on the Shadow Island Bruisers!

shadow of foxy angel: He’s from the Headshrinkers’. Returning weekly.

shadow of foxy angel: IMPEACH X-9!!

Rush: Cy “CY” ting.

shadow of foxy angel: Rush: The Bruisers could do VERY well THIS year!

Rush: Meanwhile….at sea.

shadow of foxy angel: The sea. The wet man’s Ranch.

shadow of foxy angel: This group SORELY TESTS the Six Degrees precepts.

Rush: “Waving fields of….waves.”

DanVenture has joined this room

Matt1: Hello Dan!

shadow of foxy angel: DV!!! Pull up a mosslog!


Rush: How are you tonight?

DanVenture: Evening! I see we have just a few stalwart Chan-Fans tonight.

shadow of foxy angel: How does one get to be a Dowager Empress, anyway?

DanVenture: I am happy to say still healthy.

shadow of foxy angel: Dan, WE’RE ALL stalled warts.

Rush: GREAT “lights-out” shot!

shadow of foxy angel: OH! HE gets HIS island RESTORED. SOME people have the “pull”, the rest of us carry our islands from year to year…

DanVenture: LOL Shadow!

Rush: Angel: πŸ™‚

shadow of foxy angel: I wonder if SHADOW Island has Murder HORNETS?

Rush: Samurai sword…itching for “action.”

Godwinshelley3 has joined this room

Rush: GS!

Rush: Good evening!

shadow of foxy angel: ACTION itching for Samurai! Speaking of whom: GS!!!!!

Godwinshelley3: Hello from Hoosierlandia

Rush: On trhe phone…from Indiana!

shadow of foxy angel: “What am i, chopped tofu?”

Rush: Happy to have you here if only for a little while!

Rush: How are your mom and dad tonight?

Godwinshelley3: Yes indeed – AND mom got reimbursed by Long Term Care today – almost 2000$

Matt1: Hello GS!

Rush: WOW! Great news, GS!

Matt1: Very good news

Godwinshelley3: They are fine – took mom to Eye dr in Indianapolis

Rush: Yes?

Godwinshelley3: Yeah I’ve been working on that money since March!!

shadow of foxy angel has left this room

Rush: Grenade explodes…

Rush: THE END….

Godwinshelley3: Mom has Macular Degeneration and has to get special treatment once a month

Rush: of part 11.

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Rush: (Applause…)

Rush: How’s she doing with that, GS.

Louise has joined this room

Rush: Louise!

Matt1: Hello Louise!

Louise: Greetings Chan Clan!


Godwinshelley3: I waited outside and made 6 phone calls while I waited – all calls were for my folks

Rush: You are a great help to them, and I know that they are very thankful!

Louise: Sorry I missed last week: I didn’t even know it was a Monday because of the holiday!

Rush: AH!

Rush: That happens!

Rush: I think a few others did that, too!

Rush: Tonight…

Rush: “Shadows Over Chinatown”

Godwinshelley3: Mom In much better spirits and Dad is plugging along- though he had too much coffee yesterday and didn’t sleep and now thinks today is Tuesday

Rush: NO coffee tonight!

Rush: One way to stop time, I suppose!

Dona has joined this room

Rush: SEVEN minutes to go…

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Louise: CUED and ready to go


Dona: Hello Everyone!

Rush: I need to do likewise….

Dona: Ready to go here.

Godwinshelley3: I’ve been putting decaf in his instant regular coffee containers – but we ate out yesterday for lunch and he had 3 mugs of high test!

Matt1: Cued!

Godwinshelley3: I’m without dvds here – just dropped in to say we are doing fine in the Midwest

Rush: GS…

Rush: Again….happy to have you drop in!

Louise: Nice to see you GS

Dona: We will miss you GS

Matt1: Have a good trip

Rush: have a good visit with your parents!

Godwinshelley3: Enjoy for me!!

Rush: Please say hello from ALL of us!

Godwinshelley3: Night all

Dona: Bye!

Rush: Good night, GS!

Godwinshelley3 has left this room

Rush: Take care.

Louise: Are we going to have a lot of “tin cans” tinight?

Rush: 3 minutes to go….

Matt1: Chat room only allows me so many!

Rush: There will be a can or two!

Louise: Choose carefully, Matt!

Rush: Matt will be ready!

Matt1: My best Indy

Rush: TWO minutes…

Rush: 90 seconds…

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: 75 seconds…

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Louise: here we go

Rush: Title and music…

Rush: Credits…

Rush: We will see this figure later in the movie!

Louise: cool statue

Rush: The many-armed figure.

Rush: TYSM…nice GONG!

Rush: The City by the Bay….

Louise: Busy city music

Rush: Hall of Justice….

Rush: Bureau of Missing Persons.

Rush: Yes, Louise!

Louise: Fear of reality

Rush: Sort of a newsreel-style explanation of a Missing Persons Bureau.

shadow of foxy angel has joined this room

Matt1: wb SOFA

Louise: Perry White

Rush: Oh….THAT headline will cheer up those looking for a missing relative!

shadow of foxy angel: We’re baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Rush: Yes, again, Louise!

Dona: Hi Angel

Rush: “Torso Murders”

Matt1: Roomy bus

Rush: Emmigrant Gap is a real location not too far from Lake Tahoe, along Highway 40.

shadow of foxy angel: Circuit-breaker broke just as the Fusillade was being introduced. Did they GET EVERYBODY?

Rush: Se the “US 40” sign?

Rush: Accurate.

shadow of foxy angel: Jayne Mansfield had a Torso and Moreso up until—

Louise: crabby people

Rush: YOW, Angel!

Rush: Missing items!

Louise: Charlie!!!

Matt1: Pop!

Rush: “That old number 13…”

Rush: CC SHOT!

Rush: SAVED by the watch!

shadow of foxy angel: Sorry to have to, but Fox & i are turning tail—we have JUST (6:30 this morning!) returned to this Boston outpost, FROM WHICH all our Chan DVD’s were removed, now reposing in Fortress North Carolina…

tenman: Birthday wttch!

Rush: Sorry, Angel!

Dona: oh dear

Rush: have a RESTFUL night at the fortress!

Rush: “We sure WILL!”

Rush: “Civvies”

shadow of foxy angel: …Lacking a means to view, we “yuan” and say See You Next Week!! (We are tired anyway from trip.) Don’t be “Peking” ahead!!

Rush: “Dangerous Money” next week!

Rush: BB’s cousin, Chattanooga in that one!

shadow of foxy angel has left this room

Rush: CC does a favor here…

Rush: “Goods returned, crime prevented.”

Louise: I wouldn’t let this guy go

Rush: Yes, and I am not Charlie Chan, either, Louise!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Actual shot of the road across the Golden gate Bridge rear-projected.

Rush: “Continental Trailways”

Dona: I remember that Bus line

Rush: Me too!

Rush: This lady was in “The Black Camel”

Rush: Funny bit here!

Rush: “What?”

Rush: “New Orleans Trunk Murder”

Louise: Straggler?

Rush: I just found this on the Internet, regarding “Trunk Murders”…

Rush: The grim Times-Picayune article from October 28, 1927 is filed into a binder at the Williams Research Center of New Orleans. Headlined β€œBodies Found in Trunks,” it tells the ghastly end of Theresa and Leonide β€œLonie” Moity.

Louise: Ominous music starting

Rush: Yes.

Rush: “Dormatory”

Matt1: A lot of tin cans?

Rush: Only if they relate to our present case!

Matt1: Choose wisley, Matt

Rush: πŸ™‚

Louise: True, Rush. We need limits

Rush: Indeed!

Louise: long handshake

Rush: Mary Gordon: Mrs. Conove

Rush: Mary Gordon was also in “The Black Camel”

Louise: She’s in a lot of movies

Rush: She also appeared as a Prison Matron in “CC in London.”

Dona: Very distinct voice

Rush: Yes.

Dona: I think I’ve seen her in other than CC movies

Rush: Yes.

Rush: She didn’t get it!

Rush: desert already!

Rush: (Dessert)

Louise: Babe

Louise: Ewwwww what a creep

Rush: $50….about 4750 today.

Rush: 750

Rush: Sorry!

Rush: Pop will pay later for the meal!

Rush: Joe’s Ice Cream parlor.

Dona: They don’t move very fast

Rush: Disguises!

Rush: That’s why CC refers to them as “sitting assistants”!

Louise: great disguise

Rush: Funny.

Dona: He carries it with him LOL

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Been waiting for the right moment to use it!

Rush: I collected “The Wit and Wisdom of Birmingham Brown” for this film and placed it at this site unter “Shadows Over Chinatown.”

Louise: Cool Rush

Dona: really short tie

Rush: It’s about time, right?

Rush: πŸ™‚

Dona: is that way they wore them?

Rush: It seems so.

Matt1<tin can>

Louise: teeny can

Rush: I recall BB’s tie being short in “Black magic.”

Rush: TYSM…Matt…

Dona: I don’t trust him

Rush: Wise, Dona!

Louise: Confusion

Rush: “C’mon. motor…don’t act like a balkin’ mule.”

Rush: Running joke in this one!

Dona: I know that voice

Louise: There was no reason for that scene other than it was fun

Rush: Recall this gentleman as Sheriff Mack?

Dona: I knew it was a sheriff just not which one

Rush: Sheriff Mack is one of the most colorful characters of the Monogram series, IMHO.

Louise: Mack was funny

Rush: Now…we make a visit to the escort bureau…

Rush: Delightful Muzac.

Louise: He does this while smiling

Rush: Changed her mind quickly.

Rush: Out of gas!

Louise: still sitting

Rush: BB got the motor to run, and he left it running so it would be ready to go!

Matt1: <tin can>

Rush: As I said earlier, this one has LOTS of BB (and Jimmy) moments!

Rush: TYSM…Matt…

Louise: Glad BB is back after being away

Dona: Me too

Rush: Yes. However, he is missing next week.

Rush: Cousin Chattanooga takes his place.

Rush: In the curio shop!

Rush: Recall this figure from the titles portion?

Rush: You break it – you BUY it.

Louise: love this mirror scene

Rush: I have a feeling they let MM improvise here!

Rush: I like that little “jump” BB did just there!

Dona: He is very good at it

Rush: Yes!

Dona: It was great

Rush: Mary and Joe.

Rush: The TORSO!

Rush: Setting a trap!

Rush: “Never bait trap with wolf to catch wolf.”

Dona: I still don’t like him

Rush: Good intuition on your part!

Dona: bad choice

Rush: And…BB spilled the beans.

Louise: Like influenza epidemic!

Rush: Yes! And…NOTHING was closed down!

Rush: Message passed…and received!

Rush: See, Dona?

Rush: The mirror in the car was turned away from the camera.

Rush: An accessory!

Rush: To MURDER!

Rush: “Farmhand psychology”

Rush: The curio shop!

Louise: The drunk is back

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: More than meets our collective eye, Louise!

Louise: I want to own a curio shop!

Rush: It could be fun, Louise!

Louise: ouch

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Hold on…Matt…

Rush: Nice move by CC there!

Dona: they leave him there to bleed

Rush: “Confusion Sez”

Rush: Yes, Louise!

Rush: (Dolphin)

Louise: “Dolphins”

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: THE END.

Louise: We have the same memory, Rush

Rush: ion of another GOOD one!

Dona: Wasn’t that said by Barnum of Barnum adn Baily?

Matt1: <yee-haw>

Rush: Yes, Louise!

tenman: Night all!

Rush: Miss those sound effects…sigh…

Rush: k….

Jake has joined this room

Rush: “Dangerous Money.”

Jake: Hello πŸ™‚

Dona: <YAY>

Matt1: Good night folks and have a great week!

Rush: As we sail to the South Seas with CC, Jimmy, and Chattanooga Brown!

Louise: Nite all

Jake: Hello>

Jake: ?*

Rush: Good night, Louise!

tenman has left this room

Dona: Another good one Rush!

Louise: Jake, we are all going…

Rush: Hey!

Jake: Oh I just wanted to say Hi πŸ™‚

Rush: JAKE!

Dona: Hi Jake

Rush: How are you!?

Jake: I’ve been pretty Good πŸ™‚

Matt1 has left this room

Dona: Goodnight All! See you next week.

Rush: Get your homework done?

Jake: I’m a sophomore now πŸ™‚

Rush: How have you been, Jake?

Jake: No im just about to start πŸ™

Louise has left this room

Jake: Ive been pretty good πŸ™‚

Rush: How’s high school this year…in spite of the weirdness!

Jake: Its been pretty good

Dona has left this room

Rush: Good night, All

Rush: Take care….

Rush: have a happy….SAFE week!

DanVenture: til next time!

Rush: Yes, DV!

Rush: take care!

Rush: see you next week!

DanVenture has left this room

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