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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for September 19, 2022

Dangerous Money

AMERICAN SAMOA 1931 TRAVELOGUE TUTUILA COPRA HARVEST; Harold Lloyd in Feet First (1930) – The Climbing Scene, Part 1; 1940s Pago Pago, American Samoa, Street Scenes, Cruise Ship Travelogue, 16mm

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise
Mike in DC/Mike n Rachel GRRR
Mrs P
TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx
Rich Maine

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Hawaii_Steve: Aloha from the Land of Chan.

DanVenture: Oops! I can’t be like the third…

Hawaii_Steve: Dan, you are on second.

Rush: Good evening, Steve and DV!


Rush: There we are!

Hawaii_Steve: Good afternoon from Hawaii. It’s 1:33 PM on an overcast day.

Rush: 6:33 here!

Rush: Sunny as we near sunset.

Rush: How are you both tonight?

Hawaii_Steve: I’m fine. I did my senior aerobic exercises this morning. And you?

Rush: Doing well, thank you!

Rush: am busy working on the transfer of the website over to WordPress.

DanVenture: This is one time I accept Second Place with good grace!

Rush: Getting the hang of it.

Hawaii_Steve: My research regarding Monogram Studios continues.

Rush: Yes?

Rush: Good!

Hawaii_Steve: Last night I located the exact day that I toured KCET-TV.

DanVenture: That’s good news Rush! I realize that it’s a chore, but we want to have our Family Home around for many years to come.

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Dona: Hi Rush, Dan, Steve

Rush: Well, DV, this change will greatly help with that!

Rush: Dona!


Rush: How are things in SoCal?

Dona: Always good to be here

Dona: Nice right now. The weekend was so much cooler.

Hawaii_Steve: it was in July 1993. At that time, I saw the studios and control room.

Rush: Always great to have you here!

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Dona.


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Mike in DC: Good evening all!

Rush: Mike!

Hawaii_Steve: Here is the link for our first extra.


Rush: No rachel tonight?

Hawaii_Steve: Good afternoon from Hawaii.

Dona: Hi Mike

Mike in DC: No Rachel: Back to Band night at school. 🙁

Dona: We will miss her

Rush: We should probably begin the extras fairly soon as a couple are fairly long?

Rush: maybe Rachel will arrive before the evening is over!

Hawaii_Steve: Please start by 45 min after the hour. The first one is a vintage travelogue.

Hawaii_Steve: Or sooner. Your choice.

Dona: I have it cued.

Mike in DC: Yes…hopefully no inquisitive parents!

Mike in DC: All set here…fun title card!

Rush: Can you post the link, Steve?

DanVenture: Yes, please.

Hawaii_Steve: Our first extra is American Somoa, 1931. A rare old film.

Rush: YES!

Hawaii_Steve: I posted it above. Can you see it?

Dona: Is it not the one above?

Rush: We can wait till :45 if you like, Steve.

Hawaii_Steve: Yes Dona.

Dona: got it. Thanks!

Hawaii_Steve: I’m cued. Let’s start the show.

Mike in DC: “Fairest Eden”

Hawaii_Steve: As Mike stated, let’s cue to “fairest eden”

Rush: I have the link for the first one…


Mike in DC:wizard:

Hawaii_Steve: Thank you Rush. It’s posted above.

Rush: Please pause at the start…

Rush: Ready everyone?

Dona: yes

Hawaii_Steve: Yes

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Mike in DC: all set!

Rush: Okay…

Rush: 30 seconds…

hounder: ready

Rush: 20 seconds…

Hawaii_Steve: Hi hounder. cue to the first extra.

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: Pago Pago

hounder: was already cued.

Rush: Hi, Hounder!

Rush: Just started.


Rush: A Matson liner

Hawaii_Steve: Yes, Rush.

Hawaii_Steve: 2300 miles from Honolulu.

Hawaii_Steve: Last year, I watched Saddie Thompson, with Rita Hayworth, for the first time.

Rush: AH.

Rush: I have seen places like this.

Hawaii_Steve: Sunny boy — a local expression from the older local generation.

Rush: Interesting!

Hawaii_Steve: Beautiful detailed weaving.

Rush: Yes!

Rush: This is a typical pacific islander skill!

hounder: nice weaving

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Hawaii_Steve: Wonderful.

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: Hi Chan Clan!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: You sailed without us??!!!!

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: I am not allowed to use my registered name any more: go figure

Rush: Hello, Louise and Angel!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Hey, Louise ! Every little breeze, etc etc etc!!

Mike in DC: Hello Breeze-Louise & TreasuryAgents!

Rush: Yes…the boat is off to samoa…via the first extra!

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: Ready to set sail…

Dona: Hi Louise

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: Hi Dona

DanVenture: A very romantic look at Samoa.

Hawaii_Steve: many of skills seen in the old film are still in practice today.

Dona: hello Treasury Agents is that like the IRS?

Mike in DC: Ukelele? We need GS

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Everybody loves Louise. The bot here needs an entry in its file.

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: Samoa and Margaret Mead: can’t ever forget that connection

Rush: Sivas.

Hawaii_Steve: Gayest … meaning happy.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Dona, NOT IRS!!

Dona: Sorry

Rush: We hear of the Siva-siva tonight.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: So we are in an Extra?

Rush: Yes

Mike in DC: Hm. Abrupt ending.

Rush: The film broke!

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: Rush, we need a list of musical instruments played…or do you already have that?

Rush: 🙁

hounder: i was just thinking that mike

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: I’m hunting dinner with Foxx, will be at console with groaning board momentarily.

Hawaii_Steve: This film was caught in the nick of time. Due to decompression, the ending is missing.

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: The film broke…I remeber those days of running a film series in a college!

Mike in DC: Must have been the censors…

Hawaii_Steve: Hmm.

Mike in DC: It’s quite a document


Hawaii_Steve: Our next Extra features Willie Best with the great Harold Lloyd.

Rush: Got it, Steve!

Rush: Please pause at the very beginning!

Hawaii_Steve: We do not have the watch the entire clip.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: It’s de-lovely, it’s de-lightful, it’s de-compressing!

Rush: That’s okay.

Rush: Countdown coming up…

Dona: Ready

Mike in DC: This looks scary

Hawaii_Steve: At about 2 minute, Best appears in this short.

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 20 seconds…

Rush: 15….

Hawaii_Steve: It’s fun. Fantastic scenery of Old L.A.

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Hawaii_Steve: This film is a remake of sorts, “Safety Last” (1923) with Lloyd.

Rush: And, I am afraid of heights!

Mike in DC: yikes

Hawaii_Steve: This is the REAL deal.

Rush: YES!!!

DanVenture: Wow!

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Hawaii_Steve: Here comes Willie Best.

Dona: Hi Ms. P

Mike in DC: this is a tough way to earn a living…

Mike in DC: Hey Mrs. P!

hounder: hi mrs p

Rush: Mrs. P!

Rush: ood evening!

Mrs P: I’m trying the chat on my phone. This isn’t going to work. I’m moving to my computer.

Mike in DC: this guy is strong!

Rush: Okay, Mrs. P!

Hawaii_Steve: Talk about heart burn.

Hawaii_Steve: Best’s help scene.

Rush: I cant NOT watch this!

Hawaii_Steve: End of Willie’s scene. We can end now.

Mike in DC: Have to see how he gets down!

Hawaii_Steve: Let’s move on. Please.

Rush: As you wish!

Rush: Number three?

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Rush: Hello, NT!


Mike in DC: Hey NT!

Rush: We are about to watch extra number three.

Nothere: So what ratio of danger to money are we talking. Cause I may take the money anyway.

Rush: A short one.

Hawaii_Steve: The 3rd extra features home movies from Pago Pago.

Rush: Fun!

Hawaii_Steve: 1940s. After the war.


Rush: There is the link

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Mike in DC: got it

Hawaii_Steve: As noted by Rush, please watch for the radio tower in the background.

Rush: Yes.

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Rush: The Naval shortwave tower.

Hawaii_Steve: Ready? Cued here.

Rich Maine: Evening all

Rush: We see it in the movie tonight as the ship arrives.

Rush: Hello, Rich!


Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Rich. Cued to the next extra.

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Rush: Here is the link for the last extra:

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, we need to move on.

Rush: Only a minute or so long.

Rush: 390 seconds…

Rush: 30

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Tonight’s panel can handle ANY danger!

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5….

Rush: GO!!!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Except NICK DANGER, Third Eye!

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Nothere: ey Mike

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: Hi Mike

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Mike! You solo?

Mike in DC: Got booted…hi everyone!

Nothere: From out of the fog and into the smog

Mike in DC: Monogram home movies

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Into a great sandstone building . . .

Hawaii_Steve: The crowd is waiting for the cruise ship to arrive.

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TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: I didn’t tell you to go in there!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: HI, Mrs P!!!

Rush: Yes, Steve.

Hawaii_Steve: Another Matson liner. Great footage of long ago.

Mike in DC: short and sweet

Rush: Agreed!

Rush: Okay..TYSM, again, Steve!


Rush: Great stuff as always!!!

Hawaii_Steve: Our last extra features Willie Best and Bogie. 30 seconds.

Rush: A very quick one next…

Rush: Please cue up!

Rush: READY?

Hawaii_Steve: Cued.

DanVenture: yup

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: cued

Rush: Okay!

Rush: 30….

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Rush: 20…

Hawaii_Steve: Thanks for hanging in there gang.

Rush: 15…

Dona: ready

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Mike in DC has joined this room

Mike in DC: Oh and…yes Angel, no Rachel this evening

Rush: GO!!!

Nothere: No Racheal? NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike in DC: Back to Band night at school

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Shall a search be mounted?

Rush: And..that is it!

Rush: TYSM…AGAIN…Steve!!!

Mike in DC: very cute

Rush: Good watching!

Rush: Now…

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: Love this watery music

Hawaii_Steve: Didn’t need to rush you folks, but we’re trying to keep on schedule. TYSM.

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: TOOT!

Mike in DC: Well, if there aren’t too many parent questions Rach may arrive before the film ends…

Rush: Please cue up to the opening title of “Dangerous Money”!

Hawaii_Steve: Thanks again Rush.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: BY THE BY—this group should certainly appreciate this: a neighbor gave me a MOUNTED DEER HEAD last week!

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TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Ready!

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EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: Oops, I thought we started the movie

Mike in DC: Thank YOU Steve…always interesting stuff.

Rush: ready?

hounder: hi dona

Rush: TWO minutes…

Nothere: Set

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: cued again

Hawaii_Steve: Cued.

Rush: WB…Dona!

Rush: 🙂


Rush: Welcome to EVERYONE!

Mike in DC: Rush with the pump fake!

dona: Where are you hanging it Angel

Rush: During the extras…I missed a lot of arrivals!

Rush: orry!!!

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: Nothere: no gentlemen here

Mrs P: I found the film this week!

Rush: 60 seconds…

dona: cued

Hawaii_Steve: The film is on YOuTube.

Rush: 50 seconds…

Hawaii_Steve: Easy to find.

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: Link is above…

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Thanks for asking, Dona! I TESTED it in the ENTRY to my palace, FACING the great portal. I was doubtful—but public response has been solid—it STAYS!

Rush: 25 seconds…

Mike in DC: tempus fugit

Nothere: Sorry but our old sound effect board didn’t have anything for this group. Except maybe the assorted animal sounds 🙂

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: BONG

dona: good!

Rush: GO!!!

Mike in DC: Nice Chan with money pic

Rush: Title…

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: YAY! TOLER!

Rush: Music…

Rush: Credits…

hounder: i like the look of the letters on the cards

Mike in DC: Chan music

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: AMIRA MOUSTAFA!

Hawaii_Steve: Willie Best and Victor Sen Yung.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Miriam KISSINGER—?

Rich Maine: Great drawing

Rush: yes, Hounder!

Rush: Yes, steve!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Yes, Rush, is TERRIFIC art.

Rich Maine: Fog!

Rush: Jimmy and Chattanooga.

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: I like this moody music…again

Nothere: THough as time passes I am getting forgetful I remember wolf, dolphin, and monkey. Wasn’t there a lion sound?

Rush: And…FOG!

Mike in DC: Ah…fog…now we’re in Monogram’s wheelhouse

Rush: Yes we are!!!

Hawaii_Steve: Note the over size suit that Toler is wearing.

Mrs P: Love fog horns

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: This film meets the Terry Morse Code.

Rush: Yes, Mrs. P!

Mrs P: oh shucks, ads

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: Lion sound, electricity, TOOT of the fog horn, babies, so much more

Hawaii_Steve: in his first scene. He has lost weight.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Damn doubledamn, Mrs. P, ME TOO. I HATE YT ads, will NOT pay their tribute—

Mike in DC: was he ill during the filming of this movie?

Mrs P: I wonder how many Chan films have fog horns.

Rush: I know, Angel…

Rush: You can click them off after 5 seconds.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Wonder how many have leg horns!

Mrs P: LOL

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Rush, yes, but even so—

Rush: “Ouch” Angel!

Rush: 🙂

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: And it puts us off sync.

Mike in DC: Couples out for a romantic and suspicious walk in the fog

Mrs P: SO misterious

Mrs P: Mysterious

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Rush, if you ever tell The Authorities how many bad puns i’ve done—well—

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: Art trteasures!

Rush: Yes.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Art Linkletters!

Rush: A “pea-souper”

Mrs P: Oh no

Rush: CRASH!

Nothere: Does the fog pay freight or regualr fare on the ship?

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: This old coot don’t fool me no more, not after several seasons & a viewing each.

Rush: NT..the fog just “fogs” along…

Rush: “Oooooo….”


Rush: “OOOOO…”

Mike in DC: quite the target

Mrs P: double oooooo

Rich Maine: It’s the Mayberry mayor pike!

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: Ooohh? She just had a knife thrown at her

Nothere: Come on Charlie when has it ever been just an accident.

Rush: 🙂

Mrs P: right?

Nothere: Score one for Rush’s fog joke.

Mrs P: Jimmy!

Hawaii_Steve: This is Willie Best, 12 years after the Harold Lloyd film.

Rush: 🙂

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: I LOVE this part.

Rush: I guess they dont do this on airliners!

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: KNIFE!

Rush: The eyes…

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: They’ll get released.

Rich Maine: Stabbed on the back…for real!

Rush: Now…hopefully this will work right…


Nothere: Well he got Neptune’s point.

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TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: If he wasn’t a goner at first, rolling off the chair onto his back can’t have helped.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: SECOND ad on YT.

Rush: True, Angel!

Mrs P: pop always appreciates holp

Rush: Indeed!

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: Don’t toss that can overboard

Nothere: Can I leave the saloon?

Rush: No…we will need it later.

Mrs P: right now my house looks ransacked

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Rush, Foxx & i are in constant contact via this Web thing, with autopsists in the area. Any who are idle, are highlighted on screen & Foxx & i arrange work for them.

Rush: NT…the adding of a simple “o” can make quite a difference!

Nothere: See any fog, odd shadows, or flying knives Mrs. P?

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Hot money is cool.

Rush: Gotcha, Angel!

Mrs P: No, Nothere, not that I’ve noticed

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: He’s a VERY petty officer.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: When CC says “Excuse please”, even E.F.Hutton listend.

Rush: This guy!

Rush: How would you like to share a dinner table with HIM???

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: He looks like REID FLEMING, World’s Toughest Milkman.

Rush: 🙂

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: Ichthyologists indeed! Sounds fishy.

Rush: 🙂

Mrs P: lol

Rush: Ans smells the same!

Rush: Tao Erickson.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: SAMOA spelt backward is a good idea.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Onlookers look like they’ve been drugged.

Rush: AO mas?

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Rush, SHHHHHHHH!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Classified!

Rush: The places mentioned in this film are real.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Any more people on that island and it might capsize.

hounder: ”

Rush: The Robert Lewis Stevenson Memorial in Apia.

Mrs P: poofy sleeves

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Though it looks like THAT one could float.

Rush: Yes, Angel.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Mrs P, would you say there’s a derivative line from poofy sleeves to puffy shirts?

Mrs P: I know, I’ve got a cigar

Rush: And when the sock is off…put it in his mouth!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: His jowls got bigger just since the last shot.

Mrs P: I expect Seinfeld to show up any minute

Rush: 🙂

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: Lots of vouching.

Mike in DC: Big foghorn role in this one

Rush: The liner…

Mrs P: whole lot of vouching going on

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: So are the guests still under indictment, waiting for Neptune to reopen court? What gives?

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: A THIRD YT ad.

Mike in DC: Couldn’t get the grand jury to indict, Angel

Rush: Some info…

Rush: In Dangerous Money, we see the S.S. Newcastle arrive in Pago Pago, American Samoa through the use of stock footage. The ship shown as the Newcastle is probably the S.S. Mariposa which belonged to the famous Matson Navigation Company. The Matson “white ships” became famous for their service to the Hawaiian Islands as well as other Pacific destinations, including Pago Pago, American Samoa.

Nothere: Curses Charlie has canceled open mic night

Hawaii_Steve: Yes, Rush.

dona: interesting

dona: thank you

Rush: You are welcome!

Mrs P: great info

Rush: The arrival footage is really nice.

Rush: We see the radio tower that we saw in one of Steve’s extras.

Nothere: SAfe course? With a murderer running around?

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Rush, i’ve wondered about Candy Matson, Girl Detective. No means of support i can detect, as she always ends up comp-ing each episode. Could Candy Matson have had a tap into a big vein in the steamer biz?

Rush: Borrowing the BB Theme here…

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: Deformance!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Music is excellent. Great “signature”.

Mrs P: yes

Rush: Immediate removal of the liver..

Nothere: Time for them to operate

Rush: Smart move!

Rush: Get prints off the door knob!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: We need MORE of this in our modern healthcare infrastructure!!

Mrs P: other criminologist LOL

Rush: 🙂

Mrs P: cell phone

Rush: Cute move there!

Nothere: Sorry Mrs P. 1940s it would have to be phone in cell.

hounder: old fashioned criminals

Rush: OR… a walkie-talkie!

Rush: Jimmy has one here!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: I wish they’d spun off a series of “Sitting Assistants” movies. Coulda maintained the franchise a few years, with BB and various Sons working mayhem, “Chan” PHONING IN.

Rush: early “cell phone”!

Rush: Army surplus!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: We’re at 21:15. What’s correct TIME?

Rush: I have…

Rush: 21:55

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: ROGER spelt backward is SECRET.

Rush: 22:10…

Rush: 22:30

Nothere: Bah walkie talkies will never replace the telegraph. And we always have the pony express.

Rush: “Folding money talks.”

Rush: NT: 🙂

Rush: The professor is readin a book totled “Fish.”

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: FOURTH ad. The ads are what have put us behind: 5 secs x 4 = 20 secs off.

Rush: Sorry, Angel.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: ONE SHOVE . . .

Rush: That’s today’s Youtube.

Mrs P: I jumped ahead in anticipation of ads

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Hey, Rush, not YOUR fault!

Rush: Good idea, Mrs. P!

Mrs P: I’ll try to avoid spoilers

Rush: YES!

Rich Maine: Hot money hot money hot pockets!

Rush: Indeed!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: I did what Mrs. P did, jumped the opening actually, but YT still put us behind.

Mrs P: Charlie’s got a trick up his sleeve.

Mrs P: too soon?

Rush: Note CC’s hat.

dona: lol

Rush: The leg shake…

Mike in DC: eeeeek

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: Nice spooky lighting

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: CC had many hats. Needed spares.

Rush: And…the Monogram “antisipation” music.

Mike in DC: Still has leftovers from Fu Yuen’s in Panama

Rush: Anticipation.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: I got kittens. On the porch, i hope.

Mrs P: More fog, oops np, it

dona: not very secure door

dona: not very secure door

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: Have you ever seen a cabin on a cruise ship that big?

Rush: “Include me OUT”

Mike in DC: Yes, Dona. Nor very private

Mrs P: It’s #2 son

Rich Maine: Drink tea with fork

Rush: I have not experienced a cruise ship, yet.

Rush: I did travel on a freighter a few times. My cabin was usually the deck!

Mrs P: I need to check my storage for dvds and dvd player.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Rush, it’s like a round trip via Uber.

Rich Maine: Ur missing out rush…Best experience ever

Mike in DC: x/y = ?

Rush: Uber, Under, Sideways Down”

Nothere: The old coat over the chair trick. I fell for it three times last month.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Those neophytes should still be in Neptune’s holding pen, D.Jones Warden. Oughta be.

dona: No Louise the one time I was on one the rooms were MUCH smaller

Rush: Is there a shipbord pool on the murder?

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: I hope they do The Peabody.

Mike in DC: Still on “Fish” Wonder when he’ll get to “Insects”

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: The fish guy doesn’t dance.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: For a fin he might.

Nothere: As for cabin room, have you seen the room in the planes in this series? Thiese cabins are where the poor hang out.

Rush: Hm!

hounder: charlie is still dancing

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Swedish fish are not all swedish. Not all fish.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Siva-Siva.

Mike in DC: Isn’t Siva some evil goddess?

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: I like how she pronounces the “z” in Polynezian.

Rush: on another continent, yes!

Rush: In samoa…no.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: What are they applauding? Edison’s not there.

Rush: 🙂

Mike in DC: Ah. Note to self: Stick to Samoan Sivas.

Rush: Suspects leave…

Rush: Blackmailers.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: One of Joe Stalin’s boys.

Rush: “Redistribution of wealth…”

Mike in DC: “I know a few tricks myself.” Yeah, right. So does Charlie.

Nothere: Mike your thinking of Shiva. A hindu god.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: In our dream-remake cast, we had Gorbachev penciled in for the Burke role. What now?

Rush: Chan is puting the pieces together…

Rush: How many passengers trip over that door jamb?

Nothere: Actually Charlie has thirteen kids on a cops salary. For all the luxury accomidations and world travel , he must really chare for these out of town cases.

Rush: Yes, NT!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Notty, they’re critical. The cases, i mean.

Rush: Maybe the family pool all their earnings.

Mike in DC: Mrs. Chan runs a daycare I bet

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: AND the kids. They’re critical too.

Rush: Mike: 🙂

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Mrs.Chan has to be blistering the family abacus.

Mrs P: no heating bill

Rush: True.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: ANOTHER ad.

Rush: Reverse engines!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Yell FIRE if you fall into the chocolate,

Mike in DC: Mere stroll? Across the ocean?

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Knocker?

Rush: We are talking hot MONEY, NOT chocolate!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: With a hard K?

hounder: cruise is nightmare but not dull one.

Rush: ARRIVAL soon!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Let’s buy some hot chocolate with this cool hot money.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Jamaica me crazy

Rush: Big Ben.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: “Incriminating matter”?!!

Nothere: Just no german choclate. Cocunut on chooclate. Sick people.

Rush: CC hands Big Ben aonly one small bag!

Rush: Mesage from tommy.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: “Sparks”.

Rush: One of my favorite bands, Angel!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Rush, i ALMOST alluded to them! “Everybody’s Stupid” is more apt every year!!

Nothere: O.k. they just said a quote I saw earlier. Time check?


Mike in DC: 39:30

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: RON & RUSSELL! I do declare!!

Rush: No other crew in bed.

Rush: Yep.

Rush: “Sparks”

Nothere: Thanks Mike somehowe I got minurtes behind

Mrs P: Called away. I’ll be back if I can.

Mike in DC: 40:10

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: I gotta find out how to put images into the Chat!

Mike in DC: Take care Mrs P

Rush: Okay, Mrs. P!

Rush: Next week…

Mrs P has left this room

Rush: “The Trap”

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Gnite, MrsP!!

Nothere: Night Mrs P

Nothere: The slasher Chan

Rush: The shortest titled Charlie Chan film.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Looks like test scenery for “Jailhouse rock”.

Rush: Arrival!

Rush: Enjoy!

Mike in DC: Need drinks with little umbrellas in them

Rush: Panorama shot…

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: The SS Candy, Matson Line!

dona: Sounds good to me Mike

Rush: Sigh….

Mike in DC: Tao Erickson?

Rush: meanwhile…

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: I love this music here.

dona: Sounds good to me Mike

Rush: At the Mango Inn…

Rush: Interesting transition from exterior to interior.

Mike in DC: Tonight’s special: Grilled Whatever-we-killed-this-afternoon

Nothere: I’ll have dinner after I slipped into a sarong.

Rush: She,s having similar luck to Joe in his coffee shop!

Nothere: Perhaps she needs a jukebox?

Rush: I think that Chan’d Panama style tonight is called the “P”lantation.

Rush: Sorry about the typos!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: TIME?? SIXTH ad!

Rush: YOW!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: we’re at 45:45

Mike in DC: 45:00

Mike in DC: nice trinket

hounder: he’s an operator

Rush: He sure is!

Rush: And, he’s about to get a “busy signal.”

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: When is it (45:40)?

Mike in DC: 46:30

Rush: 46:20

Mike in DC: time warp

Rush: Mike is closer to correct!

Rush: I started a few seconds late.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Thanks, Rush! Got close now. Again. We hate YouTube.

Rush: Understood, Angel!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: You are a soiled American.

Mike in DC: furtive? white fox fur-tive?

Rush: No furs tonight!

Rush: The eyes…

Mike in DC has left this room

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: The wife and kids excuse…

Mike n Rachel in DC has joined this room

Rush: Yes.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Foxx is in trenchcoat disguise.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: PATHETIC.

Rich Maine: Bye bye mayor pike

Rush: Fffftttt!

dona: thwak

dona: thwak

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: THUNNNNNNNK


TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Sir Walter Raleigh’s collar might have saved a life here.

Nothere: More flying knives. Strange weather around here.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Climate change, NT

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: ‘Tis indeed a cutting gale.


Rush: THERE!

Rush: Loaded dice.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Oh dem bones.

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room

Mike n Rachel GRRR has joined this room

Rush: This is good use of a small set!

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: I was just thinking that, Rush

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: Wait, she is The Rona! Way ahead of the disease…

Rush: Louise, this is one reason why i would like to learn if WordPress offers any Chat Rooms.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: I noticed Rona too! Thought of Rona Barrett!

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: I’ll check tomorrow, Rush.

Rush: I love these rear-projected moonlit sea scenes!

Rush: More Siva-Siva…

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: I just looked—Rona Barrett is still alive, will be 86 in 2 weeks!

Rush: TYSM, Louise!

Nothere: Welcome Racheal. We all cried when we heard you wouldn’t be here.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: ANYTHING but PUNJIPUNJI!!

Mike n Rachel GRRR: Rach is very glad to be here

Rush: Also, when the time omes, how do we actually put the site out there?

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Hey! Hiya, Ms.R!!

dona: Hello Rachel

Rush: When I type the address now, it looks linke the promotion of a BLOG comes up.

Rush: Hello, rachel!

Rush: Welcome!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Does ANYONE wear monocles anymore? Did they ever, in real life? I don’t believe it.

Mike n Rachel GRRR: back from back to band night…fortunately the parents were well-behaved

dona: They do in a lot of the books I read. LOL

Nothere: Sorry Rush I don’t even know what WordPress is, so I have no helful suggestions. Now if you want useless jokes I got you covered.

Mike n Rachel GRRR: Col. Klink had a monocle.

Rush: here is where we see the box turtle with the flashlight.

Rush: The “Lugosi octopus”

dona: that’s true so they must be real

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Col. Klink certainly DID! We think he’s the modern standard for monocles!

Mike n Rachel GRRR: Bela Lugosi had a scene like this in Plan 9 from Outer Space…

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Fishy money.

dona: lol

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: It was one of the BEST scenes he had in “Plan 9”. Cuz he only made like 3 scenes before the heroin took him home.

Rush: We have a turtle like that one.

Rush: Minus the flashlight.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: The Electric Turtle is timeless.

Mike n Rachel GRRR: The Electric Turtle…sounds like a 70s band

Rush: 🙂

Rush: YES!

dona: lollol

dona: lol

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Every one of those stools has its own Depression.

Mike n Rachel GRRR: we are dating ourselves, guys. 🙂

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: Nice stools

Hawaii_Steve: Excuse me, Angel, but you are incorrect. Mr. Lugosi was drug-free at the time of Plan 9.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Today, these folks would all just text each other across the room.

Rush: I was thinking the same, Angel.

Rush: The eyes!

Hawaii_Steve: In the mid-1990s, one of my friend was Hope Lugosi. AKA Mrs. Bela Lugosi.

Mike n Rachel GRRR: English horn death music for this one

Rich Maine: Is this film highest body count?

Mike n Rachel GRRR: <tin-can>

Rush: Those darts must pe poison-tipped!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: HSteve, you ARE INDEED CORRECT, sir. No libel of Mr.Lugosi was intended, in our purely situation-opportunistic quip.

Rush: He got it in his side.

Hawaii_Steve: Mrs. Lugosi and I spoke in detail about Bela’s condition.


TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: REALLY? I really shall trim my sails. Much respect to all.

Mike n Rachel GRRR: He struggled with drugs, right Steve?

Rush: The Gauguin!

Rush: Super valuable today!

Hawaii_Steve: At the time, I met Mrs. L., she was a kind and sweet woman. Little did I know that she was dying of cancer.

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: nice turtle

Rush: 🙂

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Steve, what was it carried off Bela?

Rush: Yes, Steve?

Mike n Rachel GRRR: That’s sad, Steve

Rush: When was that?

Mike n Rachel GRRR: Was she Hungarian?

Nothere: My fish only has fifties, can we trade?

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Bela was actually a way cool, not-understood serious actor. I’ve read a couple of bios of him.

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: Lights out!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: We’ll trade, Notty.

Mike n Rachel GRRR: Finally there’s a light switch where it’s expected

Rush: An interesting gun fight here!

Rush: And shot knives!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Better than shot glasses!

Rush: Most shots by CC in the entire series!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: There’s always a place for Tetragene.

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: She’s a man!

Nothere: Theres a story of Bela being out at dinner. One of the guests said he was the Lionel barrymore of the Hungarian stage. Bela correcvted them. I was the Cary Grant of the Hungarian stage.

Mike n Rachel GRRR: It’s Mrs. Bates!

Rush: “Nobody’s perfect…”

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: WOWZA! ZO WHAT?

Mike n Rachel GRRR: No! It’s Norman.

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: Didn’t wiggle “her” hips enough

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: MANY secret identities in this one!

Mike n Rachel GRRR: Plus the dart gun!

Rush: There were a lot of bad people in this one!

Rush: JIMMY!!!!

Mike n Rachel GRRR: <kids-yeah>


Rich Maine: Lots of bodies

Rush: (Applause…)

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: clean up those can

Rush: Next week…

hounder: yea!! thanks for the fun. see you next week

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: I always liked the gender-test Huck Finn failed.

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: cans

Mike n Rachel GRRR: Yes, this one was a blood bath


dona: <WAHOO>

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: YAY!!!!!!!

Rich Maine: See you next week

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: This was a ripsnorter!!

DanVenture: Wow

Mike n Rachel GRRR: Thanks everyone for another enjoyable evening!

dona: Another good one!

Nothere: Rarely needs a Chan shootout.

Rush: Thank you ALL for another in a long string of GREAT evenings!!!

Rush: Yes, NT!

Rush: This is one of my favorite Monograms.

Nothere: Humbley following great leaders footsteps.

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise: Nite all. Till we meet again…

hounder has left this room

Mike n Rachel GRRR: It looks like next week is our farewell to Sidney

Rush: Yes…sadly.

Rich Maine has left this room

Mike n Rachel GRRR: Have a wonderful week everyone, and thanks again, Steve, for the extras!

Mike n Rachel GRRR: See you next week.

Rush: May everyone have a wonderful week!

EveryLittle Breeze-Louise has left this room

Rush: take care…

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx: ALOHAHAHAHA!

Hawaii_Steve: Thank you Rush for allowing me to present the Extras related to our film tonight.

dona: Thank you Rush!

dona: Thank you Steve!

Rush: As always…be happy and safe.

Hawaii_Steve: Have to hit the post office now.

Rush: And YOU, Dona!

dona: Thank you Rush

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha.

Rush: I will be out your way at the end of the month.

Nothere has left this room

Hawaii_Steve: Thank you Dona. You’re the best.

Mike n Rachel GRRR has left this room

dona: Thank you Rush!

Hawaii_Steve has left this room

Rush: A short trip out to san diego.

dona: Thank you Steve!

DanVenture: Good week eveyrone!

Rush: You, TOO!

TreasuryAgents Angel&Foxx has left this room

Rush: Thank you all again!

Rush: Good night, DV and Dona!

dona: Have a good week all.

Rush: Take care…

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Good night…!

dona: You Too.

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