Chat Archive 9/23/2019

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for September 23, 2019

Dangerous Money

Secret Agent X-1 (Chapter 10)

Len Freeman
Mike n Rachel in DC
Mrs. Pendleton

Matt1 has joined this room16:29

pdclassicdvds has joined this room16:30

Matt1: Hello PD!16:31

Rush has joined this room16:31

pdclassicdvds: Hi Matt16:31

Matt1: Hello Rush!16:31

Rush: Good evening…sorry about my not-on-time arrival!16:31

pdclassicdvds: Hello Rush16:32

Rush: Hi, Matt…PD!16:32

Matt1: Pretty darn close though16:32

Rush: :)16:32

Rush: I had a little trouble with Chrome…16:32

Matt1: Hope you both had a good week16:32

Rush: So, I came back with Internet Explorer.16:32

Mike (n Rach) in DC has joined this room16:33

pdclassicdvds: So far so good16:33

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Hey everyone!16:33

Matt1: Yes, I’ve been using IE here in chat too16:33

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Firefox, baby. Firefox all the way!16:33

Rush: Not a bad week, except that Rachel badly sprained her ankle at cheer practice…another ER trip!16:33

Matt1: Hello M & R!16:33

pdclassicdvds: I use firefox as well16:33

Rush: Good evening, Mike/Rachel!16:33

Mike (n Rach) in DC: OH dear, Rush. DC Rach sends her best to her namesake.16:33

Matt1: You need to wrap her in bubble wrap!16:33

Rush: Yes, PD, I think I will add that as another standby!16:34

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Matt: I’m getting the impression that CA Rach is a pretty tough kid…16:34

Rush: Matt, sometimes I think the same thing…16:34

Mike (n Rach) in DC: DC Rach says: “Nix on the bubble wrap.” :)16:34

Matt1: I think DC Rach is too!16:34

Mike (n Rach) in DC: DC Rach = basketball player and coach. Not a shrinking violet…16:35

Rush: :)16:35

Matt1: Well, I hope she heals fast Rush16:35

Rush: She would definitely have something to say about that!16:35

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Ditto, Matt. Hope she’s back doing backflips soon!16:36

Rush: Better each day…thank you…16:36

Rush: I am getting the serial set up…16:37

Matt1: Ready here16:37

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Well, Rush, at least she might have time to watch the entire Chan canon while convalesing?16:37

Rush: :)16:37

Rush: Well…life goes on practically as normal…just on crutches…16:38

Mike (n Rach) in DC: On crutches…that’s almost ‘normal’ for her…isn’t it?16:38

Rush: :)16:38

Matt1: At least you were not on vacation again?16:39

Rush: THAT’S a plus!16:39

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Amen to that!16:39

Rush: Ready to start the serial?16:40

Rush: “X-9” Chapter 10….16:40

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Ready here…can’t wait to see X9 triumph over the Evil Axis!16:41

Rush: Okay!16:41

Rush: 30 seconds/…16:41

pdclassicdvds: ready16:41

Rush: 20…16:41

Rush: 15…16:41

Mike (n Rach) in DC: dons cape16:41

Rush: 10…16:41

Mike (n Rach) in DC: readies crutches16:41

Rush: 5…16:41

Rush: GO!!!16:41

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Nice nail polish16:42

Rush: Credits…16:42

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Harold WIre16:42

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Wire16:42

Rush: Yes, M/R!16:42

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Shadow Island!16:43

Rush: Shadow Island – 1943…16:43

Rush: Maybe I can think about Shadow Island as a possible vacation destination…16:43

Mike (n Rach) in DC: House of Shadows…16:43

Mike (n Rach) in DC: I think you can get good rates at the Shadow Inn, Rush.16:44

Rush: I’ll bet!16:44

Mike (n Rach) in DC: boom16:44

Rush: “Oops!”16:44

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Don’t you just HATE when that happens!16:45

Rush: Yes!16:45

pdclassicdvds: that wasnt good for them16:45

Rush: No…one shot each…16:45

Mike (n Rach) in DC: That woman can be hazardous to your health..16:45

Rush: She does get around…16:46

pdclassicdvds: I love the way she walks. LOL16:46

Mike (n Rach) in DC: I wonder how they auditioned for that part. “OK, now look..EVIL…”16:46

pdclassicdvds: LOL16:46

Rush: “Look evil, and look down all the time…”16:47

Mike (n Rach) in DC: I think she has not changed clothes for the entire series. Hopefully she does bathe on occasion…16:47

Mike (n Rach) in DC: cough16:47

Rush: Maybe she has a full wardrobe of that same outfit!16:47

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Could be. Still, I think I would try to stay upwind…16:48

Matt1: One stop shopping!16:48

Rush: “Our Cy.”16:48

pdclassicdvds: 7 outfits for each day. Very clever!!!!!16:48

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Just like Albert Einstein, PDC…16:48

pdclassicdvds: Does that guy eat nuts all day?16:48

pdclassicdvds: Does he ever move?16:48

Rush: Olives, too, when available!16:49

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Nuts and olives are probably the main crops of Shadow Island!16:49

Rush: A 2 1/2 foot drop out that window!16:50

pdclassicdvds: He is quite the athlete.16:50

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Aieeeeeeeee!16:50

Matt1: Did his own stunts16:50

Mike (n Rach) in DC: LOL. Quite the athlete.16:51

Rush: A bit of comedic relief…16:51

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Seems straight out of City in Darkness16:51

pdclassicdvds: Viva la France!!!!16:52

Rush: Mai oui!16:53

pdclassicdvds: Yes please let yourself out. LOL16:53

Rush: An operation….16:53

Rush: 12:15?16:54

pdclassicdvds: Looks like he picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue. LOL16:54

Rush: I need a time check, please…16:54

Matt1: And don’t call him Shirley!16:54

Rush: Time check, please?16:55

pdclassicdvds: 13:2216:55

Rush: TYSM!16:55

Rush: I got back to the right spot.16:55

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Evil Woman still looking down as she speaks into microphone.16:55

Rush: Yes.16:56

Mike (n Rach) in DC: It’s alive! It’s alive!16:56

Rush: I was just thinking the same, Mike!16:56

Rush: :)16:56

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Oh. Wrong movie. :)16:56

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Great minds, Rush.16:57

Rush: Suggestion: never stand too close to the person you hold at gunpoint.16:57

Mike (n Rach) in DC: True. Unless you’re a REALLY bad shot.16:57

Rush: True!16:58

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Mmmph. RRRG.16:58

Rush: :)16:58

Rush: “And…don’t worry about those tubes we popped lose!”16:59

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room16:59

Matt1: Hello GS!16:59

Rush: GS!16:59

pdclassicdvds: Her hair has a certain bounce to it.16:59

Rush: WELCOME!16:59

Godwinshelley2: Hello – are we passing along suggestions?16:59

Rush: We are enjoying our serial!16:59

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Hi GS!16:59

Rush: nearing the end…16:59

Rush: …for tonight!16:59

Godwinshelley2: My husband offers – never stand under the ferris wheel at a Beer Festival17:00

Rush: How are you, GS?17:00

Rush: Ooooo!17:00

Mike (n Rach) in DC: That is sage advice, GS.17:00

Rush: I can only imagine, GS!17:00

Godwinshelley2: Tired – been reoraganizing the basement and it’s heavy work17:00

pdclassicdvds: Oh no!!!!17:00

Rush: Yes, GS?17:00

pdclassicdvds: Don’t throw number one son overboard17:00

Rush: Still unpacking after the move?17:01

Mike (n Rach) in DC: X9 to the rescue!17:01

Godwinshelley2: So if I bow out early – I’m just worn out17:01

pdclassicdvds: This is a job for Houdini17:01

Rush: (Splash…blub….bluub…)17:01

Godwinshelley2: No – just making husband’s work room more spacious for bigger project17:01

Matt1: Yikes…..Lee!17:01

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Ah Fong. Expendable character…or…?17:01

Godwinshelley2: But that means moving some storage out of that area into another17:01

Rush: Not good!17:01

Rush: Next week: “Fireworks for Deadmen”17:02

Louise has joined this room17:02

Matt1: 3 more to go!17:02

pdclassicdvds: Is there such a thing as Dangerous money?17:02

Godwinshelley2: Hello Louise17:02

Matt1: Hello Louise!17:02

Louise: Greetings family and friends!17:02

Rush: Good evening, Louise!17:02

pdclassicdvds: Hi Louise17:02

Rush: WELCOME!17:02

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Don’t know, PDC, but I’m up for more danger in my life if there is…17:02

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Hey Louise17:02

Rush: PD, yes, there is such a thing as “Dangerous Money,” as we shall see!17:03

Louise: I will be somewhat lurking in the background tonight. Still recovering from a trip to New Mexico…lots of laundry and stuff!17:03

Len Freeman has joined this room17:03

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Welcome back!17:03

Godwinshelley2: Hello Len17:03

Matt1: Hello Len!17:03

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Hey Len!17:03

Louise: My money was dangerous ay the casinos this week in Santa Fe!17:03

Len Freeman: Hello friends17:03

Rush: AH! Lots of red earth to wash out of the clothes?17:03

Rush: LEN!17:04

Rush: elcome back!17:04

Rush: How have you been?17:04

Len Freeman: GLAD to be back….17:04

Godwinshelley2: I saw someone was writing a book on “The Eastern Films of Boris Karloff” and they will be covering the Wong series among other films.17:04

Len Freeman: sorry to miss th serial17:04

Len Freeman: though I have it… will catch up17:04

libraryjim has joined this room17:04

libraryjim: Hi, all17:04

Rush: That’s okay…”just don’t let it happen, again!”17:04

Rush: )17:04

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Hey LJ17:04

Godwinshelley2: Hi LJ17:04

Rush: LJ!17:05

Rush: ood evening!17:05

Len Freeman: Hi LJ17:05

Matt1: Hello Jim!17:05

Rush: ELCOME!17:05

Mike (n Rach) in DC: It was an action-packed “running in place” episode, Len17:05

Len Freeman: My grown son Matt is visiting with us tonight… in town on business17:05

Godwinshelley2: Hello Matt!!17:05

Rush: Will he be watching the movie with us?17:05

libraryjim: Has anyone seen the Charlie Chan Films channel through ROKU?17:05

pdclassicdvds: So he can enjoy the Chan film. What luck. LOL17:05

Len Freeman: So he’s going to watch Chan tonight.. have the film up on the fig screen TV17:05

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Hope he’s a Chan fan, Len17:06

libraryjim: It’s what I have cued up for tonight.17:06

Len Freeman: Well… we’ll have to see. 17:06

Godwinshelley2: What genre does he normally watch?17:06

pdclassicdvds: There is a Chan channel? Really???17:06

libraryjim: Len, if he’s not, he will be!17:06

Rush: That channel is here!17:06

libraryjim: Yep, they have 37 films17:06

Len Freeman: Star War, Indy Jones.,, he owns anything Star Wars17:06

pdclassicdvds: That is great. I wish I had it.17:06

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Hm. Aren’t there 41?17:07

pdclassicdvds: more than that17:07

Rush: 7 minutes to go…17:07

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Ah.17:07

Matt1: Cued!17:07

Rush: “Dangerous Money”17:07

Len Freeman: Went to the Force Awakens advance with a friend who works for Lucas Films17:07

Rush: Please cue to the OPENING TITLE…17:07

Len Freeman: I gave him the original Star Wars press kit, because I happen to have covered it.. 17:08

libraryjim: the header says 37+ films. Dunno about the others. At least not here, but they do have Dangerous Money17:08

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Cued here. I see Chan is back on the title card.17:08

Rush: Sorry…visiting with Marie….17:08

Len Freeman: cued here17:08

Godwinshelley2: I’m cued17:08

Rush: FOUR minutes to go…17:09

libraryjim: cued17:09

Louise: CUED and ready…17:09

Len Freeman: Told Matt that he had to get in touch with the Chan “canon”…17:09

Rush: 3 1/2 minutes…17:09

Rush: 3 minutes…17:10

Mike (n Rach) in DC: locates Panama hat17:10

libraryjim: I thought William Conrad was Canon?? 17:10

Mike (n Rach) in DC: OH. You’re dating yourself, LJ.17:11

Rush: Yes.17:11

Len Freeman: Thanks LJ17:11

Louise: jingles coins in pocket17:11

Rush: TWO MINUTES>>>17:11

Rush: 90 seconds…17:11

Mike (n Rach) in DC: No NT. 17:11

Cdirus has joined this room17:12

Mike (n Rach) in DC: straightens cape17:12

Matt1: Hello CD!17:12

Rush: 60 seconds…17:12

Rush: CD!17:12

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Hey CD17:12

Rush: WELCOME!17:12

Cdirus: Hi guys!17:12

libraryjim: Hey, CD!17:12

Rush: 50 seconds…17:12

Mike (n Rach) in DC: tightens helmet17:12

Godwinshelley2: hi17:12

Rush: 40 seconds…17:12

Rush: seconds…17:12

Rush: 20…17:13

Mike (n Rach) in DC: wipes sweaty palms on pants17:13

Rush: 10…17:13

Rush: ..17:13

Mike (n Rach) in DC: lights fuse17:13

Rush: o!!!17:13

Matt1: 17:13

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Whee!17:13

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Amira Moustafa?17:13

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Rito Punay?17:14

PaulM has joined this room17:14

Matt1: Hello Paul!17:14

Godwinshelley2: Hello Paul JUST STARTED17:14

Rush: Fog…17:14

Louise: Toot!!!17:14

Matt1: Chat is lagging for me tonight17:15

Rush: Sorry…17:15

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Pea-souper17:15

PaulM: i’m all set17:15

pdclassicdvds: My chat is lagging as well17:15

Rush: My posts are moving VERY slow!17:15

libraryjim: Just got back from a visit to my dad’s, and pulled up CC at the Circus for him. At the end, when the killer is killed, he says “Hey, That’s J. Carrol Naish! He played Chan in the TV Series!” Not bad for a 91 year old. Still sharp as a tack.17:15

Mrs Pendleton has joined this room17:16

Rush: VERY! 17:16

libraryjim: Just got back from a visit to my dad’s, and pulled up CC at the Circus for him. At the end, when the killer is killed, he says “Hey, That’s J. Carrol Naish! He played Chan in the TV Series!” Not bad for a 91 year old. Still sharp as a tack.17:16

PaulM: chatlag here too17:16

Matt1: Hello Mrs P!17:16

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Very cool, LJ.17:16

Godwinshelley2: Were at 3:0017:16

Cdirus: Hi Mrs P!17:16

Rush: Took a minute for that last post to appear!17:16

libraryjim: here, too17:17

Matt1: Lagging about 30 sec17:17

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Hi Mrs. P17:17

Mrs Pendleton: Hey!17:17

Godwinshelley2 has left this room17:17

Cdirus: Mine too17:17

Rush: Sorry, I will be “lagging,” it seems! Welcome, paul and Mrs. P!!!17:17

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Ooooh.17:18

Rush: The “Ooooo” lady…17:18

Len Freeman: Tris Coffin… the first Rocketman17:18

pdclassicdvds: She got the point. LOL17:18

Rush: AH!17:19

Mrs Pendleton: Have we started?17:19

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Mae West: “What do those South American girls have below the E-quator that we don’t have?”17:19

pdclassicdvds: Tris Coffin also was the Lone Ranger’s brother in the TV series version with Clayton Moore.17:19

Matt1: 17:19

pdclassicdvds: He got the point also17:19

Rush: Yes. Please tell Mrs. P where we are in the movie…My posts lag about 60 seconds!17:19

Len Freeman: Rick Vallin… a seriously 3rd rate male lead17:19

libraryjim: very dangerous to be around doors and windows in a Chan film17:19

Rush: now they seem to be working again!17:20

Rush: Okay!17:20

Cdirus: Mrs P. about 6:3017:20

Rush: back in business!17:20

Rush: 7:0517:20

Rush: 7:1517:20

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room17:20

Rush: WB, GS!17:20

Godwinshelley2: Weird – seem to be processing slow down on the chat room tonight17:20

Rush: 7:3517:20

Mrs Pendleton: Thank you17:21

Rush: Yes, GS!17:21

Rush: That was happening to me, too!17:21

libraryjim: chan channel seems to run a bit slow. about 10-15 seconds behind.17:21

Rush: It took about 60 seconds for my posts to “arrive”!17:21

Godwinshelley2: I see three dots up by my name showing processing and the word WAIT shows up17:21

Rush: Working fine, now…17:21

Len Freeman: ditto on slowdown here17:21

Rush: Better now, Len?17:22

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Cotton shirts for the Polynesians…refrigerators for the Eskimos…17:23

Rush: Kanaka – A South Sea Islander, especially one brought to Australia as a laborer in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Often used disparagingly. 17:23

libraryjim: society of ichtheologists? Sounds fishy to me.17:24

Mike (n Rach) in DC: “I Shall Return”17:24

Cdirus: 17:24

libraryjim: ah Charlie chan channel has commercial ads.17:25

libraryjim: I’ll be asking for a time stamp in a few seconds when I transfer to YouTube.17:25

Rush: And the same is true for a husband, of course.17:25

Rush: The question came up earlier as to the total number of chan films in the series proper?17:26

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Yes…17:26

Rush: The total is 44.17:26

Rush: Oland: 16 at Fox…17:26

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Ah. We seem to have 41 of them.17:26

libraryjim: time, please17:26

Rush: Toler: 11 at Fox, 11 at Monogram…17:26

Rush: Winters: 6 at Monogram.17:26

Rush: 13: 4517:27

Mike (n Rach) in DC: So Toler noses out Oland by 6 films.17:27

pdclassicdvds: If the shoe fits wear it. What a line.17:27

Louise: Toot!17:27

Rush: Ship’s fog horn…17:27

pdclassicdvds: kiss her17:27

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Good man.17:27

Rush: 15: 30…in case you still need a time chaec!17:28

Rush: (check)17:28

pdclassicdvds: there you go17:29

Mike (n Rach) in DC: I knnow nothing…I seeee nothing…17:29

Rush: :)17:29

Rush: “Hot Money.”17:29

Rush: That was a working title for this one.17:29

Mike (n Rach) in DC: “Tiger going away from village is never feared.” Good line.17:29

Rush: Agreed, Mike.17:30

Rush: And…so true!17:30

Rush: :)17:30

libraryjim: OK, think I’m there. CC talking to the captain about somoa?17:30

Rush: Poor Chattanooga….17:30

Matt1: lol17:30

Mike (n Rach) in DC: BB music…17:30

Rush: The “BB Theme.”17:30

Godwinshelley2: measles scene in cabin17:30

libraryjim: lagging on chat again. Son in room with newspaer

Rush: Yes, Mike!17:30

libraryjim: doc arrices17:30

Rush: Sorry, LJ…17:31

Godwinshelley2: Willie Best in bed17:31

libraryjim: yep17:31

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Best get the saw…17:31

Rush: That “slow bug” seems to be making the rounds!17:31

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Oh yes!17:31

Rush: That would send me to the door, too!17:31

Len Freeman: Feets don’t fail me now….17:31

Rush: :)17:31

Matt1: Well played, Doc17:32

Cdirus: Of course now his fingerprints are on the doorknob17:32

pdclassicdvds: Poor Jimmy17:32

Rush: AH!17:32

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Perhaps that was the plan, CD17:32

Cdirus: I don’t think they thought of that17:32

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Well, CD, they don’t seem to be the giant intellects of the series…17:33

Mike (n Rach) in DC: HA. Doorknob comes through.17:33

Cdirus: Ok maybe thay did. He mentioned the doorknob17:33

Rush: Army surplus walkie talkie.17:34

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Pok-chop 71117:34

Rush: :)17:34

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Tailum!17:34

pdclassicdvds: Easy to conceal that walkie talkie17:34

pdclassicdvds: lol17:34

Cdirus: Now those would fit in your pocket17:34

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Apple watch.17:35

Rush: Yes, in an oversize trench coat, maybe!17:35

Godwinshelley2: So the 711 referred to dice (7 and 11) rather than the convience store?17:35

pdclassicdvds: What a fool17:35

Rush: I am slow, again…17:35

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Dee-tectin’17:35

Rush: “Big” Ben.17:35

Louise: Put that hatchet away!17:35

Rush: A “Kansas City bankroll.”17:36

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Lots of $1’s17:36

Rush: The doctor is reading a book titled “Fish.”17:36

Rush: yes, mike, and cut newspaper to fill-in the balance!17:36

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Perhaps the title is “Advanced Astrophysics” and the author is Prof. Fish?17:37

Funny” guy.17:37

Matt1: Those pants, yikes17:37

Rush: Yes!17:37

Rush: My wife was just commenting!17:37

Godwinshelley2: Didn’t the actor play the mayor on Andy Griffith17:37

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Hm. They seem to have missed the turn changing the title from “Hot Money”17:38

Rush: You may be right, GS.17:38

Rush: We could look it up….17:38

Godwinshelley2: I think he was in a couple episodes then passed on before the series was over17:38

Matt1: The BB knees!17:38

Rush: Interesting that Chattanooga wears his chauffeur outfit on this cruise!17:39

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Eeeek17:39

Godwinshelley2: Like BB wearing his outfit on the bus ride17:39

Mike (n Rach) in DC: whew17:39

Matt1: Good shot17:39

Rush: AH! The same trick that Chan used on another cruise!17:39

Rush: Any takers?17:39

Louise: Dad pulls of another trick so he doesn’t get shot.17:39

Mike (n Rach) in DC: And Wax Museum.17:39

Len Freeman: sneaky pop17:39

Rush: Yes…but that wasn’t the “other cruise”!17:40

libraryjim has left this room17:40

Mike (n Rach) in DC: What????17:40

Mike (n Rach) in DC: “Hasty man can drink tea with fork?”17:40

LibraryJim has joined this room17:40

Rush: CC used that trick first on “Charlie Chan Carries On.”17:41

Rush: We see it in the Spanish language version, too: “Eran Trece.”17:41

LibraryJim: Computer problems, will take my leave. Good night all.17:41

Godwinshelley2: While moving stuff in basement, I found my practice throwing knives!! Though I wouldn’t be able to do the 2 inch gap trick17:41

Rush: Okay, LJ….17:41

Rush: Sorry!17:41

Godwinshelley2: Night LJ17:41

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Take care LJ!17:41

Rush: Have a good evening and week!17:41

Len Freeman: nite LJ17:41

Rush: Take care…17:41

LibraryJim: Thanks all!17:42

LibraryJim has left this room17:42

pdclassicdvds: There is the fish book again.17:42

Rush: Yes!17:42

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Absorbed in “Fish.”17:42

Rush: :)17:42

Louise: Dancing again!17:42

Rush: I would think that that would be a VERY elementary book on the subject.17:42

Mike (n Rach) in DC: He’s eager to finish that so he can start on “Fowl”17:42

Len Freeman: Ichthyologist reading a book called FISH? (son Matt notes)17:42

Rush: Mike: :)17:43

pdclassicdvds: He will soon start volume two – Birds17:43

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Could be, PDC. I was thinking of recipes. :)17:43

Rush: Siva Siva (Siva Samoa) – A traditional Samoan dance which requires the dancer to exhibit a particular grace of movement involving the arms and hands. 17:43

Godwinshelley2: Maybe he is writing an updated version for his class17:43

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Shiva–the Destroyer17:44

Rush: Yes.17:44

Len Freeman: CC walks very stiffly… age etc. showing17:45

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Tough guy.17:45

Rush: By this time, Sidney toler was probably showing the effects of the cancer that took his life after “The Trap.”17:45

Godwinshelley2: Did he have any surgery for his cancer?17:46

Rush: Which, by the way, is our movie for next week…17:46

Rush: That I don’t know.17:46

Rush: I have never heard that he did.17:46

Mike (n Rach) in DC: From Wikipedia: Diagnosed with cancer, the 72-year-old Toler was so ill during the filming of Dangerous Money (1946) and Shadows over Chinatown (1946) that he could hardly walk. Monogram hired Toler’s original foil, “Number Two Son” Victor Sen Yung, for Toler’s last three films, quite probably to ease the burden on Toler.17:46

Rush: (Or read.)17:46

pdclassicdvds: That is a shame.17:47

Rush: Very good, Mike…TYSM.17:47

Godwinshelley2: Cancer was always whispered about – rarely discussed openly in my family17:47

Rush: Yes.17:47

Mrs Pendleton: Ugh, issue with food delivery, missed most of the film. Mrs P will try again another time. G’nite!17:47

Rush: It seems most families have been touched by that disease.17:47

Rush: Thankfully, the treatments are much better than in the past.17:48

pdclassicdvds: the two stooges17:48

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Good night, Mrs P…hope to see you again soon!17:48

Godwinshelley2: even the Chan family17:48

Rush: Take care, Mrs. P!17:48

Mrs Pendleton has left this room17:48

Rush: Hope to see you again…SOON!17:48

Rush: Yes, GS.17:48

Mike (n Rach) in DC: It looks like Toler only lived about 6 mos. after he finished “The Trap.”17:48

Rush: Yes.17:49

Louise: You are all making me sad that we lost Toler17:49

Rush: 17:49

Mike (n Rach) in DC: I’m always moved by his determination to continue to make films to support his family.17:49

Rush: That is a collage of the arrival we will see soon….17:49

Rush: Yes, Mike…17:50

Godwinshelley2: Acting is a tough gig when you get sick17:50

Len Freeman: hot money again17:50

Rush: Yes….17:50

Rush: Again…the working title for this film.17:50

Godwinshelley2: I miss Raul Julia – that last film of his really showed how ill he was17:50

Rush: Yes, GS.17:50

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Well, ST gets the “The Show Must Go On” all-time Hall of Fame award.17:50

Rush: I agree, Mike.17:51

Rush: That was a cablegram from Tommy.17:51

Rush: This is the last we hear from him in the series.17:52

Mike (n Rach) in DC: I wish the actors in these films could know that we still appreciate their talent and work. 17:52

Rush: (Not counting, of course when Jimmy starts being called “Tommy”!)17:52

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Poke-chop 711 on the prowl…17:52

Rush: Mike, that would be nice, wouldn’t it?17:53

Rush: Somehow, I think that they do!17:53

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Hopefully art lives on, Rush! :)17:53

Godwinshelley2: James Hong has a facebook page that I follow. He still does some gigs.17:54

Rush: The arrival…17:54

Rush: Nice footage here!17:54

Rush: This shows Pago pago, American Samoa….17:54

Mike (n Rach) in DC: This is real footage then?17:54

Rush: The Naval radio tower…17:54

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Hm. Nice antenna…17:54

Rush: Yes…but stock.17:54

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Mango Inn…looks nice than the “House of Shadows”17:55

Rush: Yes, that was the shortwave radio tower for the U.S. Navy.17:55

Mike (n Rach) in DC: *nicer17:55

Rush: The Mango Inn.17:55

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Much better food than the Kumquat Hostel17:56

pdclassicdvds: I wonder if they serve Big Macs in this place?17:56

Rush: That fan held by CC has a stamped ad for a Los Angeles funeral home on the other side!17:56

Rush: You can see it in the detail of a still that I sent out last night.17:56

Mike (n Rach) in DC: What is on the back of her dress?17:56

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Rush…that’s like the salt shaker medical tools on TOS Star Trek17:57

Rush: HM!17:57

Rush: Not a nice man….17:58

Mike (n Rach) in DC: What is that?17:58

Rush: He could use a nice punch to the gut!17:58

Rush: I’d settle for a slap!17:59

Mike (n Rach) in DC: I bet PJ is not long for this world17:59

Rush: BUSTED!17:59

Len Freeman: This guy’s asking for it17:59

Rush: YES!17:59

pdclassicdvds: Caught like a rat in a trap18:00

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Talk freely, PJ18:00

Rush: Chan tells him off in his way….18:00

Rush: He should have thought of that before….18:01

pdclassicdvds: oh oh18:01

Rush: (Ziinnng!)18:02

Louise: cool shot through the screen18:02

Rush: Yes.18:02

pdclassicdvds: why did he fall to the left?18:02

Matt1: 18:02

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Hope tin isn’t rationed18:02

Rush: To make it worse, he fell on the knife.18:02

Matt1: Some impressive knife skills18:03

pdclassicdvds: remove this18:03

Len Freeman: ouch18:03

pdclassicdvds: the old knife in the neck trick18:03

Rush: Yes.18:03

Mike (n Rach) in DC: 7-1118:04

Rush: Big Ben sells laded dice.18:04

Rush: (loaded)18:04

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Hot Money (again)18:04

Rush: They got the money….18:04

Rush: Kansas City bankroll – (Slang) A term for a roll of money that is actually a few bills of high value rolled around those of lesser or no value fashioned to appear as a big roll of money. 18:05

Rush: Nice backdrop here….18:05

Rush: Rear projected moonlit bay…18:06

Mike (n Rach) in DC: projected…but still romantic… ;)18:06

Rush: Agreed!~18:06

Rush: Monogram did a good job on this.18:06

Len Freeman: interlude18:07

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Nice hula girl18:08

Rush: That marlin beak is placed at a bad height…eye level!18:09

pdclassicdvds: you go chattanooga18:10

Rush: Like Bela Lugosi with that octopus…!18:10

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Not bad…but not quite up to BB standards…18:10

pdclassicdvds: Bride of the Monster lol18:10

Rush: HOT MONEY!18:10

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Rush: LOL. Plan 9 from Samoa18:10

Rush: Mike: :)18:10

Rush: And, PD…YES!18:10

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Rach sez: “Movie Nerds!”18:11

pdclassicdvds: lol18:11

pdclassicdvds: so true18:11

Rush: Nice music in this one!18:11

Mike (n Rach) in DC: She says it lovingly…18:11

Rush: Rachel: you are right!18:11

Rush: Notice the palm ceiling fan.18:12

Rush: Nice touch.18:12

Rush: The insane eyes…18:13

Matt1: 18:13

Len Freeman: another one18:13

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Dropping like flies18:13

Len Freeman: well this cut down the suspects18:13

Rush: I am guessing, or suggesting, that those knives must have also contained some sort of fast acting poison to be able to kill the victims so fast!18:14

Rush: A Gauguin painting.18:14

Godwinshelley2: Ah – the classic 3 Stooges moving candle/light18:15

Rush: And some alliteration: “Mrs. Marsh’s miniature.”18:15

Rush: The box turtle with the attached flashlight.18:15

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Gauguin spent a lot of time in the tropics :)18:15

Rush: Yes…but not in Samoa.18:16

Mike (n Rach) in DC: His “Box Turtle with Flashlight” is regarded as one of his masterpieces. 18:16

Rush: His painting must have worked its way there through the theft!18:16

Godwinshelley2: There is also the classic parrot under the moving skull that is fun too18:16

Rush: he was on Tahiti and Nuku Hiva (the Marquesas).18:17

Rush: Yes, GS!18:17

Rush: Especially when it FLEW!18:17

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Fail on the knife18:17

Rush: “She’s a MAN!”18:17

Mike (n Rach) in DC: And…FAIL on the female disguise18:17

Rush: “So WHAT?”18:17

Godwinshelley2: Always fun when they do the switch like here18:18

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Pronouns: they/them 18:18

Rush: Yes…as I have said, we are SO enlightened today….18:18

Rush: Great ending!18:19

Mike (n Rach) in DC: 18:19

Rush: CC about to strangle Jimmny!18:19

Rush: THE END….18:19

Matt1: Could have been a BAD ending!18:19

pdclassicdvds: Another classic18:19

Len Freeman: in the 40s people wouldn’t have spotted “drag”18:19

Rush: (Applause…)18:19

Matt1: 18:19

Mike (n Rach) in DC: That’s true, Len18:19

Rush: Next week….18:19

Godwinshelley2: ok – night everyone18:19

Rush: “The Trap”18:19

Godwinshelley2 has left this room18:19

Rush: Sadly, the final movie with Sidney toler….18:20

pdclassicdvds: Goodnight everyone. 18:20

Louise: Nite all18:20

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Looking forward to it…but sad too.18:20

Rush: Good night…18:20

pdclassicdvds: Tolers last film next week18:20

Rush: Thank you ALL…so much!18:20

Matt1: Good night folks!18:20

Rush: Please have a great rest of the evening….18:20

Rush: And a wonderful week!18:20

Len Freeman: Nie all… Matt enjoyed the movie really litke the turte with the light on….18:20

Rush: Be safe…18:20

Louise has left this room18:21

Rush: Very good, Len!18:21

PaulM has left this room18:21

pdclassicdvds has left this room18:21

Len Freeman: Nice to be back…. 18:21

Rush: Please say helot to Matt from us!18:21

Cdirus: See you all next week!18:21

Matt1 has left this room18:21

Rush: GREATER to have you back, Len!18:21

Len Freeman: Will do… ,he waves back18:21

Cdirus has left this room18:21

Rush: (hello)18:21

Mike (n Rach) in DC: Good night all…see you next week!18:21

Len Freeman: Thanks… feeling/doing better18:21

Len Freeman: Nite18:21

Rush: Good night…take care…18:21

Rush: Good night, Rachel….18:22

Rush: Good night, Mike…18:22

Rush: Good night, Len….18:22

Rush: Good night….Matt!18:22

Mike (n Rach) in DC has left this room18:22

Len Freeman has left this room18:22

Rush has left this room18:39

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