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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for September 26, 2022

The Trap

It’s Time To Smile (Eddie Cantor Show) – Guest Sidney Toler (AFRS) – Ep. 24 – 03-12-41 (OTR)

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Mike n Rachel in DC
Rich Maine

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Louise2022: Hi HS: seems like the chat room is not working?

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Mike n Rachel in DC: Aloha Steve and Louise!

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Louise. I signed in okay. Quick and easy.

Louise2022: Well it seems there are some glitches with the chat room tonight…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Same for us…

Louise2022: It’s showing last week’s chat…

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Rush: Good evening!

Hawaii_Steve: It always shows the previous weeks conversation. Not a problem.

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Rush: Louise, Steve, and Mike/Rachel!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Rush!

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Rush: Sorry, I am a little late!

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Rush. Louise is having a problem signing in.

Rush: OH!

Rush: WB, louise!

Rush: I hope that this time is the charm!

Louise2022: Same as last week: my registered account no longer works but I am her in disguise…

Mike n Rachel in DC: This is going to get very confusing at Halloween, Louise

Rush: Yes…hence, we could use a new version Chat Room at the new site!

Louise2022: I was just thinking about Halloween…getting ready to pick my character/costume

Rush: By the way, I am working my way through pages at the WP site.

Louise2022: I haven’t checked that yet, Rush. Busy week but Iwill get on it.

Rush: Not a problem!

Rush: I am hoping for a january 1 Grand opening.

Mike n Rachel in DC: How exciting!!!!

Hawaii_Steve: Here is the link to our one and only extra.


Rush: 7 minutes until this week’s extra!

Hawaii_Steve: We will be starting the extra in 10 minutes. Make that 9 min.

Rush: Steve has found something special, and it runs about 25 minutes.

Rush: yes…

Rush: at the :45 mark!

Mike n Rachel in DC: This looks really interesting, Steve

Rush: i was looking at the wrong clock!

Hawaii_Steve: 45 minutes after the hour.

Hawaii_Steve: This weeks extra is rare and unique.

Hawaii_Steve: Of the three prime actors to portray Chan on the big screen, Sidney Toler is the only one to appear on network radio as Chan.


Hawaii_Steve: Thank you Rush.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: I like this as it is a radio show.

Hawaii_Steve: Louise, When I sign in to the chat room, I have to enlarge the screen before I am allowed to enter the chat room.

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Rush: Hello, DONA!

Louise2022: Interesting, HS

Dona: Hello Rush, Steve, M&R, Louise! good to see you all

Mike n Rachel in DC: Chaos in DC: Mouse just ran across the kitchen counter :alien:

Louise2022: Hi Dona

Louise2022: Pausing my self to eat dinner

Hawaii_Steve: If I try to sign in the CC Family home screen, it kicks me out.

Rush: How is the weather in SoCal?

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Dona: on the counter that’s were i go when I see them

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Dona.

mda19083: hello gang!

Dona: 100 when i got home

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Dona & MDA!

Dona: Hi MDA

Rush: AH!

Dona: HOT

Rush: Summer won’t let go!

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha to MDA and the other Chanettes I may have missed.

Dona: Should be like this all week.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Woosh…getting cooler here. Apparently the mice are moving indoors. >_<

Rush: I will be coming out to san Diego in a few days for a short stay to se some family.

Hawaii_Steve: Five minutes before the SPECIAL EXTRA !!!

Dona: I should be a little cooler next week.

Rush: Not good regarding the mice!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel chased him away.

Rush: We have had them, but the electronic device we got seems to be working pretty well.

Rush: 2 minutes…

Mike n Rachel in DC: May need to invest in one

Louise2022: I loved SoCal when I lived there but it is sad to see it so hot and burning

Rush: Yes.

Hawaii_Steve: The radio program begins with audience applauding. No opening billboard.

Rush: I am using my analog watch for the countdown…so, let’s say…90 seconds…

mda19083: cued here

Hawaii_Steve: Cue here.

Rush: 75 seconds…

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 50…

Rush: 40…

Rush: 30…

Hawaii_Steve: Old Time Radio, the theater of the mind.


Rush: 20…

Rush: 10…

Rush: GO!!!

mda19083: I am a big proponent of the “theater of the mind”

Hawaii_Steve: Eddie Cantor talking about income taxes.

Rush: Some things never change!

Hawaii_Steve: Harry Von Zell also appeared on the Burns & Allen TV Show.

Rush: Harry YES!

Rush: Von Zell.

Rush: (applause…)

Hawaii_Steve: Hattie MacDaniel was Mammy in “Gone With The Wind” (1939).

Rush: Yes.

Hawaii_Steve: Hattie was the first African-American actor to win an Academy Award.

Rush: Here we go!

Rush: Yes, Steve!

Rush: Toler should arrive soon with that little bit, there.

Hawaii_Steve: Here is singer Dinah Shore singing.

Hawaii_Steve: Yes, Rush.

Rush: Some big names we are hearing in this show!

mda19083: Frank Sinatra had a hit with this one!

Hawaii_Steve: Once Toler arrives on the scene, things move fast and funny. Stand by.

Rush: AH!

Hawaii_Steve: Yes, Rush.

mda19083: is anyone in the kitchen with dinah?

Rush: 🙂

Hawaii_Steve: Dinah lived the longest of the cast here.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel is in the kitchen with a mouse 🙂

Rush: In a couple of decades, MDA.

mda19083: EEK! a mouse!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel + broom is on patrol.

Mike n Rachel in DC: <applause>

Hawaii_Steve: CHARLIE CHAN !!!!

Rush: Eddie Cantor was the first star to entertain the troops in WW 2.

Rush: Yes!

Hawaii_Steve: LOL !!!

Rush: Toler had LOTS of stage experience!

Hawaii_Steve: LOL !!!

Rush: 🙂

Hawaii_Steve: Toler has some great lines.

Rush: I can picture the acting on stage here!

Rush: The audience is loving it!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Aesop!

Hawaii_Steve: What now Charlie Chan?

Hawaii_Steve: LOL again.

Rush: The sound effects person got to smash two pieces of glass.

Rush: Funny “saying.”

Hawaii_Steve: Full orchestra on stage too.

Rush: Yes!

Dona: lol

Rush: I wonder itf Toler was dressed for the role.

Rush: What year was this, Steve?

mda19083: 1941

Rush: TYSM.

mda19083: per YouTube

Rush: Circa April of 1941.

Hawaii_Steve: March 1941.

mda19083: 03/12/1941

Rush: Before the country entered WW 2.

Rush: TY again.

Hawaii_Steve: The Mad Russian was a character jumped from sitcom to sitcom, The Jack Benny Program.

Rush: I don’t wantr to risk messing up the playing of this YouTube piece, as my cursor clicks on things on its own.

Hawaii_Steve: Corny jokes, but they worked in 1941.

mda19083: Sinatra released his first (of 4) versions of Everything Happens to Me on 02/07/41

Rush: I love the jokes…corny is okay with me!

mda19083: corn on the cob

mda19083: works for me

Rush: Loved the ad lib there.

Hawaii_Steve: Yes, Rush.

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Rush: Hello, NT!


Mike n Rachel in DC: Need Sparafucille!

mda19083: it aint over til the fat lady sings


Rush: We are listening to the extra!

Louise2022: Back from din-din, popcorn ready

Rush: A radio program this week.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello NT!


Mike n Rachel in DC: With a canary

mda19083: NT/NH is in the house!

Rush: 21 minutes in…

Nothere: EXtree Extree read all about it. Chan Family Home has extras

Rush: Indeed!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: What culture. Opera.

mda19083: is it live or is it memorex

Rush: Courtesy of Hawaii Steve!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Name dropping song!

Hawaii_Steve: Yes.

Rush: Place dropping, too!

Nothere: Well we aren’t going to Hawaii,but we are going to the beach. Still Beach Steve dosen’t have the same ring.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Broadway wuz made for meeeeee

Rush: 🙂

Nothere: Mike and Racheal on Broadway

Rush: He was great.

Hawaii_Steve: Yes sir. Eddie really sells a song.

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Mike n Rachel in DC: great voice

Rush: Oh, YES!

Rush: GS!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: <wild applause>

Godwinshelley2: Hello everyone

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi GS!

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Hawaii_Steve: The End.

Rush: Just finishing up our extra!

Rich Maine: Evening everyone!

Dona: Hi GS

Mike n Rachel in DC: Great show, Steve!

Mike n Rachel in DC: hi Rich!

Rush: And…welcome…RICH!!!

Godwinshelley2: Nice – been a busy couple of weeks for me – sorry I missed a bit

Rush: YES!

Rush: Welcome back, GS!!!

Louise2022: Hi GS

Hawaii_Steve: Wasn’t that fun. It shows that Toler could have fun the Chan character.

Dona: Hi Ruck

Rush: 4 minutes till we start the movie…

Nothere: Hey Rich God

Dona: Rich

Hawaii_Steve: Dona, who’s Ruck?

Godwinshelley2: I’m cued here

Rush: Please cue-up your movies!

Rich Maine: Hey rush, Mike and GS…lovely fall day here and dona!

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hounder has joined this room

Nothere: Hey Hound

Godwinshelley2: Yes it does seem like Fall in Delware

Nothere: Hey Angel fox

Dona: Hello A & F

Godwinshelley2: Not as many tourists

Rush: And…watch for the person who walks past the camera on the beach through the credits!!!

Rush: 3 minutes…

Godwinshelley2: The classic guy in white shirt

hounder: sorry to be late. was watching storm coverage and time got away from me.

Rush: Yes!

Hawaii_Steve: Cued here.

mda19083: Thanks for the extra Steve – first time for Edie Cantor

Godwinshelley2: I think I was him one halloween on this group

Hawaii_Steve: “Charlie Chan in …”

Nothere: A dark and stormy night for the slasher Chan? Look to your defenses Honder.

Rush: 2 minutes to go…

Rich Maine: Sad to watch this film….end of an Era

Hawaii_Steve: You’re welcome. Different Chan connection.

Rush: 🙂

hounder: ready here

Godwinshelley2: Is this the last Toler?

Louise2022: cued

Hawaii_Steve: Yes.

Rush: 90 seconds…

Dona: Ready here

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ready in DC

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: The bell tolls for Sidney.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: And us.

Godwinshelley2: Bummer – like when they change Dr Who characters

Hawaii_Steve: The last film made by Toler.

Rush: I hope everyone is okay regarding storms, etc…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ask not for whom the bell tolls, Angel

mda19083: missed you guys last week as I was “at the beach” on vacation

Rush: 75 seconds…

Rich Maine: Yes sad to see him ill

Hawaii_Steve: From Broadway to Malibu.

Louise2022: Bye to Sid: I eat popcorn in his honor

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ask what your bell can do for thee

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 50 seconds…

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: MnR: I didn’t ask, i TOLLed!!!!!

Hawaii_Steve: I eat salad in his honor.

Rush: 40 seconds..


Rush: 30 seconds…

Mike n Rachel in DC: vrrrrroooom

Rush: 25…

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Louise: I’m going to use that excuse for this ice cream here.

Rich Maine: I ate spaghetti in his homor

Rush: 20…

Hawaii_Steve: Surfs up dude.

hounder: already under t storm warning and storm surge warning on east coast of fl

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: GOING

Rush: 5…

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: GOING

Rush: GO!!!

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: GONG!

Rush: Title…

Rush: Credits…

Hawaii_Steve: Watch for the mistake during credits.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Did they retire that font after this?

Louise2022: Everyone can eat in his honor!

Rush: Watch…

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: MM!!

mda19083: off to the races

Mike n Rachel in DC: Cue random guy walking past camera…

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Was Minerva Urecal related to Steve Urkel?

Rush: There he went!

Dona: lol

Hawaii_Steve: Ops.

Rich Maine: Yes…guy falling!

Rush: Welcome, Angel!

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Hey, were we filming?”

Hawaii_Steve: At Monogram, we only shot it once.

mda19083: hello angel

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Chan films are like MST3K without The Guys.

Rush: And, of course…Foxx…

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: PULL OVER!

Godwinshelley2: Like soap operas they just keep going

Hawaii_Steve: Keep it in.

Rich Maine: No helmet

Mike n Rachel in DC: Cool boots though

mda19083: hello hounder

mda19083: pull em over boys

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Sounds like an aeroplane, with an ero

Rush: Well… Sort of, i guess…although we show more love toward the subject!

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, anything you wish to say about location?

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: “I suppose you’re wondering…”

Rush: A “Town and Country” station wagon.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: “Is that a Citroen?

Louise2022: Watch for cops in Malibu

Hawaii_Steve: “Look Smitty, show girls.”

Rush: Yes!

Godwinshelley2: Is that a “Woodie”

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: A load o’ MELONS, ya mean!!

Rush: No seat belts in those days.

Hawaii_Steve: I believe so.

Rush: A-HEM…

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: GS, it IS!! Last real woody production car was, i think, 1947!

Rush: Careful there, please…

Mike n Rachel in DC: R-rated Chan

hounder: brb dog walk

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: They need some suspension work.

Hawaii_Steve: Woodies may have been longer.

Godwinshelley2: Is that the backlot to the Chaplin Studio

Rush: Note the painted backdrop.

Rush: 624 address.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: That broker was broke.

Hawaii_Steve: Insie the studio. Note the reflection of lights on car.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Weebles?

Rush: Note what it becomes soon in the telephone call.

mda19083: weebles wobble

Nothere: Yes the broke broker told me to expect you.

Rush: Yes, Steve!

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: IK don’t care who you are, i spell my name—

hounder: lol he changed his mind

Mike n Rachel in DC: But they don’t fall down, MDA

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: —the way it’s spelled: DANGER.

mda19083: she gives me the willies

Rush: And, that’s his business.

Nothere: Music and laughter. Thats a laugh,

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Re-echo. Isn’t that re-redun-dun-dant?

Rush: Scared her!

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: That’s Kansas City out that window. Look over here.

Rush: Mrs. Weebles.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Pleasant hostess.

mda19083: kill joy

Louise2022: Not a kind woman

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: The hostess at MY palatial estate is a cupcake.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sparing no expense on props.

Nothere: You know I met a couple on a world cruise recently the housekeeper must be a realative.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice Cole-King Varities label

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: “You goose”

Rush: Minerva Urical: Mrs. Weebles

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: I’m going to serve Kole-King Slaw at my next do.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: *Cole-King*

Rush: Minerva Urical:

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Maestro.

Rush: Charlie Chan at the Olympics: Gang Member Posing as Olympics Dormitory Matron
The Trap: Miss Weebles

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Urkel.

mda19083: cat fight

Rich Maine: Tastes like Cole queen to me

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Een Fronce.

Louise2022: POOF!

Rush: The Maestro.

Rush: Yes…POOF!

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Rich, she’s dead. That’s a Cole King with that frowsy babe.

Nothere: If there are an swords around better hide them.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Ach Dew-Lieber.

Rich Maine: Hahaha

Godwinshelley2: She is really pusy

Rush: Catalina swimwear?

Godwinshelley2: pushy

Mike n Rachel in DC: what is that on her swimsuit?????

Mike n Rachel in DC: a surfer?

Rush: VERY pushy…

Rich Maine: Product placement ad

Rush: Blackmailer, too!

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: I knew a pheasant with a pleasant peasant skirt. Some Fagin stole it & said he’d sent it to Adelaide.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Q, Z, V

mda19083: oh no – blackmail

Mike n Rachel in DC: Early ancestor of Baywatch

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Okay, add B

Rush: Note the tarp suspended in the background.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Q Z V B

Louise2022: Adelaide’s Trunk: great name for a restaurant

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Or…a thrift store!

mda19083: 🙂

Rich Maine: Under 18 is a plus here!

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: San Toy. San Rio are the Hello Kitty folks. Hmmm.

mda19083: last one in is a rotten egg

Rush: This is only one of two location pictures in the CC series.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Can get some great pre-owned dresses at Adelaide’s

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Grandma Walton.

Rush: Sea weed.

Rush: Uprooted kelp.

mda19083: macia!

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: MnR, we’re writing this down. We’re pre-owned ourselves.

Rush: Washed ashore.

mda19083: marcia!

Rush: Probably was a storm recently.

mda19083: where’s his baton

Rush: Here we go…

Louise2022: messy beach

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: JUST got the FRISSON: “MAR-see-ya”. That pronunciation tells ALL about a prospective person.

Mike n Rachel in DC: horrible orchestra

Rush: Accommodating victim!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: she just can’t stand this music

Rush: 🙂

Rich Maine: Marcia Marcia Marcia!

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Orchestra in the ROOM?

Rush: Bottles of Coke.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Root, root, root for the home team…

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Rich: =) :lol: :-D

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: YOU lick ‘er, you brought her!

Nothere: If they don’t win root for the other team.

Rush: I like that purse.

Mike n Rachel in DC: or for evil, NT

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Nobody wears the pants in this household.

mda19083: cabana

Rush: Barbara jean Wong…

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: The CABONNYA. Geez.

Mike n Rachel in DC: delayed-action scream

mda19083: you say cabanya

mda19083: a screamer

Nothere: Oh I aleways root for evil mike andor racheal. Without the forces of evil who are my favorite heroes going to fight?

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: If they’d just let the light bill go, she wouldn’ta got that shock.

Rush: Barbara Jean Wong:

Rush: Charlie Chan in Honolulu: Number Three Chan Daughter
The Red Dragon: Iris ling
The Trap: San Toy
The Chinese Ring: Princess Mei Ling

mda19083: time and tide wait for no man

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: They’re callused from the press of the press.

Rush: Let the hysterics begin….

Rich Maine: And the can

Mike n Rachel in DC: What she needs is acting lessons

Rush: AH!

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: This Chan is my favorite for screaming.

Mike n Rachel in DC: <tin-can>

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: There we go, MARSH-a. American style. Screw you, Maestro!

hounder: bb is back. yea


Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Greatest CHINESE detective. Praising with faint damn.

Nothere: We’re not accusing you. Thinking it, but we’re not accusing you.

Rush: Slow internet for me at the moment…

Mike n Rachel in DC: BB music

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: BB, the Rose Mary Woods of the detective world.

Rush: Yes.

Rush: BB “theme”

Rich Maine: San toy and evil twin toy san

Dona: She sounds like the maid in London

Rush: Note the address was 624…

Louise2022: Jimmy murdered?

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Is 624 signiferant?

Mike n Rachel in DC: NOT a relative of Ming Toy

Louise2022: Not the first time

Rush: No…a different address was given over the phone.

Rush: Coast Highway.

Dona: Coast Highway

Rush: Yes!

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Coasters.

mda19083: the coast is clear

Rush: I have been on it MANY times.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: And you’ve made it back, Rush!

Rush: Yes, Angel!

Rush: The first Superman.

Rush: Kirk Alyn

mda19083: look up in the sky

Nothere: Did anyone check the marsh for Marsha?

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Is he related to the Alyn Wrench?

Rush: Not yet, NT.

mda19083: anel 🙂

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Poof.

mda19083: angel 🙂

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Marcia would sure like to have known this earlier. DAY-um!

Rush: 12:45 by the clock we saw.

Nothere: How about disliked so much I wanted her dead?

mda19083: the men are back

Rush: “Old Cole King was a merry old thing…”

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: These people just walk in?

Rich Maine: We all hate Marcia, Jan and Cindy and i

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Fizzy O’Therapist.

Nothere: Everybody knows Chan

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: That CABANya needs to be converted to a pagoda.

Rush: YES!

mda19083: love the boots

Nothere: Goodnight and Goodbye. Bwahaha

Nothere: SCREAM!

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Notty, EVERYBODY LOVES CHARLIE!\

Rush: Toler must be given a huge amount of credit for having the attitude of “the show must go on” as he was certainly suffering physically from his cancer by this time.

Rich Maine: Yes rush, hard to see him like this

Rush: Yes.

Mike n Rachel in DC: He just has short scenes in this one…and not a lot of walking around

Nothere: Jimmy theres this thing called a front door. Someday you may want to try it.

Rush: True, Mike.

Rush: “Gangway!”

Hawaii_Steve: As he walked up the stairs, Toler held onto the railing.

Rush: Yes.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Why, Steve>

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Infirmity?

Rush: Due to the state of his health, SAngel.

Rush: (Angel)

hounder: ..

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: So we feared. Probably too late now to get him on some herbs or stuff.

Louise2022: Always in a spooky basement

Rush: That was not a though in 1947.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: This music comes with the rental of the basement.

Mike n Rachel in DC: another improv moment for BB

Rush: And, not to say that is that effective anyway.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Rush, we know. In ’47, all was barbecues with big fat margins of fat.

Hawaii_Steve: I believe this is BB same situation as in the previous film, i.e. trapped in something spooky.

Rush: Clunk!

Louise2022: Dolphin!

Mike n Rachel in DC: zzzzzzzz

Rush: Yes, Steve!

hounder: thunk

Rush: BB’s hat went into the “Jiffy pop” mode there!

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Who put the BOMP—

Rush: Inept killer there!

hounder: lots of screams in this one.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: In some regions you can’t buy a turkey club unless you prove you have a turkey.

Rush: Oh, yes, Hounder!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Need to get Una O’Conner in the cast

Rush: A real scream-fest!

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Those are her cabanya pants.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: My ears are shot.

Rich Maine: Yes Lotta scream

Rush: Cole King is beginning to lose it…

Mike n Rachel in DC: San Toy’s PJs look like a martial arts outfit

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: surfs up

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: No, you smell what The Rock’s cooking.

Rush: Not too much surf…

Nothere: Well their no Chan pajamas but there o.k.

Rich Maine: Cole king was in reefer madness

Rush: True?

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Really??

Rush: The garote.

hounder: bb looks less than thrilled to be helping with the reenactment

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Just roll us a couple of bombers and leave them on the side table, Catherwood.

Rich Maine: He looks like the piano player

Rush: yes, Hounder.

Rush: He’s more into it now.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: PILFERING SIMULATED

PaulM has joined this room

Rush: PAUL!

Rush: Good evening!

Louise2022: pilfering

hounder: hi paul

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Hey Paul!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Paul

PaulM: good evening all

Rush: Great to have you join us!

Nothere: BB prepare to be fake murdered. As long as it’;s not real murdered.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: SLOWLY WE TURNED!

Rush: 🙂

Dona: Hello Paul

Louise2022: murder practice

mda19083: niagara falls

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Whirlaway. Great horse, but not in Avalanche class.

Rush: Studio light was reblecting off the picture in that hallway.

Rush: (reflecting)

Louise2022: Susquehanna Hat Company

PaulM: hey GS….will i be seeing you in a few weeks???

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Louise, REALLY?

Nothere: From Walla Walla Washinton

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Music kinda sad, knowing this is the finale.

Louise2022: A great Abbott and Costello routine , same as Niagra Falls

Rush: Yes, Angel.

Nothere: Most embarased apology for late greeting Paul

Mike n Rachel in DC: Mr. Daniels? Jack?

Rush: 🙂

Hawaii_Steve: Toler seems okay in the last scene.

Rush: Now it’s official!

Mike n Rachel in DC: a crab? that’s not a crab.

PaulM: well, i’m pretty late too, Nothere. being out here in AZ still has my inner clock a bit off


Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Staged fall if ever there was one.

Hawaii_Steve: M-A-R-S-H-A !!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: another chord? This one’s a minor chord no doubt

Rush: A suicide!!!!

Nothere: It’s not the crab you see. It;s whats under it you need fear.

Louise2022: Shades of JAWS

Rush: Yes.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Anothert one just like the other one. Gee, Mudhead, this has never happened at any high school again!

Rush: HM.

Mike n Rachel in DC: A little Old Bay and all crabs are good

Hawaii_Steve: a granny knot. Not to be confused with a grandpa knot.

Louise2022: Granny knot to kill granny?

Rush: Yes, Steve!

Rich Maine: Knotts berry farm

hounder: lol@m n r

Rush: OUCH! (But funny!)

Louise2022: I loved Knotts Berry Farm

Rush: Yes, Louise!

Mike n Rachel in DC: in twee twunks?

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Louise: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

Nothere: tweety bird?

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Who IS the kind?

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Even in tree trunks.

Rush: Tweet…tweet…

Nothere: Marsha killed Marsha

Dona: What movie was he in

Dona: i can hear him laughing

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: “An old Oriental custom” / Chan grins

Rich Maine: Chinese girl! She has a name

Louise2022: Ad in the YouTube version are annoying: toe fungus???

Nothere: The third degree or a close encounter of the third kind?

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: “Put the bee on” :-D :-D

Rush: Howard Negley:

Rush: The Trap: Cole King (also called “The Maestro”)
Docks of New Orleans: Andre Pareaux

Dona: I know the voice

Dona: Thank you rush

Hawaii_Steve: Marsh, Marsha, Marsha. If I hear that the name again, I will go mad !!!

Rush: Is that the one, Dona?

Dona: I don’t think so. Was he in another Chan movie

Dona: i know

Nothere: No its Marcia

Rush: He was the one counting down to Charlie Chan in “Docks of new orleans.”

Dona: the scientist

Dona: the steam room

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: HS, we were about to scream too. Next “Mar-see-ya”, we shall go starkers.

Rush: Note the car tracks on the road from previous takes or rehearsal.

Rich Maine: Escape from Malibu

Nothere: Jese lady he just wants San Toy’s tea recipie calm down.

Rush: Left his motorcycle’s headlight on.

Nothere: Copcycle away.

Rush: Battery will be dead when he comes back later.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Rush, that was SO sloppy of them! If we had a time machine could we go back with a broom?

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Especially the plans of mice.

Rush: If we were on the crew, Angel!

Hawaii_Steve: That’s it. Slowly I turn. Step by step.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: That’s another 3 cents the Post Office gets. They just roll in it.

Rush: Steve: 🙂

Rush: Yes, Angel.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: The germination of the German nation was no help here.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: She made that skirt from curtains. It was always curtains for her.

Hawaii_Steve: Again with the Marsha. Inch by Inch. Step by Step.

Rush: 3 cents in 1947 would be around 60 cents today…about right.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Well, BOO-HOO for YOU!

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Rush, can we take 3 cents AND a broom?

Rush: Sure…why not!

Nothere: Just don’t take a dust buster. You’ll change the timeline. And good luck spending a 2022 penny.

mda19083: copa – cabanya?

Rush: “Puzzle always deepest near the center.”

Nothere: The long arm of the martini?

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Rush, i’m gonna smash the piggy here. Probably enough here to buy a whole hole of ice cream, at yesteryear prices.

Rich Maine: Fireproof container?

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Gone but not fur, says Foxx.

Hawaii_Steve: Toler appears to be moving all right.

Rush: Yes, to the ice cream budget.

Nothere: Are you kidding Angel you could buy the ice cream factory. After you get out of jail for forgery.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: This girl gets the statuette for overacting in a Franch ackzent.

Rush: “Dames…I mean GIRLS…”

Louise2022: bad accents indeed

Rush: Chan mentions “the trap.”

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Hovels are hard to get. There was a war on, buddy, hadn’t you heard??

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: The BB Dream Sequence.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: This IS the Throwin’ Room, innit?

Nothere: Todays dollar is about 30 dollars then. And thats not counting the lower prices.

Mike n Rachel in DC: *Rach enters with broom* “Mice?”

Rush: Yep!

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: She hasn’t washed that apron since Pearl Harbor.

Rush: Could be, Angel…

Rich Maine: Weebles wobble but….

Hawaii_Steve: Mice at Malibu. Great title for a sitcom.

Rush: 🙂

Louise2022: Noises in the walls? We need a seance (wrong movie!)

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: RINSO can tackle the meanest dirt! Or could, till somebody tackled Rinso.

Rush: Yes, Louise!

Nothere: Jimmys pretty strong to do that

Nothere: Ah come on Louise we can put a good seance in any movie :wizard:

Rush: Just try the door!

Louise2022: Yes, nothere, I vote for that

Mike n Rachel in DC: Secret device: doorknob

Rush: 🙂

Hawaii_Steve: They go in but they don’t come out.

Louise2022: I want jodphurs back

Rush: “Cole-King Varieties”

Rush: Different types of Cole king.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Really splurged on the labels

Rush: VONK!

Mike n Rachel in DC: I like the mint chocolate chip variety

Rush: Sounds good!

Nothere: Jimmy thinks he has the “key” to the situation. Don’t throw that fruit.

Rush: More screams!

Elron has joined this room

Nothere: Hey Elron

Elron: Evening All!

Rush: Elron!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello Elron!

Rush: WELCOME back!!!

Rush: How have you been?

Elron: Rush are you keeping track of the screams? lol

Rush: Too many to count, Elron!

Elron: been doing great! try to get on every monday.

Rush: Please do!

Nothere: Lets start keeping track of the massages.

Louise2022: It’s in the walls

Elron: Need time please.

Rush: 58:10

Nothere: 5635

Mike n Rachel in DC: 58:15

Godwinshelley2: 58:15

hounder: hi elron

Louise2022: Closed Captions tells her name as Mrs Huevos

Rush: 58:30

Rush: 58:40

Nothere: Oh. Sigh as always I’m behind. No wonder the funniest thing about me tongight was my face.

Rush: The Maestro is being tortured.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Wimpy Maestro

Rush: 59:00

Mike n Rachel in DC: I confess! I hate music!

Elron: got it.

Rush: I think that Cole-King Varieties is about finished!

Rush: Very good, Elron!

Rich Maine: Why is he tied up?

Rush: The turtle music from last week.

mda19083: 57 Varieties?

Rush: AH!

Louise2022: do drugs

Rush: Jimmy comes to…

Rush: The box!

Elron: no lump on his head. thick skull I guess.

Rush: Got hit from behind.

Nothere: You think with all the dark places he sticks his head in Jimmy would always have a lighter or small flashlight.

Rich Maine: It’s that great hair

Rush: True, NT!

hounder: you’d think nt

Rush: CRASH!!!

Rush: There goes the heating system!

Rush: Uh-oh!

hounder: shadows

mda19083: the garotter

Rush: And…the garotee…intended.

Rush: The chase!

Mike n Rachel in DC: good chase music

Dona: He really isn’t moving very fast

Elron: that car is not going 75.

Rush: Definitely not 75!

Elron: 25?

mda19083: we’re in high speed pursuit

Rush: Not on THOSE roads!

Rush: OOPS!

Mike n Rachel in DC: oh dear

mda19083: uh oh

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: It’s too late baby now it’s too late

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Cole-King? CAROLE KING, you idiot! Aaaaaargh

mda19083: any last words?

Rush: Angel…that’d make a good song….

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Rush, i’m hoping the CC Family Script Committee will “effort” that!

Rush: We shall see whart we shall see, Angel…

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: The siren wails for a last time down the long endless curve of Police Street.

Mike n Rachel in DC: <tin-can>

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Thank YOU so much, Mr. Toler!!


Rush: Oh, well!

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: And you too, Mantan!

Rush: I tried!

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: YAY!!!!!!

Rush: Imaginge a nice tin can…

hounder: charlie’s in a hurry

Rush: A BB ending!!!


Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

Dona: EWWW

Rush: Next week…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Farewell, Sidney. Thanks for everything!

Rush: We celebrate warner Oland’s birthday with…

Rush: “The Black Camel”

hounder: thanks for the fun. praying for all of in the storms path.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: If we were a tree, what kind of tree would we be? YAY!! Thank you, Sidney, and good night Mrs.Charlie Chan, wherEVER you are!

Dona: <WAHOO!>

Elron: Yeah!

Rush: 🙂

Nothere: Night all

Rush: TY ALL…SM!

hounder: nite all.

Rush: You are all GREAT!

Dona: Are any of you in Florida?

Elron: how old would Warner Oland be if he was still around?

mda19083: thanks all for another fun outing

Rush: Another fun and informative evening!

Rich Maine: Tysm sad to see…….night all

Nothere has left this room

Rush: And…special thanks to Steve for tonight’s EXTRA!

Godwinshelley2: Night everyone – have a safe week all

mda19083: thanks again steve!

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: W.O. was born 1879. He and Stalin could have mutual birthday parties!!

Godwinshelley2 has left this room

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: And maybe DID!!

Dona: That extra Was great! Thank you Steve.

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx: Gnite!

Rush: Toler was born in 1874…

Rush: Anyway….

hounder has left this room

Rush: Take care…

Elron: thanks. Night!

Rush: have a GREAT week, everyone!

Louise2022: Nite all:fun but screechy movie!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Thanks again, Steve.

Hawaii_Steve: Glad you liked the extra tonight.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Have a wonderful week everyone!

Dona: Thank you Rush! Great Evening. Thank you.\

Rich Maine has left this room

Badgeholders Angel+Foxx has left this room

Rush: Louise, i will continue to get pages done for the WP site!

mda19083 has left this room

Rush: I am really moving along now.

PaulM has left this room

Elron has left this room

Rush: Getting the definite hang of it!

Louise2022 has left this room

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room

Rush: Thank you, Steve and Dona!

Rush: ill be back in time from my trip to be here on Monday!

Hawaii_Steve: All went smooth tonight. Thank you Rush.

Rush: Yes, Steve!

Rush: Thank YOU!!!

Hawaii_Steve: Have a great week. Aloha.

Hawaii_Steve has left this room

Rush: I will put the newsletter together lat Sunday night or early on Monday.

Rush: Good night, Dona!

Rush: have a wonderful week!

Rush has left this room

Dona has left this room

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