Chat Archive 9/27/2021

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for September 27, 2021

The Trap

(Two short videos about Keye Luke)

angel landini & foxx furr
Mike n Rachel in DC
Mrs. Phil & Phil

angel landini & foxx furr has joined this room

angel landini & foxx furr: TRIED to change Our Nick, but couldn’t get it to work. Let it be known our monikers this Monday are, “Secret Angel” and “Foxx Furr von Trapp”!

Rush has joined this room

Rush: That happens, Angel!

Rush: I had some trouble too.


Rush: I will be right back….

angel landini & foxx furr: Rush!! Look OUT!! It could be A TRAP!! Could be THE TRAP!!!!!!!

Matt1 has joined this room

Matt1: Hello Rush and A&F!

Rush: THE Trap!

Rush: Good evening, Matt!

Rush: We made it to another Monday!

Rush: And I hope that both Angel and Foxx are doing well…!

Matt1: Hard to believe October is knocking at our door 

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Time DOES march on!

Matt1: We actually booked our X-Mas trip to PA already!

Rush: Good idea, Matt!

Rush: VERY good idea!

Rush: I remember when you were briefly in PA. Do you have family there?

Matt1: I’m originally from Philly

mda19083 has joined this room

Rush: AH!

Matt1: My entire family is still there

Rush: That’s right.

mda19083: everyone loves philly

Rush: MDA!

mda19083: hello all

Matt1: Hello MDA!


Rush: We have a couple of interesting visual presentations regarding Keye Luke tonight.

mda19083: feels like fall here in philly

Matt1: Looks like it!

mda19083: i thought we had a few more episodes of landini

Rush: And fall is arriving in my new area as well, though it was a bit warm today.

Rush: Summer fights to linger a bit.

Rush: It will be interesting to see what the maker of the forst video will consider a “sad ending” for Keye Luke!

Matt1: I was curious about the title too

angel landini & foxx furr: We were out policing the area. Howdy Matt and mda!!

Rush: I recall watching it quite a while back, and was not convinced his end was “sad.

mda19083: keye luke is my favorite chan son – he is number 1 in my book

Rush: I agree.

Matt1: Agreed

angel landini & foxx furr: Likewise here. We regard Mr. Luke as key.

Rush: And the off-screen relationship between he and Warner Oland was really nice!

mda19083: AL 🙂

Rush: I a later interview he referred to Oland as “Poppa.”

Rush: (In a…)

Matt1: Very special

mda19083: the good vibes came through in the films

angel landini & foxx furr: Rush . . . i read & reread, wonder i must have missed—WHERE do we find tonight’s Special?

Rush: Before we moved, i drove up to L.A. with my younger daughter, and we took a look at a place described in a Canadian TV interview by Keye Luke, where he and Oland had an “interaction” with a busload of tourists. The place is a bit changed since I first saw it years ago.

Matt1: I’m excited already for next weeks film! My fav Chan!

Rush: The old stuff is still basically there, but one needs fo comb through the “new” to see it.

mda19083: do warner oland and keye luke have stars on the hollywood walk of fame

Rush: That interview, transcribed, can be found in our Study.

angel landini & foxx furr: So is there a video for our Keye Luke time??

Rush: 6 minutes until the first video…”The Life and…”

Matt1: Ready here!

mda19083: it appears the links to the you tube videos are above the chat

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Similar to how we used to do the radio dramas.

mda19083: ready willing and able – sounds like a law firm

Rush: We can watch the first one then see the second one after.

Rush: 🙂

angel landini & foxx furr: What a fool i am. We am. I are. I blame it on SOMEONE’S fox fur obstructing my orbs.

Rush: AH!

Rush: Always the fox fur!

Matt1: <slap>

mda19083: it is cool enough tonight for the white fox fur

Rush: Sometimes, perhaps the MONOGRAM fur?

Rush: However…with a lower budget…not often!

mda19083: i have a monogram on my shirt but not on my fur

Rush: 3 minutes…

Rush: Yes, MDA!


Rush: 90 seconds…

Rush: 75 seconds…

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: I hope that there are no commercials embedded!

Rush: 45 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: FIRST, the narrator seems to be mis-pronouncing Luke’s first name.

Rush: Unless in Chinese it was “Kai”?

Matt1: I thought I was always mispronouncing it

mda19083: he was a talented artist

Rush: I have tghat first book mentioned

Rush: Signed.

angel landini & foxx furr: It’s always the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Never anybody else’s Rubaiyat.

angel landini & foxx furr: “Chon”?

Rush: Yes!

angel landini & foxx furr: He coulda been a skateboahdah!

angel landini & foxx furr: MEYER?

Rush: I think he’s trying to pronounce as close to Chinese as he can.

angel landini & foxx furr: This guy has trouble with English as a Chinese language.

mda19083: 🙂

angel landini & foxx furr: RKwhat?

Mike n Rachel in DC has joined this room

mda19083: hello m n r

Matt1: Hello M & R!

Rush: Mike/Rachel!

Rush: LCOME!

angel landini & foxx furr: MnR! Just in time for our dark Winters!!

Rush: We are watching the first “extra” video”

Rush: Link is above.

mda19083: he played wang and wong

Rush: 🙂

angel landini & foxx furr: mda . . . i noticed that too . . .

angel landini & foxx furr: WING WANG WONG!! Triphecta!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: He was Wong. But never Wright?

mda19083: 🙂

Rush: Yes, Mike!

mda19083: golden girls!

angel landini & foxx furr: Not sad, so far.

mda19083: he has a star

angel landini & foxx furr: From “Spinner and Paddlefoot”?

Rush: Not sad at all!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Time?

Matt1: Very nice

angel landini & foxx furr: Good show! Good show!!!

mda19083: nice video

Matt1: Yes, where was the “sad” part?

angel landini & foxx furr: Anybody ever see Keye’s appearance on the Milton Berle show?

Rush: So…I guess we all have a sad ending eventualy!

Rush: Yes!

angel landini & foxx furr: Rush, you are our ray of sunshine. Complete with UV.

Rush: That is also available on YouTube.

Rush: (wink)

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ah! An artist! So that’s where the “Lee goes to art school” came from?

Dave has joined this room

Rush: Okay…let’s get the next one ready to roll, shall we?

Matt1: Hello Dave!

mda19083: will need to check out the berle show

Rush: Hello, Dave!

Dave: Hey, everyone!


mda19083: hello dave

Matt1: Ready for #2!

mda19083: ready here

angel landini & foxx furr: Dave IS here!

Rush: We are about to watch the second Keye Luke “extra” video.

Dave: What did I miss this time?

Rush: The link is above…

Rush: (“Bette Rogge Interviews Keye Luke”

angel landini & foxx furr: mda, you WILL enjoy it. KL steals the spotlight.

angel landini & foxx furr: Countdown coming?

Rush: Shall we start counting down at…60 seconds?

mda19083: yes

angel landini & foxx furr: 58

Rush: 50 seconds…

mda19083: 555

mda19083: 45

Rush: 40 seconds…

angel landini & foxx furr: 33-1/3

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10….

Rush: 5….

angel landini & foxx furr: 3.14159

Rush: GO!!!

mda19083: did nixon go to china?

Rush: Yes.

Rush: I think it was circa 1972.

Dave: His voice is so distinctive…

angel landini & foxx furr: mda, haven’t you seen the papers?

Rush: Yes, it is!

angel landini & foxx furr: Nixon went to China & we all got cheap T-shirts.

mda19083: a l – i don’t read the papers – i just smoke with them

Matt1: Cute

angel landini & foxx furr: mda     

Rush: Yes, Matt.

Dave: Charlie Chan voice work on the cartoon…

angel landini & foxx furr: Cute E. Pye, Private Defective

angel landini & foxx furr: I want an extreme case. With those number-wheel locks.

angel landini & foxx furr: Easy for Keye to say. Or sigh.

angel landini & foxx furr: YAY!!

Rush: Keye Luke concludes: “Than you so much.”

Matt1: That was a nice change, thnx Rush!

mda19083: keye luke was a true gentleman

angel landini & foxx furr: It is nice to see CLASS.

Rush: He was to be sure!

Rush: Yes, Angel!

Rush: And Keye Luke was a model of CLASS!

sarabell2 has joined this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: Like the inspector says in CC in Panama, “He talks nice.”

Louise has joined this room

Matt1: Hello SB!

Matt1: Hello Louise!

Louise: Hello Chan Clan!!!

angel landini & foxx furr: I’ll bet he was master of his house, ready with a milkshake and an open bong.

Rush: Dave, I was caught up in the couting down…hoe’s your mom doing?

mda19083: SB!

Rush: (how’s)

Louise: Matt, did I miss your birthday?

Rich-Maine has joined this room

Rush: Typos, typos, typos…

sarabell2: Hello everyone. Miss you all.

angel landini & foxx furr: RM!!

Matt1: lol, Saturday

Rush: Hello, Louise!

Rich-Maine: Evening all!

Rush: How are you tonight?

sarabell2: Hello Louise

Dona has joined this room

Nothere has joined this room

Dave: She had her surgery cancelled; we will be working on moving her to a new place soon…

Louise: Hi Rush, sarabell, Matt, etc etc

Matt1: Hello Dona!

sarabell2: Hi Dona

Nothere: Hope everyone is finding life a beach:)

Matt1: Hello NT!

Dave: Hello to folks arriving…

Dona: Hello Everyone!

Louise: and Dona and nothere and ….stop coming in the door so fast!

mda19083: son of beach

Matt1: Hello Rich!

Matt1: I’m getting dizzy

mda19083: chat room is filling up fast

Nothere: Sorry Louise. I’ll move slower.

Dona: I just got home from my granddaughters Volleyball game. They won! YAHOOOO!

Dave: I am literally the number one son of a Beach….my family name…

Rush: Welcome ALL arrivals!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yay, Dona.

sarabell2: It’s the revolving door making you dizzy Matt

Nothere: Donnas daughter #1

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hope no one is claustrophobic…cozy in here tonight

Rush: SB…Rich….Dona…NT!

Louise: No, nothere, it will be like a bad movie

sarabell2: Have you started the mmovie?

Rush: 11 minutes until showtime…

Louise: M&R: claustrophobia here when we get this crowded

Rich-Maine: Fall has arrived here….chilly evening

Rush: Not yet.

Rush: at 15 after the hour.

Louise: Chilly here too (New Jersey)

Matt1: Cued!

Rush: Yes, louise!

sarabell2: It was cold in Georgia, but like summer the last two days

mda19083: time for my pumpkin spice latte

Mike n Rachel in DC: We’re “not hot”…haven’t approached chilly yet.

Rich-Maine: Hey Louise! Where? Born in Bergen County

Rush: When watching the opening title with the “live” beach behind..look for the person flashing across on camera!

Nothere: Breath says 11 pay no attention to the fact the count I wrong.If everyone named is here.

Nothere: Mike and or Racheal is Mike and or Racheal here?

Louise: Rich: Belmar, below Asbury Park

mda19083: flashing in a charlie chan movie – oh my

Mike n Rachel in DC: Both of us are here…

angel landini & foxx furr: Foxx sitts in my lapp. We speak of it as “going to lapplandd”.

Rich-Maine: Aha, jersey shore baby

Louise: Did I ever tell you people you are weird? And that I love it!

angel landini & foxx furr: That’s right, MnR are swelling our quorum too.

Rush: Yes, Angel.

Louise: Rich: only for the last 5 years

Nothere: 13 for the Charlie slaser flick a w approach October. Time to brak out the horror movie urvival kit.

mda19083: speak for yourself loiuse

angel landini & foxx furr: Thank you, Louise! Biggest compliment i’ve had in weaks.

Mike n Rachel in DC: I had a swollen quorum once…doctor prescribed Epsom salts.

Louise: As I was saying…weird


Rush: 5 1/2 minutes to go…

Louise: Getting excited about our Halloween party this year.

Nothere: I’m not cured but my psychiatrist says I have it unde control now.

angel landini & foxx furr: MnR: Call Doctor Hersey. Tell him to cut out your uvula. Uvulas. Uvulae.

Rush: Yes, Louise!

Rush: Coming FAST!

mda19083: those darn emojis don’t work for me

Rush: I just do the old-fashioned: 🙂


Rich-Maine: There isn’t any fog in this film as I recall

Matt1: LOVE our Halloween Chan bash!

mda19083: show off nt/nh

Rush: No fog tonight!

Mike n Rachel in DC: just the plot, Rich. 😉

Rush: Just surf, sand, and seaweed.

Nothere: A foggy beach is a soggy bach.

Rich-Maine: Yup, foggy plot indeed

Rush: less than 4 minutes…

Matt1: and a <tin can> or few

Rush: Yes!

Rich-Maine: And those bathing suits!


Rush: 🙂

angel landini & foxx furr: We shall arrive as Gojira. I saw a fine video on Fbook the other day, a minute or two from a rave somewhere that was lightened totally by a raver in Godzilla suit.

Matt1: hubba-hubba

Rush: 3 minutes…

Louise: CUED here


Mike n Rachel in DC: *vroom*

Dona: Ready here Rush

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room

Rush: This one was shot in part on location in Malibu.

Godwinshelley2: Hello all

Dona: Hi GS!

Matt1: Hello GS!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey GS

Nothere: Hey God just made it

Nothere: 14

mda19083: hello gs

Godwinshelley2: I’m cued

Rush: “The Black Camel” was the only other “location” Chan film.


Matt1: Next week too!

Godwinshelley2: What about the “exciting walk” to the cab

Rush: YES!

Godwinshelley2: That was location

Rush: “Camel” next week!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yay!

Nothere: What they didn’t film Egypt in Egypt. I’m schocked. Schocked I tell you.

Rush: 90 seconds…

Rich-Maine: Really on location?

Louise: Schlocked?

mda19083: drogoman!

Rush: 75 seconds…

mda19083: dragoman!

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: Yes, MDA!

Rush: 50 seconds…

Godwinshelley2: Wasn’t it a shot of him stepping out of the building and walking to the cab?

angel landini & foxx furr: Notty: I couldn’t imagine gambling in the casino. They DID walk like Egyptians.

Rush: 40 seconds…

Mike n Rachel in DC: With the most over-the-top music, GS

Rush: That’s true, GS!

Rush: 30 seconds

Mike n Rachel in DC: tick tick tick tick

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Mike n Rachel in DC: tock tock tock tock

Rush: 15…

angel landini & foxx furr: Let’s get the Letters of Transit.

Rush: 10…

Mike n Rachel in DC: *counts on fingers*

Rush: 5…

Nothere: Bong! Bong Bong Bong

Rush: GO!!!


Rush: Watch for the t-shirt person…

Mrs. Phil & Phil has joined this room

Matt1: lol

Mike n Rachel in DC: *applause*

Rush: There!

angel landini & foxx furr: Minerva Urecal. Did she do that?

Matt1: Hello m/m Phil!

Nothere: Hey PHls

Rush: By the way….

mda19083: hello phils

Rich-Maine: Haha

Louise: Saw it!

Nothere: Phils even

Nothere: 16


Mike n Rachel in DC: Artistic touch…

angel landini & foxx furr: James Burkett was the Chan world’s George Martin.

Dona: I saw what you were talking about flash across the screen. Who was it?

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Aloha to all our Chan friends!

angel landini & foxx furr: I love those boots.

Rush: Actual building that was known in the “malibu Colony”

Godwinshelley2: I have a new “near monster” sighting in Chan films – courtesy of Svengoolie

Mike n Rachel in DC: Aloha Philz!

Dona: Hi M&M Phil

Rush: Welcome, Phil and Mrs. Phil!

Rush: Or…Mrs. Phil andf Phil!

Louise: A month!

Mike n Rachel in DC: The dump where they stay is “Rutherford MANSION?”

Godwinshelley2: Edna Milton Holland – was in Dark Alibi as Mrs Foss – she was also Miss Rivers in Blood of Dracula

Dave: Mister Cole King!!

Hounder has joined this room

mda19083: i know broderick crawford

Hounder: Hi all

mda19083: hello hounder

Godwinshelley2: Hellow H

Dona: Hi Hounder

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey hounder!

sarabell2: Oh shoot. Got interrupted, where we at? Please?

Nothere: Oh and what near monster is that God?

Rush: Note the stacked telephine poles alongside the road.

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Louise: hounder and GS crowd the room

Dave: Howdy!

angel landini & foxx furr: MnR: They were lucky to get THAT place. Only other one available was the CHARLES Mansion.

Louise: and the Phils

mda19083: nat kng cole?

Hounder: Hope everyone’s well

Rush: Hello, HOUNDER!


mda19083: king

Godwinshelley2: Dracula – Blood of Dracula – had an actress from Dark Alibi

Nothere: Yes it’ a mansion. 12 people can stay there. Run down but stil a mansion.

Rush: Yes, GS?

Nothere: Hey Hound

sarabell2: Hi Hounder, hope you and your mother are ok

Dona: 3.30

angel landini & foxx furr: I would kill Tannevaro AND Mrs. Weevil for that station wagon.

Rich-Maine: Mrs Danvers

Louise: Another old lady in Victorian dress…told you so

Rush: I was working saturday night at my school’s Homecoming dance.

Godwinshelley2: 3:45

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Ah another pasty face housekeeper

Hounder: We’re ok. Starting to get ready to go south

Rush: Mrs. Weebles.

mda19083: weebles wobble but they dont fall down

Dona: 4:00

angel landini & foxx furr: Her voice so drips with contempt a dropcloth is called for.

Nothere: Dracula lughs hey I was in a Chan you johnny come lately vampire.

mda19083: what a looker

Godwinshelley2: That wallpaper with THOSE curtains??

Rich-Maine: Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down

sarabell2: Thanks for the time

angel landini & foxx furr: A little HEIR, you mean. And it DEPENDS, what KIND of dust?

Godwinshelley2: 4:30

Rush: GS…quite a clash!

angel landini & foxx furr: Now she starts with the drowning-deer thing. Again.

sarabell2: My son has epilepsy, glad he is not watching

Rush: AH!

angel landini & foxx furr: I’ll be bach. You be beethoven. We’ll go for Miles. In the station wagon.

angel landini & foxx furr: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!!

Rush: 🙂

Rich-Maine: Is there a strong man ventriloquist in the group?

Rush: “Mar-see-a”

mda19083: good one angel

Nothere: But can we pack Mozart?

angel landini & foxx furr: Sand toys?

Rush: San Toy.

Rush: Another “Toy”

Louise: Marcia is a meanie

Rush: Ming Toy…

mda19083: cat fight

Rush: Su Toy…

Nothere: Those Chan kids always Toying aroud.

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ming Toy does NOT like cats

Dave: Meow!

Louise: POOF!

angel landini & foxx furr: Notty, you can bring him long as he doesn’t hassle us about that “Moat-ZART” thing. My ears grate. Your ears great. Do you see someone? That glitter looks imported.

angel landini & foxx furr: In the remake, Miss Hussy there is played by Greta T.

Mrs. Phil & Phil: catty catty catty

Rush: And…MEAN!

Nothere: No I se no one with my eas. I have tous my eys.

mda19083: lets all go swimming – dont forget your life preserver

Rich-Maine: Excused from phys ed

Nothere: Marsha Marsha Marsha.

Rush: “Three or four will do.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: That must have been the “racy” scene back in the day

Rush: Perhaps.

angel landini & foxx furr: Everybody loves the Maestro. Hate the Drake. Take the cannoli.

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Man, this woman has something on everyone. Wonder what she has on me?

Rich-Maine: Sound of the sea

Rush: Yes.

Hounder: Lol@m n m phil

Mike n Rachel in DC: Everybody normally doesn’t love the Maestro. 🙁

mda19083: reminds me of beach blanket bingo

Dave: No one will be seated during the beachball sequence…

Rush: Note the tarp backdrop in the set scenes.

angel landini & foxx furr: MnR: Please: we’re going to drag “Normal” into this?

Nothere: No on will leave during the beach ball sequence.

Rush: seaweed…kelp that has washed ashore….

Nothere: Not normally Angel.

Rush: Can smell pretty bad!

Louise: Mar-See-Ya?

angel landini & foxx furr: Dave, no one is EVER seated during the beachball sequence. All on their feet, like that Hallelujah Chorus, only with real Hallelujahs.

Rush: We shall soon see another VERY “willing” victim…

angel landini & foxx furr: Louise: You beat me to it!!

sarabell2: Get the can ready

Rich-Maine: Get the can cleaned from last week

Rush: Cooperative

mda19083: suspenseful music

angel landini & foxx furr: I’ll bet she reads Seventeen magazine.

angel landini & foxx furr: Hey Mickey!!

mda19083: say something

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Oh Oh.

Rush: Charred hot dogs…

angel landini & foxx furr: [tin can with LOL emojis]?

mda19083: cue the can

angel landini & foxx furr: Basil Rathbone wore her bathrobe.

Nothere: All the killer in this one need to go full slasher is a spooky msk. Someone call Egypt, or the Scarlet Clue.

Rush: Cole King is starting to head in a bad mental direction, it seems…

angel landini & foxx furr: Ze ghost.

Rush: Screams coming….

angel landini & foxx furr: NOoooooo! Not The Caban-ya!!


mda19083: at the copa cabana

angel landini & foxx furr: Neat scream!

Matt1: <tin can>

Rush: Mrs. weebles took off!

Dave: Caban-yell…

angel landini & foxx furr: mda: Don’t fall in love.

Mrs. Phil & Phil: I wonder if he says cham Pag Na?


Louise: At least it was silk

angel landini & foxx furr: He’s RATHER quick with the cover-story impulse.

mda19083: thanks rush

Rush: Hysterics, indeed!

Nothere: And again Rush shows his mastery

Mrs. Phil & Phil: It seems Matt is living in the future.

angel landini & foxx furr: WELL, call Chinese Customs then.

mda19083: pr agent to the rescue

angel landini & foxx furr: “SilkEN cord!!”

Rush: Matt gives the permission for the visual can!

Nothere: He’s a pressing pre agent?

angel landini & foxx furr: She IS a pill.

angel landini & foxx furr: Ga-rote?

Louise: Now I remember all the screeching by these women. Pesky.

mda19083: no one leaves the room

Rush: The one in the center has a hair style that was by this film, probably going out of style….

angel landini & foxx furr: The Police? Those three guys with pyncosated rhythm?

Hounder: ..

Rush: Poor BB….

Matt1: lol

Nothere: Everyone relax. Just becaue one of you is a ruthless murderer doesn’t mean their going to kill again. And whichever of you did it, I apologize for anything I ever did to you.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Forgot BB was in this one!

angel landini & foxx furr: I gotta start with the Christmas cap again.

Rush: And san Toy does not explain the situation very well!

Rush: And the others do not help the situation!

Rich-Maine: She should speak in Chinese

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Wow, mass hysteria.

angel landini & foxx furr: Redrum, redrum!! Play this scream drawkcab!!

mda19083: these ladies are out of control

Rush: Note the address given…

sarabell2: Those 40s beds were so bouncy

Rush: Then, look at the address on the house when they arrive.

angel landini & foxx furr: Ah, it’s okay. They’re speaking Chinese.

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: That sounds like a Bette Davis line, sarabell!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Or Mae West…

Rush: Jimmy had a daTE THAT AFTERNOON…WITH sAN tOY?

mda19083: charlie is all dressed and ready to go

Rush: Sorry about the caps lock!

Rich-Maine: Where were they.?

Rush: Coast Highway.

angel landini & foxx furr: Come up and [redacted] me sometimeW!

Rush: CA Highway 1.

angel landini & foxx furr: sometime!!

Dave: Jimmy to the rescue…

Rush: “26 Malibu Drive”

Rich-Maine: I LA at first?

Nothere: Now this is it. No on will b seate during the reading the note scene.

Rich-Maine: Google the address

angel landini & foxx furr: No LED lights.

Rush: The highway begins in san Diego.

angel landini & foxx furr: Ronald Colman woulda made a great CHP guy.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: The first Superman.

Rush: LOTS of Superman connections in the Chan series!

angel landini & foxx furr: Greta to a T.

Nothere: Out of my jurisdiction? Oh Reynolds you illy boy. If you only knew.

Rush: Yes!

mda19083: oh the drama

angel landini & foxx furr: Chan & Sergeant getting a little quality time? I had no idea!!

Hounder: I have the movie packed so I’m just trolling y’all. 🙂

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Man, that chick needs some meth just to settle down!

angel landini & foxx furr: There are only bathrobe cords. There are no ordinary or unordinary bathrobe cords.

Rush: We have to give Sidney Toler a HUGE amount of praise for pulling off this one, final Chan film.

Rich-Maine: Everyone know CC

angel landini & foxx furr: Old Cole King better call for his attorneys three. And their pipes and bowls. And some Maui Wowi.

Dave: agreed, Rush…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Agreed, Rush.

Rush: By this time, he must have been experiencing a lot of pain/discomfort.

angel landini & foxx furr: We all scream for her scream!

mda19083: ppeping tom?

mda19083: peeping

angel landini & foxx furr: They look like they’re doing the Bunny Hop.

Rush: Peeping Jimmy!

angel landini & foxx furr: AH so!

Nothere: Jimmy it’s called a front door. You don’t have to enter everywhere through a winow.

angel landini & foxx furr: “Behavior with speed”?

Louise: He always finds the girl

mda19083: jimmy is a smooth operator

angel landini & foxx furr: You get orthodox. You start unorthodox. In the cabanya. Then back to cabanya.

Hounder: Lol@nt

Mike n Rachel in DC: Jimmy always displays great deductive ability to find Charlie’s cases…

Mrs. Phil & Phil: chamPAGna

mda19083: yes phil!

Dave: La-ZAG-na…

mda19083: nt bad dave

mda19083: not

angel landini & foxx furr: Mrs.P & P: C-R-E-S-T-A, B-L-A-N-C-A!!

Louise: He always ends up in a spooky place

Mrs. Phil & Phil: good one dave

Rush: Watch out, Birmingham!

angel landini & foxx furr: BB gets WHACKED?

Rich-Maine: Poor BB

Mrs. Phil & Phil: How much of a clearer shot do you need?

Rush: Yes.

Louise: Mirror of Erised

Rush: Depends on the weapon…

Dave: Mr. Brown pants after this scene…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lethal range of a rubberband is small

Rush: Peek-a-boo!

Matt1: Play ball!

Rush: THUNK!

Louise: BONK!

Nothere: Mirror Mirror on the floor, whos the most scared of all.

Rush: 🙂

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Well, that answers my question

Rush: Wow! What a lively house!!!

Rich-Maine: Scare me with a blanket

angel landini & foxx furr: She must take honey.

Rush: look for a matador!

Nothere: Rope, cape,well at least the killer doesn’t feel tied down.

Rich-Maine: 🙂

Dave: Speak at the same time….

mda19083: lots of screamers tonight

Dona: lol

Rush: Cole King is losing it…

angel landini & foxx furr: ETHER ORE!

Rich-Maine: Madness!

Rich-Maine: Why does cc say Chinese girl and not sun toy?

angel landini & foxx furr: I always run like her. When i’m wearing a one-piece.

Dave: “you know those girls with a nervous condition…”

mda19083: another fine day at the beach

Mike n Rachel in DC: I don’t know how safe I’d feel if my protector had a cute bow tie.

Nothere: Oh dear. Chan movie beach. Anyone see the Gillman?

Rush: Yes, MDA!

mda19083: garote lesson

Rush: garroted – The act of being strangulated in a manner reminiscent of the old Spanish method in which prisoners were executed, usually by the use of an iron collar.

angel landini & foxx furr: I am Gojira.

Mrs. Phil & Phil: When does Frankie and Annette show up?

angel landini & foxx furr: With friends like that, you NEED a defective.

angel landini & foxx furr: SwimING.

Rush: In about 20 years, Phil….

Dave: I wonder about the foreign exchange girl….

Nothere: When the bingo game starts Phils.

angel landini & foxx furr: Somebody smack her. Please.

Rush: Note the taarp haning in the background.

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Wow, that would be a time warp situation.

mda19083: lets do the time warp again

Dave: Do you think she likes french fries?

Nothere: With the broom Angel?

angel landini & foxx furr: Let’s do the time warp again again.

Mrs. Phil & Phil: High heels at the beach.

mda19083: its just a jump to the left

Rush: Here we go….

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Jimmy PAY ATTENTION!

Matt1: <tin can>

Rich-Maine: Cue the can

Nothere: Cue the Matt:)

Louise: JAWS redux


Matt1: Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

Rush: TYSM, Matt…

angel landini & foxx furr: She’s facing the wrong way. SIf it goes in the water from there, it’ll be the water off Atlantic City.

mda19083: that makes 2

angel landini & foxx furr: These guys are real hunks.

Nothere: 3 more and thy make Micheal Meyers.

Rush: “Obviously a suicide.”

angel landini & foxx furr: What, doesn’t he know coroning?

Rich-Maine: Suicide!

angel landini & foxx furr: Paternal or maternal granny knot?

Rush: Self-garroting.

mda19083: a granny knot – arrest all the grandmothers

Rush: 🙂

Nothere: Yes I know everything about the corpse because I’m a hobby corener. Not because I’m the killer.

angel landini & foxx furr: Mar-SEE-ya!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: “Boo!”

angel landini & foxx furr: Notty, next time we’ll call you.

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Now, it’s the kind of knot a woman would tie. So, what we’re looking for is a French of CHinese grandmoter.

mda19083: i would have burned the evidence – bad idea to bury it

Rush: Yes!


angel landini & foxx furr: Mrs.P & P: YESSSSS!

Mrs. Phil & Phil: French OR Chinese grandmother. Sorry.

angel landini & foxx furr: What kind of twee twunk would you bee?

Nothere: oaf

Dave: angel, haha!

angel landini & foxx furr: TYSM, Dave!

Rush: “It’s Marcia’s ROBE!”

angel landini & foxx furr: I want it.

Godwinshelley2: Ugh – just shut that one lady up please

Nothere: So does the press agent press pants as well?

mda19083: i agree GS

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Meltdown #27

Rush: “You look like a VULTURE!”

Nothere: Should I stare like a lizard?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Time to try some PCP

Rush: 🙂

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Oh I don’t think we need a translation of what SanToy just said.

Rich-Maine: King is the guy from Reefer Madness

angel landini & foxx furr: Press agent has iron constitution. Steals pants. Says later that memory is rusty.

Dave: Rich, just noticed

Rush: Chan is enjoying this…

mda19083: he must be smoking something

Mrs. Phil & Phil: An old oriental custom…there’s a lot of that going around tonight.

Rush: Actually, the Maestro is the fragile one.

Rush: He’s about to crack.

Mike n Rachel in DC: He’s gonna crack like a filbert

Louise: Chan looking so thin here

angel landini & foxx furr: MOODY & UGLY, Private Detectives.

Rush: A bit, yes.

angel landini & foxx furr: See us in our canab-ya.

mda19083: how many ways can you pronounce Marcia

angel landini & foxx furr: Caban-ya.

Mike n Rachel in DC: I prefer the lanai

Nothere: Macia. Marchia. Maracia.

angel landini & foxx furr: mda: They blew the Continuity budget the second day of shooting this piece.

Rush: A chase…

Dave: Rush, how much longer did Sidney last after this was done?

Rich-Maine: Escape!

Mrs. Phil & Phil: #28

angel landini & foxx furr: I’ll bet the sergeant knows where there’s a fence.

Mike n Rachel in DC: chase scene!

Nothere: Cower before the mighty motorcycle.

mda19083: maybe the highway patrol guy did it

Mike n Rachel in DC: (brief)

Godwinshelley2: Was that an enterance to Monogram studios?

Rush: About three months, I believe.

angel landini & foxx furr: GS: Can you go back frame-by-frame?

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Yeah kick start that thing like a real man.

angel landini & foxx furr: I’m bored of medical examiners.

Rush: Note the previous tire tracks on the road from practices.

angel landini & foxx furr: Anybody got another garotte?

Mrs. Phil & Phil: That’s all a shopping mall now.

Hounder has left this room

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Even the ocean.

Rush: Actuallym “The Trap was shot in August, and Toler died in mid-February.

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Germinate? There’s no Germans in this movie.

Hounder has joined this room

Rush: That’s true, Phil!

Rush: WB, Hounder!

Dona: Was this his last movie?

Rush: Yes.

Rush: sadly.

Dave: It was…

Rich-Maine: Believe he was in lots of pain now

Rush: yes.

Rush: Probably was in a lot of pain.

Dave: Sitting more in these last few…

Rush: I am sure that he and others were holding onto hope.

angel landini & foxx furr: Among the YouTube comments is one commending Toler for toughing out his performance as cancer was claiming him even as we watch.

Rush: Yes.

angel landini & foxx furr: Marcia was the wrong victim.

Rich-Maine: Yes angel, he was a trouper

mda19083: you say cabanYA is say caBANya

Louise: Delicate condition? He’s pregnant?

Rush: Consumate actor.

angel landini & foxx furr: Let’s call the whole film off.

Nothere: Cancer

DanVenture has joined this room

Nothere: Hey Dan

Rush: DV!

angel landini & foxx furr: DV! Pull up a caban-ya!

Rush: good evening, and WELCOME!

mda19083: dv is in the house

Dona: Hi DV

DanVenture: Indeed! So glad to be hear!

DanVenture: What a crowd tonight.

angel landini & foxx furr: You say porkpies, i say pigstys

Mrs. Phil & Phil has left this room

Rush: 15 plus two…

angel landini & foxx furr: Nervous AND jumpy.

Nothere: Sadly you missed most of the fun but the bomb should go off under Angel any…Uhm never mind there is no bomb.

DanVenture: Where are we show-wise?

mda19083: were are having fun tonight DV

Nothere: 5000

Mrs. Phil & Phil has joined this room

Rush: Mrs. and Mr. Phil…

Dave: You missed the screaming….

Rush: And, with Rachel…18!

Nothere: Says you Dave.


Rush: Mice!

angel landini & foxx furr: Anybody tallying the screams?

angel landini & foxx furr: Or the caban-yas?

Rush: I lost count, Angel!

Louise: plus 3

Nothere: 127

Rush: Earthquake!

angel landini & foxx furr: We’ll call the next one 150, Notty, just to be sure.

Mike n Rachel in DC: 2πr

Rush: Probably correct, NT!

Rush: Mike: 🙂

Dave: Humorous horns….

Rush: Mrs. Weebles’ shadow….

angel landini & foxx furr: If you find the Bachs, you’ll find the Beethovens.

angel landini & foxx furr: Mrs. Weeble is like totally hot.

Rush: Well…it IS summer in the film!

angel landini & foxx furr: Hey, Rush! All 15 lines are full here!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Absolutely, Angel. That dress must be stifling her.

Rush: Yes, Mike!

mda19083: superman to the rescue

Mike n Rachel in DC: Who needs a cape when you have a bow tie?

angel landini & foxx furr: MnR: She should wear a shift. What IS a shift, anyway? Rachel, can you tell us?

Nothere: Everyone else bathing suits. Her five layers.

Rush: maybe she stashes her liquor bottles in it as she sneaks them up to her room!

Nothere: Just so long as she doesn’t wear a cumberbind.

mda19083: the root of all evil

Rush: Yes!

mda19083: the keeper of the keys

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey. She gets racy too. Might even flash a little heel.

angel landini & foxx furr: At 5 cents a bottle, she’s probably go enough there to buy a Hupmobile when she turns them in.

Rush: The Sgt. is amused….

Rush: Angel: 🙂

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Rush is that the usual actor who plays Jimmy?

Dona: Could he be any louder?

angel landini & foxx furr: Notty, did you see that Cumberbund fellow as Sherlock Holmes?

Rush: He could, yes!

mda19083: thats gotta hurt

Nothere: I agree with Rush. But how did Jimmy not see the guy with the bat?

Rush: “Et comment.” (“And, how!”)

angel landini & foxx furr: I assume everyone’s familiar with Alen Ginsberg’s HOWL.

Mrs. Phil & Phil: DOINK!

Nothere: 128

Mike n Rachel in DC: le scream! le scream!

Rush: Three more screams to the tally!

mda19083: we all scream for ice cream

angel landini & foxx furr: 129, 131.

Nothere: 129

Rush: 🙂

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Another old Chinese custom?

Rush: Nice fish trophy.

angel landini & foxx furr: A bad dleam.

Rush: Looks like a prehistoric model!

angel landini & foxx furr: 131.

angel landini & foxx furr: Again with the cabanya.

Nothere: Someone has killed or tried to kill four people, and are in this house. Go alone to your room.

angel landini & foxx furr: That’s gotta be 181 “caqbanyas”.

Rush: At 69 minutes, the length of this film is up there with the Fox movies.

Dave: Ones in the cabanyas are cabanyans?

angel landini & foxx furr: “cabanyas”.

Rush: Cabanas.

Louise: poor devil

Rush: Torturing him!

mda19083: he’s gone off the deep end

Mrs. Phil & Phil: You say cabanyas I say banannas.

Rush: The Maestro has HAD it!

angel landini & foxx furr: Dave, i do believe you’re right! In the morning i’ll call Harvard. There will be a linguist in a pagoda there after 8AM.

Nothere: It’s just a mild sedative. Oh you mean gin? I need vodka.

Mrs. Phil & Phil: 50cc of moriphine.

Hounder: …

Mike n Rachel in DC: zzzzzzz

Rush: Yes, Phil!

angel landini & foxx furr: You can have morphine, or less phine.

Rush: Watch it…he’s holding a needle!

angel landini & foxx furr: You’re not responsible anyway.

Nothere: Angel you fiend put down the morphine.

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Oh crap, he hadn’t even given it to him yet.

Rush: The turtle with flashlight music….

angel landini & foxx furr: Notty, it’s LESSphine. Only one calorie!

angel landini & foxx furr: But Jim Morrison said no one here gets—-

Mrs. Phil & Phil: shoot him anyway.

Rich-Maine: Jimmy’s hair saved him

Dona: lol

Rush: YES!

mda19083: he has high friends in low places

angel landini & foxx furr: Yes, PLEASE. Don’t even ain. Or even ready. Just FIRE.,

Rush: MDA: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Not Jimmy’s best side

Hounder: ..

Nothere: Talking mice? BB is Cinderella.

angel landini & foxx furr: Let’s take a sentimental journey.

Rush: CRASH!!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: oops

Louise: Stay out of basements

Rush: Send the repair bill to Charlie Chan….

angel landini & foxx furr: Crash boom bang / The whole rhythm section is the Purple Gang

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Rush, I don’t think you say my other question. Is that the usual actor who plays Jimmy?


Mrs. Phil & Phil: It doesn’t sound like him.

Rush: The garroter!

Rush: They should have grabbed her!

Rush: THE chase!

mda19083: everyone loves a good chase

angel landini & foxx furr: A spoonful of Tetragene would have helped all this go down.

Rush: 🙂

Nothere: Two of them. They now she’s there. Jimmy hides, and BB drops instantly. No wonder Chan prefers to work alone.

Mike n Rachel in DC: s.l.o.w. c.h.a.s.e.

mda19083: step on it birmingham

angel landini & foxx furr: Notty, we shall go back in time & appoint you CC’s administrative assistant.

angel landini & foxx furr: Was that a white Bronco?

mda19083: oh my

Rush: No seat belt.

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mda19083: death bed confession

Dave: something unclean….

Mike n Rachel in DC: air bag didn’t deploy either

angel landini & foxx furr: Oh, you made him suffer.

angel landini & foxx furr: Air bag didn’t deploy? We heard, what, 138 screams?

angel landini & foxx furr: Death bed without a bed.

Nothere: See slasher film. Killer seeks revenge for past wrong against a group of people who weren’t even there.

Rush: Matt…?

Matt1: Kicked Can

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Cue the can

angel landini & foxx furr: A real Raymond Chandler end: the siren, after.


Louise: MOUSE!


angel landini & foxx furr: I dunno about that. Wouldn’t you have to have zoomed already, to rezoom?


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Matt1: <yee-haw>

Nothere: 145

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

Godwinshelley2: The end

Rush: (Applause…)

Nothere: \Well night all

angel landini & foxx furr: DECIBELS, 185!!

angel landini & foxx furr: YAY!!!!

Rush: Thank you ALL so VERY much!

Godwinshelley2: So next week Black Camel/

Dave: Thanks, all!

Dona: (WAHOOO!)

Godwinshelley2: is that right

Hounder: Yay. Thanks all. See you next week.

Rich-Maine: The end! Another fun week! See you Monday

Rush: “The Trap” proved to be a big draw!!!

angel landini & foxx furr: Thank You! Did we get an edjumication tonight!

mda19083: thanks to sidney toler for your portrayal of charlie chan

Mike n Rachel in DC: Great evening all…have a great week!

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Matt1: Good night folks and have a great week ahead!

DanVenture: Wow. Indeed, Rush. There was certainly a Rush in our attendance today!

Dona: Thank you everyone! I will try to make it next Monday.

angel landini & foxx furr: Rush,
there are so many big cheeses here it HAD to draw!

Dave: mda, indeed

Rush: Next week, we commemorate Warner Oland’s birthday with a viewing of “The Black camel”

mda19083: be well all until next week

Louise: Goodbye to my favorite Chan

DanVenture: I will try to make it on time next week.

Rush: Yes…

Hounder has left this room

Rush: Sadly…

angel landini & foxx furr: I’ll walk that mile. Till then!!

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Mrs. Phil & Phil: Aloha one and all.

Dona has left this room

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Mrs. Phil & Phil has left this room

Rush: Louise, I created a page you can take a look at…

Godwinshelley2: Have a good and safe weekend everyone

Matt1 has left this room

Godwinshelley2 has left this room

sarabell2: Good night and thank you all.

Rush: I copied and pasted the “post” page of the script, and it seemed to work.

Louise has left this room

Rush: Well…

Rush: Take care…

Rush: see you next week!

mda19083 has left this room

Rush: My favorite Chan film…”The Black camel”

sarabell2 has left this room

Dave: Thanks, Rush…

Rush: Thank you, Angel….Dave…DV!

Rush: Have a happy and safe week!

DanVenture has left this room

Rush: Good night!

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