Chat Archive 9/5/2022

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for September 5, 2022

The Red Dragon

Colorful Mexico City and its surroundings around 1950 [A.I. enhanced & colorized]

crouching angl hidden fox
hounder 2
Mike n Rachel in DC
Mrs P
Rich Maine

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Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: Hello, MATT!

Rush: elcome back!

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Rush: W

Rush: DV!

Matt1: Thnx….and a Happy Labor Day

Rush: Welcome and good evening!

Matt1: Hello Dan!

DanVenture: LOL. I actually am on time, thanks to the holiday

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Matt1: Alohaaaaa, Steve!

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Rush: Yes! I hope that you both were able to have a nice, relaxing Labor Day!

Matt1: Hello MDA!

mda19083: hello all!

Rush: MAD!

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha from the Land of Chan.

Rush: Welcome to YOU!

Rush: Steve!

Rush: ALOHA!!!

Hawaii_Steve: Hi kids !!!

Rush: Hi!

mda19083: the seats are filling fast tonight

Rush: Yes they are!

Hawaii_Steve: As Tommy Chan would say, “How’z it?”

Rush: And that’s good, as Steve has one extra tonight that runs 21 minutes, I believe!

Rush: A tour of Mexico City from 1950!

Rush: Yes, Steve!

mda19083: hope everyone was not “laboring” and had a chance to enjoy the end of summer

Rush: Ouch!

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hounder 2: hi everyone.

mda19083: hello hounder

Rush: But, yes…Summer comes to a close…

Rush: Hounder!

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

mda19083: indian summer may yet arrive

Hawaii_Steve: Yes Rush, you are correct. Just one looooong extra.

Rush: How are you tonight? Your mother?

hounder 2: wish winter temps were already here. a/c isn’t working right

Hawaii_Steve: The running time of the Extra is 22 mins.

hounder 2: other than that we’re anging in there

Rush: Sorry to hear, hounder!

Rush: Is the humidity an issue?

hounder 2: first call tomorrow to repair place.

hounder 2: 90 g

Rush: Good idea, hounder!

hounder 2: degrees tomorrow.

Rush: Summer is fighting to remain in your area, hounder!

mda19083: sorry to hear hounder

Matt1: No a/c is a Floridian’s nightmare

Rush: YES!

mda19083: we are sleeping with the windows open and a slight chill in the air

Rush: That sounds good!

Rush: Leaves are beginning to turn in my region.

hounder 2: it was blowing coolish air for most of the day. but i don’t think it will cope with tomorrow’s temps.

Rush: And some are falling…

Hawaii_Steve: Due to the length of tonight’s extra, we should begin at 45 minutes after the hour.

mda19083: will need to look into a new snow shovel next week or so

Rush: If you have fans, at least the air will be moving.

Hawaii_Steve: MDA, show shovels? What are those?

Rush: How’s your mom during the heat, hounder?

Rush: MDA: 🙂

mda19083: HS – hah!

Rush: We will be starting to buy some bags of salt for the driveway.

Matt1: You use those with a bucket at the beach, Steve lol

hounder 2: she finally took her fleece blanket off today and put on t tshirt this afternoon.

Rush: Yes.

hounder 2: i’m the one who suffers in the heat.

Rush: I recall my mother doing the same, Hounder.

mda19083: cued with the extra here

Rush: let’s ready the EXTRA, Shall we?

Hawaii_Steve: Cued with extra here too.

Matt1: Ready

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Rush: One moment…

Matt1: Hello M & R!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening all!

hounder 2: could you repeat tye link for the extra please?

mda19083: welcome M and R !

hounder 2: hi m n r

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, is possible, would you like to point out buildings of interest?


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Dona: Hello everyone!

Matt1: Hello Dona!

mda19083: M and R – enjoyed your quiz 4

mda19083: dona!

Rush: WELCOME…Mike/Rachel and Dona!

Mike n Rachel in DC: thx, MDA!

hounder 2: hi dona

Mike n Rachel in DC: OK. Ready to tour Mexico City, Rush

hounder 2: thx for link. it’s trying to load now

Rush: Is everyone ready to watch tonight’d extra?

hounder 2: ready

Rush: Okay…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Hawaii_Steve: Ready.

mda19083: good thing I speak spanish

Rush: 20…

Hawaii_Steve: Si.

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Mike n Rachel in DC: cinco

Rush: GO!!!

mda19083: vamos!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: n COLOR!

mda19083: love the music

Rush: Nice music, too!

Hawaii_Steve: The first building is seen in tonight’s Chan film.

Rush: YES!

hounder 2: vamanos

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Rush: LOU!

HonoluLou: Hola Muchachos!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

hounder 2: hi lou

mda19083: everyone is mugging for the camera

Matt1: Hello Lou!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Aloha / hola Lou

mda19083: greetings Lou

Rush: We are about two minutes into our extra:

Rush: Please join in!

HonoluLou: Hi Everyone. Buy Chicklet, Chickelet!

Rush: It runs a bit over 20 minutes.

Rush: LOU: 🙂

HonoluLou: I’ve been to Mexico City Twice! Great place.

Rush: Watch the people’s reaction to the camera!

Rush: I would like to visit smeday.

HonoluLou: When I went in 1960s, my mom got the family a free trip working for Skychief at the airlines. $10 each!

Hawaii_Steve: Hola Lou !!!

Rush: WOW, Lou!

hounder 2: nice hl

HonoluLou: Steve Hola Amigo, another great choice!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rach sez the music is reminding her of Mario Kart

Rush: YES!

hounder 2: love the old cars

Rush: Palace of Fine Arts

Rush: The cars ARE great!

Hawaii_Steve: The old cars and buses are very cool.

HonoluLou: The second time (I really hate to admit this) but I won a Macarena dance contest (at 49 yrs young…yes I was drunk) and they whisked me and my fiance to Mexico City to Compete. Steve, met her…Steph.

Rush: Looks like we are being followed!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Quick driver, let’s lose them!

Rush: Great story, LOU!

hounder 2: great memory lou

Hawaii_Steve: Lou and Stephanie took one of my first Chan Tours in Chinatown.

Rush: Palace of Fine Arts again!

hounder 2: the music reminds me of fistful of dollars

Hawaii_Steve: This building, with the arch dome, is also seen in the Chan film.

Rush: Yes, Steve?

Matt1: Yes Hounder!

HonoluLou: Thanks, it’s true. Everyone else was in their 20s and I was around 48 or 49. I was eliminated in less than a minute. And yes, Steph and I met Hawaii Steve on a Chan tour!

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Need Clint Eastwood strolling though

Hawaii_Steve: Yes, Lou. That is how we met. I believe it was shortly after the war.

Rush: Yes, Mike!

Dona: My Uncle was in that movie

Hawaii_Steve: The Civil War, that is.

Matt1: lol

mda19083: Lou – Your CD Flyin’ High arrived recently. I am enjoying it immensely – what a treat!

Mike n Rachel in DC: lol

HonoluLou: Mike in DC. I would like to include your Great Chan Quiz in the Annual Newsletter if you OK with that.

Dona: He was in most of the spaghetti westerns.

Rush: Great idea, Lou!

HonoluLou: MDA, thank you so much. We are now working on a Christmas Song. Hopefully to come out before the holidays.

Rush: Yes, Dona?

hounder 2: cool dona

Rush: I LOVE those movies, Dona!

Dona: Lee Van Cleef if anyone knows who he is

HonoluLou: Dona, wow. That’s pretty awesome!

Rush: WOW!

Hawaii_Steve: Notice the Coke billboard sign.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Absolutely, Lou. Do you want the whole thing or just parts…Rush is doling it out in installments. You’re welcome to whatever you’d like.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sort of sounds like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

HonoluLou: When I first visited Mexico little children followed us “everywhere” selling those small two packs of “Chicklets, Chicklets” I chewed a lot of gum!

mda19083: this music is wonderful!

Rush: I saw that a lot in Tijuana.

Dona: I have been to Mexico once in the 70’s and I remember that too Lou.

Rush: Yes, MDA!

Rush: Steve, you have unearthed another TREASURE!

Hawaii_Steve: Lou title: “I’ll Be Chan for Christmas.” If I recall.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Synthesizer magic…

Rush: Those were CARS!

Mike n Rachel in DC: The photography is stunning…don’t know what they did with AI but it looks like real life

HonoluLou: Steve, FOTFL (Falling on the floor laughing) for old people!

Hawaii_Steve: The cars are a kick. So clean and new.

mda19083: I have been transported in time

Rush: 🙂

HonoluLou: M&R in DC, this is the 2022 newsletter so all of it you presented this year.

HonoluLou: Also, want to do tributes by Rush and Steve to Virginia.

Matt1: Very nice

Rush: our Virginia…yes.

hounder 2: thaat will be a treasure to read hl. she was a special lady

Dona: ah

Mike n Rachel in DC: OK. Just let me know how to send…or will you get it from Rush?

Hawaii_Steve: Look carefully for Xaviier Cugat and Charo.

HonoluLou: Dona, wasn’t that a great time. I went scuba diving in the Gulf of Mexico. A grown man trained me in the hotel pool and a 8 or 10 year old went with me underwater…Yikes!

Dona: Oh my gosh. Sounds so fun. I parasailed. it was amazing

HonoluLou: MnR, if you can put it in a word doc and sent to me or Rush, I’ll tweak to fit the newsletter and send back to you for approval.

Dona: Different than it is today

Hawaii_Steve: Don’t forget to sign up for your Samba dance lessons.

Mike n Rachel in DC: OK. Give me a couple of days, and it will be on its way. 🙂

Rush: I am enthralled by this film! It’s like being there 1950, just watching people and the sights!

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s pretty cool, Rush. Love it, Steve. Thanks!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Like driving around town

Hawaii_Steve: This film makes everything look so fresh and new.

Rush: YES!

HonoluLou: Dona, my most fantastic adventure came from stealing the small packs of Winstons (4 or 5) on the plane ride over. I was 16 and climbed the hotel fires, which shook and shimmied, but I got to the top!

HonoluLou: Hotel Fire Escape.

Hawaii_Steve: Lou, you should have been a fireman.

HonoluLou: Hey! Was that Dona standing in the crosswalk?

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Rush: A dent on that car…

Dona: wow. sounds like fun to me.

Rush: Mrs. P!!!


Matt1: Hello Mrs P!

hounder 2: hi mrs p

mda19083: Lou – were you a “juvenile delinquent” back then?

Mrs P: Greetings to all!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening Mrs P

Rush: We are nearing the conclusion of tonight’s “extra.”

mda19083: hello Mrs P

Mrs P: Hi!

HonoluLou: Geetings Mrs.P

Dona: Hello Mrs. P

Rush: Mrs. Pendleton, we will give YOU the Seat of Honor tonight!

HonoluLou: Steve, these cars are to die for. I wonder if they are Studebakers or what?

Rush: How are you tonight, Mrs. P?

Mrs P: Omigoodness, I certainly don’t deserve that!

Mrs P: I am so excited to be here.

Dona: They are amazing and i do remember them.

Mike n Rachel in DC: I thought I saw a Packard, but I’m no expert…

Rush: Mrs. P goes back to the beginnings of our Monday evenings!

Hawaii_Steve: If you watch carefully, you will see a young Honolulu Lou. He is the kid with the large sombrero and Winston smokes.

HonoluLou: Viva los Americanos. Ya got me Steve!

Mrs P: As I was telling Rush earlier I rcently retired and wanted to join you once again, but for some silly reason I was going to wait until you started over chronologically.

Dona: We are glad you didn’t wait until the first of the year.

Hawaii_Steve: Mrs. P. january is just around the corner.

hounder 2: i’m so glad you didn’t wait to rejoin us.

Matt1: Well, welcome back, Mrs P!

HonoluLou: Was that a statue of Biggers we just passed?

mda19083: we travel around the world with Charlie Chan – join in when he passes through your town

HonoluLou: Wow! Steve I’m getting dejavu of Honolulu Chinatown here!

Mrs P: YES!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: muy bueno!

Rush: Agreed!

hounder 2: very nice extra!!

mda19083: amazing extra Steve – thanks for sharing it!

Rush: wanted to catch the ending!

Mike n Rachel in DC: <ninos-felicidades>

Matt1: Well done….again, Steve!

Hawaii_Steve: You are welcome. A fun one, indeed.

Rush: TYSM, Steve, for yet another FUN and informative EXTRA!!!

HonoluLou: Very nice, Steve.

Rush: Mrs. P, do you have a copy of tonight’s movie…”The Red Dragon”?

HonoluLou: What is the film tonight?

Rush: “:The Red Dragon”

Hawaii_Steve: Gracis amigos.

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: de nada

Hawaii_Steve: Gracias, that is.

Rush: Gracias a USTED, Steve!

HonoluLou: TXS, Rush

Matt1: Cued here!

Hawaii_Steve: The architecture of the buildings, the old cars – just beautiful.

Rush: Yes, Steve!

HonoluLou: Is this not on Youtube?

Rush: Readying my DVD…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Agreed, Steve. A very elegant look to everything

Hawaii_Steve: No Lou. Not on YouTube.

Rush: 6 1/2 minutes…

Rush: At least we will run on time tonight!

HonoluLou: Ah, I see the link from the email Steve. TXS

Rush: 6 minutes to go!

Rush: Please pause at the OPENING TITLE.

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Mrs P: Whew! Found the link in the nick of time!

Godwinshelley2: Howdy all

Dona: I just cued the movie on my tv. I have all of you on my laptop and the us open on my ipad

mda19083: hello GS

Godwinshelley2: I’m cued to the movie

Dona: multitasking tonight

Rush: We have the links above, Mrs. P.

Hawaii_Steve: many film critics consider The Red Dragon the most P.I. of all the Chan films. You be the judge.

Matt1: Hello GS!

Rush: Sorry you needed to search!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Way to multitask Dona. 🙂

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Steve found tonight’s movie online!

Rich Maine has joined this room

Hawaii_Steve: Matt, can you download the link, please.?

Rush: I was unable to locate it!

Rush: Rich!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

mda19083: hello Rich

Rich Maine: Hello all…happy labor day!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Now, if you had a work-related Zoom meeting open on another device, you’d be a true millennial. :O

Matt1: Hello Rich!

Dona: Hello GS and Rich

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Rich; Hello GS!

Rich Maine: Hi mda,brush, GS, Mike

Rush: 3 1/2 minutes to go!

Godwinshelley2: Hello all

Rush: GS!!!

Rush: WELCOME, and HELLO!!!

HonoluLou: Aloha, Gents.

Rush: 🙂

Dona: How true MnR

Rush: 3 minutes…

Dona: I have my phone I guess i could

Rush: “The Red dragon”

Mike n Rachel in DC: lol

Hawaii_Steve: Google search: RetroMedia Charlie Chan The Red Dragon.

Godwinshelley2: Halloween is on a Monday this year Rush

Rush: I will in the future, Steve!

Rush: TYSM!

mda19083: costume party in the chat room!

Hawaii_Steve: Cue to opening Chan titles. Not Retro Media titles.

Dona: Wahoo

Rush: 90 seconds…

Mike n Rachel in DC: I have a concert on Halloween night, sadly

Rush: 75 seconds…

Hawaii_Steve: Would somebody scan the web address and post it?

HonoluLou: MDA, I believe the Costume party will be October 24th, Rush?

Dona: We will miss you MnR.

Rush: 60 seconds…

crouching angl hidden fox has joined this room

Rush: Yes, Lou!

crouching angl hidden fox: READY!!!

Rush: I will explain later…

Matt1: Hello A & F!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Angel…welcome!

Rush: 50 seconds…

HonoluLou: Steve, I tried and it’s too long, it won’t paste.

Dona: Hello AnF

Rush: 40 seconds…

mda19083: Angel and Fox are in the house!

Hawaii_Steve: Thanks, Lou.

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: Angel!

crouching angl hidden fox: Good to see all . . . special greets to Mrs. P. Are you armed?

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…


Rush: 10…

HonoluLou: Or try that?

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


crouching angl hidden fox: BAM!

Rush: Title…

Mrs P: Armed and dangerous

Rush: Music…

Rush: Credits…

Hawaii_Steve: Thanks Lou.

Rush: We will see more sights of Mexico City…

crouching angl hidden fox: WE couldn’t find this on YouTube. Is it there? Luckily, the DVD set is constantly on the Big Desk here! Whew!

Rush: Here we go!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Mexico City!

crouching angl hidden fox: CDMX!!

Rush: A quick follow-up tour!

Mrs P: I’m dancing

Rush: yes, Angel!

HonoluLou: Mrs. P, may I have this dance?

crouching angl hidden fox: Wasn’t John Gavin Amb to Mex?

Hawaii_Steve: After the feature film, there will be samba dancing in the theater lobby.

Mrs P: Awww, but of course!

crouching angl hidden fox: You’d think they could get SOME stuff right on first attempts.

hounder 2: time please? i was opening some windows

Hawaii_Steve: Notice the same buildings?

Mrs P: CC is the ONLY man

crouching angl hidden fox: HS: We’re in! I’ll throw The Fox!

HonoluLou: Mrs. P. T.Y.S.M.

Rush: Again, if anyone that is relatively new, Mrs. P (Mrs. Pendleton, has been a member going back to our beginnings!

crouching angl hidden fox: Looks like my vision of Rocky Rococo.

Rush: Again…welcome back, Mrs. P!!!

Mrs P: Awww, thanks Rush! Im so glad to be back

Godwinshelley2: hello Mrs P

Rush: 🙂

HonoluLou: Rush, Mrs.P, WOW.

Mrs P: Hello

Dona: No windows open here Hounder 102 outside

Rush: YOW!

Rich Maine: OMG, only 60 here in Maine

hounder 2: it’s down to 85 out here, but as a/c isn’t working, it’s 88 inside

Dona: its hot

Rush: Now, going back to what Lou mentioned earlier….

Godwinshelley2: We lost power for a couple hours here in Delaware

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Mrs. P. Are you still wearing the fox fur?

Rush: First…the MURDER!

crouching angl hidden fox: Ah! Gracious deference, Mrs P, to your august presence! To your septiembre presence, too!

HonoluLou: GS2, the rain?

mda19083: what a coincidence – I just watched Double Indemnity last night and Fortunio Bonanova was in the cast!

Dona: it was up to 105

Matt1: Let’s all watch

crouching angl hidden fox: I like when we get a rubout right off.

mda19083: fox fur?

Mrs P: I’m wearing that same fringed hat

Matt1: <tin can>

Godwinshelley2: Gee – they all just stand there and don’t help

HonoluLou: Oh! the heat! Yikes.


Mike n Rachel in DC: can is on point tonight!

Godwinshelley2: Not rain – i think it was tourists causing accidents that take out power poles

crouching angl hidden fox: You’d think some of the Chans, at least, would pause at airplanes.

Rush: Mrs. P…in recent years, we have used the can to signify a murder.

HonoluLou: GS2, Really? Amazing.

crouching angl hidden fox: Shoulda scheduled an earlier apperntment.

Mrs P: oh, now that makes sense!

Rush: Our past Chat room had sound effects available. There was no “bucket” sound, so we used a “tin can” sound!

crouching angl hidden fox: Cars then were so wide one could hardly hold hands, or pick an outboard pocket.

Godwinshelley2: 3-day weekends are hell on our highway here – we don’t go anywhere over those – do most of our stuff during the week

Mrs P: The sound effects were fun

crouching angl hidden fox: I want some men.

HonoluLou: C&HF and you would slide across the seat at every turn!

Rush: Now…to return…Our Annual Halloween party will be on OCTOBER 24 this year.

Hawaii_Steve: GS, there’s a lot of standing around in this film.

Godwinshelley2: Will we have any viewings on 10/31?

crouching angl hidden fox: Chattanooga has the Vertical Tickle, like me.

hounder 2: can we have a birthday cake that night too rush?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh goody. Have to figure out our costumes.

Rush: The reason is that October 31st happens to coincide with the annual running of the MELBOURNE CUP!

crouching angl hidden fox: Does every country have its own ink?

hounder 2: cool rush

Godwinshelley2: AHHH! How nice – someone will finish that evening a winner

HonoluLou: Mocho? Don’t you mean Mucho, Charlie?

mda19083: India does

Rush: There would be no way to have both events happen on the same night!

crouching angl hidden fox: THE RUB OUT. I thoughts so.

Rush: So, again, our Halloween Party will be on OCTOBER 24.

Rich Maine: Neptuniam?

mda19083: WTF?

Dona: We get two nights with extra fun

hounder 2: chattanoga doesn”t have bb’s flair

crouching angl hidden fox: NO POLITICAL CRACKS HERE!!!!

crouching angl hidden fox: No, Hounder, Chattanooga was not making it.

Rush: THE ACTUAL 95TH ELEMENT: Americium, discovered in 1944

crouching angl hidden fox: Titanic force. Got any ice?

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: what was that noise?

hounder 2: true rush. and amerecium is used in smoke detectors

HonoluLou: Cool Bell Hop outfits.

Rich Maine: Thought Tetradyne was number 95!

crouching angl hidden fox: We gotta get bellhop uniforms. Google must have someplace. Wonder though if they have ones with fox fur.

Rush: Yes, Lou!

Matt1: <slap>

Rush: SLAP!!!

mda19083: TETRATGENE!!!

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yep. We’re up to about 118 elements by now, I think

mda19083: TETRAGENE!!!

Rush: I think you are correct, Mike!

crouching angl hidden fox: SLAP spelt back’ards is PALS, Chattanooga. Don’t give up.

HonoluLou: “Snuggle Stuff.” I’ll have to try that one!

Rich Maine: Oops! It’s a secret….never say it aloud


crouching angl hidden fox: One wants one’s ink well.

Rush: “Four years ago in Honduras…”

HonoluLou: Wow! great visual!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: TYSM, Lou…

Rich Maine: What color is a neutral passport?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Taupe?

crouching angl hidden fox: How did everybody in the Age of Convertibles keep their hats, at least relatively often? I should think the highways woulda been hatblown from Milan to Minsk in that period.

Rush: Mike: 🙂

crouching angl hidden fox: Rich: :-D :-D :-D

mda19083: chin straps

crouching angl hidden fox: MnR: :wizard: :wizard: :wizard:

HonoluLou: C&HF :)!

Rush: Good question, Angel!

crouching angl hidden fox: Rush, can we put our men on it?

HonoluLou: Steve, isn’t that the same window we use to see?

crouching angl hidden fox: Dohrn, go away i’m no good for you.

Rush: Angel, like a comfortable couch…yes!

crouching angl hidden fox: HEY, the line about the neutral passport JUST came up here. Are we behind?

Rush: 14:00, Angel…

Hawaii_Steve: Yes Lou.

HonoluLou: Looks the same, Steve. That was cool.

mda19083: Joan Fontane?

Hawaii_Steve: First and only reference to Nazis. I believe.

crouching angl hidden fox: We’re watching on DVD on a player without Search function. Can’t fund Red Dragon on YT. Where can we get it Webwise?

Rush: The only DIRECT reference tonight, perhaps, Steve.


crouching angl hidden fox: THANKS, Lou! Opening a pineapple in your honor as we visit the Archive.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: A dangerous “toy” here!

HonoluLou: Awesome CA&HF. I’ll open one on this end, with some tiger tea inside!

crouching angl hidden fox: I’d like to believe that.

Rush: This is similar to what Chattanooga’s cousin, Birmingham, experienced in “Secret Service.”

HonoluLou: Rush, true. With what was it?

Rush: The electric eye head that turned to follow anyone near it.

HonoluLou: Ah, Right.

Rush: “I am not a fool>” CC: “Are you SURE?”

crouching angl hidden fox: “TIME”??

Rush: 20:20

HonoluLou: 20;12

mda19083: confusion?

Rush: 20:30

Mike n Rachel in DC: 20:30

Rush: 20:45

mda19083: going once …

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie gets a little more sarcastic in these later films

Rush: 21:10

HonoluLou: Love the buttons on her outfit, Emit Kelly wore some similar.

Rush: 🙂

Mrs P: They are huge!

Rush: Yes!

crouching angl hidden fox: Lou, hold that tiger for us. Just a quick jeroboam of champagne for everybody.

HonoluLou: Yes, but somehow becoming.

Mrs P: Yes!

hounder 2: lol @ hl

Rush: So she can not lose one!

Mike n Rachel in DC: You ARE referring to the buttons, Rush?

crouching angl hidden fox: Again—time: damn ADS!

mda19083: she has those big shoes too

Rush: Yes, Angel.

Mike n Rachel in DC: 22:15

Rush: That is the drawback.

mda19083: M and R : 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: 22:30

HonoluLou: 22:32

Rush: I had one ad during the “extra.”

Rich Maine: Only a dummy u dummy!

HonoluLou: 22:45

mda19083: the check is in the mail

crouching angl hidden fox: We’re paused at 23:13. Will drop in on you.

Mike n Rachel in DC: No czechs cached here…

Rush: CC is in his summer suit.

HonoluLou: HaHa, it’s the Czech Republic, not Czechoslovakia

crouching angl hidden fox: Very, very clever.

Rush: “Segura, mi amigo.”

Rush: TODAY, that is so, yes, lou!

Mrs P: suspicious

HonoluLou: HaHa, I know.

Rush: Subtle…NO.

crouching angl hidden fox: A veritable Roger Rabbit!

Matt1: <slap>

mda19083: ouch

Mike n Rachel in DC: strike two

crouching angl hidden fox: PALS!

Mrs P: haha

Rush: He’s lucky it was only a slap and not a bottle on the head!

crouching angl hidden fox: MnR :P :P :P

Dona: true rush

crouching angl hidden fox: Rush: Or a jeroboam!

Rush: “Employees Only”

HonoluLou: Doesn’t someone get caught in a basket?

hounder 2: time check please? my viewing just jumped backwards?

Hawaii_Steve: Finally, some background music. Well needed in this film.

Mike n Rachel in DC: 25:50

crouching angl hidden fox: Methinks you spoke of GOATS upon the battlement!

hounder 2: thanks

Mike n Rachel in DC: 26:10

HonoluLou: 26:12

Rush: I saw a piece of dust drift by in that shot…

crouching angl hidden fox: Take speed, my lord!

Mike n Rachel in DC: True, Steve. The Monograms are feast or famine when it comes to music

HonoluLou: Was that Harpo Marx’s coat and hat?

Rush: Yes, Mike!

crouching angl hidden fox: Rush: They needed a mote for security.

Rush: I guess so, Angel!

Rich Maine: But no fog tonight

Mike n Rachel in DC: Angel: lol

Mrs P: love the fog horns

crouching angl hidden fox: Uh-oh.

Rush: No…no fog tonight!

Hawaii_Steve: Feels like an Abbott & Costello routine.

Rush: Indeed!

Mrs P: I found a corpse …. and he’s dead

Rush: Good line!

HonoluLou: No. Not under the laundry shoot!

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Basement is BUSY!

Mrs P: very busy

Mike n Rachel in DC: so much for “solo emploados”

Mrs P: LOL

crouching angl hidden fox: Imagine if Chan had been able to use the Web for job applications. Instead of the fine Assistants who salt and pepper The Canon, CC would have got bland efficients on first tries. No movies for us!

Rush: Lou, as BB would say…”NEVER say SHOOT!”

HonoluLou: Feet don’t fail me now!

crouching angl hidden fox: In how many Chan films do laundry baskets figure?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Would love the see the job description he’d post, Angel.

mda19083: no one read the sign – it was in spanish

Rush: Angel…fortunately, there was no Web!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good point, MDA :-D

Godwinshelley2: racetrack – son goes as laundry boy

Rush: YES!

mda19083: does anyone smell something burning?

HonoluLou: Sniff, Sniff, yep!

Rush: Well…it WAS “Para Fuego.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Is someone cooking a ham?

crouching angl hidden fox: NO FUMAR!!

Rush: YES!

Hawaii_Steve: This basement has more action than a Chinatown massage parlor.

crouching angl hidden fox: MnR: Surely, that’s a rhetorical question. Even if your name isn’t Surely.

mda19083: yes Steve?

Rush: I love CC’s shoes!

HonoluLou: Steve, remember that swing dance studio we happened upon in Chinatown. Wonder if it’s still there?

Fredsmom has joined this room

hounder 2: hi fm

crouching angl hidden fox: Tin can.

crouching angl hidden fox: MOM!

mda19083: welcome FM

Dona: such drama

mda19083: and AM

HonoluLou: Ah! He got me.

Rush: Matt?

HonoluLou: Evening FM

Matt1: <tin can>

crouching angl hidden fox: If anyone asks, we’ll alibi Fred’s Mom. She was with us when that old poop got gunned. Right?


Rush: How are you tonight?

mda19083: lose ’em


HonoluLou: C&F count me in.

Hawaii_Steve: Yes Rush, Toler’s shoes are two-tone cool.


Dona: Agreed CA &F

crouching angl hidden fox: Doesn’t the arrest stick, once a guy says it? Like Law of Medes & Persians? Hardly efficient for a cop to say “never mind” or “forget about that”.


Dona: Hello FM

Rush: Mystery bullets.

crouching angl hidden fox: Sounds like our own conspiracy of silence, a-forming here on Punchbowl hill.

HonoluLou: Is it “Weinen?” Wasn’t the scientist in The Thin Man, Weinen, also?

Fredsmom: Good evening to All! I have missed yall so much! I am currently very busy taking care of my oldest daughter who is having a high risk pregnancy, and my grandson for her while she is bedridden. Hopefully, she will be better soon and things in our lives will normalize some! Really miss the gang-just wanted to pop in and say hello. Hope everyone is doing well! Hope to back with you in the near future! Take care and have a wonderful chat!- Susan aka Fredsmom

mda19083: maybe the killer used a pigmy arra?

Rich Maine: Countess is dead!

HonoluLou: Aloha Susan/Fredsmom.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi FM/Susan! It’s great to see you…and hope all is well soon!

Rush: FM, our best wishes and prayers for your daughter and grandson.

hounder 2: hope everything work out fine fm. best wishes to all

Matt1: Take care Susan & prayers

crouching angl hidden fox: Gnite FM!! Watch out for coppers!!

Dona: Great to hear from you FM. Praying for your daughter and baby.

Mrs P: Praying!

Fredsmom: Thank you….yall are the best! Take care, God Bless-hope to “see” you soon! Goodnight!

Rush: It’s great to have you back with us, FM. Just stay as long as you can, and come again, of course, as you are able.

Godwinshelley2: She has a tiara

Rush: Yes she does!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Fun fact: This conductor is really conducting

crouching angl hidden fox: Countess Irena has as much talent as Hildegarde.

Rush: Yes, Mike?

mda19083: every countess wears a tiara

Rush: Possibly an actual live orchestra for this scene?

crouching angl hidden fox: Kinda threatening lyrics.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Well, the soundtrack is probably dubbed, but it looks like they must have really been playing the piece while filming too…just a guess

Fredsmom has left this room

HonoluLou: Could be in the credits, Rush?

Rush: She has a vague Jean Russell look.

Hawaii_Steve: Due to the many sets, song, etc., it appears that a larger budget may have been applied to this Monogram film.

Rush: This is all I have: Song: “My Heart Is Yours” (composer undetermined)

crouching angl hidden fox: What is this, a convention center?

crouching angl hidden fox: Rush: If they’d been more determined, it mighta been a better song.

Rush: Potential victims: ALWAYS give ALL information…FAST!!!

Godwinshelley2: My 50th High School reunion is next summer – I’ve started looking for a nice summer dress for the occasion. I’m spoiled by all the fashions in Chan films

mda19083: uk oh!

mda19083: uh oh!

crouching angl hidden fox: I’m gonna write a note like that & leave copies at all the fine hotels.

Rush: NICE, GS!

HonoluLou: OuchQ

Rush: Matt…?

Matt1: Dropping like flies

Mrs P: You people gotta stop announcing what you are doing!


crouching angl hidden fox: I like flies.

HonoluLou: GS, enjoy. I went to mine and came across my first steady girlfriend.

Rush: “Dropping like flies” worked to bring on the can!

Matt1: Sorry, room not letting me post the can :-(

Rush: AH!

Godwinshelley2: Ha! I married my first steady boyfriend.

Matt1: Yes

crouching angl hidden fox: Matt: It’s probably the war.

HonoluLou: GS,really. That’s quite a romantic story!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Probably used our tin ration for the week

Rush: Agreed, Lou.

Mrs P: nice handwriting

Godwinshelley2: It’s nice – we were in the same class at school – makes the reunion nice for both of us

Rush: Yes!

crouching angl hidden fox: Poor Tommy.

Rush: Mrs. P, my mother used to make her “Ts” the same way at the ends of words.

Godwinshelley2: Sitting Assistants


crouching angl hidden fox: They DO look insolent.

Mrs P: I like it!

HonoluLou: GS, good point. You must be the folks who live on the hill:

crouching angl hidden fox: She had nice handwriting. Such a loss.

crouching angl hidden fox: THINK INK.

Rush: Angel, today we can mourn the loss of handwriting itself!

Mrs P: oh oh

Rush: Becoming a lost art, sadly.

HonoluLou: Rush, really. Do they not teach it anymore?

crouching angl hidden fox: Chattanoooga looks like he’s really on things.

Godwinshelley2: Gee they don’t look guilty

Mike n Rachel in DC: OK everyone, stand in a row and look guilty.

Mrs P: lol

Rush: Not taught much anymore. in public schools, I think it is not taught. That was my experience when teaching in public schools in CA.

Rush: Students printed.

crouching angl hidden fox: Get these bums outta our sight.

HonoluLou: Wow. These times they are a changin’.

Rush: Venetial Blind shadows.

crouching angl hidden fox: That’s what SHE says.

Godwinshelley2: Now that is a job Number 3 son is happy about

HonoluLou: Yeah! Im coming!


hounder 2: somebody’s gotta check out those nightclubs. lol

Mike n Rachel in DC: well, SOMEONE has to check out all of the nightclubs…

Dona: Some of my grandchildren learned it and some did not and they went to the same school

crouching angl hidden fox: Any movie that includes overlapping scenes of lighted bistro signs is a good’ern, as my grandma would say.

Hawaii_Steve: Names of nightclubs from Hollywood area, circa 1966.

Dona: I’m in California


Hawaii_Steve: 1946.

HonoluLou: They look like French names?


Rush: Pop cuts in!

Rush: Poor Tommy…

crouching angl hidden fox: Tommy’s left hand don’t know what his right just lost.

Hawaii_Steve: Circo’s is where Lucy and Desi used to romance, prior to I Love Lucy.

Rush: AH!

Mike n Rachel in DC: well, whether something is learned or not doesn’t always correlate with whether it’s taught…

Mrs P: Fun fact!

hounder 2: charlie ca cut a rug

HonoluLou: Steve, so Hispanic names, then.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie has some moves

Rush: Yes he does!

crouching angl hidden fox: Lucy and Desi. An ill-fated romance.

Rush: Sadly.

mda19083: babba lou

Rush: Never met him, but Desi taught for a shot time at my college, San Diego State University.

Mike n Rachel in DC: cha cha cha

Hawaii_Steve: Lucy-Desi, a hot passionate romance. Til the end.

Rush: (short)

Mrs P: splain Lucy!

Rush: 🙂

crouching angl hidden fox: They were both wonderful. Desi’s bio is quite, quite interesting, and his accomplishments though recognized have never been properly esteemed in aggregate.

Rush: Tommy’s turn…

crouching angl hidden fox: Tommy wants her as a witness to his new Buster Crabbe swimtrunks.

HonoluLou: Tommy is bustin a move!

crouching angl hidden fox: “I’ve got Crabbes”, he shouted.

Godwinshelley2: Desilu brought us Star Trek

Mike n Rachel in DC: Doing better than Chatanooga so far, Rush. 🙂

Rush: Tommy is influenced by Chattanooga’s approach!

Rush: So fat, Mike!

Rush: FAR!

HonoluLou: GS, really?

Rush: The night would not be complete without some TYPOS by me!

Godwinshelley2: Yes the major networks turned it down – Lucy gave it the green light

crouching angl hidden fox: How many here remember typewriters? And ribbons??

Rush: I do.

Godwinshelley2: I have THREE typewriters right now – I love then

Dona: I do

HonoluLou: That’s really amazing.

Mrs P: and white out

Dona: that is what I learned to type on in high school

Godwinshelley2: One used to belong to my grandfather – and he bought it used

Dona: yes

Rush: Yes, Mrs. P!

Dona: white out was the best

crouching angl hidden fox: Does Plutonium have to get a new name, or be banished from the Periodic Club?

Mrs P: for all my typos!

HonoluLou: CT&HF, I entered the US Air Force typing on a Remington Sperry Rand at 70+ WPM!

Dona: lol

hounder 2: lol@ a n f

crouching angl hidden fox: None of these cops wants to look into Uranus.

Mrs P: Wow Lou!

Godwinshelley2: NICE HL – I was clocked at 70 wpm myself

Rush: It still dines at the periodic table, Angel!

Godwinshelley2: word processors have ruined me though

HonoluLou: knock, knock, “who’s there.”

Mrs P: the murderer?

Rush: “who” WHO?


crouching angl hidden fox: Lou, we thank you for your services of all sorts. We were an Air Force brat ourself: born in Bitburg during the Occupation. My dad made sure Hitler didn’t sneak back in his sector.

HonoluLou: In ’71, the Air Force taught us the keyboard in 2 weeks and we needed 55 WPM to graduate as a clerk typist. I was a God! (haha)

Mike n Rachel in DC: actually, thermost

Rush: Yes, Angel?

crouching angl hidden fox: Antecedent of the Smart Thermostat, the Nasty Thermostat!

Mrs P: early 007

mda19083: still a god Lou!

Rush: You dun good, Lou!

mda19083: strike three

HonoluLou: MDA…Awe Shucks.

crouching angl hidden fox: So they’re looking for a prick.

Rush: Careful!!!!

HonoluLou: I wonder how many movies those same elevators were in?

Rush: CC set up a chain reaction!!!

mda19083: the lights!

Rush: A “number,” Lou!

HonoluLou: 59:00

mda19083: employees only!

Godwinshelley2: HL – they do look VERY familiar

crouching angl hidden fox: Tetragene was introduced as a safe substitute the following year. Tetragene was the Methodone to the Portable Thermostat’s Heroin.

Mrs P: Your dancing is divine, Lou!

mda19083: take that!

mda19083: and that!

Rush: Quite a “history,” Angel!

HonoluLou: Mrs.P. T.Y.S.M. 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Why is there only music when they’re in the trunk room?

crouching angl hidden fox: My friend, what has happened to your nose?

Rich Maine has left this room

Rush: Won’t do any good to hide from bullets in a canvas laundry cart!

crouching angl hidden fox: MnR: Musicians were only in the trunk room.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Kevlar laundry carts, Rush.

Rush: YES!!

HonoluLou: 4 minutes to solve this one!

Godwinshelley2: So that is the Trunk room – looks like backstage behind the sets

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes, CAHF. The Trunk Room Philharmonic.

mda19083: that was close

crouching angl hidden fox: MnR, you are inventors of the year. A calendar will be delivered to you!

Godwinshelley2: french horn??

Mike n Rachel in DC: You have no idea how hard it is to play the viola in one of those crates…

HonoluLou: Is it a Kevlar Calendar?

Mike n Rachel in DC: yes, GS

Rush: Good shot by the officer!

HonoluLou: Whoa! Close call for C. Chan.

Godwinshelley2: I wanted to learn that – but they were all rented out when I went to pick an instrument – I ended up with a Bass Clarinet

crouching angl hidden fox: “WE” solved that case!

Rush: YES!

Mrs P: Charlie has more than just dance moves!

HonoluLou: GS2, I can play the radio!

Godwinshelley2: Ah – that is better than a bass clarinet

HonoluLou: haha

Rush: Everyone left CC!

crouching angl hidden fox: Lou, it’s Kevlar all over!’

Godwinshelley2: I had all the oompah parts

HonoluLou: Nice.

crouching angl hidden fox: SOLO EMPLEADOS. NO ROMANTICAS!

Rush: No strike for Chattannooga that time!

Rush: Tommy…well….

HonoluLou: GS, I envy you, or anyone who can play an instrument.

Godwinshelley2: You haven’t heard my Ukulele – it’s terrible

Rush: “ best mother know nothing what ever…”

crouching angl hidden fox: Mother Chan working on an intercontinental rolling pin.

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>


Matt1: <yee-haw>

crouching angl hidden fox: YAY!!

Dona: <WAHOO>

Rush: (Applause…)

HonoluLou: GS, nice.

Mike n Rachel in DC: lots of hanky-panky in this one!

Dona: Another good one Rush!

Rush: Next week…

crouching angl hidden fox: How DO they do it?? What’s next week?

HonoluLou: Good film, Rush.

Rush: “Shadows Over Chinatown”

Hawaii_Steve: Hanky-slapping, that is.

hounder 2: yay!! thanks for the fun. see you all next week.

mda19083: thanks all for another fun outing

Mrs P: I need to run, but I will be back! Thank y’all for such a fun evening!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ukelele virtuoso, I’m sure…

crouching angl hidden fox: MnR: My baby did the hanky-panky.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Great to see you Mrs. P

Matt1: Good night folks and have a great week ahead

crouching angl hidden fox: Mrs P, PLEASE rejoin us!!!

Rush: I believe that the closing scene is the las mention we hear of Mrs. Chan.

Hawaii_Steve: Good night, Matt.

mda19083: be well all until next week

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Mrs. P, I hope that you had a good time here again with us!

Hawaii_Steve: Interesting Rush.

crouching angl hidden fox: Rush: Did she take the last train for the coast sometime after that? Kinda sad, unless maybe she met a mambo musician.

Rush: PLEASE come back next week if you can!!!

Mrs P: For sure!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: GOOD!!!

Hawaii_Steve: I wonder if Oland were alive, if he would have done the rumba scene. Hmm.

Mrs P: I created a reminder!

Godwinshelley2: Have a safe week everyone – and welcome to September and the quick slide to the new year

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rush and Lou: I sent the 5th part of the quiz to Rush today. I’ll send the newsletter-ready version later in the week.

hounder 2 has left this room

crouching angl hidden fox: DV, GS, mda, Dona, Lou, Hounder, Steve, Rush—ALOHA!!

Godwinshelley2: night

Rush: I thank EVERYONE for yet another WONDERFUL evening!!!

HonoluLou: Steve, with a little help from his friend (hic).

Mike n Rachel in DC: Have a wonderful week everyone!

Godwinshelley2 has left this room

crouching angl hidden fox: Gnite!!

Matt1 has left this room

Rush: You are ALL GREAT!!!

Rush: Have a happy and safe week!

HonoluLou: Great night. Sweet dreams to all.

mda19083: lots of fun this evening – thanks

Hawaii_Steve: Oh Lou. Such a guy.

Mrs P has left this room

HonoluLou: Ha,ha.

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room

Dona: Have a good week all. Thank you Rush and Steve.

HonoluLou has left this room

crouching angl hidden fox has left this room

mda19083 has left this room

Rush: TYSM, Steve for the great extra!

Rush: it was the perfct accompayment to our movie tonight!

Hawaii_Steve: Thank you guys. Glad that you enjoyed the extra.

Rush: Indeed we ALL did!

Hawaii_Steve: Every once and a while, HS gets it right.

Dona has left this room

Rush: Steve, you have not struck out YET!

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, you are too kind. TYSM.

Rush: Well… 🙂

Hawaii_Steve: Well, good night all. Talk with you soon.

Hawaii_Steve has left this room

Rush: And my prayers for the Little One.

Rush: Good night, DV!

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