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Beginning on Monday, October 24, 1938, the Charlie Chan daily comic strip apeared in newspapers throughout the United States and Canada. This was followed on October 30 by the first of the Sunday comic strips featuring the detective. Drawn by artist Alfred Andriola, the series lasted for nearly four years, ending with the publication of the final Sunday strip on May 31, 1942.

Although our collection of original Charlie Chan daily comics is growing, there are many “holes” as the number of daily comics produced over the run of the series was vast, indeed. All gaps between vintage examples are filled, when possible, with reproductions referred to as “facsimiles.” When this becomes necessary, a note to that effect accompanies that particular comic or grouping.

To view examples from our collection (presently a work in progress, with original examples forthcoming), which are grouped by month, please use our Daily Comics Index below:

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