Study: Films – Charlie Chan’s Greatest Case

Miscellaneous information for the film
Charlie Chan’s Greatest Case

This postcard, postmarked August 28, 1933 and mailed from San Francisco, California, was sent to a movie fan to advertise the then-newest Charlie Chan movie, Charlie Chan’s Greatest Case.  The front of the card shows the detective and his entire family in their new 1933 Ford touring car, a gift from a very grateful Minerva Winterslip to Mr. Chan who had revealed the murderer of her brother, Dan.  The reverse side has a “personalized” message from the detective.

New York Times, October 7, 1933:

Variety, October 10, 1933:

Advertisement, The Lincoln Theatre, Tacoma, Washington, c. late 1933:

Text as it appeared on the rear of a Fox publicity still, number 117/28, showing Heather Angel from Charlie Chan’s Greatest Case, which originally appeared in Screenland, January 1934:

From: The Honolulu Star-Bulletin, February 16, 1935.  (Courtesy of Steven Fredrick Collection):

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