Study: Miscellaneous (MC005)

Popular Detective, November 1937, volume III, number 1  (Contributed by Clark J. Holloway)

A novelette by mystery novelist Edward Churchill based on the film of the same name which was probably about to be released.  The film, Charlie Chan on Broadway, was premiered in New York City on September 18, 1937.  Subsequently, the movie would have been released in various cities across the country.  This novelized version of the upcoming picture, complete with images from the film, was probably a part of the 20th Century-Fox publicity for the movie.  The November cover date of his particular issue of Popular Detective does not necessarily reflect a release in that particular month.  Like numerous periodicals of the day, it may well have reached newsstands months before the printed cover date which allowed for such magazines to remain on sale for a longer period of time.  This possibility is backed up by the suggestion to readers on the final page of the novelette to “…visit your neighborhood theater when the 20th Century Fox production of CHARLIE CHAN ON BROADWAY arrives!”

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