Study: Miscellaneous (MC026) Hollywood Movies (reformatted), November 27, 2006

An excerpt from a full interview with Lucy Liu as presented in the article by Rebecca Murray.

From: Lucy Liu Talks about “3 Needles” 

by Rebecca Murray, Guide

The Status of Charlie Chan: Liu revealed she’s still working on getting the Charlie Chan movie made. “It’s been about six years. We are still forging the way to a script that’s feasible. You have to remember that it was a television series that people absolutely loved, but it was also something that was in some ways racially backwards at the time. It was cast with Caucasian people dressed as Asian people so we have a lot of stereotypes to work through. We want to bring what people loved about Charlie then and bring it to light now. I realize that now as I’ve been going through it, you know? When I look back, it’s not a process that is fast. And no, the wall comes down and that doesn’t mean we all have democracy all of a sudden. You face the issue and then you have to sort of break it down and recognize, ‘Okay, what is it we want to achieve as opposed to putting something up and being disappointed and disappointing other people?'”

Liu says the film is closer to becoming a reality now that it was before, but they’ve still got a while to go before it’ll be ready to start production. “I think it’s closer than it’s been before. I can tell you right now it won’t take another six years, as far as I know. But I think it will be worth the wait.”

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