The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan: Episode 14

The Greek Caper

Copyright 1972 Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc. 
Sound: RCA Sound Recording
Running Time: 22 minutes
“Charlie Chan property is by license from Leisure Concepts, Inc.”
First aired: December 9, 1972

Produced and Directed: William Hanna and Joseph Barbera
Associate Producer: Lew Marshall
Story Direction: Jim Carmichael, Jan Green, Earl Klein, Knick Knatz, Bill Perez, and Paul Sommer
Story: Sid Morse, Eddie Carroll, Jamie Farr, Willie Gilbert, Max Hodge, Mark Hammerman, Dennis Marks, Ray Parker, Henry Sharp, and Harry Winkler
Animation Director: Charles A. Nichols
Production Design: Iwao Takamoto
Musical Director: Hoyt Curtin
Layouts: Monty Wedd, Terry Moesker, Richard Jones, John Gunter, Chris Fussell, Peter Hartland, and Stephen Pile
Animation: Cam Ford, Gerry Grabner, Stan Walker, Richard Jones, Cynthia Leech, Jim Davis, Peter Gardiner, Paul McAdam, Ray Nowland, Richard Dunn, Yvonne Pearsall, and Joe Shearer
Background Styling: Graham Liney
Director: Volus Jones
Production Supervisor: Eric Porter
Sound Director: John Garwood
Sound Mixing: Lyle Hughes
Effects Editor: Martin Clarke
Music Editor: Lindsay Frazer
Negative Consultant: Wendy Eggleton
Camera: Joe Dugonics, Don Clay, and John Cumming
Music Supervision: Don Kirshner


Keye Luke: Charlie Chan
Cynthia Adler: Voice
Gene Andrusco: Flip Chan
Jodie Foster: Anne Chan
Lisa Gerritsen: Various Characters
Johnny Gunn: Tom Chan
Bob Ito: Henry Chan
Beverly Kushida: Nancy Chan
Cherylene Lee: Suzi Chan/Mimi Chan
Don Messick: Chu-Chu
Michael Morgan: Scooter Chan
Hazel Shermet: Various Characters
Brian Tochi: Alan Chan
Janet Waldo: Various Characters
Len Weinrib: Stanley Chan
Ron Dante: Lead vocals for the Chan Clan band (not credited)


Charlie Chan and the Chan Clan step in to find the statue of the Winged Venus of Athens that has been mysteriously stolen, replaced by a plaster copy. 


Cultural and historical references made in The Greek Caper:

The Parthenon – An ancient Greek temple on the Acropolis, overlooking the city of Athens, Greece.  The Parthenon, dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena, was completed in 438 BC. 
Henry Chan: “That’s right, Scooter, the name of the building is the Parthenon.”

The Parthenon, and as it is shown in The Greek Caper.

Oracle of Delphi – Dating back to 1400 BC, the Oracle of Dephi was built around a sacred spring.  Delphi was thought to be the “navel,” or the center, of the world.  In ancient times, people traveled great distances to have their questions about the future answered, usually in very cryptic terms, by the Pythia, the priestess of Apollo.
Tom Chan: “Therefore, let us do what the Greeks do, ask the Delphic Oracle.”

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