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Charlie Chan Family Chat Archive for the year 2022

Welcome to our list of collected Chat Room text records from Charlie Chan Family Monday Evening Chat and Film Viewings for 2022.

Please note that all post times seen following each posted line of text are Central Time Zones.  Also, items such as emojis, bold, enlarged, or colored text, etc. that were used during the actual chat do not appear as such in our archived chat texts.

Please use the links provided below to access specific Charlie Chan Family Weekly Chat and Film Viewing text records for the year 2022.

1/3/2022: Behind That Curtain
1/10/2022: Eran Trece (There Were Thirteen)
1/17/2022: The Black Camel
1/24/2022: The New Adventures of Charlie Chan 
1/31/2022: Charlie Chan in London
2/7/2022: Charlie Chan in Paris
2/14/2022: Charlie Chan in Egypt
2/21/2022: Charlie Chan in Shanghai
2/28/2022: Charlie Chan’s Secret
3/7/2022: Charlie Chan at the Circus
3/14/2022: Charlie Chan at the Race Track
3/21/2022: Charlie Chan at the Opera
3/28/2022: Charlie Chan at the Olympics
4/4/2022: Charlie Chan on Broadway
4/11/2022: Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo
4/18/2022: Mr. Moto’s Gamble
4/25/2022: Charlie Chan in Honolulu (This Chat was dedicated to the memory of Virginia Johnson.)
5/2/2022: Charlie Chan in Reno
5/9/2022: Charlie Chan at Treasure Island
5/16/2022: Charlie Chan in City in Darkness
5/23/2022: Charlie Chan in Panama
5/30/2022: Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise
6/6/2022: Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum
6/13/2022: Phantom of Chinatown
6/20/2022: Murder Over New York
6/27/2022: Dead Men Tell
7/5/2022: Charlie Chan in Rio
7/11/2022: Castle in the Desert
7/18/2022: Charlie Chan in the Secret Service
7/25/2022: The Chinese Cat
8/1/2022: Black Magic (Meeting at Midnight)
8/8/2022: The Jade Mask
8/15/2022: The Scarlet Clue (Extras: The Black Comedian Who Was Almost One of the Three StoogesRADAR, the secret weapon that revolutionized warfare (1945)Mantan Moreland and Ben Carter “Interrupted Talk” Routine)
8/22/2022: The Shanghai Cobra
8/29/2022: Dark Alibi
9/5/2022: Dark Alibi
9/12/2022: Shadows Over Chinatown
9/19/2022: Dangerous Money
9/26/2022: The Trap
10/3/2022: The Black Camel (“We take a short side road on our tour through the Charlie Chan film series to pause to celebrate the birthday of Warner Oland with a viewing of The Black Camel.”) (Extras: Ten Things You Show Know About Warner OlandThe Lightning Raider (1919-silent)Bobby Jones: HOW TO BREAK 90 #3: HIP ACTION)
10/10/2022: The New Adventures of Charlie Chan
10/17/2022: The Chinese Ring
10/24/2022: Charlie Chan’s Secret
10/31/2022: Charlie Chan at the Race Track (This week, we celebrate the annual running of the famous Melbourne Cup horse race, we continue along together on our CHARLIE CHAN FILM TOUR 2022! For many years now the Melbourne Cup has provided us with an evening of fun and a very real-time connection with Charlie Chan and Number One son, Lee, as they take part in a very real way in the intrigue and life-threatening dangers present amidst the darker side of the Sport of Kings! As we watch our film for this week, “Charlie Chan at the Race Track,” we will be drawn at random from the numbers of each of the 24 horses taking part in the actual race. Each person in attendance will receive at least one, probably two numbers. As the results of the race in Melbourne come in later, we will know who holds the “winning ticket.” The person holding the winning number will receive a commemorative 1935 U.S. silver half-dollar, honoring Charlie Chan’s 50-cent bet placed on Avalanche as seen in our movie!) (Extras: Melbourne Cup History & Past Winners – Punters IntelMelbourne Cup (1935)The Story of Phar Lap – Behind the NewsPhar Lap wins the Agua Caliente Handicap- 1932)
11/7/2022: Docks of New Orleans
11/14/2022: Mr. Wong, Detective
11/21/2022: Shanghai Chest
11/28/2022: The Golden Eye
12/5/2022: The Feathered Serpent
12/12/2022: The Sky Dragon
12/19/2022: The New Adventures of Charlie Chan
12/26/2022: The Return of Charlie Chan

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